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Consequence Responds To Pusha T, Drops G.O.O.D. Music Diss

blame it on Meka July 29, 2011

*pinches brow of nose*

As expected, Cons called in to Chicago’s WGCI’s The Morning Riot in retaliation to the remarks Pusha made about him. Rappers these days… you can miss me on these petty squabbles. Props to Andrew once again. SHAKE EDIT: The clip also features a new diss track aimed at Pusha, Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music entitled Everybody Told Me To Straighten It Out (which you can download in CDQ form right here).

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  • Pauly Dee

    SMH Cons. You done salted yoself up.

  • Heartanemic

    Lmao this nigga is stupid. He keeps thinking niggaz might listen with everyone of these whack mixtapes he’s dropping but nopeeee.

  • bobbyheenan

    You know whats hella gay? these dudes were just shittin on cons yesterday… and now that cons is on their show they addressing him as “My mans consequence” smh, I hate radio DJ’s, and I hope Charla-gay the god kills himself as well

  • This guy is delusional.

  • chicagoren

    its crazy the more people hate on cons, the doper he sounds to me lol

  • migs

    cant hate on the guy for wanting more…he really does believe he’s the best lyricist out there. I really do hope m.o.d 3 is a “blockbuster” for his sake…

  • Next Level

    rappers these days are soft as hell from beefin on twitter to calling in to radio stations fuckin fags foreal

  • newwest

    i love cons.

  • Casey

    His career is over.

  • 325

    Respect to Cons for going after those who he thinks are doing wrong.

  • CodyB

    yo meka, it’s: pinches *bridge* of nose


  • holla if ya swalla

    kanye made you

  • I want some of that good ass weed Cons is smoking.

  • that track was good tho!!!! oooh…
    either cons is gonna get under sum skin..or he just fade away…(in this beef that is) he already gettin pusha to do a lil response…will the silence prevail tho…??

  • ThaTruth

    Good music is doing good . like what Pusher said it would be a waste of time to be beefin with Cons. What the fuck would Kanye or Pusher gain from this. Nobody dont care about Cons. I heard about dude but he nowhere near Pusher and Kanye. Postin this shit is a waste of my time smh.

  • lol drugs I tell ya!

  • Derek From Staten Island

    Lmaoo @Turbo city

  • efed

    the diss track is good idk whats good with all the dislikes cons is a beast idaf about if hes dissin good music if they come back at him thats even better but his tracks a good

  • xyz123

    Cons already bit the hand that feeds him… and now he’s going after those who are lyrically superior to him.. Ye, and Pusha… I mean Cons can spit.. But Kanye and Pusha surpass him.. and if people believe that Ye has ghost writers they are stupid.. He is one of the most generous people as far as giving writing credits.. He gives people credit for even giving ideas, or 1 line, that he flipped around.. But Cons is digging is own grave..

  • eric

    most talked about commodity in hip hop according to who? best lyricist in hip hop according to who?? wtf this guy smoking??

  • Frio Loco

    Cons has made some dope ass music ass can be seen by his publishing rights. I’m sure he’s help Ye FAR more than any of us realize. The problem is that Cons doesn’t have have the image nor the persona to step into the game now. Had he made his move in the late 90s/early 2000s as he should, maybe he would be valued as he should but I doubt that will ever happen now. :(

  • marty mcfly

    Some of ya’ll act like Pusha is the dopest solo artist in the game. I know one thing though just to add on to what @chicagoren said , is that tension creates realization thats why you starting to hear Cons a little clearer now. Im done with it so Pauly dont ask me no stupid questions. its mcfly fool WORD !!!

  • Pauly Dee

    Okay, I won’t. Cons is a salty guy. He’ll never be seen in the eyes of todays mainstream.

    “its mcfly fool WORD !!!”

    lol NYC/Brooklyn finna sue yo ass!

  • DJ Daz-One

    How on earth can do such a classic record such as Straighten It Out and embarrass it for your own personal beef. I’m disgusted with you, If Pusha is a worker then he is making better records as a WORKER. Your claim to fame will be how G.O.O.D Music stays silent and watches you bury yourself. Also you really think Jay Z is gonna have a sit down with u N****A PLEASE.

  • Agacee

    So Cons and Q-tip don’t see eye to eye even though tip brought cons in the game…cons was no where, kanye resurrected his career and now cons is beefing kanye…name your next album sodium chloride you salty ass motherfucker

  • Feb

    I can’t understand how everybody act like pusha t is one of the best alive when all he ever raps about is sellin dope. his subject matter has no range at all. don’t get me wrong, he is a skilled rapper but lyrically cons is far more superior. but since cons has never had a hit song or mainstream appeal most people are gonna side with kanye and pusha just to be dick riders

  • yourdaddy

    all you people giving your opinions are nothing but losers okay ? i dont understand when that will go through your heads. Cons is doing his own thing, none of you have any idea about what went on between these dudes, whats going on between them , or what will go on. for that matter why dont you guys shut the fuck up and see what happens. Dont you think consequence has a fuckin brain he knows what hes doing. Yall are nobodys okay ? if you talk shit , guess what ? hes still gunna keep dissing them . lol have a nice day faggots

  • Agacee

    Fuck You ‘yourdaddy’ – your opinion is just as irrelevant as anyone elses

  • Pauly Dee

    Think I got high blood pressure. Must be cuz of this SALTY ASS RAPPER!

  • soundcloud.com/quanteadger/yep

    Recorded on A-DAT in 2007. Was on my Myspace page for a minute. Strong similarities in the music from this and Drake’s I’m On One. Coincidence eh? Lol

  • CodyB

    please shutup with the lame “salty” insults pauly you pussy


    haha not really you bum read it then read everything else. you all might as well let kanye bust in your mouth aleady . its relevant because im saying you are all IRRELEVANT. get over it

  • consequence>>>>>>GOOD music

  • Man, he’s being awfully vague about things. Haha. Q-Tip & Kanye were supposed to executive produce his album? They lost interest in the project and reneged and he’s been mad ever since.

    That’s the beef. He’s a little hurt by that. That’s honestly what all of this boils down to. Pusha T and GOOD music are just collateral.

    Now, you can approach it like he’s doing now and fail miserably and alienate himself. He’s like an old blind man yelling in a dark room by himself.

    Or you can get back on your hustle and just grind away and make good music like Curren$y did when Young Money screwed him over.

  • I Love MILFS

    Cons is a great MC he is very good, no taking that away from him but he is just annoying the fuck out of me and the masses with this salty shit he keep putting out. Why are you beefing with the two niggas that gave you some shine Kanye and your own fucking blood Q Tip. Both of them has sold millions of records and to be honest this mother fucker needs to take notes, you going after Pusha to and that shit is weak as hell because the more he disses him it seems as if pusha took his spot as Ye right hand man. When Cons was right under Ye, getting all the dope beats, had a couple of features on Ye platinum albums the nigga was quite, but when Ye signed some new niggas and Cons couldn’t get attention he started acting out. I hate niggas who become salty when the person who put them on tries to do the same for the next nigga in line and they can’t take it. This shit is coming from the Bet Hip Hop Awards when Ye introduced Sean, Cyhi, and Pusha to the people as solo artist, the nigga couldn’t take it and this stupid shit is the results. This nigga has to many resources to be bitching the way he is, Cons is killing what’s left of his career.

  • Dorian

    this is a very sad situation.

  • Gargole

    I’m more interested to see what happen with Cons when all the Good Music and Kanye disses wear out. Then what? It’s understandable he’s using it for publicity now(legit beef or not), but once this gets old (and it will get old quickly), we’ll really see where he can go on his own.

    I’m sure Consequence contributed to Kanye’s success, but Cons has no credits on MBDTF and Ye did fine without him there.

  • FukYoLife

    Gotta agree with @I Love Milfs this shit has gotten out of hands. When he said he’s the best lyricist and songwriter in the game that shits DISRESPECTFUL! Dude needs a major ego check because in his mind he’s more than what he is in reality. Then he’s going at Kanye when in reality his ego is just as bad, if not worse. Imagine if this arrogant jackass was actually on top. He would be the one hogging the spotlight, not letting anybody else get shine. Ye is actually trying to help upcoming artists and was the producer on that “Party” song he’s boasting about. How the hell you gonna talk about Beyonce’s taste in music and your discrediting the man who produced the fucking song moron? Cons is now a clown in my eyes and for his sake I hope MOD3 is classic because I’m not accepting anything else from the “Self-proclaimed best lyricist and songwriter in the game”. Pusha T never said he was a bad lyricist, he basically said he was irrelevant, which is the truth. Now he’s gonna be known as the salty rapper that couldn’t handle Kanye ignoring him. If your not gonna stop until Jay intervenes you’ll be dissing Ye until your 80 clown. The one thing I will give him is that sample on the track they played was dope, but again his rhymes and flow were boring. FOH!

  • No lack of confidence in this man. But, you know, who get’s to drop albums/EPs and who’s mixtapes do better? I want to like Cons, but him not moving on and spending so much time on this is getting old…sheesh

  • FukYoLife

    @That One Guy exactly. He’s spending so much time on this crap when MOD1 & 2 aren’t even fuckin with “Fear of God” and that’s bad. “Fear of God” was a big disappointment, but the way ppl talk about Cons, I expected the MOD series to be classic. If he’s such a good songwriter why is all his solo music wacksauce? Stop bragging about being something your obviously not and prove it. Until then Cons will always be a clown in my books, wrong or right about Kanye. I understand the situation, but you gotta move on. You’ve stood for yourself, Ye doesn’t give a shit, so make good music and outshine him. Enough of this crap though because your getting attention for the wrong reason. You think ppl are really going to want to listen to you after this? Look at Lil Kim and Beans. Are you sure you want to go this route?

  • Rizzo

    FRIO LOCO is the ONLY comment with sense & logic. I find it hilarious that Meka & Shake talk down on Consequences beef when you guys wrote a thesis about “YOUR BEEF” with a bunch of teenagers in Odd Future. As well as your squabbles with Lupe. Even you the people commenting on your gripes with Cons when he is doing the same thing with Kanye. 50 cent really ruined beef tracks 4ever becuz he used it for promo NOW everybody thinks every rapper is doing that. Loyalty is the center of friendship between men and when that is broken there will be gripes/squabbles.

  • marty mcfly

    Cons is not beefing with Q-tip and hes not salty about the success of Good music because he was apart of that success and he was present during all the other members success. He was there when Pusha got put on and was cool with that because he gave pusha the last supper record. Did you guys ever consider that Kanye has the material for Cons album and since its incomplete maybe Kanye doesnt want to let it go? MAYBE Cons simply wants to finish what was already started and after waiting a years after the single was already put out and was on TV for a few days ( because the video for Whatever You Want came out on TV and was getting spins on radio. ) If Kanye backed out and the promotion for his album already got far enough for the first video and then he left Cons and his album hanging. Then Cons still was down because he remained on the label and played his position. Do you ever think some of all that is why hes mad. Now if you were in Cons shoes you would continue to keep you mouth shut and just let your album go unheard after you put work into it? Whatever the nature of this problem is about its obviously deeper then whats on the surface. So you talking about Cons being salty after years of loyalty so thats not being salty thats just saying hey Kanye do the right thing. Of course you would say the artist must be wack if his album never even got to come out or even a 2nd single.

  • FukYoLife

    @Rizzo this is about more than loyalty. When he’s on the radio blatantly promoting MOD3 after talking about G.O.O.D. Music it is a Promotional tactic. If he hadn’t said the world is going to see when I drop this Blockbuster I would be fine. Also when he’s boasting about being the best lyricist and songwriter I have a problem with that two. Everything dude says is disrespectful. Kanye is in the game because he’s one of the best producers of our time, beside having a few bars and writing a couple songs Cons is irrelevant. Then you talk about Beyonce’s taste in music when Kanye produced the song you say you did the hook on. How contradictive is that? The guy you say is using ppl, produced the song you said you co-wrote or whatever. Dude is a clown. I’m not mad because of the beef, I’m mad because he’s talking like he’s the best ever and hasn’t proven a damn thing.

  • FukYoLife

    @marty mcfly loyalty this, loyalty that. Cons isn’t the first rapper to be screwed over and won’t be the last. It’s a business. He may have a good reason to be mad, but making all these diss tracks and disrespecting Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music is only making him look bad. When we get to the end of this shit and Cons has the shitface because he shot himself in the foot you’ll understand. The artists he named like GLC, Rhymefest, and Really Doe are complaining because they understand what Cons doesn’t. Why would you knock someone else for shining because you can’t? If your so unhappy do like other artists and go to another label. We’ve seen it a hundred time. Kanye may be your brother, but artists like Snoop and Dre went through the same thing with Pac. Hell Cube went through it with easy, he made a diss only after they dissed him and left it alone. Kanye has never disrespected Cons. If you want to talk loyalty then he would hand this beef like a man instead of how he’s going about it now. They didn’t bitch about it, they kept it moving and are on top now. Your gonna side with this guy after he’s spewing nonsense out of his mouth. Best lyricist and songwriter? Don’t kid yourself homie.

  • FukYoLife

    @marty mcfly loyalty this, loyalty that. Cons isn’t the first rapper to be screwed over and won’t be the last. It’s a business. He may have a good reason to be mad, but making all these diss tracks and disrespecting Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music is only making him look bad. When we get to the end of this shit and Cons has the shitface because he shot himself in the foot you’ll understand. The artists he named like GLC, Rhymefest, and Really Doe are complaining because they understand what Cons doesn’t. Why would you knock someone else for shining because you can’t? If your so unhappy do like other artists and go to another label. We’ve seen it a hundred time. Kanye may be your brother, but artists like Snoop and Dre went through the same thing with Pac. Hell Cube went through it with easy, he made a diss only after they dissed him and left it alone. Your gonna side with this guy after he’s spewing nonsense out of his mouth. Best lyricist and songwriter? Don’t kid yourself homie.

  • dadada

    beef doesnt live hereeee juss real rap–> hiphopairstrike.com

  • efed

    MOD3 is gonna be better than fear of god stop suckin pusha like hes a gift from god everyone bein a pusha stan cause he said no one check for cons before he started dissin good music all u fags were listenin to any cons track that dropped and bumpin his mixtapes, his beef is wit good music none of u homos know the true cause so stfu and quit takin it personally when u dont know either party

  • marty mcfly

    @FukYoLife , just because alot of artist just keep quiet after their albums get left in limbo. Doesnt mean Cons should stay silent like he did for a long while after whatever happend. Do you think Cons really wants to do this to his own brother in this way? He knows fans will always take Kanyes side , he knows people will talk about how hes not the biggest mainstream hit maker and he knows people already take the side of the bigger more mainstream force which is Good music but just because other artists allow they self to get shitted on all the time does not mean he should continue to let that slide. Let me give you a personally story , I recently had a falling out with a family member that I gave a job too years ago. I trained him and I put him in position and help him build his company from the ground up. Now hes out making money and he has forgot that before I helped him that he had nothing. Now ill keep it player and forgive him in the long run but hes still wrong. I think Cons is looking at it like that

  • Savemoney

    Cons made Kanye….look back at the writing credits to College Dropout and Late Registration he deserved his shine many moons ago from GOOD Music

  • All yall, including Meka are ignorant haters. Consequence gave Kanye life…he groomed everything yall love about Kanye as a rapper and all yall do is throw salt because he’s not in line. FUCK YALL, each and ever last one of yall prove that it’s plent of PUSSY on the planet. Keep doin ya thing Cons, real fans can’t wait to hear MOD3.

  • FukYoLife

    @Savemoney Yeah I guess that’s why he can’t make hits for himself? Lol y’all are hilarious. Cons made Kanye, but to this day he has no hit records or classic albums. @efed I hope it is better than “Fear of God” and if you look at my comment I said Pusha mixtape was bad idiot. Stop sucking Cons off. I forgot he’s “The Most Talked About Hip-Hop Commodity”, my bad. FOH! This guy is way more arrogant and annoying than Kanye. Another thing Co-Writing and Writing are two different things. Cons may have helped Kanye with ideas and pieces of songs, but he’s never fully wrote anything for Ye. And again if he’s so talented, why wasn’t “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” and MOD1 & 2 classic? Yeah thought so. Don’t try to make me seem like a Push and Kanye stan. Cons is boasting about shit that doesn’t make sense. @marty I understand where he’s coming from like you said, but I’m mad now because he’s clearly using it as promotion. I also have a problem with him bragging about laying background vocals on a song Kanye helped produce and other writers had credits on like he wrote the entire song. Dude is really sounding like an ass right now. Let’s keep it funky, there are tons of songwriters better than Cons who have produced hits for other ppl and THEMSELVES (keyword).

  • Gogago

    lol “Cons made Kanye”?

    Have you not heard of the Blueprint? This is getting ridiculous already.

  • how

    How can u say ur the best lyrically & then drop that bs in the same segment

  • marty mcfly

    I dont think Cons MADE Kanye , I think Kanye made himself but I think Cons just HELPED and was loyal to him by being his hype man off and on stage for years and by not asking Kanye to focus on his own music once Kanye got around Rocafella. Nobody is the winner when their beefing with their own brothers at the end of the day.

  • this is intense

    Quence is wilding out yo…what did Kanye really do to him?

  • Actual/Factual

    “It won’t be over until Jay-Z intervenes…” … Consequence go sit down somewhere.

  • TE

    Whys he so bitter? If he woulda just rang Kanye and let him know he felt or sat down to talk to him like a grown man, he coulda got a solid debut album out on GOOD Music, now he will get knowhere.

  • Rizzo

    I cant be the only one who thinks KANYE & CONS sound IDENTICAL. From flow to the funny witty word play. Either way i could care less. I just hate this complex people have that the person with the most money & fame is perfect and innocent while the worker who wasn’t fortunate to get huge success gets thrown under the bus

  • period

    I hope Cons reads the blogs, Nigga YOU(cons) SUCK! Even if You were on G.O.O.D I wouldn’t even listen to You’r weak shit. Ye, Push & MOS is all I can tolerate out the whole camp.

  • Gogago

    How is Cons getting thrown under the bus? Kanye hasn’t even said anything about him on a song or interview…yet. So far it has been all Cons talking, dissing, and making ~vague~ allegations/threats.

  • nnamdi

    Cons been around since the 90’s when he was on beats, rhymes, and life and did not get any real shine until he hooked up with kanye, so who made who? he may have helped kanye write a little but kanye was with rocafella already so he was good. i don’t even like kanye but i think kanye would have been doing just fine without cons

  • Billy

    I’m mad because he’s talking like he’s the best ever and hasn’t proven a damn thing.
    Beats, Rhymes, and Life-1996.
    case closed.
    please crush all ur hiphop cd’s
    please delete all hiphop from your ipod, PC and zune…now.
    Thank you.

    Your hiphop pass has been revoked.

  • T’Challa

    This is why the game is fucked, he said that he’s the best lyricist & all that bullshit cuz it will make headlines on stupid blogs n shit. Even if your a Cons fan, you have to admit he sounds like a salty, whiny ass bitch.. He’s gonna start a “campaign”.. ask Beanie Sigel or Game how well that worked against Jay-Z.

    Consequence just accept that you will never be a “star” and keep co-producing for Beyonce. Stay in your lane son, stay in your lane…

  • FukYoLife

    @Billy Cmonson! Really? Lmao go sit down. Please kill yo self for that comment. I said “PROVED” something, not on a “Tribe Called Quest” album where he had a few features. Your basing his career around that shit? Seriously?!!! FOH! I’m not discrediting him, but we’re talking as a SOLO ARTIST. Bringing up that album doesn’t even begin to prove he’s the BEST LYRICIST and SONGWRITER ever!

  • Feb

    @T’Challa, I AGREE. I’m a cons fan and he sounds like a clown to me

  • marty mcfly

    I wish you people had Cons and Kanyes old material before Kanye blow up cause if you ever heard them go back n forth lyrically over soul samples before 05 you would realize that they both learned from each other. Kanye is the more brash and flashy lyricist and Cons is the more opinionated and nimble lyricist but the influence on Kanye style is obvious. Again I dont think Cons made Kanye but ye did pick up a couple of things while recording with him in the early years. Kanye makes beats so he’ll always be the more well rounded artist but the beats Cons was rapping on back in the day and the way he rhymed on them at times almost sounds like its Kanye on College Dropout. Everybody feeds off of the music they listen too whether its a conscious decision or not.

  • Billy

    FukYoLife< dude..obviously hes ont the best EVER..but u said and i quote "he hasnt proven a damn thing" ….but be a part of a CLASSIC piece of HIPHOP HISTORY…so my case remains..please hang up ur hiphop boots..put on biber boots, pop boots, new age dub step, russian folk boots..anything but hiphop.

  • bigsimon

    why this dude so disgruntled can kanye send this nigga some dough or something lol,real niggas dont wax real shit.just dust your self off and keep trucking

  • look at WIKIPEDIA ,lol!! thiscant be real

    Dexter Mills (born June 14, 1977), better known as Consequence, is an American rapper and prostitute

  • marty mcfly

    @Kanye , being that somebody would write that in a disrespectful way about Cons loyalty to Good music should just be further proof that Cons was instrumental in the early days of Kanyes success and the sound that was used to create that success. So Cons should not be fronted on just because he doesnt have a history of lil wayne type club bangers.

  • TOrrent911
  • Fun fact — everybody wrote off Game when 50 ousted him from G-Unit, and then Game went on an all-out diss war with mixtapes galore targeting 50 and them, and now, 5-6 years later, music-wise, Game is the clear victor.

    In other words, I can’t wait to see how many switch-siders (© Cam’ron) jump on Cons’ dick when he finally experiences the success he deserves.

    Kanye and GOOD Music sabotaged his debut by underpromoting it. It was actually a very good album with potential radio and street hits, but no one even knew it dropped b/c of a lack of promo.

    Bottom line though — Kanye doesn’t want to see any parts of Cons in the booth. I think we all know that. Kanye will remain silent like Jay does to Game, so Kanye will appear to come out on top, but on some real hip-hop shit, Kanye shouldn’t back down from this lyrical challenge. On the flip side, Kanye will order his soldier Pusha to fight the war for him just like Jay ordered Tru Life to fight his war vs. Jim Jones and the Dips. Weak.

  • Pauly Dee


    You’re not reading his statement right. He said that Cons hasn’t proven that he’s the best rapper alive!

  • Pauly Dee < ur kind sticking up for that troll. wat a kind man.

  • thinker

    @BC-TW – maaaaan….this old study-the-game fucking, illuminati conspiracy ass know-nothing acting like he know something. nigga you dont know shit. and consequence had no hits with that album. you probably the nigga’s only fan. On the real, who orders somebody to rap for them? only you, you wanna-be rapper. Peace up ur ass

  • FukYoLife

    LMAO you guys are delusional! Jay-Z doesn’t want to see Game? FOH! Jay went at Nas and he doesn’t want any parts of Game? Really? Y’all are giving Cons all the underserved credit he gives himself. But again he’s the “Hottest Commodity in Hip-Hop”. Lames

  • FukYoLife

    @Billy and your not a dickriding troll? Hmmm… Pot calling the kettle black huh? Faggots

  • Ugly Border

    lol at “sabotage his debut”.

    Yes, Kanye and Good Music label went out of their way to stop their own artist(Consequence) from selling. The genius of the sabotage was putting their own money, time, and artists on the record to make it appear as if they wanted it to succeed.

    Diabolical plan.

  • FukYoLife

    @Billy one of the BEST EVER merits he’s been successful, made classic material, and has a strong following. None of the above are true. I understand your a Cons stan, but don’t give him credit for doing nothing. 4 features with a legendary hip-hop group doen’t merit him being one of the BEST, especially when one of the ppl in the group is his COUSIN. Maybe Tip was trying to help him. But Cons likes to bite the hands that feed him. FOH with that bullshit! Tribe was legendary and successful before Cons. You act like his 4 features made Tribe.

  • marty mcfly

    Some of you peoples favorite rappers have never had a radio smash so why is it that since Cons doesnt then now he’s wack? Is Elzhi killing radio or Currensy or Skyzoo or Roc marciano or Joell Ortiz? NO but because Cons doesnt focus on radio he’s not worthy of the same respect as another artist. Bullshit

  • Pauly Dee

    @Billy & FukYoLife

    …..~Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends~

    Now I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for Cons. Not only is his career going nowhere, but he has some crazy fans man…

  • FukYoLife

    @marty mcfly all of the GREATS and LEGENDS in the game have some degree of notoriety. Cons has done nothing comparable to the likes of a Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Big Pun, Biggie, 2Pac, Nas, etc. I never said Elzhi was my favorite rapper, but I do think he’s better than Cons personally. Cons doesn’t have a classic album or song. Nothing comparable to the careers of the real GREATS. Is he good? Yes. GREAT? Hell no

  • marty mcfly makes valid points.

    Kanye isn’t half the lyrical wizard that Jay is so he definitely does not want to see Cons in a straight up 1-on-1 battle. Same with Pusha. Unless Pusha is rapping abaout drugs, that is.

    Cons is severly underrated. I’m not saying he’s ever going to be a superstar but he can more than hold his own lyrically and unlike many of your faves he doesn’t need other rappers to help him write rhymes. In fact, he is the one helping other rappers with their lines. Kanye knows he’s got egg on his face.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Hate on him if you want, but Marty Mcfly is makin some sense here. So is FukYoLife.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Dee , you do a great job at cosigning other people and speaking but the points you try to make on your own sometimes and the reasoning behind them are as simple minded as Peter Griffins. @FukYoLife Cons is supposed to say hes great , what do you expect him to say? That he aint that good but go listen to his shit?

  • So now it takes having a classic album or song in your catalog in order to prove you’re a formidable rapper? Ha ha ha niggas have lost sight of what Hiphop and emceeing is all about…

  • marty mcfly

    cosigning others and speaking ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE POINTS…. @Pauly

  • FukYoLife

    @marty mcfly I know, but come on even you can agree that in that interview he was saying some false shit. That’s all I’m getting at. Dudes like Billy trying to validate him being GREAT because of 4 features on a Tribe album. That’s insane. So he’s going down his history as the GREAT collab/feature artist? Cmonson! All I’m saying is he’s good, but some of y’all are defending him like he’s the best in the game when he’s not. If you think that, you need to turn in your Hip-Hop card, period. And yeah I’m sure Kanye doesn’t sleep at night because he hurt Cons feelings. Lol Smdh @ egg on his face! For helping him write a few lines. Sure

  • Pauly Dee

    Marty Mcfly….you sound so DAWMB! YOU ARE REALLY DAWMB! 4 REAL!

    Why would you take time out of YOUR busy schedule to try to come at me (COME AT ME BRO!) when all I was doing was TRYING to diffuse a situation………………….(Get it?! Because the Situation is on Jersey Shore and my name is Pauly Dee and…fuck it…)

  • DK

    Lol didn’t this radio dude shit on Consequence just the other day.

  • FukYoLife

    @BC-TW no it’s not all about having a classic album or song, but you do have to be known or do something relevant to be considered a GREAT. So based on your opinion any average Joe can be a GREAT or LEGEND. If they don’t have to be successful, have a classic album or song, and don’t need to be known anybody can be a GREAT right? They don’t have to have any accomplisments whatsoever. I’m not forgetting anything about Hip-Hop, your just making excuses and acceptions for Cons because you side with him and your a fan.

  • FukYoLife < awww how angry haha. sucka.

  • Aremac

    What a fuckin clown.

  • FukYoLife < look dude. cons has had a part of hiphop history, that album was something special it just is. yes cons is actin salty yes no1 wanna see cons beanie sigel himself (which hes doing already) but cons can spit and has proved himself already is wat im sayin so all the extra internet keyboard gangster stuff can stuff okay hai.

  • FukYoLife

    I’m not angry! Lol Y’all are really reaching. Hip-Hop History? Again 4 features on someone else’s album does not qualify you as GREAT. I said prove that he is one of the BEST or a GREAT. You still can’t prove it because as a SOLO artist he has done nothing to merit that. I guess riding the coattails of other GREATS is satisfactory in your book, but not mine and a lot of other ppls. Extra keyboard gangster stuff? WTF? I never threatened anybody? Lol I’ll let you Cons stans feel like you’ve won something, since he’ll obviously never satisfy your expectations. Have fun riding each other.

  • Actual/Factual

    How about those Eagles, Nnamdi huh? Glad they got Consequence to write their playbooks or else that shit wouldn’t work up there in Philly.

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    this nigga…Pusha T was jet fuel for Pharell? What does that make Cons? Bus money for Kanye? *sighs* this nigga…

    “This campaign of terror isnt gonna end until Jay comes in, and gives me a hug….”

  • RoshaneRonan

    I like Pusha, but I fuck with Cons music too. He’s a dope lyricist to me. Movies on Demand is ill. People just dont catch some of Cons lines.

  • This whole c section is gay as shit. Ya’ll some fuckin’ fags.
    Rap beef is always good; it compels rappers to be on they toes and deliver quality material. Nothing will emerge from this beef though. There has been no initiation from the alleged opposition. This is like an old man yelling at the government for doing him wrong: ain’t nobody givin him the time of day because nobody knows who he is, and from the outside, he look crazy.

    Marty a fag though.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ No thats your father…

  • con shouldve called himself yukmouth…buck teeth..kanye aint blow u up cuz ur mouth is wild…now ur mad…cornball

  • Neezy

    This salty ass nigga said he did the hook on “Party” and is in the credits as “co-producer?” #FAIL

  • Perper

    Wow… Consequence is acting like a fucking clown. Best lyricist in the game? Naaaah, son. That is NOT correct. Beefing over Pusha using the same saying as him in a track? That shit is embarrasing..

    With that said, Consequence is making some great music nowadays, both MOD tapes have been great. Ever since Pusha went solo, Cons have been making better music than him, IMO.