• da_soji1


  • Trippin’

    Any relations to Questlove...

  • undefeated

    Quest is such a breath of fresh air..hip hop is in good hands with him kendrick lamar,cobe obeah,k.r.i.t,j.cole and jon connor.

  • moovin on

    Quest is on point.

    Unique voice, and flawless flow.

    Good look on the Sade sample.

  • Whaaaa?

    QuESt is always good with me. Shouts to his barber man. Great track to dedicate to him.

  • Juan g aka uncle g

    Yoo to everybody listening to this track just want to say that is real personal n I coulnt be happier for my nephew to go in n put it so truth n real, letss make them believers homie!!!!! And to everybody in Florida feel the breeds zest cause quest is coming n.e.a.t.o!!!!!!!

  • dj khaled is a arab

    great shit we need more tracks like this in todays world