• Actual/Factual

    lol wtf that's way too much underground to sit through, even if some are only a minute and some change or less

  • illykid

    SHAKE, you really should do a rhymesayers one. Thatd be 2dope.

  • jd

    Hahaha I have all of these except for 5, 9 & 24

    Also, Eastern CConference = how not to run a label.

  • http://theedopeshow.tumblr.com thee dope show

    so mighty mi lost weight and is spinning nothing but house music in vegas.

  • http://www.ubradio.net Travelin Matt

    seriously @thee dope show? He in Vegas spinning HOUSE? He from Philly and all but he's not DJ AM...

  • 351235312

    Phil Hendrie show - for u sleepy heads -
    comedy radio - funniest dude to ever do it
    crank yankers and other ph crank shows are influenced by him
    check it out !

  • DJ Daz-One

    My favorite albums From ECR were When Rappers Attack & The Home Field Advantage.

  • creepguts

    gotta agree with the above statement /\, as those 2 albums still get rotation in my collection.

  • http://breezyexcursion.com eBagatron

    "SHAKE, you really should do a rhymesayers one. Thatd be 2dope."
    This ^^^ ..but good luck! If I tried to compile an RSE 'Best Of' I wouldnt be able to pick. My list would be way toooo many songs lol

  • FreshSup702

    The High Exhaulted by Copywrite and The Home Field Advantage were the instant classics. Also R.A. the Rugged Man had a good LP

  • http://Fashionably-Early.com Trixx

    I've already got most of this stuff but it's definitely a dope compilation.

  • Feb

    Thank You Shake.

  • Yamz

    Left off "Open Mic Night" with Baby Blak, Mr. Lish & Rahsheed, arguably one of the best songs from the EC era. Dick.

  • B@dr

    Hey Shake, Chuuwee's new project dropped homie.

  • Tone Riggz

    EC and CagevsAlex.com were dope...

  • De La Where

    Tame One O.G. Bobby Johnson

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