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Prof – Peep Show

blame it on Shake July 26, 2011

Prof hits us with a two-piece off his upcoming album, King Gampo, dropping digitally on August 16th. Pre-orders available now.

DOWNLOAD: Prof – Peep Show

BONUS: Prof –  On My Way

  • ???????????????


  • willmofo

    Ha, yup “Gummo”!!! For you smart-dumb cats, the movie that was playing at the beginning of “Belly”…

  • JChrome

    this may be the worst cover of all time

  • i cannot believe this mutha fucka referenced Gummo. woooow. he was better off puttin on the bunny costume.

  • fuck_prof

    how do u fags post shit like this???
    apart from the repulsive cover, this kids music is fucking atrocious. he obviously bought his way this far and i hope to see him fail. u cant buy your place in the world kid. and dont have a rap name so close to a dead legend.

  • hiphopopotamus

    ya’ll are trippin. prof throws down hard.

  • motivati


  • AntWC

    “bought his way this far?”


  • chumly

    you guys are idiots. gampo has nothing to do with gummo. HATERS! profforlife


    You haters don’t know shit. Prof is the realest muhfuckin rapper out there. GAMPOFORLIFE

  • King

    Yo, Chumly, in the movie Gummo, the kid eats spaghetti in the bathtub. That’s irrelevant, though. Watch hard work turn into a sea of people, Prof! Mad respect.

  • 11114444

    Haters… prof is the shit

  • simpsycho

    The track is kinda meh but I got love for Prof. Dude’s live show is fucking crazy, quite possibly the best in rap at the moment.

  • D

    Eat a glass slushie wit aids needles haters. Shouts out to my bro prof. GAMPO! Hoe

  • ion myke

    prof buckin the fuck out again!

  • dhub

    “bought his way”?? he’s paid his dues boy, been working it ten+ years. do yourself a favor and catch him on tour with Atmosphere and show some respect. #ignorance, you played yourself!

  • Look up “Fire” by Prof on YouTube, and tell me he doesn’t spit hard.

  • Jay

    if you want to know what prof is like, don’t judge him by “Peep Show”. It’s definitely not his best. youtube him and listen to some other songs.

  • schaft

    Gotta love all the hate. I’m sure Prof is laughing at it all. Hard to listen to haters when they don’t even know proper use of grammar (that’s directed at you, “fuck_prof”). Anyone who is judging based solely off the cover and these two tracks, one of which isn’t on the new album from my understanding, do yourselves a favor and hit up Stophouse’s Bandcamp page and download Prof’s two mixtapes and the Recession Music mixtape. Then see if you can still hate.

  • schaft

    Oh yeah, and expect awesome things from this album. Even the samples heard from Prof’s uStream sessions a few months back sounded sick as hell.

  • Skebeau

    Wow people R retarded PROF owns all GAPMO Mothefuckas!!!! I’m with schaft and to the ppl that say “he bought his way” are redonkulous pure skills!!!

  • mull0329

    I didn’t get Prof until I saw him live. catch a show and then take another listen. dude’s crazy!

  • holddat86

    this dude sounds like a wacker wayne tryna make shit sound hot but naaa homey

  • Mendleson

    @holddat86 haha he doesn’t sound anything like wayne.

  • ChazDanger

    Trust me, The Prof’s Live shows are the best in the business! That is why he makes music, to get people to go crazy in the crowds! Dude can do anything he wants now and the crowd eats it up. He has been doing shows for 10+ years and you want to say he bought his way? You only say that because of your lack of knowledge.

  • y’all must be FUCKING nuts. prof is the business.

  • Verse Uno !

    Fuck Yall Haterz ! I think you’ll catch on but until then. Much love to Prof

  • kosha dillz

    respec to Prof on the grind. -he is doing his thing. Im looking forward to seeing him rise