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Ace Hood – Deep Cover Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas July 31, 2011

One of Ace Hood’s latest freestyles gets the visual treatment.

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  • Damn Gotta give it
    ace he murked that instrumental …very underrated artist

  • hmmop

    this nigga is purple cool-aide sweet.

  • Aldon

    Good stuff. I still love Apathy’s version of this though

  • ok we understand you can rap better than most of these new rappers but calm down a little bit

    honestly dude is kinda nice sometimes :S

  • Sincere

    HIP HOP– For this cat to be so young,spit fire like that, and do it to a classic without embarrassing the whole song- Wow. Ace Hood got some classics coming. To bad he’s down with a few bad apples.

  • Eli Porter

    “Ohhh an new Ace Hood freestyle!” – Nobody

  • los

    meh still dont get how he was a freshman

  • holla if ya swalla

    this shit is raw how does it have so much (n)

  • twocents

    just because you rap over a classic instrumental doesnt make you dope. Shits just as weak as any of his other songs.

  • Rozko

    Mann. I feel like if your favorite rapper spit dis shit you would say it’s dope

  • Neezy

    You niggas have been sleeping since Ace Hood’s appearance on BET’s The Cipher in 2009 I see. Ace Hood has a better delivery & is better than HALF the people getting shine now on the radio! Please don’t be fooled. Dude can bring it if need be, as shown above.

  • Michael Dao

    The shit is tight. I hate people that just dislike this cause it’s not their version of what “hip-hop” is.

  • people hate this guy

  • Sincere

    @twocents Better try and get more then two cents. You are limiting yourself in 2011.

  • booo!!

    this shit is really weak. Sounds like a boot-leg lil wayne and wayne sucks also.

  • Neezy

    @booo!! Ace Hood sounds NOTHING like Lil Wayne and vice versa. But I bet your ass just LOVES “Drizzy Drake,” who right now sounds nothing more than, like a Lil Wayne impostor!

    Give me a break! SMH

  • D-Man

    Surprisingly…this is good, didn’t he come out with the song “Cash Flow”. It’s funny how people change. But it’s good too, good job Ace. Give us more of this real stuff and your image will change from a “2 Step” and “Crank Dat Booty Dew” artist to a well respectable man who can flow.

  • twocents

    @Sincere… try again that was wack.