Prie - Alone In Vegas

The homie Prie is gearing to release his next mixtape, Room Service tomorrow (you can find that mixtape here). The entire thing was recorded in a hotel suite, hence the mixtape's name. Here's a small taste of what to expect.

DOWNLOAD: Prie - Alone In Vegas | Mediafire
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  • RodeneyBranes

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  • sheila

    My Favorite Micronesian rapper ever! Go hard!

  • Pushakilo

    he's not micro, he's indian fool

  • hihater

    hahahha.. thats funny... this dude aint micronesian! good song.. cant wait to hear what else he has in store for us...

  • Eli ThaOneAndOnly

    LOL! ya'll BOTH wrong! He's Samoan Black yo! hahaha Prie been puttin it down in Hawai'i for a minute now. haha.. Read up on the dude.. Micro and Indian ... really? I thought his racial profiling would be easier...

  • Blackaristocrat

    Never heard of son before, but I can't front. This was pretty good.

  • chImazing



    prie killin it as always homie doin it big reppin that 808, but real tho he black samoan aint no micro or indian!!!

  • Creed

    Definitely grown into his own... always believed in you fam! Killin it as always!

  • belz

    awesome, has that jay-z mixed with jin sound that really is just mad fly. i like this.

    hope to hear more from this dude.

  • HoesOnMy

    ha i thought he was indian too, thats dope they got some ill samoan rappers out there!

  • vee

    Watch out world! Prie be doing his thing. Mad props homie. Keep doing it big! #808allday


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