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Pusha T Responds To Consequence

blame it on Meka July 28, 2011

Photo: Mikey Fresh.

He actually responds in a rather “diplomatic” manner, despite how the Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI’s The Morning Riot was trying force a square peg into a round hole so to speak.


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  • marty mcfly

    Yeah it was “diplomatic” but hes one of those rappers that need to gain something outta having a battle. I just think a real MC doesnt have to gain nothing to react after shots have been fired. Im done with this guy cause its all about the illusion of being a tough guy but not the actions.

  • please just shuttup^^


    what a pussy, just battle each other u faggots

  • js

    … there always has to be something to gain out of a battle. why do it if there’s nothing to gain, only to lose energy?

  • cb

    For Push, it’s kind of like this:
    You beat cons? Cool. Everyone expected that and everyone moves on.
    If nobody clearly wins the battle, it makes Push look bad.
    If Push loses the battle, he’s just made a fool of himself, Clipse, and G.O.O.D. Music. While some good tracks could come out of the battle, Push ain’t got nothin’ to gain from the battle.

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  • j.

    marty mcfly is such a fucking faggot

  • vaPhil

    what would be the purpose of a battle? I swear first dude stays on here 24/7

  • bon is back

    I’m a Pusha fan but if Cons is the 3rd ugliest rapper, Pusha is #2.

  • Yeah

    Pusha T’s like, I’m not even mad. Signed to Good Music, knows everyone, pharrell, kanye. Pusha >>

  • Ace

    Damn, that was so much slander from Pusha with that one comment though. lol

  • Man, I can’t stand these cackling ass radio hosts. Hooting and hollering like some fucking schoolgirls.

  • martymcfly…you are a character my man haha.

    pusha t has absolutely nothing to prove and absolutely nothing to gain from this battle.

    on top of that, what’s wrong with a hip-hop artist focusing on his ummmm art? what’s wrong with pusha t acting like a grown man and moving past this petty shit. do you know why cons is mad at pusha? he feels pusha stole ONE line from him. Consequence claims that he once said “last supper for you motherf*ckers” and pusha supposedly plagiarized him by saying “last supper for you niggas” in “My God.” That’s it. That’s why Cons is calling him a plagiarist. Do you understand how petty that is?

    Cons is wasting his talent. He needs to forget Ye. He has a great benefit in having Q-Tip as a cousin. He needs to holler at Tip and get him to produce some great music for him.

  • ac

    its kinda weak cons has to resort to this to push mod3, but you gotta do what you gotta do…and cons>>pusha. anybody that’s listened to both for any period of time knows this

  • T’Challa

    He has nothing to gain.. it’s all business. Pusha is a known artist in a good situation. Consequence is really a nobody as far as mainstream and regular hip hop heads. Only if Cons dropped a diss record that got MAJOR buzz, then he’d have to respond.

    I know there are Cons fans here, I’m not gonna dis, but his music never moved me, and he doesn’t have an interesting personality IMO. He’s a good rapper, but he hasn’t made any music that stands out, no classics, no hits.

  • I have to cosign ear2ear. Rap beef is stupid and unproductive. What other genre does this shit? Make money and live your life. Fuck everything else.

  • LT

    Pusha doesn’t need to respond. Period. He’s on thee label. He’s bout to drop an album. If Cons was straight, he’d release his album and keep it moving. I like both artists. Keep it moving.

  • Sausage

    Pusha T is a faggot, Ye should do himself a favor and get rid of this fool. MY GODDDD WHAT A DICK SUCKER

  • marty mcfly

    You people talking about Pusha has nothing to gain? That depends on how you look at it. Pusha has a hustla mentality so that means he knows how to gain alot out of barely nothing. So him saying he has nothing to gain is bullshit and if you believe that then his bullshit is believable to you. There is a rule called “Smack me and ill smack you back” Why is that even a saying? Because sometimes you have to make an example out of somebody so that way people know to never test you again. Also the Clipse is a brand and music is their product so when someone challenges the authenticity of the Clipse product and the integrity of Pushas character then that should be enough to accept the challenge. You shouldnt need to have to gain something in order to defend yourself and the persona you put out to the public. When someone is afraid to fight the first thing they do is give a reason why they dont feel the need to. Its all good to pick your battles but its never smart to give somebody a 2nd chance to smack you again. Lastly whatever Cons is mad about its probably not just about stolen ideas and lyrics. Its probably alot deeper then that. Just saying

  • and won

    If you are Q-Tip’s brother and you still can’t put out a good record than you’re wack.

  • ac

    but basically this boils down to a conflict between two dudes who wouldn’t be famous if it wasn’t for q tip or pharrell. boom

  • theBroKing

    i don’t understand how hardcore “gangster” rappers, so to speak, can constantly talk about murking motherfuckers, ripping their insides out and generally disembowel people that cross them or step on their shoes and when someone finally does, they pussy out and not do it. here’s something for pusha to gain. attention and respect. we can take his rhymes seriously if he lashes back at consequence but if he doesnt how can we stay listening to the same bullshit about violence and not tolerating haters?

    and i see @cb ‘s point but at the same time, mine still stands even with that being said

  • Gustavamanos

    @ marty mcfly – most hip hop heads don’t give a fuck about Cons, his past, who he’s worked with, who his cousin is, what his potential is or why he’s salty. He comes off as a salty ass rapper, period. He’s not going to deter Clipse/Pusha T fans from continuing to be Clipse/Pusha T fans.

    @ theBroKing – you’re believing the beat too much. This rap shit is entertainment. And those who try to/continue to live a past life after they’re in the spotlight end up dead or in jail.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    @marty mcfly I agree. You can’t talk about being tough and then when a confrontation appears you back out. Especially for Pusha. If Pusha backs out he ends up lookin like an entertainer.

  • martymcfly< sigh…
    pusha and malic already proved they can swing with the best of them by going at jay z and wayne at the height of their careers (y do u think 2 of the named best rappers alive went after the clipse? cos they damn good)…

    also u say …

    "Pusha has a hustla mentality so that means he knows how to gain alot out of barely nothing. So him saying he has nothing to gain is bullshit "….

    well tell me..wat does pusha have to gain by dissing a rapper who barely anyone knows/has heard of/doesnt even know cons was a huge part of a great tribe album ( i mean todays rap fans..lets be honest)

  • marty mcfly

    @Billy , remember the movie Bloodsport when Frank Dux broke the bottom brick and then Bolo said “Thats good but bricks dont hit back”? Its all good for Pusha to throw jabs at people that wont even look at him but when someone throws a shot at him he has to think about? We not talking about real beef , we just talking lyrically so thats simple. You people talking about Pusha has nothing to gain but really what does he have to lose? It doesnt matter if you view Cons as a somebody or not but im saying if you talk like your the king MC then when somebody throws a line at you then respond accordingly. It shouldnt matter who it is , Game just said earlier this week that he would battle anybody and hes hoping someone challenges him and thats because he is confident in his abilities as a Mc. Pusha can think of things to gain because like I said he has that mentality but he’s just choosing to hesitate because he knows Cons is capable of giving him a good fight lyrically. Like I said if he doesnt respond its cool and im sure him and all his fans will fell all high and mighty like he’s just too good to accept a challenge but to Cons he will capitalize off systematically degrading the whole label even if that just gets him a little more shine. Fuck the industry politics , take this shit back to the underground open mic nights where an Mc wasnt shit unless he proved it lyrically.

  • Tto

    Pusha was hardly being “diplomatic” when it was the radio hosts themselves who had to respond by saying that Cons is nice after Pusha jabbed, basically said that he’s nobody by saying he’s never heard of anybody actually asking to hear Consequence.

  • Hip-Hop fans have to decide whether they care about the music first or the persona first. End of story. Hip-Hop is the only genre where fans really focus on the drama just as much as the music. I don’t see The Smashing Pumpkins and Rage Against the Machine getting into “beefs.” As an artist first, You let your music decide who’s better. If you want to be a “tough” guy first than that’s fine. But that doesn’t help you as a musician in my eyes. I mean if you guys want to talk about what’s “manly,” tell me why its considered so tough to be like, “Oh man. I’m not going to address you face to face. I’m rather going to go to my dark studio and isolate myself and think about you all day and sing a song about you. I’m going to say some mean bad things too.” What’s so “real” about that? This thirst from hip-hop fans for rap battles is just a reflection on how stupid our community is. Especially when we want to force it to happen. I swear that’s why the rest of the music community looks at us as the dumbest genre in music.

    On a side note, Consequence is like the Lamar Odom of hip-hop. Lots of talent and skill. Underachieved but still had great teammates like Kanye and Q-Tip.

  • mark

    I personally think ye told him not to bother with it.
    I”m on a mobile so if the interview says otherwise feel free to correct me

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear , ill just say this and then im done with it. I dont think a battle makes the culture look bad and im really not talking about beef in the sense of physical violence. Im talking lyrically and I think a battle is good to just show how skillful a artists really is. It shouldnt take a whole list of reasons to do the same things that little kids do all the time for nothing. Show skills ( in something other then coke raps )

  • Its all good for Pusha to throw jabs at people that wont even look at him
    erm jay responded to the clipse on BP3..and wayne did numerous interviews going at the clipse ..so ur wrong..pusha went at ppl who answered back.

    2. i said can YOU think of what pusha has to gain.

    3.ear 2 ear..yea i have to agree with u …pretty sad i mean i love a good old beef but when its authentic and has lyrical skill not this pantomime drama of a no-show. honestly which pusha fans actually care to hear wat pusha has to say about cons considering they barely know each other???? it just dont even make sense.

  • marty mcfly < i agree with what u said. i just think because of all the faux beefs that have happened in hiphop recently n the new culture of "my album/mix-tape/iTunes release is coming out now i got beef" by all means pusha and cons go at it. im just pretty sure i wont b entertained in a good way by it. i mean look at wat cons has done already..he just throws out ambiguous jabs…meh.

  • marty mcfly

    @Billy , notice how fast in took a personality on radio to ask if Pusha would respond. That means its a hot topic at the moment. Pusha has a mixtape and a album coming out which means the timing is great. Pusha has tried to battle people that wouldnt answer him and now he has someone who will. Pusha is also a artists who makes a living off appearing to be a lyrically vicious Mc and what better way to further demonstrate that then a battle. Plus Cons started it and brought him in this whole shit , I mean do you still not see a the hype Pusha can gain? Whats better the fact that his mixtape wasnt that good at first or that now he has a chance to show more of his skills? Cmonson all this needing something to gain to be a man when someone is calling you out is bullshit. Pusha is not spitting raps about being a nice guy so dont act like he shouldnt get busy when its time too. Cons = a threat to the products on Good music whether hes a big threat or a little threat should not make a difference.

  • LB

    why battle someone that was VERY RECENTLY a part of your camp??? if there was a little more time inbetween then it’ll be buttered popcorn and a show but the ties are too close. Pusha hands down, Cons is too emotional though i fux with both. btw, VA’s 4 hustlas!!!

  • whatupsucka

    I personally think that Pusha is not a good battler to begin with and that’s why he’s not gonna spend time with Cons on this and wants to play the “I just wanna make music and get money” role. Maybe because Cons isn’t a kilo of coke that he don’t wanna write a verse about it. He’s talented but I just never seen him as the type that would really go at it with another emcee face to face.

  • T’Challa

    Some of you guys think this is 8 Mile.. at a certain level of success these guys don’t care about battling, especially when dissing is too often used by lesser known artists to get attention.

    Jay & Nas have had shots thrown at them by countless no name rappers, you can’t expect them to respond to every bullshit challenge. You have to be a WORTHY opponent, to get a title shot. Not worthy in the sense of skill, but your impact or presence in the game.

    Jay-Z responded to Jim Jones (who’s fucking terrible) why? Cuz Jones had major buzz and the biggest track at the time “Ballin”.

    In other words, Jones had the ears of lots of people, so much that Jay felt he couldn’t let it slide.

    Again, NOBODY KNOWS WHO CONSEQUENCE IS. So all this “a rapper has to show his skills” shit is DEAD when you reach that level of success, unless the diss comes from someone on your level.

  • ilikerapmusic

    Fuck Pusha T. I dont see what is so great about him. He can rap well but he wasnt really putting up numbers with the clipse. Fuck Consequence. He is a salty ass dude, who is bitter about not garnering commercial success. That being said, I would like to see a response because when have we had a battle between ppl who can actually spit since jay and nas? Too pad Pussy T wont do anything and Cons the humanoid rat will continue to be a thirsty ass groupie.

  • jtherapy

    Rap beef is nothing new. The problem now is rappers create “beefs” as publicity stunts. Why not respond? Being braggadocious is part of the culture. And for all these comments saying no one knows who consequence is really? Cons is nice and pusha is nice,but he ain’t build for battlin’ that’s not his lane. I think ye advised him to not record

  • asda

    how do ppl actually think pusha t is a good rapper????? FUCKING GET A BRAIN!!!!!!!!!

  • Cons ‘diss’ was weak as fuck… I wouldn’t even have responded if I were Pusha. But whatever… he still took out the trash.


  • asda< cos of lord willin and the vol.3 we got it for cheap. do ur research.

  • Pauly Dee

    Oh look, martys talking more bullshit.

    Anyways, I agree that Pusha has NOTHING to gain from a beef with Cons. That’s like Jay-Z or Lil Wayne dissing some small time rapper. It’s not worth it.

    If Pusha wants to respond, that’s okay. But if I was him, I’d just say fuck it and just continue working on my album.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Oh look its biggest Em fan ( who btw is still wack as shit ) making more excuses for ducking a fight like all these new rappers from this era are known to do. You people swear showing weakness is a sign of strength. Throw a rhyme at Rae and Ghost and them niggas a be at you the same day and they dont need to gain shit but just the chance to lyrically kick some ass. Pusha been acting like he the greatest Mc from day one but now its time to flex his pen game with coke raps and he backing out. NO NO NO RAPPER IM NOT LIKE YOU…

  • marty mcfly

    WITHOUT the coke raps… I hope Cons keeps going until these niggas are forced to respond about it in every interview they do.

  • Hold up… Pauly is an Em Stan still?! That nigga hasn’t been good since after he dropped Marshall Mathers LP. That was his last good album.

    How can you still be an Em fan? …the only thing that could POSSIBLY save him is being featured on Detox. Other than that… that cracker ain’t worth the earwax you have to clean out your ears to listen to him.

  • And Won

    CLIPSE > Cons

    Not even close. Sorry Cons.

  • Pusha would murder him. And after everything the Clipse has been through, he doesnt need some bullshit battle.. with truly a nobody.

    He’s gone at Wayne and Jay.

  • Pauly Dee

    Ah. Another ignorant marty comment. What do we do when that happens, folks?


    I could delve into the critically acclaimed albums. I could delve into the cosigns of other Hip Hop legends. I could give you RAW lyrical quotes on why Em is better than your favorite rapper.

    …But, at this moment, I don’t give a fuck, so I’m not gonna.

  • Malik

    I don’t see how rapping as a ‘tough guy’ equates to getting into battles. Charles Hamilton is the softest dude out there but loves to battle. Regardless, this would be a boring beef that would only warrant mention because Consequence is desperately trying to get back into some sort of limelight rather than putting out good material.

    I’m sorry Marty, but battle QUALITY rapping has existed for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only: Two up and coming emcees trying to make a name for themselves (both them have albums/mixtapes for ever a decade) or because they have legitimate problems with each other. It’s pretty clear Pusha doesn’t give two shits about him and doesn’t care to help him eat by leeching off his name.

  • de

    so you people want Pusha T to kill consequence to prove his gangster?

  • marty mcfly

    Like I said earlier , throw a rhyme at people like Rae and Ghost. Rae would prolly forget to lock the door running out the house so fast trying to get to the studio to respond and Ghost would prolly take his turkey bacon off the stove and throw it against the wall in furious anger then he wouldnt even use the front door to go to the studio , he would just jump out the window. Some people dont need a something to gain to get busy and they could give a fuck about politics or how big or small the opponent is. They just cant turn the other cheek cause they aint like that , they the type who still be saying shit like “I wish a nigga would”… @Pauly yeah it would be best to just leave my comments alone at this point cause im gonna make you throw all your Eminem posters away next time I tell you how wack he is.

  • ♥grandma.

    @ de

    umm. Yes.

  • @Pauly:
    1. Cosigns don’t mean shit these days (e.g. OFWGKTA cosigned by ERRRYBODY!) I, myself, enjoy them… but I’m sure there are MANY people who don’t understand the cosigns, myself included.

    2. He has lyrical ability, that I’ll grant you… but none of his new shit is any good. Even Bad Meets Evil is just barely above mediocre… the best Em has done lately was his feature on Detox. That WAS classic Em… I want that Em. But… that is but a wet dream, he is trash bag now.

    3. Em better than Big L?! O LAWD… you ARE hilarious, br0. HAHAHA LOL ROFL LMFAO

  • FrankWest

    miss info’s website says Cons responded on a Ace Hood remix that will drop next week. She posted some of the bars and let me tell you, they are FUCKING WEAKSAUCE. SMH @ Pussy T. Also SMH @ Cons the half man-half rat

  • Pauly Dee


    1. You said it best. “Cosigns don’t mean shit THESE DAYS.”
    But, back then, they did.

    2. Sigh. Go listen to his verses on Fast Lane, A Kiss, The Reunion, Above The Law, the whole damn EP. Shit man, 95% of reviewers said that the EP was great. The only ones that didn’t like it were some other company and Rolling Stones. And RS’s opinions don’t matter, because they love to jump on hella bandwagons.

  • dmdpro

    emienm sucks why did yall bring him up in this covo 90% of his fans are white kids that dont listen to any other hiphop even eminem said it go lsiten to the song WHITE AMERICA “I WOULD OF ONLY SOLD HAVE IF I WAS BLACK” they only like him cuz hes white same with mac miller go on twittwer type in mac miller its all white girls tweeing about mac miller try it.. eminem overated Big L,big pun,pac,biggie,jay-z in his prime,nas ,az, rakim,kool g rap, beanie sigel,young chris,scarface,spade O, etc >eminem

  • ^^^Truth.

    But I still like Mac Miller, even though he is overrated and goofy as fuck. All he really is is a weed rapper, but he still makes good tracks from time to time. But you’re right, a majority of his fans are girls… same as his Pittsburgh brethren, Wiz.



  • Fuckeryexposer
  • marty mcfly

    Ok I just heard Pusha talking about Cons dont want a problem in the street so he did respond with 2 lines of a verse ( yeah just 2 lines ) So I guess Pusha wants to take it away from lyrics and really beef in the street sense. Ill give him the fact that he did respond but I guess he doesnt want to lyrically settle it so hes sending death threats now , how surprising… Like he said though – talk is cheap. I doubt Cons even felt that in the slightest.

  • QB

    “Consequence, n—a talk is cheap/You don’t want no trouble off the beat/Before I off his ass with his awful teeth…“

    Eh.. I knew he wasn’t gonna say much, he just clowned him… now Cons will probably make a 9 min diss track, ole attenion starved muhfucka..

  • what?

    i dont know why you are all talking about status just cos pusha is more successful than cons dosnt mean hes nicer or better in any way.
    ur just using a persons relevance to the “game” and thier popularity as a cop out to say that they shouldnt respond cos cons is a nobodoy. popularity and success does not equate to ability quality and talent etc. prime example rick ross, wayne, flo rida etc. any one of these dudes wont stand a chance in a beef with lesser know better mc’s (which there are many of).

  • man am i dissssapointed in push push. its like being a kid and thinkin barry bonds is the shit…only to find out hes pumped full of water. i guess cons wins -_- lame.

  • marty mcfly

    Keep it real , Cons just threw jabs and Pusha just kept it short with a response so its really not even worth anymore rounds cause both sides dont really seem too serious about it. At least Cons is gonna have his name on a radio song soon thanks to Pusha.

  • EJ

    The only thing Cons won is the most bitter rapper in the world award. He’s looking incredibly pathetic and lame dissing Pusha because Kanye dumped his ass and found someone better. Push is a monter and is red hot right now so what does Cons do?, create a fake beef and tries to get shine off him. Anyone who respect such blatant faggotry is full of shit, i’m glad that Push just gave him 2 bars cause that’s all he deserves.

  • pusha t knows consequence would take him out. personally i’ve always liked the cons better. take em to the cleaners, job song. just relate to his shit more than pusha and his fuckin nonsense. pusha is probably as real as C.O. Ricky just putting up that image for the money.

  • Tone_Ikasu

    Cons may be nice lyrically but even that is questionable sometimes. He is not exciting and he has no presence. Most hip hop fans dont know who he is and the ones that do dont really give to shits about him. Cons is just trying to pull a Cassidy. Get into a battle with someone more popular then you and skyrocket your own career. Push playin it smart. If he dont battle he cant end up like freeway even though I doubt he would lose to Cons. If he was that talented ye would have gave him shine. I mean look at all the other people he has brought into the mainstream. Lupe, cyhi, Big sean, and probably a few more. Push battling cons would be like a UFC fighter beating on a retarded kid its just not right. And Rae and Ghost dont respond to every comment and even if they did its becasue what the fuck else they gonna do. They dont have any mainstream appeal anymore so they are just sitting at hone anyways. I love Rae and Ghost but but like most legends there time to shine is over.

  • Pauly Dee


    And comparing Wac Willer to Em is like comparing Chris Brown to M Jackson. You just don’t do it.

  • I really, really don’t like Shock Jock radio. Pusha has nothing to gain from this “beef” really? Not on wax anyway. Pusha get’s to put out albums, people like him, want to work with him, much like Cons. But Con’s are just throwing those things away. All Pusha has to do is make good much, keep it authentic, and get money. Battles don’t define careers “like that” anymore. Especially this. It’s not like either one of their sales will go down if the other loses, so why put so much energy into it. And Cons, please just move on. You will never crush Kanye. NEVER…Your not 50 Cent to his Ja Rule

  • that dude

    marty mcfly you know music is different frequencies….im glad you waste time on a music blog overanalyzing shit

  • krow132

    LOL @ This. Pusha T would slaughter Consequence and everyone would move on. Nothing to gain for Pusha T man. Im ok either way he goes

  • Nicky

    Consequence is noooooooooo competition, Pusha T would destroy him if he really wanted too. Pusha T made a good point b/c there is nobody I have heard requesting a consequence song. Consequence is boring and have no personality at all and he is a hater. Consequence know pusha T better then him thats why he has a real problem with pusha