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Consequence – Everybody Told Me 2 (Pusha T, Kanye West, G.O.O.D. Music Diss)

blame it on Meka July 29, 2011

And away we go…

DOWNLOAD: Consequence – Everybody Told Me 2 (Straighten It Out) | Mediafire
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  • OrdinaryCelo

    I’m anxious to see how this will turn out. This is like that angry ex girlfriend effect where she exposes all the dumb shit you did while ya’ll was together.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    I can’t believe how lazy people are. Really, you couldn’t get in front of a real Mercedes? Really none of your friends have a high-definition camera. Photoshopping lame covers is somehow more lame than commenting on how lame, lame photoshops are.

  • Yayo

    terrible….not even his benz

  • DK

    Damn going after family too?

  • los

    i think every one can agree, and if you dont your a douche and love listening to a toilet flush

    kanye’s everybody told me beat > this crap


  • Dorian

    I can officially say…fuck this nigga, you could at least leave with some dignity.

  • e

    Worst photoshop job ever…hahahaha

  • ddub0824

    Cons garbage, the beats garbage. He’s taking the bitch route.

  • Detroit89

    idk Cons is a not a very prolific or charismatic rapper, that is why he never actually made much of a career for himself. i hear the music, but i cannot feel any of it. its pointless to make a dis song when it is not going to be a good song anyway.

  • Mensa

    he aint sayin shit in the first verse, lol…wack

  • Iodine

    He does realize Kanye made him even remotely known in the first place? If it wasnt for Ye, Cons would be less known than Sha Stimuli and still have a 8th of Sha’s talent

  • Pops

    Kanye and Pusha T don’t even need to respond to end this shit because Cons is doing a damn good job making himself look like a fool without any help from anyone else

  • haha i could give a fuck less about this beef but does anyone have the instrumental version to “Everybody Told Me (Prod. by Kanye)” and “Got Me Trippin’ (Prod by Q-Tip)?


    WTF? CONS went from CONSequence to CONStruction worker in the rap game. why these niggaz making these diss tracks when they feel they got played by another rapper. if you’re from the old school, you need to handle your business like men. punch a nigga in his face with some brass knuckles covered in dog shit. the industry has turned alot of motherfuckers into bitches. A. HOLE YOU PAPOOSED YOURSELF!

  • Blackaristocrat

    Thank you Cons. Thank you for fucking up a classic beat. SMH Shit was fucking wack. If you’re reading this, do what Curren$y did when he left Young Money. Just start anew and try to get back on top. He did it and so can you.

  • jonrud00

    Consequence needs to realize he has to take some blame. Not only did Kanye help him out but his cousin Q-Tip did too way before Kanye.

  • Awye

    they shouldve taken time to photoshop that niggas head down some while they were at it. anyone else notice the top of his dome look like its about to explode?

  • Shy

    Dude got a Cee-Lo head and he aint even obese…

  • :P

    they could have at least photoshop his teeth straight…

  • this is terrible cons is fucking himself up. he was better off just taking it on the chin moving on and releasing singles that are good instead of these which he thinks are gonna generate some intrest, and then people will buy his album. he had a good thing going with don’t quit your day job. idk why he is resorting to this he is better than that.

  • QB

    Curious to see the 1 or 2 Cons fans try to defend this weak sauce..

  • marty mcfly

    Kanye – AYo Jayz can you please holla at Cons for me cause he’s still talking shit

    Jayz – for what , do he need some money?

    Kanye – Hov Cons is like the Joker in the Dark Knight he doesnt care about the money , he just wants to watch the throne burn.

    Jayz – I think you better handle that ( the same way he told Dame in that scene from State Property )

    Kanye – Ayo Pusha you think you can battle this nigga for me?

    Pusha – I dont know but ill try: Ugchk !!! Im Harry Powder with the coke rap cause I work magic on the stove bringing that dope back. Ill put a kilo on his dome , call him a crack head…

    Kanye – just forget it Pusha you can get back to your mixtape now. Ayo Big Sean , Cyhi fuck it Fonzworth Bently lets get this nigga

    Big Sean – hey Kanye im a real G but you on your own Boi. You see how skinny my arms are in this wife beater , I dont need this shit right now.

    Kanye – fuck well guess what Good Music , we have a problem.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    ^ DEAD.

  • Rizzy

    cmon son this is just gisgusting, get tha fuck outta here !!

    p.s. Oh bydaway, Watch the Throne is due for release on iTunes on 8 August !! haha

  • didnt kanye just produce a track for cons?

  • FukYoLife

    lame… if this is a dope diss then hip-hop has really fallen off. I’m sure Kanye is terrified of being bored to death after listening to this garbage. The beat is the only highlight. Nothing he said stood out or was memorable. Nas will always have the illest diss track ever IMO. This is just a waste of a perfectly good beat. Y’all acting like Big Sean, CyHi, and Push are the only rappers in G.O.O.D. Music. I know why he won’t mention Common though, he don’t want it! I can see the he doesn’t have beef with Common comments coming now…

  • Pauly Dee

    Marty Mcfly’s sad attempt @ humor >>>>>>>> These Cons verses.

  • 93 till

    @Marty mcfly LOL real talk son


    i guess we’re dickriding kanye and (the guy who only raps about coke) pusha t from now on huh?

  • Pauly Dee

    Honestly, Kanye, or for that matter, anyone from G.O.O.D. isn’t anywhere near my Top 10. I just call it like I see it: this “diss” will hurt Cons a lot more that it’ll hurt Ye and Pusha.

  • FukYoLife

    Yeah ppl who don’t like this track are dickriders! Smh so what does that make you huh? Lol you dudes are hilarious. Same shit different toilet. All hail King Cons! This is the best diss track in the history of Hip-Hop!!! FOH!

  • Clap!!!

    Has this dude disappeared yet?

  • DQ

    lets be real for a second.. most of yal disliked this track somewhere inbetween reading the title and actually listening to the song..

    I would agree that he does sound like a scorned lover for continuing to address his malcontent for g.o.o.d. music, however it isnt up to “us” to decide whether or not his feelings towards g.o.o.d. music are justified.. but he should understand that most ppl will take the sides of ye and push, which will consequently
    (no pun intended) damage his rap carrer regardless of the quality of his music..
    Because it seems the hip hop “game” has become less about the quality of make you create and release and more about the number of co-signs you can generate

  • 2dopeman

    pretty g.o.o.d. song but it barely disses anybody so who cares?

  • @martymcfly

    Very smart move to leave Mos out of that hypothetical conversation.

  • jmike


  • afoXbehindthewheel

    *facepalm*… its not like anyone was really expecting much from Cons next diss track… but damn that was weak

  • And Won

    This dude and Rhymefest are weaksauce.

  • I hope Pusha T responds. Its competition. its HipHop. Get The Fuck Over It.

  • kkk

    wait i cant tell what kind shirt that is? …..fucking moulies

  • Consequence

    Hey C-Section, just here me out for a second and I will like ask that you don’t interrupt or comment for at least 2 to 3 minutes. I’m just a rapper that was on a good label trying to finally get off my ass and not wait for someone to give me “shine” or “spotlight”, and stop squandering my opportunities that other artists would kill to have. I’m just dealing with coming to terms that I am not marketable as a rapper in my own right, and I should’ve stayed in the background at G.O.O.D. I came to this realization last night when I was creating that cover above on MS Paint…this shit is hard yo! I mean copy and pasting and shit! Anyways grab my new upcoming Movies on Demand 3, which has nothing to do with Netflix contrary to rumors, but will be an attempt at music and other salty stories.

    – Cons

  • yes this is wack and the photoshop job is terrible, and having an album cover in front of a mercedes is corny as hell, and consequence’s bitching is getting annoying, but to the people talking about the beat, you realize that beats from Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s album Return of the Mecca right? from the song Straighten it Out, its a classic album, and the first verse is about Q-Tip

  • Waffle Crisp

    This is terrible. And from the minute this issue started he has NEVER actually explained what the ISSUE is…well scratch that. He did once, but it was the worst explanation and run around ever. Ok Pusha “used” your style or whatever. Quit bitchin.

    Second on his interview, dude said GLC, Rhymefest, he and Really Doe are Ye’s “brothers”. All dudes that are backseat to the front runners of GOOD Music but still help ghostwrite and produce. THEN he called PUSHA jetfuel for Kanye, even though in the SAME interview said he was the one that produced “Party” on 4, which by the way had KANYE rapping on it…. -_- This entire “beef” or whatever this lame shit you wanna name it is just this dude Consequence bein salty about not getting any shine.

    Ye is doing what Jay and Dame Dash did w/the Roc. Listen to the Takeover. “Memphis Bleek, we runnin this rap shit. B.Mac, we runnin this rap shit. Freeway…etc” The issue with the Roc was there was too many dudes that wanted to get the shine but not enough that wanted to just do the work, but folks was only lookin for Jay (really). Ye understands this. He’s takin the ones that are marketable (Ye himself, Cudi, Pusha, John Legend and Big Sean) and pushin them to the front. Everybody else helps with the production and ghostwritin. Consequence just salty that he isn’t gettin the shine. Thats all. But why cry and bitc-h when you makin money?

  • If anyone is wondering whether Pusha will address the issue on a record…no need to wonder anymore…..

    Check out Ace Hood Go N Get Remix feature Pusha T

    Wish Pusha would just let it go but I guess “The Spirit of Competition” got into him

  • skane

    that niggas teeth are huge.

  • hatemenow

    this song > all of section 80 put together.

  • MR

    Con can do better than that, but the track wasn’t really that bad. The only problem is that you have to be on point with your lyrics when you go after a big name. Next time con talks about he should just put a couple bars, never do a whole song about them. Hot song with a couple of one liners would get their attention.

  • UrBetterjudgment

    Cause your not a worker at heart. at heart your a boss and can rap better then ur boss so u start to wonder why he is the boss and gettin all the credit when the production house is equally contributing to the project.

    PS this songs beat is ahip hop classic produced by Pete Rock who kanye even looks up to. so if u sayin this beat is wack or anything close to that YOUR NOT HIP HOP and i understand why you hold Pop as kanye on the level you do.

  • Rap Genius is tryna explain it – although it mainly sounds like nonsense..


  • marty mcfly

    @FukYoLife and @ear2ear , aint nobody afraid of Common and Mos def so get serious. Didnt Common leave Good Music anyway? There both great MCs but I doubt they put fear in any rappers hearts. Common was in the game before Good Music and is too grown for this shit and Mos Def is probably busy putting glitter and feathers on a new mask he plans to wear on stage and he was also in the game before Good Music.


    LMFAO @ this nigga marty mcfly!!! dude is hilarious and on point with that

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Common never killed any rapper, ever. His only beef was with Westside Connection and even that was fuckery at its finest.

  • @Iodine

    You must be young. Cons got his initial fame from working with Tribe, years before anyone knew who Ye was.


    You must be young too. Common killed Cube on “The Bitch In Yoo”. Fuckery at its finest? You know nothing about battle rapping, I suppose.

  • AMP

    Actually I Used to Love H.E.R. is a great example of dissing. Talking shit about how the west fucked up hip hop. But you must be 13 so I don’t expect you to know classic hip hop.

  • Pauly Dee

    Man, I didn’t believe y’all but…CONS IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!

    After the like 27th listen of this song, it starts to grow on you and Con’s lyricism starts to take a place in your mind! Thank you marty mcfly and ALL Consequence fans…for letting me know how much of a GREAT rapper this guy is!


  • so do you guys equate eliteness as an MC to how good a battle rapper you are?

    and back to consequence…the man is a good mc but this was not a good diss track by any means. after all this build up, this is it? what a weak effort from him.

  • no one will diss those two because they have the respect of their peers, skills, and class. but you’re right…Mos ain’t a battle rapper but he’s never presented himself as one but he’d rap circles around consequence. no contest. that’s my point. as a lyricist…mos will kill consequence.

    plus mos def is too busy prepping for the new season of dexter.

  • Cons didn’t really say anything interesting to me either. He’s better than this. I respect Pete Rock’s work but I do not like this beat.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Pee , nobody from Good Music is on your top ten because 5 of your top ten are the same rapper.

    1. Eminem
    2. Slim Shady
    3. Marshall Mathers
    4. Bad
    5. Evil

    and dont name no legends as being apart of your top ten cause when they were dropping albums you couldnt even listen to rap or stay up passed 8 oclock cause that was your bedtime babyboy. @ear2ear get that mos def shit outta here cause you aint listening to that niggas albums. I like Mos def but I dont wanna hear no album he did after Black on Both Sides cause them shits is like taking a bottle of sleeping pills.

  • marty mcfly

    Cons is not gonna throw his best punches lyrically in the first round of a fight that he doesnt even know when it will end. Why would he put his best on the table before it really matters? THINK and im not saying he’s a super rapper but if you think Pusha or Kid Shitty is gonna jump in and stop Cons from doing his thing ya’ll crazy.

  • Hahaha…yeaaaa…I guess The Ecstatic was universally critically acclaimed for no reason at all. But you’re right marty mcfly. It sucked….

  • In fact The Ecstatic > Consequence’s career when I think about it.

  • kidadonis

    Cons looks like a beaver or woodchuck…

    Anyway, I am tired of people starting beef to get shine instead of working and doing their own. Nobody would have known there was an issue if he would have just kept his mouth shut. People would have thought that he left G.O.O.D. to work on his own. Not whatever mess this is.

  • marty mcfly

    No Ecstatic was cool but I bought it and listened for myself and can name songs off it. Alot of people havent even listened to his albums but they quick to say he’s dope when they dont even know what they talking about. I dont care whats critically acclaimed by people in the media who only skim through songs once and dont even know what they just listened too. I judge Mos Def and any other artist I speak on because I am know their music well not because its just cool to say you listen to Mos Def and Common but really have a small understanding of their music.

  • Pauly Dee

    Okay…”Pauly Pee”…hilarious. No really. Go to Comedy Central and show them your material. Your sure to get your own show, hell even a “Comedy Central Presents”!….:/

    Second, no this is my top 5…

    3.Shawn Carter
    4.Your Mother’s

    And how the hell do you know I don’t listen to the legends? For all you know, I could have had a brother that had records that I listened too. Ignant fuck.

  • Ryuk

    Did they photoshop that benz?

  • DQ

    funny how people argue with people that they have never and will never meet, seems like a supreme waste of time..

    But arguing about which artist is better is like debating on what feels better: head or pussy .. there will never be a consensus.. so just shut up and enjoy the *music*

  • A-Mok

    I don’t know how I feel about the beef because it’s probably more complex than it seems, but what the fuck are people doing talkin’ shit about Mos Def’s The Ecstatic? That album is not necessarily legendary material, but it’s good as fuck top to bottom. Blog fans are really on that bullshit. If you don’t like that album, you either haven’t heard it or have bad taste in music, period.

  • marty mcfly

    Ecstatic was solid to you? With several songs just being one verse freestyles over other peoples beats like a mixtape? Cmonson

  • iwalkaround2dpbyzfuck-errbody

    clipse and neptunes lame. always been lame. pop music fake image bullshit. beats are shit. they ain’t never said shit. maybe if they’d pick up a book and read some shit they’d be dope. pusha talkin bout movin coke in his rhymes. reminds me of jeru sayin’ “i never knew hustlers confessed in stereo”. 2dopeboyz hatin on consequence for this song when they post so much other nonsensical bullshit on here every damn day. cons was down with tribe. tribe is classic hip hop. cons worked with kanye before pusha and made better music with him. clipse and pusha is some bullshit. consequence been around longer than pusha. people need to wake up. if you think pusha t is better than consequence you probably think odd future is better than wu tang to.

  • EEZY

    I am still pretty lost as to why Cons is even acting like an 8 year old school girl. Cuz Kanye threw Pusha on a few GOOD Friday tracks and gave him that old ass “Touch It” beat for his mixtape? He hasn’t really said anything to address why he’s dropping diss tracks about Kanye at least, besides the fact that he got dropped from GOOD Music. And now the only person he can end it is Jay-Z? Really? Or he could just stop acting like a little girl and pick up and move on instead of making the rounds on all the radio stations and tv shows.

    Seems as if Cons might just be salty that Kanye got all he could from him and left him behind only to end up putting out possibly his best album to date with MBDTF, signed a deal for GOOD Music with Def Jam and is about to drop an album with Jay-Z. If Cons wants a response he can just take a look at the past year Kanye’s had.

    And didn’t Cons just drop a track with Cudi and Kanye beats like a couple weeks ago? Nothing like hating on someone only to use his beat to hope you get some buzz on the internet.

  • @martymcfly

    Above in one comment you said ” Ecstatic was cool but I bought it and listened for myself and can name songs off it.” And in your last comment you stated “Ecstatic was solid to you? With several songs just being one verse freestyles over other peoples beats like a mixtape? Cmonson”

    Hahahaha. So now I see you for the troll you are. You just like to argue people and have no clue what you’re talking about. I think The Ecstatic was a little too abstract and over your head.

    The Ecstatic is actually my favorite album of all time because of the diversity in beats and the spiritualism of it. There’s no corny punchlines to pop figures. You actually have to listen rhyme for rhyme. I’m a huge Mos fan so I speak for myself and don’t expect people to agree with me. You don’t have to like the album but the fact that you flip flopped your opinion means you’re full of it bro. Hahaha.

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear thats cool but the fact that Ecstatic is your favorite album of all time really says that you dont listen to albums too well your self. Listen to Mos Defs album Black on Both Sides cause he lyrically destroys Ecstatic almost to the point where its not even funny. Now lets take the lyrics off , the fact that beat wise your that impressed by so much sonic confusion is crazy. You my friend need way better taste in beats. Now back to the lyrics , on some songs he comes off dope on others he dances around subject matter and really makes soft points. Again on his first solo album he is way more direct and in depth. Ecstatic has a whole is also very boring and only has few high points and really is just a mess 75% of the time. People give that album credit because they respect Mos as a person but if those same lyrics and beats came out another persons mouth people would say hes talented but they would not listen twice. The singing on it is probably the worst effort hes givin and honestly if you think Mos actually put effort into that album your crazy. The album doesnt even sound finished cause its sounds like he put it out before he found the right formula for it. Lyrically its impressive if you never heard Mos before but if you’ve been listening to Mos then you know he’s alot better then what he did on that album. So if Ecstatic is your favorite album , I have some shit that would blow your mind because if such a serious and depressing sound is your favorite then the sounds of your itunes playlists must be very ugly.

  • marty mcfly

    1. Supermagic – super dope beat but some of the worst rapping hes ever done
    2. Auditorium – incredible
    3. Life in Marvelous time – super lyrical
    4. History – damn near classic

    Every other song on that album is not that dope. Some of them have good ideas but very poor outcomes.

  • marty mcfly

    Cons – Dont quit your day job album >>> Ecstatic

  • A Casual Observer

    As an impartial listener, I don’t have a horse in this race, just an opinion. I’m gonna try to lay this out as objectively as I can.

    Consequence is an underrated lyricist in the game. With Q-tip as his cousin, he had the fortune of being featured multiple times on the hip hop classic: Beats, Rhymes, and Life. This was in part because of his relationship to Q-tip AND because of his talent as a lyricist.

    Later in his career, he partnered with Kanye. Cons, along with other artists, had a great impact on Kanye’s lyrics and songwriting. Kanye, a extremely gifted producer, in turn supplied Consequence beats. It was a mutual relationship.

    Whatever shine Consequence got, he earned mostly by himself. Cons got features on multiple Kanye tracks because he also contributed to the Kanye verses on those tracks. Kanye signed Cons based off the talent, he didn’t just ‘give’ him spotlight out of the generosity of his heart.

    Unfortunately Cons’s talent took him only so far. Because of multiple reasons out of his control (His look, his flow, his voice) he simply was not marketable as a solo artist. This fact cannot be disputed.

    Let’s put this “beef” into context.

    Kanye began to sign other artists to G.O.O.D music. The ones that were marketable got to stay in the ‘spotlight’. Earlier someone outlined how a profitable music label of ANY genre works: The more marketable artists on the label get the TV/Radio promotion, while the other, less marketable artists (who are still very talented) help with production/songwriting and get features here and there. If one is unhappy with their situation, they can seek another label or go independent. It’s the same in the movie industry, Broadway and the NBA.

    Unfortunately, Consequence’s single “Whatever You Want” wasn’t a popular single, and with the influx of new artists on the roster, Cons’s album got pushed to the backburner.

    Put yourself in Cons’s shoes for a second. He must’ve been hurting from the fact that his album got shelved for all intents and purposes. There must’ve been a understandable jealously at other less lyrically (I said LYRICALLY) talented artists such as Kid Cudi and Big Sean getting magazine spreads and radio/tv promo. He still had not come to terms with the fact that he was not a marketable rapper to a mass audience. Thats a hard thing to do when a natural element of rap is braggadocio. Some people don’t take it well when they realize or are told this. It happens all the time to minor league athletes.

    I personally think Cons was aiming for a career like Fabolous. Not a Jay or a Wayne in terms of popularity, but a great deal of regional support, along with a smash hit every now and then. Realistically though Cons was headed for way more of an Asher Roth bracket of mass appeal: A stable fanbase, blog love, and midsize tours and shows. And there was always the potential of striking gold with an “I Love College” runaway single if you had steady Kanye production and Kid Cudi features.

    To put it in terms of popularity in the NBA, Cons wanted to be a Carmelo Anthony (Fabo) when he was truly almost Corey Maggette, with Em as Kobe, Wayne as Lebron, and Jay as Shaq (not skill-wise, but popularity. Shaq has been around for years, and even though he just retired, he’s immensely popular. I would’ve said Tim Duncan skill wise, but Tim Duncan is not popular). Corey Maggette is still a useful asset to any team, but certainly not a star.

    Alas, Cons probably didn’t react kindly to his new placement in the label hierarchy. He chose to lash out at his now former label instead. I believe this to be the actual reason behind this whole mess. If you look at the timing and context of the events that have taken place, this can be the only reason.

    If there is a larger problem that caused this beef, Cons has done a poor job of properly articulating it in the countless interviews he’s had. By now we would know exactly what had occurred, IF there was a deeper beef to be addressed.

    I think Consequence angrily lashed out at G.O.O.D in what he thought was the only means of truly getting enough promo for his upcoming album. Think about it; before this most of us had little to no idea when MOD3 was coming out. Cons has gotten more appearances on MTV and the hip hop blogosphere than ever before. In the last two weeks, he’s had at least six articles that dealt with him on 2DBZ alone. Consequence is definitely more popular because of this beef than he was before it.

    On first glance, it looks like Cons has an advantage in this; No one on G.O.O.D music could lyrically compete with Cons, save for Mos Def (who’s priorities are elsewhere). Kanye has nothing to gain and too much to lose beefing with ANYONE but Presidents and white country singers. To get more of the label involved, Cons picked a superficial beef with Pusha T, a superbly talented but one dimensional rapper who is trying to make the transition to the next level of popularity. Pusha is gaining hype on the internet, so it makes sense. If he had gone directly after Big Sean, people would’ve scratched their heads; Pusha has battled other rappers, so it looks more authentic.

    With Kanye dropping a highly anticipated album, and Pusha on the rise, what better time to ride the wave and gain promo for the album? Through this Cons has access to other outlets and reaches new potential fans. People who’ve never heard of him may go back and listen to his shit. In that respect, Cons notches a small win.

    But overall Cons loses this battle. He’s placed himself in a Catch-22: if he eases up on the diss records, he’ll fade from the discussion and people will assume he’s wack because he gave up (Kanye wins). If he continues to unleash diss songs, he’ll do so from a steadily decreasing supply of Kanye beats and weaker subject matter. Kanye will ultimately never respond, and while he’ll gain some notoriety, he’ll be increasing regarded as a salty hater (Kanye Wins).

    He’s obviously chosen the latter route to stay relevant. What Cons doesn’t see is that even if he gains a ton of popularity through this beef, it will dissipate because he ISN’T A MARKETABLE ARTIST. If he couldn’t gain success with Kanye, why would he stand a chance of gaining success beefing with Kanye? The fans he gains through this process will know him because of this ongoing beef; to them it will define his career. Overall, he will have sacrificed industry connections (he’ll never play Connect 4 with Jay again, that’s for sure) and respect for this small and short gain in popularity.

    I tried to be as honest and objective as I could. I hope anyone who saw this read through it, and I apologize for the length, but when I’m bored I simply like to write.

    One Love

  • TOrrent911

    people are writing essays on a blog now

  • Spike

    Hahaha the first time marty mcfly has ever made me laugh.

  • LupeFaco

    American radio personality. He is best known as the host of The Phil Hendrie Show, a comedy talk radio program that is syndicated throughout North America on Talk Radio Network. While The Phil Hendrie Show has become renowned for its unique and controversial guests, those guests are not real people at all. They are fictional characters created and voiced by Hendrie himself

  • just saying.

    i dont think this was terrible.
    im not a cons fan and he is acting like a little bitch but this song in itself wasnt terrible.

    he ugly as shit. looks like a old ass earl sweatshirt

  • HouseofStark

    The song itself is uncompelling. Cons album had promotion it just didn’t have any buzz because he doesn’t have his own fanbase. As a lyricist Consequence is pretty good but he is a rapper’s rapper. Superstars will want to work with him but as a solo artist there isn’t any interest for him. Consequence has been a background player his entire career, he is good at that particular role. Too me he sounds like the rest of Nsync being mad at Justin Timberlake because their careers haven’t taken off. Big Sean built his brand from the ground up so when G.O.O.D Music promoted his album there was heavy buzz around it. Big sean can actually tour because there is a crowd for him.

  • imic

    Cons to the quence! Cons to the quence!

  • James

    yo @A Casual Observer…..shut the fuck up

  • Compl3xx

    And nothing of value was lost

  • FukYoLife

    Looks like Rhymefest sides with Kanye West and he makes some valid points. Cons was saying GLC, Really Doe, and Fest don’t talk because it’s not in their nature, but Fest says he know how to PLAY HIS POSITION. Cons was an emcee way before Kanye and he’s salty. If you were so GREAT before him why are you mad at Ye in the first place? According to half of these comments Cons classics were made well before his relationship with Ye and even with his previous affiliations with Tribe he still couldn’t make shit happen for himself. In an era where his flow and delivery actually stood out.

  • Shawn

    @ A Casual Observer

    I agree with what you said.. Cons is just in a situation where there isn’t a whole lot he can do.

  • Pauly Dee

    ” You don’t have to like the album but the fact that you flip flopped your opinion means you’re full of it bro.”

    At least someone besides me sees that shit…One moment, he’ll be calling an artist a GOAT, the next he’s a shit artist. He trys to change his opinions up to try to get people onto his side.

  • marty mcfly

    Pauly when did I flip my opinion about Mos Def? Cause both of you clowns are fulla shit. I have never said I liked his solo albums besides his first one.

  • cosign @Blackaristocrat

  • marty mcfly

    You people still trying to figure out this Cons thing? Maybe he doesnt want to sell records at the moment. MOD3 is a free download , maybe he doesnt care about being on your good side or Kaynes. Maybe all he wants now is respect and thats it cause I doubt Cons is doing all this to be you guys favorite new rapper.

  • marty mcfly

    And yes Mos Def is still one of the best lyricist however that does not mean that I enjoy all his music because if I dont like the beats im not gonna say its the best music just because of the flow.

  • Pauly Dee

    @marty mcfly

    ” Ecstatic was cool but I bought it and listened for myself and can name songs off it.”

    “Ecstatic was solid to you? With several songs just being one verse freestyles over other peoples beats like a mixtape? Cmonson”

    Bullshiting, guy. You bullshitin’

  • j


  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly , yeah I bought it and listened so I can fairly judge it. I said it was cool so that means its ok , not too good and not too bad. And yes some of those songs are just one verse and yes some of those beats came from instrumental cds that came out before his album. Like the beat from Supermagic came from Oh No – Dr No’s Oxperiment cd. So nothing I said was hard to understand or flip floppy end of conversation. I was just not feeling that album

  • C Kid

    consequence is wack

  • LB

    one dope album, not worthy to speak about. a few notable appearances and you spaz like your shit is that hot…smdh, AND conclude with this weak ass record. smdh.

    burn ’em Ton. VA BITCHES!!!!

  • XVI

    This was a weak ass diss song but don’t say this beat is wack…. Pete rock & CL Smooth killed this shit

  • SeanSky

    @hatemenow that was the dumbest comment i have ever seen in my life, get off the meth and come back 2 reality…

  • Neezy

    This nigga so bitter it’s a shame! All the while, he’ll be playing the sidelines, making diss records that no one will ever respond to, nor will they care about.

    Concequence, GAME OVER!!

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