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A.Dd+ – Jumper Cables f. Tunk

blame it on Meka July 21, 2011

I may never be able to pronounce their name right, but their music is dope to me so who cares? Before the Dallas-based crew gears up to drop the follow-up to When Pigs Fly, here is a new track to sere as a warm-up.

DOWNLOAD: A.Dd+ – Jumper Cables f. Tunk | BandCamp
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  • YEAH?

    look like the cover was inspired by weekend at burnies

  • allitiz

    haha was just about to say the same as YEAH? — definitely the same car 0_o

  • TTGOK!! #JumperCables

  • These guys are sick

  • ck

    Their name is pronounced Add-plus… Not very difficult.

  • Bout to put y’all up on game. First off, Jumper Cables (song & art have been done for a min.)

    Second, If anyone is checking for anyone, it’s ya boy Curren$y. Peep my mixtape cover from 5 years ago. *posted 2 years ago – http://www.decadeclothing.com/2009/11/satin-sheets-vol-2/

    Oh yeah, A.Dd+ actually drives a Cadillac. Doubt dude is pushing a Ferrari.


  • stealthbomber

    ha someones jockin weeked at burnies, but its a dope track

  • FromDallastoYou

    Yeah what Sober said!!!! A.Dd+ Hoe!!!!

  • aye…. one. the name is pronounced A-D-D (like the disorder)… A.Dd+…you may see it spelled like addplus on twitter ONLY because twitter dont let you put periods or the + in your name…. second… nobody biting currensy shit… our DJ did the artwork and he got the idea from a cover he did 5 years ago… but shit chea….. jammmmm that– Jumper Cables– A.Dd+ Hoe!!!

  • Benji

    Tunk? dude is named after that word the dudes in Kick-Ass made up for a man’s collective genitals? that’s quite unfortunate.


    @Benji … Tunk’s verse > You …. why do people pay attention to the dumb shit…. this song jams like a bitch

  • alex

    nice southern feel too it…i can diggz it

  • tunk

    lol @FUCKEDUPTHOUGHTS.. Yall spread the word about Jumper Cables. The #TripleD is here!

  • A.Dd+ Hoe!! FOLLOW A.Dd+ on twitter @ADdplus and @gravySLIM

  • TreyFresco

    Oh yeah, this shit Jams!

  • FlyingCactus

    oh shit these dudes been showing they ass ever since they dropped When Pigs Fly.. This shit goes

  • A.Dd+ Hoe!!!

  • tunk

    Follow Tunk @TunkinAround

  • Mr. Andre

    Whoa! How did I miss these cats? Is this coming from some full-length project?
    This just made my damb day!

    What up Sober!

  • DonCapitol

    I been on these dudes since they dropped When Pigs Fly earlier this year….. the have potential to be big!!!

  • JohnnyVoltron

    im mad im a week late on this… wow…. these boys got talent… didnt know Dallas could do this… for sure will download the When Pigs Fly mixtape