Wordsworth - Reach (prod. Dave Notti)

Damn, it's been quite sometime since I've heard some Wordsworth music. Big shouts to WheresMy40Acres on the linkage.

DOWNLOAD: Wordsworth - Reach (prod. Dave Notti) | Mediafire

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  • townbiznes510

    we need more!! mirror music 2!!! EMC WORDSWORTH SLAPIN

  • Cali Grown

    hell yeah. I know this dude from EMC and the man can flow like water.

  • http://FRESHselects.net KNNY FRSH


  • jojoj

    Yes! Where's he been?????

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/caucasian Caucasian

    album worthy. fact of the matter is. thats what we need. words lp.

  • And Won

    mirror music was a classic

  • AC

    hes been on xbox live i got him as a friend

  • NYdutchmaster

    everyone can deduct 1 from the thumbs down count, the dr pepper thing fucked me up. As far as new wordsworth, yessss!

  • rell

    hellz yeah! Been waitin on some new Wordsworth!

  • Keith
  • Notti

    Cheers! As always, shouts to the 2DB family for the look out and support. Truly an honor as always. Play this out in the whip the way dope music should be. Shouts to the homie Wordsworth for blessing the beat!


  • t.a.morales

    Every time I see Wordsworth I always think of back in the day when they had The Lyracist Lounge Show on MTV. I used to love coming hom to watch it. Wordsworth would always kill his skits. Here's the Bank Heist.

  • Billy

    good to hear from dude!!!!

  • http://www.fgxmedia.com Franklyn T. Grant

    I agree with most of the posts. Been waiting forever a year and a day. This dude is in my top. Thanks Dubbs


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The Theory Beatz-produced track is off his C'est La Vie EP coming soon.

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