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Kev – Homerun (Video)

blame it on Shake July 26, 2011

Directed by Rob Seher.

Anyone in Vegas, y’all know if that field is still open? I always drive by the track and see absolutely no action. I loved that place haha.

DOWNLOAD: Kev – Homerun

  • shittyrapsucks

    u guys need to start listening to the music these kids send u b4 u post it….wtf is this shit? i thought this is a site for dope hip hop, not just any muthafucka with a internet connection and a microphone. step ur game up dopeboyz

  • Danny

    Shake isn’t that you?

  • shakeisapos

    I’m fuckin’ saying.. 2DBZ doesn’t post any good shit these days unless its the same artists’ they have been posting. EVERY NO AND THEN i see someone i haven’t heard whos dope.. 2dbz lost there taste buds for hiphop somewhere along the way.. true story.

  • FreeBlu

    There is no way you can tell me with a straight face that this dude is better than a lot of the artist you ignore. Especially, in the contests you’ve run recently.

  • NiggerSweat

    The Vegas sun has gotten to shakes head.

  • This is bullshit music. Time to change this shit man for real.

  • Kris

    are you not aware of Flo Deep?!

  • areyouserious

    Lol this is super wack!

  • didyouseethat?

    did you see dudes baseball swing???? HAHAHAHA

    did you see that guitar playing???? HAHAHAHA

    did you hear these bars???? “got my swag up”

    did you SEE this technicolor bellhop???

    did you here this beat???

    him and lilB should be gay.

  • baron

    he looks like a big job. wannabe…

  • J_Uno!

    wtf is this shit? dudeS FLOW is GENERIC as fuck and looks like a fuckin CLOWN! GTFOH!

  • listen to this shit instead.

    at least its good songwriting.

    look up LUCKY SUGARCANE on youtube.


    Fuck this is so shit… Kev you are shit dude. Ha he didn’t even hit a homerun


    LOL LUCKY I think Kev is better than you!! You fucking suck the dick G

  • freshyboi

    this is just terrible! do people in vegas actually listen to this? wowwww

  • Ryan G

    This shit prolly just gave my computer a virus! fuckin despicable shit right here lookin like T Mills dad with his old ass

  • isaac

    im deep in the vegas hiphop and i have NEVER heard of him, this really makes vegas look bad. if u want real shit search: bars 101 phil a , on youtube

  • RealHiphopper

    WTF I rather See P3-Heartagram and stann smith instead of this fake trash

  • gilliethakidd

    i live in vegas, this guy performs at beat battles..and let me tell you the movement here is about 15 years in the past..let me correct that, 15 years ago the music was amazing..the music coming out of vegas is straight shit..no talent, no personality..this kid kev better give up and get into the medical field where he can most likely be sure to find a job