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Chuuwee – Be Cool (Mixtape)

blame it on Miss_Peas July 30, 2011

The long awaited Be Cool EP arrives. Produced entirely by Jonathan Lowell with Chuuwee on the verses. Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Chuuwee – Be Cool (Mixtape)

  • DG

    chuuwee!!!!!!! lol

  • Fuck yes! Made my day that much better. Really have been waiting since last year for this. I think it was announced last year hahaha; correct me if I’m wrong.

  • need a new extraction. this one is fucked.

  • This is nice, never go wrong with Chuuwee. Never heard of Lowell before, but his production is solid

  • Flomzee

    Asians and blacks and hispanics but no white bitches?

    Way to be racist.

  • Youngthunder614

    This Rip is missing tracks!!

  • red (slow down mothafucka)

    That’s whats up! Chuuwee is dope as fuck!

  • dalek

    Missing Ol’ School and Moon Cafe…

  • Ol’ School & Moon Cafe.

  • red (slow down mothafucka)

    Looks like we’re going to have to wait, I can’t find those tracks yet. Either way, up to track 3 and its dope so far.

  • jayy

    that racist statement was fuckin’ stupid … blindass

  • Moon Cafe got cut because it didn’t get finished in time. Not sure about Ol’ School though…

  • Lol @ that racist comment

    niggas on this site are dumb as hell

  • mal

    the tracklist in the folder only list 15 tracks

  • likeyoudontknow

    this shit is soo dope, chuuwee kills it on the verses & lowell is a beast, period

  • red (slow down mothafucka)

    I really hope this kid blows up he deserves it.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Lol.. I passed this kid up because of his name! Joke was on me tho cuz he nice!

  • AMP

    Of course The Game post is gonna get all the shine and no one’s gonna see this tape.

  • can’t wait till he blows up!!

  • Rich

    this boy got skills… hiphop is going to be alright with kids like him putting out music that comes from the soul. Don’t go commercial kid!

  • DOOM

    Cover art is ATROCIOUS.

  • valence

    “Way to be racist.”

    They are cartoons homie… and why are you paying attention to that anyways?

  • JaySole

    Im from Sac heard about this guy before but didn’t give him a listen until today and damn he is DOPE!

  • Asa


  • jrt123

    This tape is too nice.

  • this goes !!!!