• Dopely

    dope.. firstly

  • alright

    Seriously Bye Bye Beautiful is THE SHIT! GOOD GRIEF! dude went in on that one.

  • RSX

    Best of the suburban white rappers (Mac Miller, Chris Webby, etc) except for maybe Ash Roth

  • Seeking More

    Co-Sign RSX
    I like the your tragedy video

  • GeorgiaBoy

    does it always have to be a "White" thing when people talk about kyle lucas? I think his talent speaks for itself. Nice project right here

  • CyFy253

    Sadly its always gonna be a white thing when it comes to most white rappers..

  • T Mike

    "Take It Apart" is too dope!


    @RSX: you're joking right? I feel silly asking, since I know you must be. APATHY, COPYWRITE, KING.DOM, SEAN BOOG, etc. etc. etc. ARE ALL INFINITELY BETTER THAN ASHER ROTH. What're you on?

  • Sir Nigel

    ^he said "suburban white rappers"