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M.I.A. – 27

blame it on Shake July 25, 2011

Like many other iconic artists (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, etc) Amy Winehouse left this Earth a few days ago at the young age of 27. In light of the tragic news, M.I.A. decided to liberate an unfinished demo that sadly fits the situation.

Lyrics can be found here.

  • Is this still the unfinished/rough version?

  • Harharhar

    You way late shake. Suck a dick.

  • robertTHEallen

    hes posting a tribute song and youre bitching?
    kurt cobain yourself

  • Yeah

    ^ kurt cobain yourself LOLOLOLOL

  • troublesome

    rip amy

  • BeatsYo

    Were they even friends? Other than being British were they cool? I get artists doing tributes to friends, and Amy was a dope artist, but this shit came out pretty quickly.

  • BeatsYo

    Nevermind. I posted that last comment while the track was still buffering, just listened to it then.
    My bad

  • Amy Winehouse… iconic?! Fuck outta here! …bitch is a one hit wonder, and that one hit sucked ass.

  • Deekone

    m.i.a.’s lyrics are pretty potent

  • St.

    One hit wonders don’t win 5 Grammys…
    and get nominated for album of the year.


  • K3

    “justafanofmusic” is deff not a fan of “music” if he thinks amy whinhouse was a one hit wonder. broaden your perspective, kid.
    r.i.p. Amy. Straight talent.

  • @K3: So I have to like Amy Winehouse to be a fan of music?! Next you’re gonna tell me I should also like Lady Gaga… STFU.

    Just because my name says I’m a “JustAFanOfMusic” doesn’t mean I have to be a fan of every single fucking artist. Get off my dick… Amy’s ‘music’ sucked ass, I applaud her passing.

    Bitch made a song ironically named, “Rehab”… and that’s where the white skank should have been. :|

  • rjblaze

    lol @ Justafan going against the grain, just to argue, knowing damn well he shouldnt have submitted his first comment. lmao. i expected something soulful, but the lyrics say alot. no pun intended.

  • A TRUE Fan of Music

    @JustaFanofMusic theres nothing wrong with not being a fan of Amy Winehouse but saying she sucked and was a 1-hit wonder shows you dont appreciate all music and dont know much about music..if u had a open mind and actually did some research like a real “fan of music” would do and listened to her songs outside of “Rehab”, instead of judging from a distance (with limited knowledge of her music) like u were doing, u would see her album “Back to Black” is 1 of the greatest albums of the 21th Century and Amy was 1 of the most talented song-writers/singers in the world

  • ^^LOL I did listen to that album, good sir… and the only thing of worth was Mark Ronson’s production.

    @rjblaze: Shhh…

  • SmokinAces

    JustaFanOfMusic, one hit wonder? 5 Grammys. TWO multiplatinum critically acclaimed albums. How is that “one hit wonder?”

  • Tone Riggz

    R.I.P. Amy but this song is trash…

  • Yasser

    Song is dope

  • Riktar

    I do not like to speak ill of the dead but come on.. perhaps she had talent but not Iconic by any means.

  • milkmedia

    The difference between Winehouse and the rest of the 27 group is that they actually mad a contribution to the way music was made and listened to. It’s sad she’s gone, yeah, but she doesn’t belong in a group with peers like that.

  • BillBellamy

    iconic? Broad had 1 hit

  • datskunk

    @smokinaces wtf do critic acclaims mean for shit?

  • Pauly Dee

    Y’all are some disrespectful ass people. When MJ died, some people didn’t like him music but they STILL showed respect. You aren’t a fan of music. Not because you don’t like Amy’s music. No, it’s not that. It’s because REAL music fans give respect to musical artists that have earned respect from others, that have EARNED their place at the table. And for you to be ill mouthing her when it hasn’t been a damn WEEK BEFORE SHE DIED?! That takes a large amount of immaturity.

  • toozzle

    man that ho ass bitch is dead, people need to stop being faggots, BITCH WAS A CRACKHEAD everyone knew she was gonna die, now shake stop posting gay ass shit and get your hamburger ass into finding good shit for this shitty website

  • smokeblunts

    amy winehouse was a talentless hack 27 club for TALENT ONLY, this bitch don’t belong

  • smokeblunts

    Michael Jackson was a pedophile and a fag. Its awesome that he’s dead.

  • Th3rd ear

    The media *cough* Illuminati *cough* killed her image and created this junky image just like MJ had that pedophile image and Cobain had that drug addict image too…but if you say she had no talent then youre just a idiot and have no business making a opinion on something you know nothing about, all you know is what u saw in magazines and TMZ

  • K234 A

    @ Pauly Dee, just shut the fuck up all the time.

    The point is Amy Winehouse is not an icon, period. Yeah, she had some songs that blew up. So have 100’s of other musicians. She’s only compared to musical icons because she died when she was 27. That is the only reason she’s even mentioned with Hendrix, Morrison, Cobain, etc, etc. They are legendary. Amy Winehouse is not. The only reason she’s mentioned in the last 2 years was because of her personal life as a junkie. Quit pretending you cared about her. It’s a lazy reach to call her an icon and that is what people are talking about here. And fuck a Grammy.

    MJ, despite of his personal life, WAS an icon. It’s unfortunate she had such personal addition & demons, but Amy Winehouse doesn’t compare in any way, shape or form.

  • K234 A

    *personal addiction

  • SmokinAces

    @datskunk, you are telling me that critical acclaim does not play into a musician’s legacy? You are a delusional kid. Every artist that has been considered of a certain status has not only had love from fans, but also has gained recognition and attention from the industry as well. So when people call her a one hit wonder, they sound stupid. Because she has had two albums that have sold millions and millions, has gained critical acclaim, has won multiple Grammys, nominated for Album Of The Year, and has love from general fans of music. How does any of this constitute a “one hit wonder.”

    And to folks saying she doesn’t belong in the 27 Club (as if it really is something you should aim to be in) look at the list of people in that “club.” Amy Winehouse has done more for music and accomplished alot more than alot of folks on that list.

  • SmokinAces

    Plus, why are people so adamant about saying she was not an “icon.” If don’t feel she was, ok. But there are PLENTY of people that do feel she is. Some of y’all need to get off MJ so hard. I’d bet half of you weren’t even alive when the Dangerous album came out.

  • Pauly Dee

    @K234 A

    First of all I NEVER said that she was an icon, so you can calm down with that. I don’t care about Grammys. I don’t care about multi platinum albums. None of that. But the point is, you sad sad person, you have to BE RESPECTFUL. Point blank. And something else, was my comment even directed towards you? No, bitch. It was directed towards the dude up there who stated, “I applaud her passing”.

  • Rio$

    so what’s the tragic news? you don’t wanna die dont be a crackhead

  • @Rio$

    ^You mean that would help me not die?

  • K234 A

    @ Pauly Dee – ah so now you apparently meant to comment to just to the one dude? Cuz you said “ya’ll” which is generally more than one person. And more than one person was sayin that she wasn’t an icon. Since you’re the mouthpiece for REAL music fans you might want to be more clear next time. Bitch.

  • Pauly Dee

    I was speaking of the two people up top that were making shit of Amy’s name soooo….isn’t ya’ll appropriate? Fuckwad.

  • baron

    dope track. and yeah, r.i.p. amy winehouse. sad when talents like her die at a young age. loved her two albums…

  • mickboogie

    Everyone who is bad mouthing Amy is a bitch. I don’t care what you thought of her artistically but a young woman had died. She was gifted and if yall fucks were real music lovers would’ve known she worked with a lot people in the hip hop community including Ghostface. When you bitches die, you should be so lucky that someone gives a shit bout you. @justafanofmusic I’ll applaud your death nigga and piss on ya tombstone disrespectful bitch.

  • @Pauly Dee: STFU, nigga… I double-dog dare your ‘respectful’ ass to be respectful when Justin Beiber finally bites the dust.

    @mickboogie: You call me disrespectful… yet you stoop to my ignorant level. O LAWD… whatafuckinghypocrite.

  • joesmoe

    yeah there is no reason to put amy whinehouse anywhere near other legends of music…seriously, not being disrespectful just true-full

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