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The Lo-Lifes

blame it on JES7 July 23, 2011

It’s education time kiddos. I’ve been noticing a trend lately that extends to youngns rocking RL / Polo and claiming / thinking it’s something original. Well, hate to break it to you, but it’s faaar from a new trend. I wouldn’t even call it a “trend.” Where it all began, it was more of a culture, a way of life. Fact: I did not grow up around the Lo-Lifes or Deceptikonz, however I did hear stories of them and their legendary status in NYC. Some of your favorite rappers were a part of either the Lo-Lifes (see: Thirstin Howl III the Polo-Rican and Meyhem Lauren) and the Deceptz (Rockness & Ruck / Sean Price). Vice Magazine recently wrote two pieces covering the culture of racking and rocking ‘Lo, the most recent was an interview with Meyhem Lauren. Check them out and learn a thing or two. I sure as hell did. Then check after the jump for a clip from the (still yet to come?) Lo-Lifes Documentary.

What’s the difference between Lo-heads and Lo-Lifes?
Meyhem: Lo-Lifes are like the original crew, and one of the original Polo crews. There’s mad people who are just Lo-heads (collectors) who we’re cool with.
Chris: Don’t get it twisted, though—there was beef between Lo-heads, too.
Meyhem: Oh, of course. New York in general was dangerous back then. Riding on the train people would get their pockets picked or their wallet stolen. Imagine you’re wearing a thousand dollars worth of shit and you’re 15 and you run into another pack of kids that know what the deal is—it got crazy a lot.

Lo-Lifes Documentary

Deceptikonz Documentary

  • Polo
  • Chu

    Smh Black people are fucking lost

  • Elijah Richmond

    http://najaymarz.bandcamp.com/album/mobetter-blus yooo i know this is irrelevant to this post . but check this dude . he should be on here . dope shit

  • STeezy


    Your time is over. Settle down into a nice comfortable chair and relive the glory days on your old ass video players and walkmans.

  • Prof. Oak

    You realize people have been wearing Polo since the 60’s right? So the “lo lifes” are faaar from trendsetters. Just because some obscure old school group you dickride wore it in the 80’s doesn’t mean they’re the ones who thought that shit up homie.

  • i grew up in brooklyn around decepts and lo-lifes… and a lot of them dudes was homo thug niggas who use to sell they ass or suck dick in the village (lower manhattan) so they could afford to by that shit. real talk.

  • beasleyrockah

    Is this real life?

  • outKasted

    i believe Sticky Fingaz was a Decept too

  • FukYoCouch55

    These dumb ass fools commenting about the lo-lifes acting like they know them, don’t know shit. Lo-Lifes use to run up in macys 50deep and robbed the place blind, not suck dick and gay shit to buy polo get ur facts straight. Only cornballs hate on another getting acknowledged at something. Grow the fuck up!! Bitch ass ninjas.

  • Hmmm… Thank for educating me on a bunch of low lifes
    Who still think gear is what makes u better than others


  • FlyShitt

    ^ this is what square niggas say lol

  • jonrud00

    It may be square but it’s true.

  • DONT GET ME WRONG! im not saying
    IF U LIKE IT BUY IT. no problem

    …. Then theres a problem, NOT ONLY DO U SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    I’ve been rocking Polo since they only had one cologne.

    You rock Polo to keep it classic.

    Just stay away from the fads. Like in the 90’s Polo was making all these shirts looking like Tommy.

    Stayed away from it. It was hot garbage.

    Just like the big horses now. You would never catch me in that BS.

    Keep it classic, Rugby, XL or Golf.

    Leave the rest of that BS alone.

  • david

    that first video around the 2:45 mark, people actually wear/wore that?!?!? it’s even worse that they brag about it and try to take credit for creating them, looks like chinese pyjamas

  • thuggish

    man I been findin out there’s alotta old ass niggaz on 2dopeboyz lol shit ain’t no retirement office niggaz foh. Polo been old. Smh @ niggaz saying Polo came from a group called Lo Lifes….thas as stupid as saying Vado made Polo popular. Polo BEEN around.

  • Tone Riggz

    Lo Lifes & Outdoorsmen were in full effect at Gramercy last night, dope show…

  • HAZ LO


  • Word

    Prof. Oak got it right…

  • jd

    The style of rocking one pant leg up? That’s so you could see the polo socks, because they were dipped from head to toe. These guys, from poorer neighborhoods than your parents will ever drive you thru, took the trains up to midtown and boosted the richest clothes from the white people stores. Actually an incredible story of guys taking clothes that nobody in the hood would even imagine touching let alone owning. It’s like if you went out and boosted a Jaguar or a Diddy’s yacht. Balls.

    But then again I wouldn’t expect you little shitstains to understand the art of turning nothing into something. You’re too busy arguing online with Drakelover69 about Wiz Khalifa’s new hairdo.

    For any heads interested in actually learning some history instead of just trying to follow the latest fad rapper so you can look cool for your junior highschool classmates, check Thirstin’s “Skillionaire” album.

  • Billy

    jd< i get what u mean the kinda robin hood theory, but i think the thing is it appears these Lo-lifes "robin hoods" or not…still got caught up in the matrix son. they aspired to none more than being glorified shop lifters.

  • 40 oz. prophet

    These Young lil faggot ass niggas dont get the point unless its slidin’ up in their ass.

  • lohead

    Regardless of age, alot of y’all sound extremely homo.
    If you’ve lived a comfortable life, Thank God and your parents. If you haven’t had to rob, hurt or kill people to survive, just shut the fuck up.
    3 most important ingredients for survival: Food, CLOTHING, & shelter. iF you werent alive to see the influence these cats had in the 80s & 90s, shut the fuck up and go talk to ya uncle who still hustles and cant keep his ass out the pen (Theres one in EVERY family)

    STeezy, Prof. Oak, thuggish(the gayest name ever posted on 2dbz), DOPAMINE, ALL Y’ALL BITCHES go to Marcus Garvey Village or St. Johns & Utice with that bullshit!! FUCKIN PUSSIES!! RESPECT THE GAME DONT KNOCK THE HUSTLE. IT WAS BEFORE YOU AND IT WILL BE AFTER YOU DIE.

  • del

    that handstlye is ill as fu*k


    the million man rush! RIP Pumpkin.

  • Nutz

    Salute lo-life’s MIAMI chapter .88

  • 93til

    QUEERS RULE! but in other news, anybody know what ever became of Master Fuol?

  • LEX

    HAZ LO said this on July 24th, 2011 at 1:29 pm”

    hahaha.. for real..

  • Musikfiend

    These trailers (especially the 1st one) are RAoF worthy.

  • Chopz

    the links from lohead looks like oddfuture lol. those dudes look like tyler and hodgey beats