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Diggy – Copy, Paste (Video)

blame it on Shake July 29, 2011

Directed by Phil.

Official video for Lil Simmons’ upcoming Atlantic debut. And my man TC over at TheSmokingSection sums it up perfectly.

Diggy and his team of ghostwriters already “borrowed” plenty of elements to create “Copy, Paste,” so why not plagiarize the video concept on top of that? The debut visual from the test tube rapper features his entire steez being manufactured in a lab à la 50 Cent from the “In Da Club” video right before he breaks off into a face palm-inducing Usher dance segment. No idea’s original but creativity hasn’t totally perished from the planet.

If you’re looking for some official Diggy, holler at the joint he did with Consequence and take heed to the commercial wackness that’s being pasted on his image.

DOWNLOAD: Diggy – Copy, Paste

  • ….and JoJo still has to shoot his own videos.

  • 103

    lmao this is painful some wannabe usher.

  • Pauly Dee

    The hate on Diggy is really outrageous. This video is meh, but I’m talking about the flack that he gets PERIOD. Airborne was very much dope and its just stupid that nobody sees that…This kid is going places.

  • steve-oo

    some of the comments on that youtube video are sad and people act like he’s the best thing ever. he’s decent but he’s not that good

  • XfreehueyX

    So where is the proof that he has a ghostwriter Shake? I’m doubting you will respond to this anyway but still, people yammer on about how he has a ghostwriter but I just googled and have come up with nothing.

    I feel like people are just hating on the kid because they are jealous he has been in a better position than pretty most people from the start of his life.

  • Iodine

    What the fuck did I just watch?

  • J

    Diggy is talented for his age, and even though this song is a guilty pleasure i admit its mainstream (and ironic) as hell. still diggy’s dope airborne was a hell of an album/mixtape and he has a long time to grow and learn. i’m just scared he’s gonna sell out to his female fans and become a heartthrob. we’ll see what he becomes in a couple of years

  • baca4

    hahah wtf is this?! he needs to sit down with his dad for a minute. a dude like this should not be chasing money and fame like this, hes already been blessed with both so why not just make some good music. hes got the tools to.
    i bet the 14 yr old girls love this bullshit

  • Pauly Dee


    Stole my thoughts, man. I honestly think the people that excessively hate on Diggy are just mad that he was born as a more fortunate person. It’s the same with white rappers in Hip Hop. As far as the “Hip Hop fans” are concerned, neither deserve to be in the game.

  • aHometownHero

    diggy is actually a good rapper and spits pretty good on this song (chrous is trash). there isnt any evidence to show that he has a ghostwriter. w/ all that said, the song still sucks and if he wants to be taken seriously as a rapper he will never do a dance sequence again….

  • million dollar swag huh?

    YAWN !

  • T

    Diggy is cursed just like B.o.B. Damn Atlantic and their pop desires.

  • 2dopeboyz

    J.Cole can’t get enough is out shake and meka your laggin it

  • ^^ actually were showing respect to the artist and not posting an unfinished song that they dont want out smh. people always love to point out bullshit and talk shit without reason.

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    Can someone tell this lil dude to stop faking it? Son you were born and raised in Saddle River, New Jersey, stop repping Queens. You’re pops is from Queens, that doesn’t mean you are. I hate fakeness and everything about this lil dude is fake.

  • iamnyc

    the song is dope, video so so. diggy will go places this year, no doubt about it. super proud of him.

  • ThaTruth

    Diggy got lyrics so I give him his respect and the song is a hit, but this video……….lol it definitely a copy and paste

  • [email protected] the backdrop vocal saying “oh, no!” when Diggy goes into full boyband mode.

    At least Diggy playin’ the game right: some shit for the preteen-early teen hoes to bump in their pink iPod mini; he’ll save the lyrical shit for another venue or when he’s older. This shit is going to be mad embarrassing when he’s older though.

  • doc rovers

    hes much better than these other young rappers like lil chuckee and lil twist. much, much better. ghostwriter or not

  • doc rovers

    also shake why the hate? mad hypocritical at times

  • mekasfaceakalilB’sass

    Shake you are definitely a hater. and a little bitch-made too. if this shit is wack why do you still post it? just to talk shit?

    At least Diggy is getting money instead of being a hater with a blog

  • mekasfaceakalilB’sass

    I bet u wouldn’t post the Jay-Z/Kanye joints with Frank Ocean if they leak. Why? Cause you are a bitch-made hater that gets mad when someone calls him out.

  • J.Cole

    i always wondered this. do people go on 2dopeboyz to tell shake and mek how much they hate them?

  • Teddy

    I don’t mind rappers that can dance. I mean look at Bid Daddy Kane. He’s a good dancer and one of the best rappers ever. I actually miss the days where rappers could dance. But the problem with Diggy Dancing is, he’s not a dancer. Big Daddy Kane was a good dancer, but he wasnt great. But even then you he had a stage presence and a swag to his dancing to where even though he wasnt phenomenal, you still enjoyed his dancing. Where as Diggy you can tell he doesn’t really enjoy dancing and he’s really stiff and he’s trying too hard to do what his label is trying to turn him into. I think he should stop while he still has some credit left from Airborne go unsigned for a year with a bomb ass mixtape, or go underground until he’s of age and master his craft. And if he really wants to dance and rap, he should really work on his dancing.

  • thatrealshit

    first off, if mek and shake are so bad at runnin this blog then make your own and do better. second off, this shit sucks and deserves the hate. the first thing this mothafucka does is shout out queens? the kid probly hasnt even seen queens and if he has, it was from the backseat and he was probly tellin the driver to get the fuck out the hood. i dont mind mc’s that didnt grow up poor, but dont rep the shit, be yourself you’ll get a lot more respect for that

  • “also shake why the hate? mad hypocritical at times”

    stating my opinion on a specific song is not “hating”. i love how much that word is thrown around whenever there is a negative comment made. this song is super commercial. even diggy knows it. i never said i hated him. he has song good shit. but this? nah.

    “first off, if mek and shake are so bad at runnin this blog then make your own and do better.”

    ^^ THIS.

  • k

    I see a lot more Chris Brown than Usher in this.

  • Actual/Factual

    Wow lol. I don’t even think you can call that rap at this point. Dance routines, singing (complete with R&B-esque facial expressions lol). This some Bieber shit man lol.

  • phrayzermusic

    I hate how “Hip-Hop” fans try to make a box and hate on anyone and that goes outside of it… Let that boy dougie!
    And this is just a single, most of his music is very lyrical and fit for the 2dopeboyz crowed

  • duhnigga

    I wont even bother…he’s a FUCKIN KID, therefore I have no interest and simply don’t care what kind of music Diggy puts out. I can’t relate to a 14 year old

  • the fuck man

    did i just watch a drake video?

  • King Kong

    This song seems like its talking about itself. It obviously is borrowing elements from Drake, Big Sean, Usher, Chris Brown, and 50.

  • james

    i mean is the song is called cut and paste isnt it blatantly supposed to be biting some other people, i think this went over people heads

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    @Pauly Dee: You dont think theres a problem with saying Diggy is legitly dope, but people dont see it? That doesnt sound wrong to you at all?

    “Can someone tell this lil dude to stop faking it? Son you were born and raised in Saddle River, New Jersey, stop repping Queens. You’re pops is from Queens, that doesn’t mean you are. I hate fakeness and everything about this lil dude is fake” <-This

    "I wont even bother…he’s a FUCKIN KID, therefore I have no interest and simply don’t care what kind of music Diggy puts out. I can’t relate to a 14 year old"<- This too

  • thai-stick

    wow it sucks big time

  • thelsoui

    Atlantic fucked up!

  • From a business standpoint it’s the best decision you could make for this young man’s career. The proclaimed Hip-Hop Purists on this site are sensitive when an artist they have slight interest in is placed in a situation where they’re marketability is expanded thus placing them in “not real Hip-Hop” situations. Look at who his proposed peers are though; Justin Bieber, the Smith kids, Chris Brown and Usher. And maybe Drake.

    From a real standpoint though; shut up y’all just hating on a child, and y’all wasn’t even buying his shit anyway.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    I really wish he didn’t do the dance. Oh well I’m 20 this shit isn’t aimed at me..

  • Lingo

    LOL @ that tube top in the beginning

  • WIP

    man wtf is this shyt, it looks like he be hangin around chris brown too much or sumtin

  • Blakada

    Can you guys post stuff without the bias opinions. It leaves others to follow your train of thought. Let them decide for their selves, Dig wants success like anyone else, don’t knock him for it. And for the record, No Idea Is Original.

  • jfalpha

    What happened to the Diggy of 2010?

  • Poncho

    ^ He was signed to Atlantic

  • who cares

    Why are you guys posting this faggot?

  • Smarter

    What happened to the Diggy of 2010?
    ^ He was signed to Atlantic


    THAT. This is not the Diggy we all know and love. But ay, next nigga to diss him for dancin’, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to say that shit to Big Daddy Kane’s face. Learn your fuckin’ history, kids.

  • Shakes Mom

    hes 15 years old and shake honestly is HATING on this kid. i saw this on wshh and never thought of in the club. I have NEVER saw a diggy post and u gave the kid props. u posted his Premo assisted tape and said u only posting it cuz of premo. U hate the fact that he’s on right now because of his pops BUT he actually got skills. U a bitchmade nigga shake. MEANING U WERE RAISED TO BE A BITCH! u lost a supporter with this post.

  • “Can you guys post stuff without the bias opinions.”

    no. why? because it’s our site and that’s the whole purpose of it. it’s not my fault people will follow or go against something i say. stop being a sheep and form your own opinion. it’s not hard.

  • Swag Genesis of Swag Airlines

    A lot of big words coming from somebody who’s shook of Lupe he won’t dare post any of his music.

  • The comments written on this blog is always more entertaining than the actual posts.

  • kamu

    career over b4 it began.. lmao that what you get when you have people out of touch with whats going on I.E. ( the whole simmons family ) just let the kid be.. if he fails let it be in his own terms dont let him dance like a fucking faggot in the video.. mc’s dont fucking dance they rap……………

  • YoungCosby

    If you’re not a 13 to 17 year old girl, Shut.The.Fuck.Up.

    Thank you.

  • Exxille (no relation to Exile)

    Didnt he want to be a dancer when he was little? I think I remember lil man dancing on Runs house before on some mike jack shit. Don’t get me wrong shit still looks gay as hell but I think it is just the current perception coupled with the choreography/gay ass faces he is making while dancing. Either way I remember back in the day thinking Kane with Scoob and Scrap and Heavy with Trouble T and the other guy (I forget his name off top) was the shit but that was a different time I guess.

  • @pros2ill

    “people always love to point out bullshit and talk shit without reason. ”

    dont be a hypocrite shake. you post a haters statement along with ur post, then tell people not to hate on cole cuz u r his fan. hiphop heads is so lame.

  • Riktar

    LOL wtf was that…. i dont even..

  • Airborne

    The song is not bad, it’s a cool song especially for the demographic it’s meant to hit. They shouldn’t force him to dance, you can tell he was being forced like everyone above me said. Chris Brown likes dancing in his video cause the muhfucka can’t stand still…ever, so it seems natural with him. Diggy just likes to move around and oscillate his hand in a Lupe/Drake fashion. Atlantic, stop fucking up your artist, kid has potential. Guide him, give him good singles. But let him do him and come into his own. Don’t try to force him into being the Hip-Pop Justin Beiber, cause he’s gonna be regardless. But when you force it, we can see it. And it looks corny.

  • Musikfiend

    “Honey I Shrunk The Drake”

  • Musikfiend

    I like this song though although the vid is kinda corny.

  • I miss 2 years ago when the c-section was cluttered with all this bullshit. . .

  • I Love MILFS

    Diggy is dope man, idk about the ghostwriting shit, I mean that’s what everybody say when somebody shit is nice instead of complimenting them, but he lost me at the dancing shit. Hopefully he can drop that shit and add more of out shinning big bro Joe. Haha

  • Damn, there was mad hate involved in this post… this song wasn’t even bad, who’s to say he has ghostwriters, and this video wasn’t even that similar to 50’s “in the club” – just certain elements which were embellished upon by that smoking section post.. but hey, to each his own

  • BlaKaDa

    Shake, I completely feel you on not being a sheep. But you have a lot of pull with what kids think. What you say, turns them on, or off to certain music based on your opinion. I was saying, leave it open, for them to decide. You’re directing the scene, I’m just the critic.

  • krow132

    The song is actually not bad. The video however, oh my. Horrendous. I kinda of feel bad for the kid. He obviously can spit but thats the problem with a deal sometimes. Who fuckin okd for him to have a dance routine? Thats really a horrible LABEL IDEA. Drop the fucking dance routine and just spit Dig.