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Black Rob – Boiling Water

blame it on Meka July 25, 2011

“Now what this shit is about, ni**as sleepin’/Like I won’t slip in your house/And put my dick in your spouse, til you get home/Lamp like a part of your couch.”#BlackRobQuotes

Robby-O drops a new cut from Game Tested, Streets Approved, which drops tomorrow (July 26th). You can pre-order right here.

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  • Pops

    lol at people giving this the thumbs up without listening. The player is for “Celebration”, which was posted here over a month ago.

  • Pops

    Boiling Water is dope as fuck though (much grittier beat). Whole album is dope.

  • undefeated


  • Harharhar

    Sounds like a knockoff Tyler the Creator.


  • undefeated

    black rob been in the game long before tyler’s lame ass..!

  • OrdinaryCelo

    @Harharhar smh. How dare you even mention Tyler’s lame ass in the same sentence as Black Rob.

  • Rio$

    why does EVERY rapper and fake “rapper” use the line “put my dick in your bitch, fuck yo bitch, rape yo bitch……….one of the most played out lines since 2pac said “that’s why i fucked yo bitch”


    BR BABY!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Rob has a futuristic couch, that has a lamp attached to it…. Don’t let Rick James get ahold of that couch…