Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar Live (Video)

Backed by Mihalj “MIKI” Kekenj’s string quartet, Aloe performs his extremely, soulfully dope single. We need another one, Aloe... preferably with Exile too.

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  • it is. #KanyeShrug


  • just sayin

    haha this shit was already reposted here back in april. get you shit together meka

  • Yea…

    I wonder how often Meka checks what other people post. He doesnt seem like the type that would for the most part

  • Maxkinism

    That was awesome, i love hip hop, i love soul, i love classical music, they perfectly blended all three to create a product that was unique in the best way.

  • herb


  • Repeat posts, and mad late on when it was actually done.

  • Musikfiend

    Well this is my 1st time seeing it and it is dope!! Wouldn't it be a string Quintet though considering it's 5 of them & not 4??


Tyga - "Gucci Snakes" f. Desiigner

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