Rochelle Jordan - Sing f. Jon Connor (prod. Klash)


Toronto songstress Rochelle Jordan (you may remember her from Shake's Soothing Sessions Take 87) is readying to release her new project, R O J O. For the first leak, she linked up with Flint, Michigan's own Jon Connor for Sing, produced by Klash. Shorty has an amazing voice, I can almost hear some Aaliyah in her.

DOWNLOAD: Rochelle Jordan - Sing f. Jon Connor (prod. Klash) | Mediafire
BONUS: Rochelle Jordan - Revolution (prod. Klash)

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  • him

    Dopeness.. This Chick is gonna be Big... def a fan now

  • Jones

    Im a fan of her ass

  • Spektate

    I did the singer, but not the production.

  • Mr. SLy

    This Song is Dope!!!!! I cant wait for ROJO TO DROP and ye she reminds me of aaliyah

  • jay

    im feeling this song all the way around! super dope her and klash work well together.. i like how to feel a lot.. the revolution track on here isnt too bad either i dig the N.E.R.D sample

  • TH

    I kinda hear Kendrick Lamar's "Michael Jordan" in the instrumental.

  • ChaseNAss

    @TH where do you hear that at? lol

    But yes, this track is nice. The Revolution one as well. I wonder how she hooked with Jon Connor though? Either way, hot shit.

  • theflysinceforever

    man where did yall find this Rochelle girl? she is crazy..and she fine..damn haha Jon Connor Ripped this shit btw.. i love the second verse he did..shit was tight.

  • One2

    This girl is blazed! when is ROJO set to release??? Im bout to be on her shit and Jon Killed too. Over all..This vibe was IT

  • StillaKilla

    This Girl and He producer is Magic yo! Ever since i heard take time.. they just keep bringing me back wtf hahaha Shouts to Jon!

  • ChaseNAss

    So, what's the verdict on this? Hot shit? And when is ROJO suppose to drop??? That's what we need to know! And yo shout out Shake putting himself in baby girl's hair in that R&B mix lol! That's pure genius.

  • ChaseNAss


    Who is Jon bro?

  • BaBopByeYa

    This track gives me that 90s r&b vibe. I'm feeling it. Rochelle is going to blow up. Can't wait for the mixtape/album to drop. She said that it's going to drop at the end of this month, so I hope it's fire just like the other tracks. Shout out to KLSH. He did his thang.

  • DanTheMan

    hahaha @chaseNAss and Ye this shit is Hot!!!!

  • ChaseNAss

    @DanTheMan what's so funny brah? lol
    Rochelle has a little booty on her too. In my Project Pat voice: let me squeezeeeee it

  • Larry King

    Yeah this mos def amazing

  • Ali

    never heard of the chick but downloaing this strictly off the Aaliyah mention, was just thinking the other day what modern R&B music would be had she been around, none of this rihanna bullshit polluting the masses

  • ftw

    DAT ASS.

  • Stevesays

    Shes a winner with her look and sound. Ive been waiting for a female vocalist to do something different.. Shes finally here! ROJO is going to be killer i can feel


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