• outKasted

    i want the album too, but as long as they keep dropping good music, it's cool. Did they say something about another mixtape on the way soon? I'm happy to see that they'll be coming to Richmond, VA in the fall, along with Mac Miller and Casey Veggies.

  • dj khaled is a arab

    this shit is dope

  • larry

    awwww meka is venting, shedding tears...butthurt much? haha

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    Another site said this features Coco from the Quadron (Swoon). I wasn't really listening to the guest verse when I listened to the song earlier today but still it didn't sound like a voice I recognize. Are you sure it's with Like?

  • http://whatuknowaboutthat.com Rafelito

    Hope that Pac Div drops sooner rather than later

  • 4wreel

    coulda said tha same thang bout tha homie chippa fool, wtf

  • JAyP

    Meka expressed what I was feeling too they need to drop that ALBUM!

  • Ben

    @4wreel word