Phil Ade – A Different World (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka July 19, 2011

The dopehouse is proud to present the latest project from Phil Ade, featuring the likes of Bink!, U-N-I, Oddisee, Mac Miller and more. Tracklist and link down bottom. Also, Phil will have a party celebrating the project’s release tomorrow (July 20th) in Washington, DC. Check the flier below.

DOWNLOAD: Phil Ade – A Different World (Mixtape)

  • been anticipating this mixtape

  • Haha did you guys really pull down the whole Pusha T tracklisting over Tyler the Creator? Hahahahahahaha. Wow. Is this still a music blog?

  • ^^pusha’s team asked to take it down. that’s all.

  • ChocolateEinstein


  • Phil hasnt let me down yet. Lets go…

  • Abjekt

    Been waiting for this one for a good while now, hopefully it’ll be worth it. Can’t see how it’s gonna be anything other than great [except Mac Miller, he can fuck off].

  • this guy any good?

  • uhh

    Tyga mixtape well done 2 is out, late for not posting it yet

  • yo

    cool. i support phil all day. but anyone, particularly sunny norway, want to explain why its necessary for there to be 3 songs with practically the same exact drums/drum sequence? (you’re the one, weekend, monte carlo). just curious.

  • thatgood

    why would Pusha’s team ask you to take down a tracklist? Shake no offense but it’s still a lame move to not put Tyler on the REAL tracklist. I mean the tracklist is something real, not an opinion. I know u don’t like that nigga but u should put your ”own” tracklist on a blog cause people come here and believe you type the truth. If we can’t even trust u on puttin a real tracklist on here…the blog will lose its credibility.

  • ad.

    Hurrah! Finally.

  • attaboy

    very good point @ thatgood i agree b

  • Qblack

    i was hoping he would refernce the tv show, but he didnt so this is garbage to me.

  • Colin

    Hell YES!! finally, Phil Ade’ Is reppin d.c. the right way, good shit homie.

  • huggy bear

    2dopeboyz lose credibility, i really liked y´all work and respect y´all hustle runnin this blog, but y´all actin like lil pissed of kiddies when it comes to ofwgkta!!! like some fellaz said, tyler is 19 years old!!! shake, meka, please act like grown men, it´s gettin ridiculous

  • marty mcfly

    STFU with this Tyler shit. You just said dude is like 19 that means he should already know to watch his mouth. Do you people let a nigga say fuck you multiple times and then turn around and squash it? Thats not being real and that really dont make no sense. So why dont you tell Tyler to get at 2DBZ since you think putting his music on here is gonna help him so much?

  • yo

    I wanted to correct what I said before; thats actually 4 songs with the same beat/drums. *sigh*

  • HipHopMogul2011&beyond

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  • What i did find weird was yall sponsored the mixtape, but DATPIFF had it before yall….

    Anyway, mixtape solid, people sleeping on Killa Kyleon, he’s been doin a lot of features…

  • botchington

    mann PHIL ADE has done it again, the letterman was dope…this, this my friends take notes, this is GOLD..scratch dat PLATINUM CHANEL *dom K style* lol but forreal this project jus inched him as top 5 MC and GLC on the track??? ISM CHUUUUCHHHH baby CHUCH is on the move!

  • Dana

    This mixtape is too crazy.Big up to Phil.DMV in the building.

  • thatgood

    marty mcfly get off 2BDZ’s nuts. Chill out. You know Shake and meka taking this too far.

  • marty mcfly

    @thatgood , this site is dope but I dont know either side of the argument but let me get this straight. Tyler talks all this shit and Shake and Meka are posed to say Oh its cool because hes just a lil kid with a foul mouth? NO that doesnt make sense. You people talk about being the bigger person when being the bigger person would mean Tyler apologizing first. The bigger person would have never said it in the first place. Its just reality kids , watch your mouth or face the consequence.

  • GR

    This dude sounds like Drake, Frank Ocean, J. Cole, Wale……an amalgamation of everyone.

    The beats are fucking supreme though. Great summer mixtape.

  • thatgood

    Marty…i’m not saying 2BDZ needs to post TRACKS related to Tyler. They don’t need to advertise him, ofcourse not. I understand they don’t want to advertise him after him and Earl roasting them to death. But that’s not what this is about. How can 2dopeboyz say they post solid official tracklists, but leave Tyler’s name off the tracklisting? That’s a bitch nigga move. You can’t just leave some names out a tracklist. Cuz when you do that, you’re not promoting Pusha’s album like you are supposed to. And if you don’t do that, than there is no use of running a blog ’cause you only post random made up shit.

  • marty mcfly

    @Thatgood , just stop man cause you missing the point. If I had a blog like 2DBZ and Tyler was running around talking shit , I wouldnt post his shit either especially when theres other blogs out there. Whats more of a bitch move? Not fucking with somebody because they talking shit or still helping to promote somebody after they was just talking shit? Im done with it

  • red (posting…too quickly…only site that has this problem I know of)

    It’s not made up, it’s just edited to exclude a certain artist. An artist that Shake and Meka have a problem with.
    It’s kind of like my version of Lord, Lord, Lord (from G.O.O.D. Fridays) that has been edited to remove the Swizz verse. It’s not fucking shit up and I’m not making things up either.

    If I sound condescending I apologize in advance.

  • thatgood

    marty I’m starting to think your brain capicity is really small. Read what I said. Nobody asked Meka to post Pusha T’s tracklist. But if he does, he needs to post the legit official one. That’s all I’m saying.

  • This mixtape has nothing to do with Odd Future, so why is there a discussion about them. Seriously, nobody cares anymore.

  • red


    If 2Dopeboyz excluded the song altogether, or if they added extra songs, or extra features then I’d be in agreement with you. But Shake and Meka did that in spite of Tyler and Earl acting like little kids.
    Regardless, this is pretty trivial as it won’t affect numbers much.

  • dope mixtape.

  • BlackRussian

    Russia here) We waid dat)

  • Been waiting for this for quite some time

  • Rebel.

    Marty Mcfly, youre not gettin the point fool. he’s just on the fuckin tracklist nigga. you dont even hear dude’s voice. youre not promoting shit, its an OFFICIAL tracklist retard, fuck is you talkin bout?

    great tape phil, keep shinin

  • I been wanting to listen to Phil but didn’t know what tape to start with. Looks like I’ll start with this one.

  • makewayforrealrap

    wow everyone needs to jump the fuck off of Tyler’s dick and quit talking about him whenever you fucking faggots get the chance his last album flopped and he’s not that good, go listen to something else for fuck sake you guys are stupid ridiculous

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    He sounds like a dozen different rappers. Sometimes he sounds like Wale, sometimes a line will sound like Wiz, sometimes like Drake, so on an so on. I mean it’s alright, and the production is straight, but its very basic subject matter and not very witty or unique.

  • food4thought

    smh, watching people argue on here is too funny lol, just enjoy the music guys smh

  • food4thought

    Anyway I just want the opinion of others who have been following Phil for a while, is this mixtape better than “The Letterman”? Haven’t had a chance to listen yet

  • @food4thought I think “The Letterman” was more diverse than this tape. The production was crazy and Phil’s flow complimented everything it touched on the previous. This is a good mixtape, and maybe I have a bias since this is new, but I prefer “The Letterman”. You should also check out “Starting on JV” which was his first mixtape. Check out “Always There”, “Hollywood”, “One In A Million”, “Worth Your Time”, “My Story”, and “Toast 2 Life”

  • $$$

    If you’re new to Phil, hop on youtube and watch the videos for the #PHILADEFRIDAY tracks like “Spazzin'” “Whatchu Want Phil” & “Break Me Off.” Shit’s hard.

  • FukYoLife

    Why are y’all complaining about a name on a tracklist seriously? If you don’t like it, keep it movin cuz nobody cares! You act like Tyler is at home cursing his computer screen because @2DBZ didn’t include his name as a feature on a tracklist? FOH! Y’all some emotional ass dudes, and you talkin bout Shake and Meka on some bitch shit. Anyway, the point of this post is to discuss Phil Ade’s new project, not Pusha T’s tracklist. This project is pretty solid, props to Ade!

  • Quit talking about Tyler & Pusha T on here! It’s a Phil Ade post! Haven’t listened to this yet but I thought the Letterman was one of the best joints of the last couple years. Everyone saying that he sounds like or is biting all these other rappers are putting all these new guys on some sorta pedestal as if ANY of them are that “special & different.” Drake, Wale, Wiz & damn near any MC that’s came out in the last few years is not offering anything new or innovative to the game. Phil Ade’s been around nearly as long as about any of these newer guys & I think he just has a better ear for beats & music.

  • ATLien

    this shit is swaggin 4real tho

  • U-N-I doesn’t exist anymore, it’s just THURZ & Y-O but Phil Ade is next up after Young Veggies!

  • food4thought

    @ DJ Myle appreciate it and I had a chance to listen and I have to agree that the letterman WAS a bit more diverse, honestly when The Letterman dropped last summer I had never heard of Phil but onece I heard it I was an instant fan, I still bump the letterman today like it just dropped. I like ADW but as you stated I feel like the letterman was a bit more diverse and I expected a bit more out of Phil, but overall it’s still a good tape

  • on.DREA

    Can’t stop listening to this mixtape. ((REPEAT))


  • dro

    tapes viciousz i like it

  • justin

    kinda average off first listen I like phil ade fridays and his letterman mixtape over this

  • briee

    Let me say this,.were all hear because we can all agree that phile ade is good, yes. But god when will the biting stop. I was 3 tracks in and I had to turn it off because I thougt this tape was an original not “so far gone” with rolling papers throwaways. Phil Ade needs to be embarressed at how transparent his rapping facade is he rode drakes dick so f*ckn hard these last few years and I can tell because the reason why ppl don’t agree that he sounds like Drake is because he sounds like OLD DRAKE, like born successful drizzy, and a lot of ppl aren’t familar with that and either track 2 or 3 was definitely on some wiz shit, not as corny as rolling papers but not as swaggin as kush and oj …like the low points of cabin fever, like middle of you or even price of the city 2…I’ve listened to 3 songs by this nigga and I can ALREADY tell all this he’s a fail I’m sorry. Yes he can flow, yea he can sing but be yourself, maybe rap ain’t for him, go to r&b where its all about ghostwriting and your a genius if actually wrote your own love song.

  • KD

    @briee you’re a fucking nerd for writing all that shit. either you like it or you don’t. I like it. this is Phil Ade’s best work yet. He got next. and when he gets big you gon eat that long fuckin synopsis you just wrote.