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blame it on Shake July 26, 2011

When it’s time for football and stuff, its 99% football and 1% music.

The Titans’ running back recently stopped by the dopehouse to talk football, his new record label, working with Lil Wayne and more.

2DB: How long has your new record label Flashy Lifestyle Ent been in the works?

Chris Johnson: It’s been in the works for some time now. When it first came out, it was actually called Fast Money Entertainment, which I felt like was somewhat close to a lot of [other] names. I have an affiliation with Young Money and I felt like it was too close to Cash Money and Young Money. I felt like the name was too close to that. So I decided to switch it up and we came up with Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment.

2DB: Are there any rappers that you looking forward to collaborating with?

Chris Johnson: To be honest, when I do record I hope to get something with Lil Wayne — and he is a friend of mine. I want something with Rick Ross and Plies; just a different couple of artists, because at the end of the day, I’m really focused on being the co-CEO with my business partner Kenny Turner and letting my artists blow up. I can’t say that my main focus is being a rapper; my main focus is playing football. I just feel like it’s something to do in my spare time to have fun.

2DB: How long have you known co-CEO Kenny Turner, and when did you guys start the label?

Chris Johnson: Actually, we [Kenny Turner] grew up together, that’s my best friend. The label has actually been out close to a year, but at first it was called Fast Money Ent, so I like I said, we switched it over too Flashy Lifestyle Ent.

2DB: And who are some of the artists you have on the label?

Chris Johnson: We have a few solo artists like Pressure Dommer, Lil EZ, Stakkhouse and Ballie. In addition to those four solo artists, we have a group called The Elite Squad. There are three different dudes in the group. They’re sort of like The Rich Kids, that’s the type of group they are, One of our artists, Ballie hasn’t been doing a lot of recording right now because he has a situation he’s taking care of in another city. Once he’s done with his situation, we will start getting more of his music and he’ll be more involved.

2DB: Right, I feel you, totally. Do people around you worry about spending more time on music than football?

Chris Johnson: No, because football is number one. I do the music thing or whatever when I’m not doing anything. Football ultimately comes first and it’s not even close. If I had to break it down from 100%, I would say that when it’s time for football and stuff, it’s 99% football and 1% music. But when I’m in the offseason and don’t have to worry about football, then I can put a lot more work into the music side of things.

2DB: Ok, I like that right there. Last question, one of your good friends Mike Sims-Walker who also plays in the league as a wide receiver, he’s a free agent once the lockout ends, of course. How much are you hoping to see him in a Tennessee Titans uniform next season?

Chris Johnson: That would be great. With the Titans type of offense we run, how they [defenses] like to stack the box, it wouldn’t hurt us to get another great receiver. I feel like he’s a very good player so I would love to have him as an addition to our team.

Big shouts to Justin Melo and the homie Jonathan Hay for conducting the interview.

  • Best Madden player ever lol.

  • Best Madden player ever lol

  • streetdreams504


  • Cali Grown

    why are most celebs only into the wackness???

  • illicitly ill

    Plies, really?

  • NewKidHouston

    haha at that cheifs fan in the stands behind cj flipping the bird.

  • red

    The south is hilarious. You guys actually would listen to shit by rappers called Pressure Dommer, Lil EZ, Stakkhouse and Ballie? I can’t even imagine what their music sounds like. I’m sure they have shit on Datpiff but I’m not wasting my braincells.

    When you ask a white person what they listen to they generally say everything but country.
    When you ask me what I listen to I say everything but southern rap.

  • Frost

    Peterson >>> Johnson

    Just sayin…

  • We need a 2DBZ Fantasy League going already, I’m just sayin…

  • inside information

    best madden player ever? 04 mike vick would like to have a word with you.

  • fenderbenderbass

    VOTING FOR >>> 2DBZ FANTASY LEAGUE! Great job on interview for CJ BTW

  • DustinSmith

    Am I the only one that almost stopped reading when he said “Flashy Lifestyle Ent”? This fucking guy.

  • real talk

    Inside information knows the deal. 04 Vick was like the old Tecmo Bo Jackson.

  • NintyNinePercent

    ‘When it’s time for football and stuff, its 99% football and 1% music.’

    What stuff?

    And how fucking boring is that, 99% pathetic 1% niggaonfrontstreet

  • Whitey


    So, you ask a lot of white people what they listen to? But not asians, mexicans, blacks or any other race? Are you doing a study? You sure do talk to a lot of white people to have come up with such a scientific finding.

  • mac


    shut the fuck up, he’s dedicated to his profession asshole.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    Yea I do talk to a lot of white people. Most of the people I know are white. 8 times out o 10 they think country music is shit. I live around Asian immigrants but they don’t even acknowledge my existence so I haven’t gotten to know any of them. I don’t know any Mexicans but I do no a lot of Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. They listen to some shitty rap too, but mostly NY shit and some southern shit. Most of the blacks I’m around don’t listen to that southern garbage either.

    Point is..the south puts out shitty music. With the exception of acts like Outkast, Bobby Ray, Curren$y, Jay Electronica, J. Cole, and Big K.R.I.T. (who I’m honestly not into all that much) they make music that doesn’t appeal to me. I wouldn’t even refer to Jay Electronica or J. Cole as southern rappers, they don’t make trap music.
    I’m not a trapper, and I’d be embarrassed to be one. I’m a fuckin 20 year old college student graduating next year. I don’t listen to shallow abc rhymes about flipping bricks and cooking birds.

  • Jason

    is this really the place for this argument?