Bridget Kelly – Thinking About Forever

blame it on Meka July 29, 2011

A few days ago a track by Frank Ocean popped up on the Internets. Turns out that it was a reference track for Roc Nation’s Bridget Kelly, who you can get a brief introduction to right here. OH HAI AURA.

DOWNLOAD: Bridget Kelly – Thinking About Forever | Mediafire

  • GR

    Made ya say Frank Ocean!

    But too late. Frankie’s version grew on me already.

  • king

    the frank ocean version is WAYYY better. he sings it better too.

  • JoshuWhat?

    Too bad, i’ve been waiting for her to drop something.

  • http://soundcloud.com/quanteadger/yep

    Recorded on A-DAT in 2007. Was on my Myspace page for a minute. Strong similarities in the music from this and Drake’s I’m On One. Coincidence eh? Lol

  • Pugz

    Why does she even try. Frank killed this, her’s is much worse.

  • yup

    i really dont understand this new jack boring shit. there’s no effort even being put into the singing, much less the production.

  • yup

    also, @lilgq, the two songs you’re talking about sound nothing like that trash you linked us to. sounds like a poor(er) man’s dem franchize boyz

  • undefeated

    ummm dumbasses its a was a reference track which means it was never franks.besides thank god she can sing.i rather hear her than jay’s other signee wack rihanna.

  • jupiter

    I FOUND NUDES OF HER http://tinyurl.com/3vos942

  • Frank Ocean’s was way better than this even if it was a reference track. She can’t hit that falsetto right.

  • agreed

    Agreed, can’t even get into hers after hearing Frank do it.

  • j

    Frank’s version has already grown on me, Its been on repeat since i hit download last night…I honestly forgot about Bridget Kelly, I seriously thought she got dropped from roc nation.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    Seriously I think I’ve listened to Frank Ocean’s version maybe 20-30 times just today.
    I can’t even think about switching over.

  • Peter

    would smash

  • Ignorant Genius

    @doomsday519 it’s not considered a falsetto for her. but i agree, frank’s was definitely better but if that didn’t drop this’d be straight.

  • NYdreams

    lol so u could say frank oceans name on here but u cant post his tracks ? u gonna post the leaks witt him and “the throne” just wondering

  • Frank

    damn yall are like fucking females the way you go on about shake and odd future. why do yal care so much. got damn. so fucking gay no grown man should care this much.

  • GR

    Frank ocean kinda screwed up her spotlight. He posted it on his tumblr and took it down quickly, but it still leaked. Now, Kelly’s supposed track comes out a day later and people are still buzzing about his version.

    Don’t want to get into bad relations with The Roc. He’s on 2 fucking goddamn songs on WTT. Don’t need any trouble.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    ^They should just do a remix with the two of them on the track like Fall For Your Type.
    I’d never listen to this version (I still haven’t)…

  • Fiasco Future

    LOLLL shake and meka are still acting like little girls with tampons stuck in their pussys. you post this shitty version but dont bother posting the original version with frank ocean? you both are so butthurt over lupe fiasco, and odd future, seriously grow the fuck up. you guys are immature as hell.

  • yall bugging! she nice with it. Frank Ocean did his thing but she perfected it (to me)

  • mekasfaceakalilB’sass

    haha. Frank Ocean FTW. fucking lames.

  • britt

    damn frank, you just had to take her shine anyways huh? smh

  • Eddie

    I like em’ both….love this song, and this is dope. She did this. I like this better but really Frank’s was a reference anyway so he didn’t really go in.

  • swag

    Cant get into this version after hearing Frank’s version lol. Unfortunate when the reference track is greater than the official. oh well Frank has a bright career ahead of him and so does Bridget.