Grieves - Against the Bottom (Video)

Latest visual aid from Grieves' Rhymesayers-debut, Together/Apart, which is available now in both physical and digital formats.

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  • nyc123

    dope! grieves really is a hell of an artist

  • Red Gibson

    I can stop listening to this album,its amazing. I didnt know who he was I just downloaded the album like 2 weeks ago out of curiosity. And I got hooked, yeah Im sorry I downloaded illegally but Im actually unemployed right now so sorry Grieves! I'll buy it once I get a job

  • izMister

    boring White Students music...

  • Ddot

    Every time a little pussy like this decides to pick up a mic, another piece of hip-hop culture falls off into the ocean.

  • province

    thanks ddot you're providing a vital service to the hiphop community.
    as we all know, the five elements, since the beginning, are breaking, dj, graffiti, mc, and blog commenting.

  • Ddot

    If he ever came to my town, I would hate on him face to face for the good of the world.

  • julie

    lmao @ providence & the five elements of "breaking, dj, graffiti, mc, and blog commenting"

  • who cares

    I love how the video contradicts the songs lyrics haha. The lyrics are deep, but the video is so lighthearted. Anyway been fan of Grieves and Together/Apart is a beautifully dope album


    love how these chicks don't look like the trashy hoes on big name videos... my kinda women

  • Chris

    This dude's voice surprised me lol

  • redhaze


  • anteup

    Wow...I'm so happy to find videos like this on 2DBZ..gonna keep ridin wit ya'll from now on


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