Drake to Release New Single, Headlines

blame it on Shake July 21, 2011

With Young Jeezy and Jay-Z & Kanye both dropping new singles, Drake is set to join the party soon as well. Word over at Complex is that the track is called Headlines and will feature production from Boi-1da and Noah “40” Shebib. Take Care, October 24th.

  • Van City

    sooo your dropping the single 3 months before the album? dum dum dum

  • LAsVeryOwn

    Following the Leaders…real talk

  • Pops

    well, at worst it’s gonna have dope production

  • drake is a pussy

  • who cares

    the lyrics will be dumb down to talking about…
    popping bottles, money, clothes, cars, Y A W N !

    like 90% of the bullshit that was on his last failure album.

  • Za

    Drake’s camp is mad smart. Since Best I Ever Had they’ve always kept his ass on at least one song in the radio loop. It’s probably gonna be in H.A.M. style where the song is just gonna be a bonus track.

  • What a couple days.

  • hardy

    drake and 40 are killin it always

  • Coochie Mane

    Gonna be dope, seems like more rap than r&b with boi-1da behind the boards. Should be a banger

  • Why mention jeezy amongst jay, kanye and drake lol? Madness

  • op23

    my nigga j cole stomp this nigga
    lol i ike drake too though

  • It’s probably gonna be a dope song but with the album coming out in like another 3 months, it doesn’t really seem logical but I guess he’s trying to stay relative this summer because there’s definitely some other crazy shit set to come out. Let’s see how it sounds.

  • pete

    tml was a great album, im not sure the hate.

  • Yo

    Don’t tell us you’re gonna drop it, just fucking drop it for christ sakes.

    In other news, I’m gonna go take a shit sooner than you think.

  • fu

    all marketing ppl cmon think about it, take a second

  • David

    So based off of the description, it sounds like it could be more of the same from last year. But I’ll patiently wait. Lately, he’s been dropping some good tracks, so we’ll see how this turns out. Boi-1da is repetitive in my opinion..

  • js

    all his latest music has been dope. dreams money can buy, marvin’s room, trust issues.

    i don’t care who you are, those songs were some great tracks. quit trying to impress your friends, just listen to the music if you like it. bitches.

  • Toronto

    Haters are gunna hate.

  • B-Boy Rock-Star

    Drake + The Weeknd = OVOXO Greatness

  • pete

    “all his latest music has been dope. dreams money can buy, marvin’s room, trust issues.
    i don’t care who you are, those songs were some great tracks. quit trying to impress your friends, just listen to the music if you like it. bitches.”

    ^^ agree bruh

  • another summer smash making “Headlines” is the the new record DJ tearing up radio and internet!!!! Feel free to drop by the site and download the free album M.I.L.F. (Music I Love Forever) and mixtape Scattered Abroad!! HARD HEAD!!

  • ANON

    Thursday anyone??

  • TMC

    just drop the single douchbag

  • Wait a second, why are yall killin him for puttin out a single 3 months before the release date? Jay &Kanye released HAM 2 months before WTT was set to drop. Cole released Work Out last month and his debut is in Sept. The ripping for puttin a single out now doesnt make sense

  • DrizzysWife

    dumb fucks, if you don’t ike Drake and don’t have some nice shit to say why are you even on here wasting your time? gtfo & listen to something better then. Drizzy doin’ his thing, leave him alone. all rappers are different & their on their own shit. no big fckin’ deal. move on with life. bye!

  • magicmango

    lol at “yo” . drizzy and cole leading the pack

  • DrakesWifeyy

    How The Hell You Gon Hate On Drake Behind a Computer Screen . ? Like Really . ? Your Cool B.c You Can Type Things On The Internet . ? Shytt Drake is Out There Making Money And Your Sitting On Your Broke Ass Listening To His Music And Hatin . Hmm Sorry if You Didn’t Know But Jealously is the Ugliest Trait . (:

  • Pauly Dee

    @the Drake fangirls here
    Y’all sound like the “Leave Brittany Alone” guy.

    Drake can be very repetative with his music. But with the new music he’s dropped, it’s still a bit meh. Honestly, and this isn’t hating, Dreams Money can Buy was dope, but Marvin’s Room was average and forgettable. Trust Issues was the worst of them all.

    I’m not saying Take Care doesn’t have high expectations, but if he doesn’t want it to be like TML, he needs to make sure that

    A. He tones his lyricism up. Back to the So Far Gone days.

    B. His subject matter isn’t ALL over the place.

    C. Less features and less singing. (I don’t HATE it per say, but it really overtook the album and ended up destroying the replay value.)

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Dee its a gang of people talking down on Drake and when other new artists or a new buzzing group like Big Sean , Wiz and Currensy pop up then people start implying that all these other rappers are better the Drake. All I gotta say is this dude Drake is outta here. He aint even nobodies competition at this point cause hes that far ahead of all these new rappers. I mean people can be mad but it is what it is.

  • OtisRe&&ing

    Sometimes I think Drake forgets about how much people like to hear him actually rap. Drake going in >>>> him singing and being the emotional guy. Its almost like Andre 3000, he still makes great songs regardless but if you asked me or any hip hop fan for that matter what would you rather hear him rapping or singing, everyone would say rapping. Drake is still in his own lane but hopefully this TK is more rapping than anything else

  • swagitout

    Marty you stupid as hell…how is Drake far ahead of ”these new rappers”. Explain nigga.

  • Pauly Dee

    Drake may be ahead in terms of fame and money, but he isn’t ahead with the lyrics.

    Emilio Rojas, XV, Big K.R.I.T., J Cole, Skyzoo, Laws, Bobby Ray are all better than Drake lyrically.

    Now if we’re talking beats, hooks and rhythm, Drake still isn’t better than 5-all of the people on that list.

    All I’m saying is that Hip Hop is becoming more vivid and more about the lyrics now and Drake had better step his game up if he wants to survive.

    (Again, the singing is okay at times, but TML had dude singing on 95%% of the tracks.)

  • marty mcfly

    @Swagitout , do I really have too? You see it nigga – So far Gone mixtape = Greatness. So Far Gone EP = went Gold , TML = Platinum album. Take Care coming soon and hes also an R&B artist and he’s still just barely over the beginning of his career. I sorry but your favorite new rapper cant even come close to that. @2DBZ its alot of dope songs and videos that came out today that these people need to see… Just wanna see if ya’ll awake over there?

  • marty mcfly

    and NO its not all about sales , if you wanna talk bars? Drake can go bar for bar with all these cats. Why? Because he did already in 09 – 2010 and he came out on top and you all saw it with your own eyes.

  • swagitout

    Drake isn’t lyrical at all you idiot..first Drake jacked Big Sean flow now he trynna be an R&B artist. Marty you need to stop all that dickriding of yours. You go very deep up in your favorite artists asses. Ex. Jay-Z, Drake. Drake is NOT ahead of the newer artists. According to you he is ahead cuz his jewish family got him a deal with Lil Wayne? Drake’s fame is build off other artists. If Kanye wouldn’t have made the Find Your Love beat, TML would be SHIT. And let’s be honest, TML was wack as fuck. Lyrically and musically. Niggas like Kendrick, J. Cole, XV and Krit are ahead of their time. Not Young Jew Drake.

  • Pauly Dee

    Okay, marty, give me at least 7 Drake bars and I’ll put him up against anyone from my list. Then you’ll be able to see where he needs work.

  • …………………fuck drake

    yes, i do hate on garbage………..

  • marty mcfly

    Ok I see you have the whole dick rider speech ready but think what you wanna think about Drake or Jay or whoever else I say is dope but facts are facts. You cant just survive off being lyrical nigga and Drake has been proven that hes lyrical but the artists you talking about are still on some free mixtape shit. Im not hating on that but Drake is off that at this point. Check this niggas numbers then @Pauly- go check how many quotables from verses he actually already dropped. Go google: the best 25 best drake verses from Complex and then tell me if the rappers you talking about have done the same with their verses? This shit is a landslide cause Drake has already slaughtered them and people too slow to even realize it and im not even the biggest Drake fan but the truth is the truth. You dont have to prove shit to me cause I really dont give a fuck but you better tell your favorite new artists to get focused and I mean fast. Take Care

  • honestly?

    Drake is killing all up and coming artists is songs, fanbase, sells, replay value (i still here Miss Me & Fancy on the Radio). Everybody and their Moms loves Drake. Except the c section of courselol. But ass far as lyrics go??? IN MY OPINION (can’t stress that enough) Kendrick, J. Cole, & Wale would run circles around drake lyrically…

  • Pauly Dee

    “But then they gon’ get it twisted they sippin’ on they Siroc
    But if Diddy did to Biggie what Diddy did to the Lox
    When Diddy was sittin’ pretty while Biggie was in a box, boy”

    “I’m an asshole
    Stupid, I love it when there’s tension
    I thrive in it
    She begged me to let it drive her
    A drunk ass, blowin’ on it like a breathalyzer
    I had to get it, you mad that I’m apathetic
    Baby, I ain’t feelin’ nothin’, my life is an anesthetic”
    —Emilio again.

    And you tellin’ me that Drake can compete with that raw lyricism?! And the fact that he AlWAYS does this over MAINSTREAM SOUNDING BEATS makes it even better

  • marty mcfly

    Pauly , again for the last time HE ALREADY DID COMPETE WITH RAW LYRICISM. He has about 200 songs out already from 08 to now. Game over

  • Pauly Dee

    Haha, but you aren’t giving me VERSES or bars. You aren’t backing up your arguements…

  • swagitout

    @ Pauly
    That’s a common thing with Marty, he never backs up anything he says bruh. He a bitch ass nigga. That nigga dickrides Drake and Jay way too much, dude a fakkit. Fuck em.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Dee I just told you were you could go find 25 OF HIS VERSES !!! Did you read what I said? Lets just stop now cause people will always hate Drake and thats cool with me cause I know the truth hurts but hey.

  • marty mcfly

    @swagitout , I dont know what type nigga you are or who you think I am but with a name like yours and all these homo sexual references you keep talking about? Your really not even saying nothing important , you just mad bitch.

  • Pauly Dee

    I read the verses and they were a few quotables, but a lot was mediocrity. Until you prove where Drake can go with the ones above, you have lost.

  • marty mcfly

    Until you favorite artists can even match up against 25 verses that people actually know word for word in the streets. I think its clear my opinion is backed up by reality Pauly. Again just drop it or compare Drake to some major level type niggas.

  • Pauly Dee

    So…you want me to compare Drake to majors now? Even though everyone on my list smokes him out? Okay then…

    Tech N9ne, Eminem, Lupe, B.o.B. Bar for bar, against Drake, would kill him. But I didn’t want to mention these four because they are either way out of his weight class or have made more classic songs than him…

  • HouseofStark

    Drake is the most successful emerging rapper. He is on the road to legendary status . TML is a platinum selling lyrical album. How is drake not lyrical ? He knows how balance lyricism with commercially viable music. @ Pauly and @Swagitout with the exception of Kendrick j Cole and krit those guys will always be mixtape rappers. Krit and Kendrick have shown album quality music. Most of your favorite rappers will never be able to transition from college ball aka mixtape arena to the Pro level. Drake is versatile. Big Sean and drake Don’t even sound alike. Big sean’s album was Mediocre and forgettable but Sean is a good rapper. I love his mixtapes.

  • Pauly Dee


    And Emilio and XV are mixtape rappers? I think you need to listen to Life Without Shame and Zero Heroes and THEN respond.

  • HouseofStark

    How is his subject matter all over the place, each song details different aspects of his life. There is a difference between scattered subject matter and having range. Most importantly shut up with your prejudice comments his jewsish ancestry isn’t a point for you to criticize him. Racism is never acceptable from any race. Hypocrites make me sick.

  • swagitout

    i’m not being a racist, im just poitin out some facts.
    Fact 1: Drake ”payed” his way into the music business
    Fact 2: He has been rich all his life so this rap shit is like fun for him
    Fact 3: Drake talks about alotta shit he never done. Ex. Weed, he said he didn’t smoke next day he make a track about tha herb.
    Fact 4: His bars didn’t get him that deal with YM. And don’t come here and say his mixtapes like Room For Improvement etc. got him the deal ’cause you know that’s some bullshit. Drake is not a lyrical nigga. I ain’t gonna front, I like the Marvins Room, Trust Issues, Dreams Money Can buy tracks. But the nigga ain’t no lyrical miracle like some of you say.

  • HouseofStark

    @Pauly Dee I’m not saying Xv isn’t a good artist but He is a mixtape rapper. He signed a deal several months ago and I’m happy he isn’t rushing a project. I listen to XV. Honestly I started listening to him because I heard he was the new Charles Hamilton so you can estimate I’ve been listening for a few years now. Emilio Rojas has never impressed me with his lyrics. I’m not hating I’m just not a fan.
    1)Your comments had some racial overtones to them. A fact would be, he has jewish ancestry.
    2)There isn’t a correlation between his mom’s family and his success in the business. SInce you mention his family, his father’s side of the family is full with funk and jazz musicians.
    3) His mom owns a small florist business. Drake was an actor on a show. He was the only main black actor on the series for several season. Are you alleging he paid to star on a major network show/ nationally syndicated as well ? He earned a good salary from Degrassi and he reinvested his money into other aspirations, that’s SMART
    4) you can say whatever you want but the facts are irrefutable, So far gone is a classic mixtape. He got signed because the mixtape spreading through the public and industry by word of mouth. His previous efforts are good but he progressed on every new one.
    5) Drake is a realist. he talks about his life. When rappers say they don’t do something its in comparison to their peers. Fifty cent said personally he doesn’t smoke weed often that doesn’t mean he never has. I’m sure drake has smoked but he’s not doing it on the REG like Wiz and Currensy.

  • d-bo

    Everybody is either a hater or a dickrider? Y’all need to realize that your opinion is only that. My opinion… Drake is a wack rapper. I couldn’t give two fucks whether or not this faggot drops an album cuz I ain’t checkin for it. But I will say that most of Drake fans are feminine cuz he makes whiny bitch music… And that’s a FACT.

  • Pauly Dee

    XV is a mixtape rapper? Again, songs like When We’re Done, That’s Just Me, and All For Me have CRAZY crossover value. Along with F.E.S. With Emilio, even if you aren’t a fan, you HAVE to see that he has a lot more musical value than Drake.

    Again, if you don’t like his (insane!) lyrics, just listen to the beats and hooks of (To The Fullest, So Alive, Champion, Tell No Lies, Close To Me, FTW, and Ex Girl) and just tell me that he doesn’t have MAD crossover potential. Plus the fact that that’s most of the songs on the tape?

  • Pauly Dee

    I’m not saying Drake is bad, because he really isn’t. I’m saying that the people on my list are lyrically and musically better and that he really needs to step his game up.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah drake is a wack rapper? Suuurrrreeee 3 mixtapes and 1 highly successful album and ya’ll still think his money his writing his verses for him or that you can buy your way to the top of hip hop. Like theres somebody selling space at the top of hip hop. HATE HATE HATE and Excuse Excuse excuse. Maybe he made some really good songs , did you ever thing of that.

    Best I Ever Had
    Show me a good time
    Light Up
    Miss me
    Thank Me Now

    Yeah he aint lyrical though right? These songs just had all bad raps? Riiiight

  • Pauly Dee

    You almost there marty, now give me LYRICS. I’m not saying he isn’t lyrical at times, but most of the time he’s just like a subpar artist. I ain’t talkin about the hooks or the beat. I’m talkin about lyricism, the kind of lyricism that, when you remove the beat and hook, it’s just as hard. (pause)

  • marty mcfly

    Pauly I just gave you songs so why would I have to give you lyrics when they right there? The LYRICS are right there so what are you talking about? If you think the lyrics are subpar then thats you so go listen to the other lyrical artist that have not made bigger songs then Drake has with all their complicated lyrical shit. If you wanna say its because of hook and beat then say that but when your favorite artists step up they hooks and beats MAYBE they can reach Drakes level BUT Drake is putting 16s in these songs and the words have meaning, He aint talking about abortion , church and politics but like I said I gave you 25 verses you can go look at and a small handful of songs so the proof is there. The artists you named got some lil songs here and there but not at Drakes type of level nigga period.

  • HouseofStarks

    @pauly Dee Yes XV is a mixtape rapper. I’ve listened to Zero Heroes a few times but it doesn’t hold much replay value for me. the concepts in the project sound generic although Xv has original lyrics. RIght now he isn’t commercially viable, even his best songs sound like great mixtape tracks rather than singles. I listened to the tracks you mentioned again and they are pretty good but atlas they remain mixture songs.
    Drake is the most well rounded lyricist because he’s found the balance but He isn’t the best pure lyricist. I think XV just needs a songwriter for his hooks. He seems like a cool guy I’d buy his album.

    Emilio Rojas is a mixture rapper too, none of his songs have crossover appeal. They sound one dimensional. He isn’t even a good lyricist. his career is going nowhere. I’ve never heard anyone beyond @2dopeboyz talk about him and I hear about an astounding sometimes annoying amount of artist in hip hop in other genres.

  • Pauly Dee

    Listen to that and tell me that that doesn’t meet or exceed Miss Me.

  • Pauly Dee

    And how are lines like, “If you ain’t the woman of my dreams, then I ain’t sleepin’ again.”

    I’m not SAYING Drake’s wack. I’m saying that he needs to STEP IT UP.

  • marty mcfly

    Step up to what? His formula works fine for him so why would he have to step of shit? The artists you named are still on some mixtape shit so stop comparing Xv and Emillio to a nigga about to drop his 2nd major album. LYRICS are a big reason why people like Drakes music. Im done with you

  • Pauly Dee


    I see that you’ve actually listened to XV, but All For Me could be a serious banger. I’m not gonna change yourmind about XV, because we have two different views.

    Now, with Emilio, I feel that his career right now is really underground, but you can’t say that only @2DBZ knows him. He’s got a critically acclaimed mixtape (LWS) and he has a song on DJ Booth’s new mixtape. So he’s far from unknown. None of his lyrics have been known to be subpar. For example, “They ain’t shuttin’ nothin’ down, they like Guantanamo Bay”

  • Pauly Dee

    “LYRICS are a big reason why people like Drakes music”

    So all the girls were listening to all the lyrics of Fancy? Miss Me? Find Your Love? It’s hooks.

  • Pauly Dee

    Emilio’s subject matter is better than Drake’s too, but Drake is, IMO the Top 10 of the New School when it comes to introspective stuff.

  • HouseofStark

    @pauly Dee

    I appreciate the fact we are able to have our differences but remain respectful. I respect your opinion. I’m not saying XV doesn’t have bangers they just aren’t commercially viable. Honestly I’m bumping Zero Heroes right now. Lyrically he’s never failed me. The songs seem to run together for me though sonically. If Warner Bros sets him up with a producer he can work well with like Drake and 40 and give him 2 commercial hooks, His album could go gold. He has underrated but I think he has potential. Days of our lives, Phobia, and When We’re done if reworked could be album quality songs.

    In terms of Emilio maybe I haven’t heard the right songs. An artist must have buzz or a single I’ll like before I’ll check out a project. do you have any songs you recommend ?

  • marty mcfly

    Yes Pauly people like girls and lyrics about girls. Why is that a surprise to you? Not everything is complicated lyrics and subject matter.

  • Pauly Dee


    You missed my point. Try again.


    Your opinion is respectable as well. As far as XV, his songs could really affect the mainstream, if tweaked a bit.

    With Emilio, for the deep and introspective songs, I suggest his Words I Never Said freestyle, Right To Stay (gotta really listen to the lyrics on that one).

    Songs that have crossover appeal are Close To Me, Tell No Lies (with B.o.B), Look At Me Now (no relation to Chris Brown), and So Alive.

    Finally, songs that have more of an underground feel, HAM freestyle, FTW (Fuck The World), Life Without Shame, and Ex Girl (with Mickey Factz).

  • HousofStark

    @ Pauly Dee : I stand corrected man. Close to me definitely has commercial appeal. I could see Emilio Rojas becoming the new latino rapper and in my opinion the first latino lyricist. I intend to download one of his mix tapes. You broke down each songs value you well man, Good look

  • Pauly Dee

    ^^^No prob.

    I also recommend that you hear his verse on Law’s Hold You Down remix.

  • swagitout

    Yo Pauly no offense bruh but why you argueing with Marty? I mean you must remember this is the same dude that said Fat Joe is on Nas’ level. Marty mad BasedGod fucked his bitch while bumpin that ‘Cupcakes’ by Fat Joe. Marty, your opinion equals ZERO. Nobody could care less. You never back your shit up and thats how you can tell whether somebody is a fan or a dickrider. A hater or just someone who ain’t feelin the music. Marty you can’t debate for shit and if you act the way you act on here in yo real life, shit boi I’m sorry to say but yo life FUCKED up.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ This cat is extra mad LOL !!!!

  • Pauly Dee


    Hahahah! Its amusing though. You never know what he’s gonna say!

  • Pauly Dee

    But I respect Marty’s opinions sometimes….but thats when he’s not letting his bias get the best of him.

  • jreezy

    I’m hoping Drake is going in with the lyrics for his single. The music he’s been putting out has been dope so far. If Drake brings that So Far Gone lyricism to Take Care it could be a classic album.

  • Drake never said WHEN he was putting the single out, just “soon”. Some of yall act like its not about to be August next week for real, besides when is an artist supposed to drop a lead single, 2 weeks before? GTFOH Anybody with a sense of marketing would see why if the album is set for October, then having a single out by August would be perfect timing and get a feel for what they should be projecting. Some of yall just be saying dumb shit.

  • Houseofstark. First latino lyricist? Wtf was Pun? Banks? Ortiz? I’m sure theres more

  • Cooda

    Royce da 5’9′ is the most lyrically technical rapper out he will kill anyone but i love drake still he is my fav artist