• IllicitMC101

    Dope concept...one that I can totally relate to, as I have been in his position.

  • http://troubledmusic.tumblr.com 12th Letter

    Storm wilkins or watkins?

  • http://facebook.com/AD1986 Nitsua Nairda

    Definitely Watkins, 12th Letter.

  • imthaone!

    HELLA dope concept, hella deep. Something that might be considered too good for a mixtape.

  • FiveNine

    wish his spelling was as good as the idea itself...

  • Pops

    Been purposely not listening to the tracks 2dbz have been posting of this guy, so that I could hear a full project before judging him. Ready to check this out now. Concept seems super dope.

  • anybody

    Who's the piece of MEAT on the cover?

  • Mm

    He has a new tape out the lower i fall.the higher i aim

  • AA

    Who is this person and why should I care?

  • Dre

    Hit home like a bitch my dude. Keep up the grind...

  • brabbit

    trapped*, infidelity* ...it's a mixtape cover bruh you really can't take the time to spellcheck yo shit?