• Thats Right

    $WonDough$ >> J-Doe

  • thefactz

    dam song is hot!... a radio smash single hit for sure!

  • yawn


  • Anton

    lol this bang the shit out of my headphones

  • Pops

    Who the fuck is J-Doe? Seriously, who is this guy? Never heard of him before. Is this a radio hit? Can't say that I hate it.

  • thom

    this whole song is like a dj tag. unlistenable...

  • dilladilla

    this sounds like a cypher which is awesome. too bad busta's the only dude worth hearing on it.. sup with the one dude biting yela's flow way hard..

  • D

    No no no no. Busta just killed my ears! Rest of the track is meh. Why the fuck do they have a clean version of this track? It's like censored porn, pointless.