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Drake – Headlines (prod. Boi-1da)

blame it on JES7 July 31, 2011

First official single off Take Care. October 24th.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Headlines (prod. Boi-1da) [via OVO]
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  • me

    first bitchhh

  • Jay-Lu


  • Yo

    Alright, we should start playin’ a game with big releases like this shit.

    Over/Under 300 dislikes for this song.

  • domican

    damn. this is hot, listin to lyrics, this nigga goes in on everything. but like he said “they just dont get it”. but the real is on the rise. they knowww, they knoww, they knowww


    Drizzy never lost it, fuck what you heard.

  • Newly Human

    Ok I’ve been liking Drake lately, but this one is just not very good, especially for a single. That beat is boring as hell, and the singing seems out of place pretty often. Still looking forward to Take Care, I guess I was just expecting more.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Headlines > Over…

  • beat is dope
    but thats expected from boi-1da

  • iv

    “Soap opera rappers, all these niggas sound like All My Children
    And that’s who you thinkin is about to come and make a killing
    I guess it really is just me, myself and all my millions
    You know that they ain’t even got it like that” killing everyone. drizzy legend.

  • Soundcheck

    This shit knocks!! Drizzy is back but they know!!!

  • @pros2ill

    after first listen i like this more than i liked “Over” , drakes flows come alot more natural now. song don’t seem too catchy though.. ehh still Marvins Room> , get at me @pros2ill

  • gozer

    sounds nice, he’s stepped somethin up

  • Coochie Mane

    Cosign @ Newly Human
    I was really feeling Dreams Money Can Buy, I’m On One, and Marvin’s Room but this is just missing something. It honestly feels like more of a throwaway track than a single. If Drake is smart he makes Marvin’s Room the single cause that has that most appeal. Maybe I drank too much but I think that Workout is better than Headlines. (Now yall can start the J. Cole Vs Drake compariaons)

  • @pros2ill

    “Im On One” > “Headlines”, just like how “Best I Ever Had” & “Forever” were both way better than “Over”

  • This was very underwhelming on first listen, especially for a first single from the new album, but then again, so was “Over” when I first heard it, but that really grew on me. We’ll see, I guess. “Over” had some exciting production. This production was a little boring though. Either way, the three initial leaks were much better than this…

  • BK


  • Yo

    BTW, I don’t get why people are still comparing Drake and J. Cole…Drake is an established mainstream, top five most notable rappers in the mainstream now. J Cole is still unproven on the business end, even if his releases have been better as a whole.

  • jv

    lol like he said ” them other niggas dont get it”. the real is on the rise. accept that.

  • Show Me Ya TD’s

    Laziest, corniest chorus Ive heard since Party Like A Rockstar by Shop Boyz.

  • crackadon

    damn, i just got Drizzled on

  • Take Care

    Lyrics of Drakes second upcoming single

    Niggas know me bwoy, I’m the fuckin rap madonna
    But maybe even bigger, I’m the fuckin cat’s pajamas
    Niggas sayin “pause”, fuck it tho, no commas
    Degrassi High alumni, bitch I bring the dramahhhs
    I say…
    I say…..
    Niggas takin shots like I aint gon reply, wow
    Talkin bout my pudgy ass waist n fuckin eyebrows
    Talkin bout my feminine traits, n my guy blouse
    This shit come so easy I don’t even gotta try now

    Whip ya hair girl, do it like you Willow – watch
    N holla if you need a neck rub or some pillow talk
    I can make you giggle yeah, make it wiggle lots….
    N girl I can lick erry iddy biddy widdle drop…
    Call me Mr Montana…
    Respected like Tony n I can sing like Hannah
    Think you got a bad bitch? betcha that I’m badda
    Anything I wanna do I CAN…….ada
    Call me Young Flashy, no camera
    Tell my mama its her ‘and her son’………pamela
    So jus give ya boy a kiss mom
    N Kiss the game bye nigga, MUAH…..mo’ lip balm!


    Money out the ass…m-m-money out the ass
    Money out the ass…m-m-money out the ass
    Money out the ass…m-m-money out the ass
    Money out the ass…m-m-money out my ass, nigga

  • @jv

    Wow, he said “they don’t get it”, he must be some kind of prophet!

    Or maybe I’ve heard Waka Flocka say the same thing… and it sounded like a cop out both times.

  • Stateofmind

    It’s pretty good, nothing great, Better than “Work Out” that’s for sure.

    He should’ve pushed “Marvin’s room” as far as he possibly could. But atleast he’s rapping on his single.

  • jv

    hatters gonna hate. listen to the lyrics then have an opinion

  • jv

    hatters gonna hate. listen to the lyrics then have an opinion.

  • ThaTruth

    DRIZZY SNAPPED ON THIS !!!!!!!!!PERIOD………..Something tell me tha Drake wanted to name this song Headshots instead of Headlines lol.

  • Leggo

    RED ALBUM 8/23

  • Qwazzi

    ^ waste of time my nigga…waste of time

  • ***************************

    “Soap opera rappers, all these niggas sound like All My Children”


  • jv

    blog comments aint shit anyway lol. off this, drake do it big, hes already established so stop trying and failing to find a way to put someone down when you have no clear opinion that anyone would agree on. go listin to waka,

  • Humanoid

    ehh… it’s ok. Doesn’t deserve a thumbs down, but it’s not very good either.

  • airyeezy

    This is fucking awesome

  • Give it 4 listens and you’ll be hooked. His verses carry the track in a good way, why should he flex any other muscle when he can rely on the major one? Too many artists throw a bunch of distracting bells and whistles into songs – doesn’t end up sounding as real and pure as this. FreshNewTracks.com gives this the Thumbs up!

  • Nikki Rowe Warrior Swag!

    Drake is garbage!!!!


    this shit is trash, but Flake got the dickriders licking his balls and buying his albums. why is this nigga throwing shots at A. Hole? couldn’t this nigga just wait til A. Hole first drop his wack album. SMH, A. HOLE YOU PAPOOSED YOURSELF!!!

  • RSX

    “Soap Opera Rappers, all these niggas sound like All My Children.”

    Ladies and Gentleman, we have a single!

  • David

    He’s definitely grown as a lyricist. But I’m sick of the Boi-1da repetitiveness. 40 suits his style better. I’m still interested in Take Care, but this was just “eh.” But not bad either.

  • 38th


  • thatrealshit

    average young money bullshit

  • This is a fucking single. All you that mentioned J. Cole: Stay off the internet, it’s passed your bedtime.

  • Mark Cuban

    ^Learn English, then criticize others.

  • who cares


  • OrdinaryCelo

    ^ Cool story bro.

  • OrdinaryCelo


  • johnq

    pffffft. shits tough. take care.

  • Truth

    every young money song would sound better with a wayne verse

    if this had wayne snapping on it, it would be the dope on dope

    this is like the dope on soda, ie pretty good but doesn’t pack that same umph he needs


  • Nito

    I think boi-1da sampled the transformers intro for this song I’m talking about the cartoon transformers not the movie

  • OrdinaryCelo

    ^ Link it if you can. I wanna try and confirm this.

  • Nito

    I can’t get link I’m on phone i think he did though check it let me know if you can

  • OrdinaryCelo

    The new cartoon or the ones from the 80s?

  • sayWORD

    ^sorta does sound like it. Oh god, now I’m feeling nostalgic. My childhood just flashed before my eyes.

  • Nito

    80s it’s this 1 I think he did tell me you hear it

  • mza

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yse yes

  • lalalalala

    OH MY GOD Boi-1da’s productions are always the same, it’s like, Drake is rhyming over Over’s beat. It’s like Lex Luger.

  • rUANHOLLasdf

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  • I’m diggin’ it. Love when Drizzy goes hard.

    “I be yelling out money over everything, money on my mind
    Then she wanna ask when it got so empty
    Tell her I apologize, it happened over time
    She says they miss the old Drake, girl don’t tempt me”

  • rUANHOLL44

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  • LupeFaco

    drake got the longivity
    2011 he still killin
    where the haters at???

  • asfasf123423


  • jaymalls

    this shit is charmin toilet tissue soft… gtfoh w/ this bullshit!!!

  • JaySole

    Songs cool but kinda boring especially for a single. Happy that he is rapping tho

  • abc

    all the people that don’t like this song secretly do

  • asdgedgasdg

    all the people that don’t like this song secretly do””
    thats like most of the songs on tis site lmao

  • Frank

    before I comment is it okay if I have an opinion that’s different from yours without being labelled at hater?

  • Mike Z

    @Frank … No

  • will

    the dude that wrote out those lyrics for his ‘next single’

    that was hilarious. thanks man hahaha

    this shit’s alright though. marvins room is GARBAGE, no idea why you guys like it

  • wordtobigbird

    “i had someone tell me fell off, oh i need that..”

    drake been killin it.


  • prk

    Hands down the best thing to be released by drake, but at the same time it doesn’t bring anything to the table that makes him seem more than an average rapper.

  • Notallthat

    This not all that to be real. I’m a Drake fan but this is pretty wack. He need to drop that shit with The Weeknd on it, and keep his productions to 40

  • I bet the over 50 people that dislike this track didn’t even listen to it… probably just saw it and wrote it off as another R&B Drake track.


    This shit runs. Take Care is gonna be hot… very, very, very hot.

  • GR

    I expect good consistent from Drake anyway, but Boi-1da really did come across as lazy on this beat. Like damn, throw us a bone on the producing end.

  • Charlie horse

    @ just a fan of music

    The exact same thing can be said about dickriders. Thumbs upping shit before they even click play.

  • NYdreams

    shit is wack … Hopefully this track comes off as a bonus for take care it’s boring as hell… Work out is 10x better than this …. He shoulda switched places and gave this away for free and pushed the fuck outta Marvins room cause that shit was fuckin classic….

  • Frank

    i like jcole but seriously wtf does workout plan have to do with this. j.cole is not even on drakes level to be honest. theres a reason noone compares them anymore. fuck outta here with that bullshit son

  • ventley

    whys everyone worried bout production. i listen to nas. that dude doesnt ever have good production but hey hes my favorite cuz his lyrics are crazy. if you love drake so much be happy for his lyrics cuz hes not the one producin it. unless your just a boi 1da fan…..this was not a nas/drake comparison. nas is uncomparable.

  • ventley

    listened to song. not that bad. beat is kinda cool dont know what yall are cryin about. what you want orchestrated lex luger kanye production composed by bangladesh everytime.

  • ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


  • Kbrian

    I’m a fan of drake’s and have been for a long time, but this is pretty boring. There is absolutely zero change up to this beat and it stays stagnant minus a few muted snares during the bridge. I expected something grand and uplifting or at the very least something hard hitting and exciting since this is coming from boi-1nda, but this is putting me to sleep. While the rhymes are on point, the music has no substance.

  • james dean

    tsk. 40’s production is at the end of the song when they’re just letting the beat ride out. I much prefer Drake actually rapping over 40’s stuff, but the song is still alright. Not the epic feel of Over, but then again it’s a different type of album


  • @james dean and yeah I wouldn’t expect to many Miss Me’s on this album, it’s obviously a lot darker than Thank Me Later. More So Far Gone like.

  • Pauly Dee

    Haven’t listened to the song yet, but it sounds like he REALLY stepped it up lyrically (which I was saying he should do in the last post).

    Let you know what I think after I listen.

  • miamimami

    drizzy came with it

  • miamimami

    drake’ll pass the torch to g delo from miami

  • Pauly Dee

    Okay, I’ve listened to this song…and I see that Drake has STEPPED IT UP LYRICALLY. The beat was on point, lyrics were great, and even the singing in the verses blended. Only thing I got a problem with is the hook. It’s not really catchy and sounds like he just put it together while he was on the toilet. This may be a moderate hit, but I don’t even see that! Really, if he wants those sales, he needed to have this as second single.

    And can we stop with the J.Cole-Drake comparisons? They are two different kind of artists. One’s career is based upon his lyricism and realness. The other’s career is based around melodic hooks and strong beats.



  • HouseofStark

    1) Take care is supposedly the darker sequel to So Far Gone
    2) The introspective lyrics are the focus of the song, not the hook( can’t say it’s a pop song)
    3) Headlines doesn’t have to sound like a single because of the success of his latest efforts .
    4) I think Headlines might be reworked with the “They know” chrous as a bridge and add anew chorus.
    5) The Real is on the Rise !!! OVOXO

  • Shawn

    This is called production? This beat is on some fruity loops shit and is hot garbage, like Lex Luger. Drake just about all the time talks about the same shit. What is all the hype about this kid? He had some alright tracks but the rest of his shit is garbage. Like they say, used his CD as a weed plate. I try to like the dude but there’s no point. I hope Watch the Throne, R.E.D, and Cole deliver a better experience.

  • Brent

    I was hoping for a catchy hook but I’m definitely feeling the overall track!

  • better he gon playin basketball instead rapping. fuckedup shit



  • Nigga

    Headlines > Work Out
    just sayin….

  • Niggapleae

    R u serious, Workout>this bullshit… this shit wack drake been garbage since he signed with wayne

  • FreshSup702

    Workout> cool track but not legendary stuff

  • dubcyde

    Kind of disappointed. Trust Issues is hands down the best track he’s done. That shit is smooth as fuck.

  • I wonder how many “Drake Back” comments this is gonna get. LoL. HOT $#!t though

  • Kobe

    My goodness, if this guy is going this hard on the single for radio play I cannot wait for the album. The beat is typical Boi1da/40 drum snares and up and down tempo but its still fire. Drake rapping about girls/money is a little disappointing but nonetheless hes rapping about his life so nothing is going to change. The throne will be his come October 24th… they know.

  • Chris_Zurcher

    I just assumed the j cole/drake comparissons ended because it became clear J COLE was much better. not the other way around

  • bullets

    This is nerd rap at its finest he did have nice verses though cant lie but drake aint bodying nothing but a sing songy chorus i really cant stand the rich kid tuff talk lol its hilarious beat is wack though so is the hook

  • WHAT!

    Typical Drake. No WOW factor at all. Pretty much just the same lame bullshit.

    Cosign @ BK, OrdinaryCelo, NYC/Brooklyn, & who cares

    Lmao @ Take Care

  • sea

    where are all those 9th wonder tracks??????????/ single should have been produced by 9th wonder.

  • Airborne

    I thought the beat got simplified during his verses cause you’re supposed to focus on…the verses. Y’all niggas can never be satisfied. If he would’ve made another over you guys woulda said how he didn’t grown and oh he’s back on his wack radio shit. He gives you a single where he goes harder on it than Cole on his single(Work Out was a cool single tho) but honestly you niggas know this is the type of song you were expecting Cole to release as a single. You were expecting him to go hard instead of “Lemme see ya get high, then go low/now girl won’t you drop that thing down to the floor”. Talking about Work Out is better. Between this and Blow Up is what you were expecting. That’s why we say you’re haters. At least y’all still got Kendrick Lamar. Let’s see what a single from him sounds like when he tries to break into the mainstream.

  • Airborne

    he didn’t *grow

  • tribe

    lets be real tho this isnt a great lead single but workout was terrible, this is better but we all know Cole the better rapper. sadly if the whole album like workout it could be as bad as thank me later

  • How can a hip hop fan like this? The nigga has the same tone trough the whole song…Wackness, If drake can get famous anyone can be famous

  • IKnowMusic

    Wow. I don’t wanna have to be a “hater” here but I can’t believe this many people actually like this song and keep saying that there’s something about the lyrics that speaks to them or something? First of all this song is just about the fact that he makes so much money and him gloating about it and I’m pretty sure that none of you have the money that he does. So the fact that anyone can say “Oh shit the lyrics are awesome, love this shit” blows my mind. Don’t mean to be racist or whatever here but I guess it makes sense rapping about money, Jewish rapper over here, wheres Shyne at? LOL… Another thing, the beat is awful. It never drops. I’m sitting here waiting for it to drop into something halfway decent and it never comes. Easily some of Boi-1da’s worst production work. I don’t get how anyone could listen to any song like this when there is so much REAL artists out there like Nas, Kanye, and Eminem or newer artists like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Hopsin who can actually spit and put the “art” in “artist” #NoHomo haha. But seriously Drake deserves no credit for having any talent. I do respect him in the aspect that he some how has fans and gets his paper and that’s all good. I just don’t understand how he can have so many people on his dick when there is artists like Hopsin, J. Cole, and Kendrick who all started surfacing around the same time as Drake but are not as big as Drake even though they are much more talented at what they do. Drake needs to stick to singing hooks and I have no problem with him spitting a verse here in there but please, for my ears and those of the many others like me, don’t try to rap a whole song. You’re way to repetitive. Fell off once Thank Me Later surfaced in my opinion. Every other record label > MMG + YMCMB. Fact. That is all.

  • This is pretty bad for Drake’s caliber, J. Cole’s can’t get enough and work out 10x better

  • Billy

    this is for the summer, or in a party. take it for wat it is.

  • J.T.

    I dont like to knock a rap song for beats but that part of it was terrible and boring. It sounded like a fruity loops track with just a bunch of snares coming in whenever it wants. If i listen to Drake i rather his mellow beats without all the chaos happening with the music. I would even take dreams money can buy over this.

  • People crack me up. Always finding something to bitch and moan about. Someone actually said they’d rather have Drake singing and not to try to rap “a whole song” hahahahaha. Before it was “dont sing!” now its “dont rap!”. Haters really just want to say “stop being successful!”. All these music heads are so detached from the business and marketing of all of these artists. Quit acting like your opinion is fact, kids!

  • jb

    get the fucking twitter up ! Drake stay on fire

  • rUANHOLL24

    Phil Hendrie Show –
    he makes up the voices of the guests people call in angry – funny shit love to fall asleep listening to this or tryin to sleep

  • Airborne

    How can a hip hop fan like this? The nigga has the same tone trough the whole song…Wackness, If drake can get famous anyone can be famous

    Jones said this on July 31st, 2011 at 11:43 am

    LMAO what?!?!?!?! You ever hear of Mase or Fabolous? GTFOH man. Talking about how can a hip-hop fan like this smh. You wouldn’t know cause it doesn’t seem like you are one.

  • D

    The bass on the hook is HARD.

  • James

    so fucking wack

  • dddddsssss

    im a drake hater like the next man but this is good
    he got a voice and flow only he can do ,
    damn smoke and cruz to tis u gonna feel it

    50 percent hate 50 percent love
    and lota comments = HOT ASS TRACK !!!

  • TOrrent911

    drake got more style and crunk songs like jcole by a sq mile
    how the hell people worship jcole and hate on drake is beyond me
    drake isnt a lyrical genius but if u got a bitch and weed and a car
    this is the song u gonna bang not jcole song
    jus sayin

  • 345235

    “First of all this song is just about the fact that he makes so much money and him gloating about it and I’m pretty sure that none of you have the money that he does. ”
    u do know this sums up 99 percent of rap , its called self promo

  • unclesam

    Shit was dope.

  • Swag

    Shit’s weak. I’m just wondering….what’s good about this? This song’s about the old Drake being back? Where is he? Shit sounds like a sped up version of I’m On One…

  • LOL

    Shit was wack.

  • swagger

    Cosign @IKnowMusic

  • marty mcfly

    This song is dope , is it the greatest song ever? No but its dope. One thing I know to be fact is that people hear music differently and identify with the parts of the song that relate to them. You people seem to complain when a rapper talks about money but money has several different layers to it. Money can mean power , status , evil , ambition , struggle and success all in the same word. Most of you also think making mainstream music is easier then making underground lyrical music but most times your wrong. To you your just hearing a song but to Drake he’s speaking on his real experience so to him it sounds different. Some people hear the wordplay and say its simple and some will say its complex. Some will hear the melody of his style and some wont even notice that and will only hear the words. This song he just kept it light but it was effective.

  • SwagSwag

    People like this because they think they are supposed to like it. #Radiofans

  • Shy

    This is pretty coo.
    but the hook on ‘Over’ was a quotable in itself. the hook on this one isnt amazing but it aint bad either.
    Not a bad track.

  • the realest

    i do hate this shit. if u dont like it your a hater. there needs to be honesty. this shit is trash. u cannot completly dismiss the production, thats the MUSIC! and someone made a nas reference that he didnt have great production. and thats why he only has 2 classics while jay is arguably a goat. nas is LYRICALLY there wit jay dont get me wrong about that, drakes no nas. next point.

    ppl are relying HARD on “its about the verses” arguement. his verses was weak as well. not only is he ONLY talking about money girls and fame, typical drake, but his bars are average. wayne talks the same but atleast their entertaining. thats why atleast half the commenters say that this song is boring. the beat and lyrics are lackluster. simple. the drake stans are insecure for drake being their fav rapper so they gotta push hard everysong that comes out. shit i liked Over and Miss Me better than this. lets just be honest for a change.

    he needs to become less superficial. hes likes a spoiled rich white girl. he needs to get more personal. thats the thing you dont get with this new wave of hipster senetive music. when gangsta music was poppin niggaz got real! talking bout beefs, friend and family members die’n, and current events. shit drake whats up wit you and rihanna, how do you REALLY feel about big sean talking bout you stole his flow in every interview, get controversial! these niggaz dont want to offend anyone else on some gay shit. its not like your gonna end of getting shot or anything. you guys arnt pac/biggie cam/jay beans/jada. its strickly entertainment.

    rap music is in a recession right now. only new music i been listening to is that last train to paris album and mixtape and that weekend mixtape(i just now hopped on the weekend). till watch the throne and boss of all bosses III drops.

  • Jav

    This is nice..will make the billboard top 25..then he’ll hit us with a top 10..it’s drake..a top 50 song is a top 25..a top 25 is a top 10.

    It’s a song you can cruise too..better than marvins room..too cliche on that one.

  • the realest

    People like this because they think they are supposed to like it. #Radiofans

    SwagSwag said this on July 31st, 2011 at 1:10 pm


  • yo

    THIS SHIT SUCKS man…wtf i try to like drake…nigga i switched to some casey veggies in the middle of this song…couldnt handle this weak ass shit

  • Miri

    Drake is bringing his old flow back, with mainstream hooks and chorus’, and i LOVE it.
    &&It’s called “Take Care,” so a lot of emotions are to be expected, get over it.

  • Kobe

    Haters will be haters, hes making millions, his fan base is set. You guys bitching and talking shit in the comment box wont change the music he makes which has gotten him to this point. Don’t be jealous of a man because of his success. If you don’t like his music don’t download it.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest , you just proved my point about people hearing music differently. To you the song sounds superficial and just about girls and money. Then you said gangsta rap was about real issues. To me the song sounds like someone told him he fell off so in the process he tries to prove he didnt BUT other people dont seem to like that so he’s saying “dont make me catch a body like that because of one of my niggas kill you , I have the money to get them off the hook” Giving the money purpose and giving the song a reason behind some of his points. Now I realize alot of people wont hear the same thing that I hear in the song but thats what I meant by people hearing things different. What you think is just about money and girls can also come with alot more deeper and darker subject matter attached wit that.

  • domican

    and people don’t like this because they don’t know what they like #undergroundhiphopfans. do you guys hear the end of the song, give you chills. this song is brilliant. i don’t understand the dislike of “the beat” and “the hook”. isn’t that what you didn’t want, you didnt want that in the first place. its true, guess you don’t know what you like, indecisive ass humans. biopolar fucks. go back to wiz khalifa

  • xo

    co sign dominican, go back to listenin to wiz, and mac miller

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest , and on top of that the things you say about Drake is what the girl in his 2nd verse is telling him about and thats why he says he is sorry for that but he explains that it just happened over time because all these new rappers are speaking on more personal subject matter and thats the approach he came in the game with. So he’s frustrated that people say somebody else is the next best thing when their just following him in the first place. Now go back and listen and tell me thats not what he’s saying. You people need to listen closer sometimes.

  • D Madz

    Not commenting the song at all..self promoting
    im an asshole

  • stoplying

    http://www.realhiphophead.com posted the new Drake too.. so stop saying he’s wack, even boutique rap blogs post this song, they are all about authentic hip-hop. You may hate Drake, but you secretly like his music.

  • Lil GQ

    Recorded on A-DAT in 2007. Was on my Myspace page for a minute. Strong similarities in the music from this and Drake’s I’m On One. Coincidence eh? Lol

  • the realest

    @ marty, your just rationslizing things. being politicaly correct. when is he NOT talking about everything in this song? i mean wayne and kanye sometimes do the same, but its entertaining! come on, lets be honest for a change, rate this song 1-10. as un-bias as you can be.

  • Yep

    Recorded on A-DAT in 2007. Was on my Myspace page for a minute. Strong similarities in the music from this and Drake’s I’m On One. Coincidence eh? Lol

  • the realest


  • marty mcfly

    @the realest on a scale from one to ten I give it a 5 but im not just speaking on this one song. I’ve just noticed that alot of people hear different things in a song and thats just very interesting to me. If somebody things Drake is only talking about things with no real substance I understand because his position and his artistry comes with certain labels and boxes people try to keep him in but even in mainstream hip hop alot of those radio songs have double meanings that can be broken down to something with substance. Take Big Sean for example the song My Last can mean the end of struggling in life or the beginning of a new struggle. Just saying listen closer

  • This song is not drake’s single. Its just a song leaked off his album. Yall really think this is his single? Smh!

    I give it 8 out of 10

  • OrdinaryCelo

    @Iknowmusic You don’t know music, cause if you did, you would know that not every song is suppossed to be some type of prophetic Nas shit. Hell, even Kendrick gloats the fuck outta his tracks sometimes. This was made for people to party to or just ride to in the car. Quit bein biased.

  • ac

    lol @ dudes writing paragraphs. tl;dr. this is cool, 3.5/5.
    also, note to all commenters:youre not a fuckin a & r, manager and all that shit, youre a fan of music. judge it that way and quit talkin about how its gonna do on the radio

  • the realest

    @ marty, i understand where you coming from. and i appriciate your honesty giving it a 5, and thats why i cant co-sign the song. we’ve lowered out standards in hiphop. we’ve settled for just average. its like the dollar, the vaule is just dropping. part of it is becuase thers so much music the quantity it will only lower the quality and we’ve allowed it to. not being judgemental enough. i remember during the jay-z/jim jones beef jay saying there needs to be a hiphop board to approve certain things. and that is true. when there is so much certain things and rappers have to be held to a higher standard.

    and with the talent drake has and patience to release this? unacceptable. drake is one of the top dudes in the game right now, hes not a rookie, so he has to judged as a top rapper.

  • Jay

    Any dude who was on Nickelodeon prior to becoming a so-called “made man” and a “gangster” is just not appealing. He had money, had a fresh sound when he first came out and of course got lucky when Wayne signed him. I listen to hip hop music for real and intellectual content that I can relate to in most ways. I can’t relate to having tons of bitches on my arms, bentleys and maybachs, nor can I relate to havin millions of dollars. Not only does this guy sound like a Wayne clone, but he is just fake to me, his whole gimmick and persona. Radiofans like him cause they are riding the Young Money bandwagon, which even Wayne himself is a disgrace now. People like radio songs because they are on the radio and the masses hear them and ride the bandwagon as well, that’s not what hip hop should be rated on or judged by. Drake is a phoney with no content that can move an individual. And he shouldn’t front and act like a thug and whatnot if dude was a cripple acting on Nickelodeon before he became a rapper. What struggle and grind did he have? None.

  • undefeated

    im laughing hard as fuck at cats that think his lines were prolific.they were backwash of the same shit he’s been saying.take care is more than likely gonna sound like a thank me later part 2.this beat is boring and it sounds like 25 of his other songs.like seriously this nigga has one flow.it’ll do great on radio.im mean yall idiots swallow everything he says but this shit is mediocre in a major way.

  • the realest

    lol @ dudes writing paragraphs. tl;dr. this is cool, 3.5/5.
    also, note to all commenters:youre not a fuckin a & r, manager and all that shit, youre a fan of music. judge it that way and quit talkin about how its gonna do on the radio

    ac said this on July 31st, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    ^thats you your talking about. some of us have more knowledge and a different ear than the average listener. i myself study music. my father was a music major. his knowledge was passed down thru genetics. like nas and his father. im not comparing myself to nas or boasting myself. im just giving and explanation. and i know there are others who are like myself, or just know what good music sounds like.

  • ac

    @the realest
    i really hope your trolling
    “just know what good music sounds like.”

    ^^elitist much? im pretty confident i could school you in hip hop. come at me bro

  • LawdyDawdy

    one take Hov > One flow Drake

    Random, I know

  • the realest

    @ ac, elitist lil bit. comes with good reason. whats good? WHO YOU LISTENING TO!! (cam voice)

  • Chea

    Drizzy Back and yall hate it because this song will be everywhere

    Headlines>>>>>>>Work Out

    Started not to give a fuck and stop fearing the consequence

  • He said he the first single was dropping July and he drops it on the 31st. I like this niggas style lol. Also feeling the more subtle sound the productions been taking for the album. I wonder what the 9th Wonder shit is gonna sound like. If the album turns out as consistent as these songs he might actually make me a fan lol.

  • the realest

    headlines < workout. fact.

  • swavie

    Take Care>>>>>>>Sideline Story tbh

    Marvins Room, Trust Issues, DMCB, Headlines>>>>>>>>>Work Out, Lost Ones, Cant Get Enough, Cheer Up

  • Jay

    Dreams Money Can Buy > I’m On One > Marvin’s Room > Headlines

    I’m disappointed in you Drizzy. Take Care will still be one of the hotter albums of the year

  • marty mcfly

    You people expect to hear Drake make exhibit C or make some lyrical shit thats gonna make you start levitating around your room and glowing like a character from Dragon Ball Z. Thats not what Drake tries to do and you people still havent learned why some people like to hear raps about millions of dollars or why when kids see a nice car pass by they say “thats my car”. Rapping about the struggle all the time isnt the only form of hip hop you know.

  • el dorado

    Song is decent at best but still hyped for Take care. 3.5/5

  • the realest

    of course take care will be one of the hottest of the year. what other competition is there besides watch the throne. section 80? finally famous?

  • OrdinaryCelo

    @marty mcfly They do because he’s tried to before. 9AM in Dallas is still a fuckin banger to this day.

  • the realest

    @ marty, we’re not(or atleast im not) arguing million-dollar rap. its the performance and execution thats disappointing. its not what you say but how you say it.

    thats how i can go from listening to boss of all bosses II straight to house of balloons. good music is good music.

  • ac

    lol @ the realest. greatest story never told, reks, great debator, elmatic, oneirology, new albums from nas, common, one be lo etc. you really do stay on top of music

  • Chea

    Take Care album of the year, i can careless about those nobody rappers you listed with the exception of Nas and common.


    the hate here is pretty heavy.. i love how these ppl here
    dislike drake and say he is nothing worth mentioning as
    an artist.. yet they write paragraphs on him in blog spots haha
    …better than jcoles singles.. you guys are even more repetitive
    than this niggas beat haha. Stop hating, and write your own lyrics, #Opinion is not a Fact

  • RealOne

    Wheelchair Jimmy does sound okay but this isn’t going to prompt me to buy his album (or last one either). I’m not into this pseudo-metaphor rap. Not my style of hip hop but that’s my opinion. On another note, 50% of c-section use term ‘hater’ loosely, like if its not a compliment you must be jealous, etc. Grow up.

  • Frank

    everyone on the internet is a fucking A & R. Get a fucking life… its a comment section on a hip hop blog. and you aint doing shit.

  • WHAT!

    @ marty mcfly i don’t expect drake to become super lyrical, but it’s kinda annoying to hear a new rapper nowadays using recycled lyrics and recycled beats. IT’S THE SAME REPETITVE BULLSHIT!!!! Be original. Switch it up every now and then.

  • the realest

    @ ac. i cant argue with yours choices. cept oneirology and great debator, but thats only cuz i havnt heard em. idont comment on stuff i havnt listened to.

    i really like that you said new albums from nas, like nas fell off or something. The N was one of the top albums of that year. his beat selections was on point from start to finish INCLUDING hero.

  • datniggafckinyobitch

    lmao @ “the realest” your father was a music major and it was passed down through genetics? wow… if you know what good music really sounds like or if your father did. Then get Into music and Out of these blog sites.

  • the realest

    if everybody on the internet is a a&r then every nigga on the radio is garbage. FACT! not opinion. if your logic is correct.

  • jz

    That ^ that doesnt even make sense haha. just another bogus and badly thought through opinion

  • the realest

    lmao @ “the realest” your father was a music major and it was passed down through genetics? wow… if you know what good music really sounds like or if your father did. Then get Into music and Out of these blog sites.

    ^ lol thanks for predicting my future. i am. after i get my degree in accounting and economics. and im from the hood haha. crenshaw blvd in los angeles ca if you know it. but igotta do something to pass the time by correct? correct.

  • the realest

    That ^ that doesnt even make sense haha. just another bogus and badly thought through opinion

    jz said this on July 31st, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    ^ if you say so. its yo world squirrel

  • datniggafckinyobitch

    the fuck are you in economics for if youre so talented in music? haha and if youre so heavy in school, why so much time on these blog sites? Aw thats cute ur from the “hood” crenshaw blvd? I aint ever met a nigga who calls it the “hood” in regular conversation, or that even needs to state it, just dumb kids with too much time on the computerrr. So tell yourself what you like haha.

  • wafflez

    shots at Big Sean Lol

  • the realest

    the fuck are you in economics for if youre so talented in music? haha and if youre so heavy in school, why so much time on these blog sites? Aw thats cute ur from the “hood” crenshaw blvd? I aint ever met a nigga who calls it the “hood” in regular conversation, or that even needs to state it, just dumb kids with too much time on the computerrr. So tell yourself what you like haha.

    datniggafckinyobitch said this on July 31st, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    ^ why am i in economics? why not dumbshit. im suppose to be a ignorant rapper? maybe i’d like to take my royalties and invest that into something other than rims and tims.

    and im glad you find that cute homo lol. that shit was gay as fuck. iguess you thought you told me something. its 2011-12 and niggaz is still stuck on stupid. why not go to college, flip government money and learn some shit. THATS how HOOD niggaz think you nerd. lmao. but im talking too much, back to the music.

  • marty mcfly

    And how you gon talk about artists not switching it up when this song for example is gonna get judged in two different forms of music at the same time. Drake makes rap and R&B in the same song and even during his verses so how many artists do you know that evenly ride the fence on both sides and do it well? Drake cant be super lyrical and change his style every two rhymes. He aint Jayz

  • the realest

    one more thing, you idolize drake and hipsters. i idolize joe kennedy and bernie madoff, but again im talking too much. ignorance is for the fools. build a team and make a plan. blogs are just a passtime.

  • 203

    marvins room and now this?? drizzy stay winning.

  • domican

    lmao what ? @the realest. with a name like that wow you really try to pose dont you. knowledge cannot be passed down through genetics. stop talking bullshit on blogs. blogs AINT SHIT. the shit you say DONT MATTER. do something with yourself and stop telling people about your so called “self”. this song is BRILLIANT in my view. so fuck off.

  • Lo ki

    1000000x better than work out

  • paulyV from the t-dot

    when you read the lyrics to the song and see it visually you’ll appreciate it so much more trust me and the hook has caught on to me now and its very catchy. great song

  • HouseofStark

    Big Sean and Drake don’t have beef. J cole and Drake don’t either. Stop trying to look for a problem where there isn’t one. Money is only a minor theme of Headlines. Headlines is talking about changes in his personal life because of his career. TML is a critically acclaimed platinum album. Drake Detractors obviously don’t know how to listen to lyrics. Drake is a well rounded commercial lyricist/realist.

  • dave

    J.cole is officially a piece of shit.lol.like cmon he was suppose to drop a album how long ago?drake dropped a mixtape that was as hot as a album then dropped his official debut and now look he just dropped his single for his second album.and jcole still struggling like a lil withering snail.he better leave america and go to another country to be famous because us americans aint for his bullshit music.so he better “work out” his shitty problems.


    You may hate Drake, but you secretly like his music.””
    pretty much sums it up
    drake and lil wayne the most hated here but they put out good music consistenly over years and years
    I BET 90 percent of u is still listening to “sorry 4 the wait” me and everyone i know is smokin banging that still…
    JCOLE….whats his last mixtape called…who knows….

  • 408

    Guys keep on hating. Drake and his middle school and high school teen fans along with his female fans who don’t even understand what the fuck he is saying will probably make this song a hit. That’s all Drake cares about. He is a businessman first and a hip hop artist after. He doesn’t give a damn if he is singing with Rebecca Black if he is gets paid. I don’t personally like him because rappers like these who start off saying they bringing hip hop back and shit and sell out but I doubt he gives a fuck about that now.

  • jlp

    @408 how ignorant. wow, go away. its not always about brining hip hop back , its about telling your story, making your music the way you want to. making it sound like how they want, not about how you THINK it should sound. i remember when everyone hated “boom bap” tracks and backpack rappers, and now they are crying that they want it back. people dont ever get satisfied.

  • the realest shit in rap comes from my voice box

    lmao what ? @the realest. with a name like that wow you really try to pose dont you. knowledge cannot be passed down through genetics. stop talking bullshit on blogs. blogs AINT SHIT. the shit you say DONT MATTER. do something with yourself and stop telling people about your so called “self”. this song is BRILLIANT in my view. so fuck off.

    domican said this on July 31st, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    ^first off, the realest is short for the realest shit in rap comes from my voicebox. the jay-z line.

    second. talents and customs ARE passed thru genetics idiot. thats why the greatest musicians have parents who listened to music constantly. just study anyone whos great in anything and their say that their parents played a huge role in their upbringing. the shit doesnt just pop outta no where like magical fairy dust and the same can be said for any craft. the parents study it, the children master it. thats why its important to know your family background and history FOO!.

    and you think this song is BRILLIANT? that explains alot lol


  • LupeFaco

    best nyc/broklyn rant ever is on the last jcole video:
    dude had me laughing till i cried
    “I was gonna avoid 2DBZ on this glorious holiday weekend. I figured let the children go outside. breathe God’s winds and absorb God’s light. I had bible studies earlier this afternoon, yes the nigga NYC/BROOKLYN has a pair of church shoes. I’m not gonna go in depth of what passages of the bible the Rev was giving knowledge on, but one example was about a brother name Simon that was chosen to help Jesus carry the cross. it’s kind of ironic that another live video performance of the song “work out” shows up again on 2DBZ. is this a force feeding frenzy that’s going on? the song gets worse after every listen. to that knuckle saying “give this song a month and i promise it will on the Hot 100″. really? who are you? A. Hole’s conscience? give the song one more month and A. Hole’s career is gonna be hanging in the balance. just look at this nigga performing the song, he looks uncomfortable and hesitant to even finish the BS song. the expression on the keyboard guy in the beginning is priceless. this nigga arms are on his side looking at A. Hole like don’t do it nigga, don’t…awww fuck, not this work out shit again! the crowd is reacting like my bible study crew this afternoon. Rev was kickin’ wisdom and throwing in his personal problems in the mix and we like, nah Rev we was told this was some free community service class, get that money basket out of my face and keep it moving. this “work out” BS is embarrassing like them hillbilly jim vests this nigga is rockin’. just look at the body language of the keyboard guy throughout the performance. reminds what I said earlier about the bible study subject on Simon. the keyboard guy could of helped out, but he’s gonna stay in the sideline and be a witness to a crucifixion. A. HOLE YOU PAPOOSED YOURSELF!
    NYC/BROOKLYN said this on July 3rd, 2011 at 2:29 am”

  • 408

    How is that ignorant? It’s my personal expectations from hip hop, I am not saying its right or wrong. I know its not always about bringing hip hop back but that’s what he rode and what he told his fanbase he was going to do before he got big. Like I said my opinion doesn’t mean shit to him and it shouldn’t. Money changes everything.

  • the realest

    You may hate Drake, but you secretly like his music.””
    pretty much sums it up
    drake and lil wayne the most hated here but they put out good music consistenly over years and years
    I BET 90 percent of u is still listening to “sorry 4 the wait” me and everyone i know is smokin banging that still…
    JCOLE….whats his last mixtape called…who knows….

    rUANHOLL said this on July 31st, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    ^negetive. all my drake pre-dates thank me later except for light up(because of the epic jay-z verse) miss me and fancy. and all my wayne is nothing but dedication 1 & 2 and the carter II except mr carter and comfortable.

  • Next Level

    Y so many thumbs up for this lame nigga y’all niggas corny just like him


    AP.9 – My Swag (2009)
    Real Street music

  • 408

    People are stuck in a belief that sales mean how good a rapper is. Soulja Boy’s “Superman” single sold more than any single Nas song. There are fans who ride the radio and there are fans who want to listen to real hip hop which might make radio once in a while but usually doesn’t. Talking about Lil Wayne? People listen to Lil B more than a lot of great artists. You can listen to what ever the fuck you want but don’t confuse sales with talent.

  • the realest

    even drakes dad was a drummer or some shit. now i rest my case.

  • domican

    lol @ the realest define knowledge for me, how bout you do that for me?. i can’t believe you said that, most psychics would disagree that only GENETICS are passed, specially you would know this since you SAY YOUR FROM “COLLEGE” you would know that knowledge and talent go hand in hand, its a SKILL that is NOT PASSED DOWN. drake has 2 uncles who were soul muscians, Larry graham, and Teenie Hodges (who is a song writer and musican for popular soul artist AL green. HIS DAD was a musican for jerry lee lewis who was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. so by your theory you would say drake indeed has TALENT. in which he does. so fuck off yet again. learn to type too.

  • Poppy

    Only you broke, crybaby, I WANT HIP HOP back ass niggas wont feel this. Stay in your basement fiending for some J cole/jay elec/royce ass niggas. Im 16 whereas you bums are 25-40 crying. This shit is hooooot, fuck the haters.

  • Bomber kidd

    Drakes aight with the lyrics on this song. But how he goes from normal tone to singing is annoying AF. The beat sucks too.


    Kendrick Lamar > J.cole & Drake

  • 408

    lol @ poppy, Broke? you must be feeling really tough living off your parents money haha. I buy my music, unlike you teen hipsters. You wouldn’t know what hip hop is if it fucked you in the ear but that’s expected. Listening to him rap about millions, while working in McDonalds might be inspiring to you guys.

  • the realest

    lol @ domican. you just proved me right idiot. ididnt even know his family tree with the soul musicans and shit. dude was raised in a wealthy neighborhood in canada. where else would he get his talent from but thru genetics from his dad and uncles, who are from memphis i believe

    jay-z, gets ear for beats from his mother who use to play him all the soulful music that is in his samples. he says it every chance he gets in interviews.

    puff daddy, is a multi-millionaire thru music, fashion, vodka, and marketing because his daddy was hustler up there with frank lucas and em.

    nas, his daddy is a jazz musician that my uncle went to school with.

    and thers plenty more examples. dont try to knock me just because i talk with confidence, because your only gonna make yourself sound stupid.

    to quote my nigga puff “ayo lets stop the hate. hate is for suckas! if you hatin’..yous a sucka, you ashy, and yo breath stank!”

    “learn to type too” -____- lol who tf does that on a c-section?? thats how you know niggaz just be talking start shit.

  • domican

    @408 its impossible for you to argue that drake doesnt have telent. its impossible in many ways. its also impossible for you to define and say what hip hop really is and pinpiont it. so i suggest noone even trys to or cry about what it should be or what it is. expectations are just undisclosed opinions, and unimportant predictions.

  • marty mcfly

    When is a song good enough? Ya’ll need to really ask yourself that question cause it seems like nothing is good enough anymore. I mean Jayz and Kanye doing a album together isnt good enough for some people and they kept it G for the Otis song with no singing hook and no commercial sounding beat and people was still mad. So what is the standard of being good at this point. Drake is rapping and singing and putting substance in his shit and picking good beats. He came in the game with down to earth subject matter when people were rapping about killing everybody and selling coke by the boatload. So what is good enough , when do you say ok thats a good song? How many good songs does Drake need to make before you see what he’s doing for the game? How many talented underground lyricist do you have to see flopping every month before you understand its not all about complex wordplay with humble tones and ugly beats.

  • domican

    @the realest lmao you still didn’t answer anyone of my questions. why are you avoiding it? drake inn’t as rich as you perceive and stop quoting people. say what come out of your mind, cause you haven’t been using that latley. you have no evidence if his mom played music for him, drakes been on music since he was 6, wtf do you know? his moms a teacher. money has nothing to do with how he is so stop forcing that matter. he doesnt make music in a multimillion dollar studio, he doesn’t wear the bling or try to do trend setting clothing, he hasn’t done his own perfume, he doesnt own any yatchs. he doesnt have his own record label so stop making your self look like an imbecile, again, fuck off you monkey.

  • Chea

    preach marty…nothing but the truth

  • the realest

    When is a song good enough? Ya’ll need to really ask yourself that question cause it seems like nothing is good enough anymore. I mean Jayz and Kanye doing a album together isnt good enough for some people and they kept it G for the Otis song with no singing hook and no commercial sounding beat and people was still mad. So what is the standard of being good at this point. Drake is rapping and singing and putting substance in his shit and picking good beats. He came in the game with down to earth subject matter when people were rapping about killing everybody and selling coke by the boatload. So what is good enough , when do you say ok thats a good song? How many good songs does Drake need to make before you see what he’s doing for the game? How many talented underground lyricist do you have to see flopping every month before you understand its not all about complex wordplay with humble tones and ugly beats.

    marty mcfly said this on July 31st, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    ^ CO-SIGN!

  • Jaaaaaaayyyyyy P

    thumbs up for drake bein a real ass dude and spittin REAL ASS MUSIC. fuck the haters . TAKE CARE.

  • the realest

    @ dominican. wtf are talking about? u are hella off topic. and the only question o avoided was that “define knowledge” -_____- like wtf. you define knowledge. to define that would take more than i can type. or want to type. i’ve already made the points i’ve needed to make. obviously your a nerdyass drake stan. i can careless about drake. hes NOT THAT GOOD. he alright. hes not jay, nas, andre3000, eminem(and i dislike em),anybody from the wu-tang, jcole, im starting to think kendrick lamar, camron, kanye, shit hes not even better than the weekend in that r&b lane that he relys on so heavily because his bars are sub-par.

    and fall back internet gangster. bcuz you not tryna take this outside the blogs. stay in your hipster lane like drake does.

  • Th3rd ear

    Drake is 1 of the most predictable rappers in the game..its easy to freestyle a typical Drake verse/punchline..he’s not creative or clever at all..but I was actually feeling this song heavy, listened to it like 100 times already, good shit Aubrey

  • It’s Me.

    Fuck All Them Rap Niggas & Yall On Here Fussin Like Hoes.


    sounds like all his other songs.
    I guess mainstream rap fans dig repetition and little originality.

  • 408

    Drake is average rapper who has everything he needs for mainstream success. A lot of these better rappers will die to be in his place but all you stans are treating him like he is talent wise and lyrically one of the best out there. Drake fans turning into Lil B fan status..

  • marty mcbiatch is a sucker as well as drake, so dont listen suckers

  • domican

    @the realest how am i internet gangster? i just used knowledge against your half ass ego self.drakes already shown that he is better than good enough, since you co-sing ” what is a good enough song” you would agree based on your theory that he is taleneted. he doesnt have to be jay, nas, andre3000, thats being superficial and corny, that’s why most of these dumb witted new school rappers flop. he doesnt compare himself so why compare him. since you idolize jay z, can he live? you either mention people who are old as fuck to make it your argument biased, and mentioned people who haven’t even proved themselves yet. how am i off topic, you over here talking about jay z Eminem, im talking about talent and drake on a DRAKE song. so don’t play yourself.

  • domican

    @408 i dont get why people always bring up mainstream and drake. they just hate the fact that hes not G, OR A THUG?. people wanna compare lil B AND HIM. thats just being stupid like most of these half assed blogs. again, its imposible to argue opinions and ignorance. but thats cliche

  • Gamma
  • Rec


  • 408

    @domincan I am not comparing artists, I am comparing some of the fan base. People treating him like he is GOAT which he isn’t. What does being a G or Thug have to do with talent? He is definition of mainstream, how can you not bring it up. Kanye stayed true to himself, Eminem still make still makes his physco ass songs.. Drake went to dropping bars to being Chris Brown. Whatever gets him money I guess but this song isn’t that good.
    Kendrick > J. Cole > Drake. I am talking talent. Cole won’t probably will get intermediate commercial success, Kendrick probably won’t get much but I personally listen to content, and not what everyone else wants me to listen to. My personal preference and opinion and I am putting it out.

  • Jordan

    Drizzy will go down as a legendd. Lovinn it

  • domican

    @408 people act like he inst lyrical or anything, but he is. its not about dropping bars, hes actually rapping now, its different now than what he was before because he is saying more now. and define the talent that those new cats you just mentioned have? they haven’t proved it, and mainstream is putting a hot beat without saying anything, drake isnt mainstream as it is today. just cause a song is great and catchy doesn’t mean its straight to the mainstream box. for the real fans who know and know him, know he isnt the mainstream you think he is. and he isnt the GOAT, he own his own lane. ive listened to both jcole and kendrick but music wise and overall talent they are not where drake is, and im not talking about comemrcial success, im talking music wise.

  • jreezy

    Boi-1da sounds like lex luger? Yeah right. Song is cool. Doesn’t sound like first single material but I have to admit it’s better than Work Out to me.

  • ill be impressed when he raps about something i haven’t
    already heard & the production isn’t a mainstream corny beat

    Apollo Brown – Daily Bread >

  • the realest

    what is a good enough song? his barry bonds freestyle, this bitch is crazy, ignorant shit freestyle, light up, miss me, fancy. drake has a handful. THIS SONG RIGHT HERE! NOT CUTTING IT! PERIOD!

    and old rappers? those are goats. u can compare thank me later with any of those rappers albums especially their firsts and it no comparison. resonable doubt, illmatic, college dropout, etc. u cant compare MBDTF or 808s with thank me later, since they tried to bite yeezys style.

    dont play yourself thinking that drake is “the one”. hes the one of the new school bcuz the majority new school is garbage. easy to be the best when competition is wiz khalifa lil b big sean(who is slowly but surely passing up drake) kid cudi and so on.

    drake has talent, yes. but like the nba, everybodys talented, just being talented isnt good enough. you have to be consistant as well. sheeeesh.

    before thank me later dude was hungry and spittin bars. had ppl spreading rumors that he was ghostwriting for wayne. now that he made it and ppl like you have over-hyping him, hes slacked off cuz he knows he can put songs like this out and get how many likes? let me check…dude is at 1166 right now. on a average ass song. KNOCK IT OFF KID! jay-z hasnt fell off yet! and hes 40! he killed drake on his own song and he killed that sade remix with the noah production. but thats a spoiled kid for your ass.

  • el dorado

    Look at the like/dislike ratio, thats all i got to say.

  • SeanSky

    This is decent…. Nothing special, def not good enough for a single… I just hate how Young Money made Drake mainstream as fuck. And stop with the Cole comparisons… You and I both know its Cole>Drake. Not saying either is wack and yes Cole’s single wasnt the typical Cole song. Cause the typical Cole song isnt for the radio which Work Out was for. The rest of the album wont be like Work Out itll be some Friday Night Light shit…. ColeWorld

  • domican

    @the realest what are you trying to say. your so easy to say hes not the one when hes been the most consistent. big sean flopped, he been flopped, lol your seriously saying big sean is passing him up? go to bed. and i dont understand why bring the “GOAT” on the him? what is that proving. again stop with your pointless comparasion because this aint 2004. drake has talent in which he is consistent on, he can say more than what these new cats out here are saying, he can sing, he knows his sound. and thats how good he is, you just proved my piont. those songs werent even his good enough songs, he has way more, mixtapes on mixtapes of songs. heard otis? what a bullshit of a song, they dont even say much, just a bunch of ego ass niggas, an amazing beat wasted on ignorance.

  • Musk

    Cole World shaping up to sound like Lasers.
    Work Out is a failed radio attempt, he couldnt make it in the top 100 even in the hiphop category smh.
    Cant Get Enough is a ripoff of some R kelly song
    Lost Ones is decent at best, boring as fuck and is trying too hard.
    Cheer Up is ass

    Did i mention the majority of the album will be cole rapping over his weak beats. The only hot beat i ever heard A Hole produce was hiipower.

    Take Care>>>>

  • the realest

    foo otis was a banger and a SINGLE! thats why their boasting so much. same as drake is doing on this song cept they simply out did him. not only was the beat 10x harder than this shit, their lyrics was also 10x better than this shit. “sophisticated ignorance, i write my curses in cursive” drake aint spittin no shit like that. watch the throne album will have some slap-you-in-the-face-hits on it guarantee.

    and i brought the goat on him cuz u sayin oldass rappers. those oldass rappers are still smashing that nigga. AND they have less time on their hands to make music. those are business men and this point. drake is a full-time artist. NO EXCUSES.

    and they can have ego when they have classics.

    and who cares if big sean flopped. resonable doubt flopped(not comparing big sean to jay so dont go there. you mofos try to focus on one thing and twist it around like the media does. so i gotta put disclaimers on statements.) those are numbers. doesnt mean dudes MUSIC wasnt on-point.

    and name some drake songs that YOU think was better than the ones i’ve named. balls in your court now. im just playing defense(nother cam quote)

  • marty mcfly

    Even when you try to diss Drake you gotta do it by comparing him to legends and classic albums. What does that tell you? Half of you dont even appreciate or understand what substance is even when you hear it anyway. Imagine Jay and Kanye doing Otis at the grammys in a room fulla arrogant racist white folks thats been giving awards to Taylor Swift all night. I bet they would hear the substance of it loud and clear. I could point out where Drake has substance in the first 12 bars of this song but you wouldnt get it anyway so fuck it.

  • Shake

    What did Drake say in this song that we havent already heard him say plenty of times?

  • the realest

    @ marty, i cant ride with you on that one. we compare drake to classics bcuz of the hype. not bcuz hes living up to it.

  • domican

    @the realest. the game called em the oldest. everyone would agree

  • the realest

    thats nice. wheres those drakes songs i asked for. or are you tryna avoid em?

  • germany

    this guy is soo guy his voice ugyl as fuck

  • germany


  • OrdinaryCelo

    @the realest

    Your makin a very valid point sir. Keep it up.

  • the realest

    who cares how old you are. music doesnt have a age limit. if elton john or prince or anybody put out some music, you wouldnt have ppl sayin, “damn they too old.” only hiphop fans do that dumbass shit. then have the nerve to call somebody else ignorant. smh. where they do that at?

  • domican

    @the realest oh right here. thrill is gone, am 2 pm, city is mine, S.T.R.E.S.S, come winter, try harder, money remix,bad meaning good, a scorpio’s mind, all this love, kick push freestyle,must hate money, asthma team, do what you do, easy to please, think good thoughts,the presentation, comeback season, closer,going in for life, last hope, THE WHOLE SO FAR GONE MIXTAPE, good riddance, fireworks, unforgettable, the resistance. i could go on and on.

  • marty mcfly

    @shake thats not the point cause even in the first few lines he’s saying that he mite be to strung out on compliments and overdosing on confidence and not giving a fuck and not fearing the consequence. Drinking every night because of his accomplishments being so faded he’s floating in and out of consciousness. Now whether you can see the layers of emotions and the back story that lead to these moments in his life , these lines contain substance because each one of these lines set up the thinking which explains his point of views and lets you into his head. This is a writing technique that lets you know who your dealing with. These are not the bars of a MC that doesnt know what he’s doing. Hello remember Fireworks , Goin in 4 life , Successful and You Know You Know? He wrote these songs before he was even 25 years old and they have deep meaning below the surface of just his punchlines. “Why has every woman never dined here before , am I the only 23 year old wine connoisseur”? This is the kind of mind that built albums like Reasonable Doubt and It Was Written. A young MC with the mind of a business man.

  • the realest

    most of those pre-dates thank me later which is my point exactly.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    @dominican, you just made his point for him.

  • Lee Ballard

    This shit is fire. Drizzy is back. Tell the haters to Take Care…

  • germany

    its boring i dont understand the hype
    @domican this has nothing do to with real hip hop music dumbass
    i bet you like the others phoney corny weak ass rappers nowdays ?90% are shit not a toliet papier wroth no talent no nothing and they fake like ross hip hop is dead the real one

  • Chea

    ill continue Fear, You Know You Know, 9am in dallas, Od on life, still fly freestyle, get over it, ransom, paris morton music, amongst more

  • domican

    @the realest why compare people that have more than 3 albums and compare em to drake who has one album out so far. you have no piont, thank me later was critticaly acclaimed, idc if it sold almost 500,000 copies first week, i care about the realness of his lyrics on each song, even though it was rushed album, hes getting better. still could you cohesivly explain why you are bringing up jayz and “GOAT” to drake?

  • domican

    the recent tracks dreams money can buy, trust issues, marvins room.

  • the realest

    I’VE ALREADY EXPLAINED THAT! STOP GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES! no need to repeat myself just scoll up. since he only has one album out then compare their first albums. simple enough?

    @marty, shakes point is that its repeatitive(if thats even a word)

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest , its gonna be repetitive if it comes from the same brain. Everything has been said before in the same ways and in different ways. Love songs are repetitive but there are thousands of them and all rappers have repeated the same subject matter multiple times cause they cant just change who they are.

  • ThaTruth

    @The Realest, Drake is living up to the hype because he know he have one of the biggest buzz in the game right now, if he didnt ,then this song wont be called headlines in the first place. I could say Drake is already a establish artist and became successful over night and people would check him out just because of his name just like lil Wayne, Eminem, Jay Z, and Kanye. I would say Drake is not a legend yet but he definitely on the right track to be one as the artists I just mention.

  • domican

    @tha realest why not recent albums? again this is not 2004 or 1996. there shouldnt be comparasions due when he released his in 1996 to drake’s 2010 release. niggas still stuck int he past, people don’t rap about the hood anymore and running coke like that.like marty mcfly has stated, the comment you co-signed

  • Son of S.A.M.

    What’s going on with all these lackluster first singles? This sounds like a filler track.

  • domican

    @the realest exactly what mcfly just said. you act like jay z can go through dimensions and change who he is but the GOAT are all repetitive. so whats your point exactly because you seem to be stuck between two things, or are you still stuck int hat 1996 phase?

  • If they hate then let them heat. This is ill shit. Drizzy brings heat. Good work boi were all pullin for you

  • Shake

    @marty mcfly if Drake said “Marty’s on my dick, money’s on my mind, female dogs in my room and that bitch is mighty fine” you would praise it as the most thought-provoking lyrics youve ever heard since “Fight The Power” by Public Enemy…smh none of the opening bars was clever at all, the fact his lyrics have substance in this song means nothing to me…atleast 100 other rappers also have substance to their lyrics and do it more creatively than that so what makes Drake so special?..the only difference is Drake is big on the radio and young…Drake’s style of rapping is too formulaic and predictable, stop overhyping him smh

  • jreezy

    Why do people keep stating opinions as if they’re facts?

  • domican

    @shake ignorance and blogs mix perfectly dont it?

  • AverageSavage

    well i listened to this once last night super blazed, woke up played it again, got really high and listened to it again… everytime this songs awesome, hope this is a GOOD representation of the album

  • Lee

    If people are going to hate on this then there is nothing Drake can do. lol Drizzy went hard. The beat is crazy. Take Care is going to be a problem…

  • Kill

    @shake ignorance and blogs mix perfectly dont it?
    domican said this on July 31st, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    (something you obviously figured out a long time ago)

  • pacman1758

    Man this song is boring as hell. Over was wayyyyy more epic then this

  • 40oz.Prophet

    This shit is “Estrogen Rap”. And yall niggas that love this shit, sound like the protesters fighting for gay marriage rights.

  • marty mcfly

    @Shake , you mad now I see but I never said his lyrics are the most thought provoking but there has to be something in his lyrics that people are feeling. Its not all beats and hooks cause you dont have the level of success that he has for damn near 3 years in a row and not have some talent lyrically cause that would not make sense. You know what it takes to be a respected underground lyricist? 1 or 2 verses a song and you dont need dope hooks or beats or even dope subject matter ( and I can name many that fit these shoes that yall praise like they so dope ). Now you know what it takes to be a mainstream RESPECTED artist? Dope beats , hooks , verses and subject matter and crossover appeal. So whos job is harder , who is more creative? Now Stfu for I come through your computer and crack your head open with a bag of combination locks bitch.

  • the realest

    @ dominican ppl arnt rapping about coke anymore? what? u are obviously living in a drake-only box. like ppl stopped selling drugs bcuz its 2011 and drakes popular. and its hard to go recent bcuz the majority is crap. but like i said MBDTF outshines, american gangster outshines, finally famous is debatable, recovery debatable. section 80 debatable. thats all i can think off of top.

    @ the truth yes your right. he is established. but he became successful over night due to the internet and mass media. and im glad your not calling him a legend yet. im not sayin dude cant be. im saying hes slacked off and this song that we’re commenting on is not cutting it.

    @ marty, you can switch it up and still be you. jay does that from album to album. YOU of all ppl should know that. the reason why ppl are saying it sounds repeatitive is bcuz its sounds like they just took left over thank me later songs and put it under take care. which is a shame considering he hasnt been dropping new music OFTEN. imean wtf are you doing with your time. and when this is your firat single, thats not a good look. when Over dropped, i had to fall back “yo, im nervous now.” but when you come and drop this, thats slacking off in my opinion. and he does it bcuz he know we will get, let me check the count…1284 likes within the first day. he knows that! or atleast YMCMB/Hiphopsince1978 does.

  • domican

    @kill yep. exacly. if not, then i presume your using sarcasm.

  • the realest shit in rap comes from my voice box

    Man this song is boring as hell. Over was wayyyyy more epic then this

    pacman1758 said this on July 31st, 2011 at 7:24 pm


  • 408

    ^^^ “stuck in that 1996 phase?” . So you change your preference depending on whats hot and popping at the moment and what everyone else listens to? If Illmatic came out today, I’d still like it as much. Music has no age. 6-7 years ago 50 cent had more hype than probably anyone in the game. Hype and fame doesn’t define talent. Drake raps about same shit every 15 year rapper raps about. It sells but nothing makes him stand out. He will be a successful artist, but I doubt a legend with these songs.

  • MoscaLopez

    I keep reading “Drake went hard” like the same female is posting comments. Hard??? Are you serious?? This is softer than Baby shit.

  • Shake

    Dont give me that “its OK to be repetitive” nonsense…the mind is a terrible thing to waste, somebody tell this fool to think outside the box for once..even if you talk about the same subject matter, you can tell it through more creative concepts and angles..like Nas..”I Gave You Power” had the same subject matter as every other song about the streets and violence, except Nas told it from the perspective of a gun..CLEVER (I only bring this up cause that marty fool compared Drake to Nas’s “It Was Written”) Drake needs to take notes from Kendrick Lamar, you dont know what to expect when it comes to a new song from him, same with Lupe Fiasco (nobody’s on his level when it comes to creativity) if Drake gave his thoughts and lyrics he had in mind to Lupe, that man could revise it and make it 10 times more clever than the original

  • JimmmyGotSOUL!

    @marty mcfly STFU i bet if you were in a room with half the people that comment here often, they would love to kick the shit outta you.. fuckin CYBER GANGSTA!

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest , Jay mite change technique and go deeper into subject matter but the core of who he is always remains the same. On every Jay album he mentions the hustla mentality just like Drake always mentions his emotions.

  • domican

    @the realest, um? drakes been on the scene since 06. overnight sensation? your very wrong. took some time so he can fully blow up. people don’t be hustling like that now, that was back in the day. niggas you mentioned are veterans, finally famous? thefuck? section 80 is debatable. drakes growing, you can hear it by the lyrics. unlike big sean and that supa dupa flow? the fuck is that?

  • BLOW

    All this niggas bullshit sounds the same. His singing sounds like a fly stuck in the screen of your backdoor. He rhymes about all the hate he recieves, which means hes probably looking for it. Honestly this nigga is bringing the fag out of alot of yall twinkle toes out there. This shit is HOT GARBAGE!! he is a bitch ass nigga who got lucky because hiphop is so boring all you can do is settle for less. Matter of fact, that shuld be the name of his 3rd album, “Settle For Less”, since he likes cliches so much….fuckin faggot.

  • the realest

    @ marty, more than just technique. you know and i know american gangster sounds different from the black album and BP3. and those are his last three. i see what your saying, but its veryy hard to defend this. thers no other way around it. drake gotta step it up. and its not even you, cuz u gave it a 5 outta 10. its the other muthafuckas that dont know

  • the realest

    people don’t be hustling like that now, that was back in the day. niggas you mentioned are veterans,

    ^ see this is why i hate when nerds comment on the streets. niggaz dont be hustling like that now? where tf do you live? colorado?

  • marty mcfly

    @Shake what had more effect on hip hop So Far Gone or Section 80? First thing your gonna do is make an excuse because Drake had this and that but that will not change reality. like Drakes projects? And I did not compare Drakes projects to It was written , I compare a mature mentality in point of view between Drake and Nas. Theres a difference between the two but both are smart Mcs.

  • domican

    @shake, so how was lazers? oh you say 10X bette? disagree. i agree lupe is awesome. none said drake is greatest but hes on that lane, on his way, hes consistent. how you look judging a nigga off of his one album. people think they are fucking A&R critics when they dont know what they like.

  • Shake

    @marty sorry for hurting your feelings by exposing how much of a nut-hugger you are but yea Rick Ross is also a successful mainstream artist and my 1 year old nephew writes his rhymes for him..Drake fits a certain image, has a big female fanbase, and can sing/rap..thats all he needs to be successful, he doesnt even need to write his own rhymes cause he’s perfect for the radio full of ignorance, creativity isnt needed to be successful in the mainstream world (ask Souljaboy) just say the same thing over and over and over and over and the more people hear that ignorance the weaker their mind will be which will affect their values and standards and how they judge music..thanks to the radio there are actually people out there who believe Waka Flocka is a better rapper than Nas

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest , Jay had HKL vol 1 , 2 and 3 and then BP 1 , 2 , and 3. That is repetitive even if he got deeper along the way. You cant expect Drake to start talking about world peace nigga cause thats not him.

  • Verdad

    Every last song I’ve heard from Drake sounds like the last song I heard from Drake.

  • the realest

    @ marty, back to dominicans point, thats being stuck on the 90s-early 00s. my example was recent. black album, then american gangster, then bp3. all different sounds.

  • domican

    why isn’t this blog posting odd future songs anymore? thats the same amount of ignorance as this site, very much in common. cmon shake post them, everyone needs shine once in a while.

  • marty mcfly

    @shake you could say im giving Drake too much props but I gave this song a 5 outta ten and have repeatedly said Drake is not the best lyricist so I dont know what your talking about. Your comparing this nigga to legends and people who havent even had a album in stores. Im just calling it like I see it , how many good songs have you heard from Drake in the last 3 years? So he aint lyrical Cmonson

  • Bogey

    Marty, to be great, you must show versatility. Drake raps about Himself or some bitch. Is that really all there is to life, nigga? Niggas dont vote? Niggas dont pay bills? Niggas dont have family affected by anything?? Muthafuckas dont have to be in the street or have fam in the street to rhyme about real shit, and not from a 1st persons thug POV, but on some real life shit.

  • domican

    @the realest now your talking about sounds? what happened to lyrics and repetitiveness?

  • Shake

    @domican Lazers isnt a good judgment of how good Lupe is, and if you think it is then you need to do some research
    @marty mcfly, thats the thing, you care about all this irrelevant shit like impact and popularity when all I care about is how good the music is, So Far Gone caters to the weak state of mainstream hip hop (he even had Lil Wayne and Trey Songz featured on there), Section 80 caters more to underground hip hop where people’s standards are higher, even Comeback Season and Room For Improvement is designed for the underground where youre allowed to think outside the box

  • Shawn

    As a matter of fact.. the new Cole track with Trey Songz “Can’t Get Enough” > this piece of shit of a song.

  • banx

    Let my dawg BIGGHOSTFACE listen to this shit……..

  • domican

    @bogey wtf. get off. drake canceled a whole European tour to care for his mom, when she was in the hospital. hes rapped about his personal life many times, im confused to what you know and what you dont know.

  • the realest

    @the realest now your talking about sounds? what happened to lyrics and repetitiveness?

    domican said this on July 31st, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    ^ thats what im talking about.

  • QB

    The Spiteful Chant >>> then everything else right now.. that’s random, but true

  • Bogey


    sorry i didnt get to that song. Going thru his bullshit songs took too long.

  • Shake

    @marty mcfly there you go again caught up in irrelevant shit, since when was having a album in stores a accurate measure of how good an artist is?? Kendrick might not have a album in stores but that doesnt take away the fact that he can rap circles around your hero…and you brought up legends in the first place, i dont care if it was only about mentality (that was a false comparison you made btw) once you do that, I can bring them up too…you should try listening to other genres of music too btw, it’ll give you a better appreciation of music and alter how you judge talent and creativity..hip hop and pop are the only genres where you dont need talent to be successful, just fit a certain mold cause people listen to music with their eyes these days and are weak in the mind

  • the realest shit in rap comes from voice box

    even Comeback Season and Room For Improvement is designed for the underground where youre allowed to think outside the box

    Shake said this on July 31st, 2011 at 7:49 pm


  • marty mcfly

    All you people relate to Drake on some level but you wont admit it cause you just haters. Drake talked about his parents splitting up in Fireworks and stopping his mom from just leaving like his dad did on Successful and the pressure of making the music everybody parties too in Light Up. He also probably has more game then ya’ll do as he talks about in Goin in 4 life cause most of you never even seen what foreign money looks like and never even had people working for you before. Thats not a diss either im just keep it real but whatever you say , Drake never says nothing different ? Suuuurrrreeee.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest , you keep saying before TML but thats not the argument and its not about if Drake is like Nas or Canibus. Does Drake have SOME substance? The answer is yes.

  • domican

    @the realest i meant beat wise. offcorse its different sounds, but your not gonna argue that he isn’t reppetative over the last decade. watch the throne isn’t anything new but rather two overally egotistical individuals rapping on one album. basically just another black guy with an album, how will the grammys cater to that?

  • Verdad

    Damn, Marty. you’re leaving alot of slob on that niggas knob. “The pressure of making the music everybody parties to?” You sound like a bitch.
    “He also probably has more game then ya’ll do as he talks about in Goin in 4 life cause most of you never even seen what foreign money looks like and never even had people working for you before.” And YOU relate to that????
    Nigga put The Simpsons on & shut the fuck up!

  • ThaTruth

    @ Shake, I agree , It all about image and exposure. alot of non Artists learn from Soldja Boy and Piles. I cant even stand lil b but I respect him even though IMO they are Disrespecting the Art of HipHop but they know how to take advantage of the Business by targeting the Ignorant people that wouldn’t listen to artists like Nas or Kendrick.

  • domican

    the piont is, that is UNDERGROUND. why would you rap about the same stuff on your mixtape on your album? drake didint do that.didnt everyone hate when rappers werwe backpack? i still bump thank me later as much as i do his mixtapes. its a new era, new album, just sit back and watch.

  • marty mcfly

    @Shake if Kendrick can rap circles around Drake then he has to prove it and Section 80 and OD is not enough im sorry. Drake is about to drop his 2nd major album and its not all about status to me but you just cant ignore where Drake is at cause that would mean shitting on what he did to get there. Drake and Kendrick both put out tapes in 06 but there is a huge cap in where their at in their career and it would be cool to just ignore that because of some clever lyrics but its just not fair to Drakes lyrical ability and singing ability. For Kendrick to be ultimately better the Drake his musichas to effect hip hop as a culture more the Drakes. Section 80 has to have more bigger songs then So Far Gone and TML and im sorry but he does not. He could rap as fast as he wants but its the truth.

  • Shake

    Yea Marty you really are sounding like a girlfriend/sister upset at people criticizing you’re boyfriend/little brother.. I bet you’re crying and screaming at the monitor right now “Just leave him alone!!”…I can name 50 other rappers that spit relateable lyrics (and do it better than Drake) but that doesnt necessarily make them dope…and then you resort to your habit of bringing up irrelevant shit by saying he probably has more game than us…..smh I dont respect your knowledge or taste when it comes to music

  • the realest

    @ marty, idk where there arguement went but my point was dude is slacking. and his hardest shit was before TML.

    @ dominican, beat wise it definetly isnt. and lyrically it isnt as well. the black album was his jordan retirement-encore-do-you-one-more classic. kingdom come(forgot that one) was probley his most introspective and personal album yet, american gangster was reasonable doubt part II, and BP3 was pretty death of autotune the real is back-type shit. all FOUR something different. jay does that purposly. great artist do. most great rock bands do it as well. michael jackson did it to. its a artist thing.

    maybe drake doesnt have enough creative control. idk. but i think its the time were in. he found a comfort zone that he likes and he know ppl will like(hince the likes on this post within the first day) and he doesnt wanna leave bcuz hes insecure about his own talents as a RAPPER.

    that may be stretching it a bit but thats just what im thinking.

  • airyeezy

    wow this nigga is a fucking monkey retard… haha

  • domican

    look at the like to dislike ratio. Take Care, hes already proved himself. so stop picking the little things.

  • Shawn

    @ Marty

    Damn, bro, you’re on Drake’s ball sack hard, aren’t you?

    He might not have a major album out.. but Kendrick already has shown he’s much better with what he has put out when comparing to Drake. The quality is just on another level. Face it, your man Drake is mediocore at best.

  • airyeezy

    from what ive read quickly nigga from all the vomit uve spewed.. u should be pretty busy and prob around 22.. why the fuck are you on here for hours and hours talkin bout ppls success when you have none of your own? lol damn what a joke. Id love to stay and see your pathetic reply but im goin out. You should try it.

  • marty mcfly

    Ya’ll people think im mad when im chillin right now and instead of always talking down on somebody try to figure out why they say the shit they do. @Verdad , yes I can relate to a respectable level of success so I know what those things are like. You people will watch a person become highly successful but find a reason to disbelieve what your on eyes and hears are showing you but whatever.

  • domican

    @the realest, well its only been one album so far. he does have cretive control, of all people hes shown it in his mixtapes, so far gone, and showed part of it on TML. and if you think other wise, this album will prove it. he has production from 9th wonder, q-tip, dj priemer, dj khalil, 40, the xx, and couple more but unknown producers. its all bout good music at the end of the day and drake will time he will be one of the best.

  • marty mcfly

    @Shawn , Kendrick is talented but to say he’s much better the Drake without having to prove it on ALL LEVELS of artistry is not being truthful. Being lyrical is just one part of being a artist cause there are other factors. Are you saying that Kendrick makes better hooks most times then Drake? Are you saying Section 80 could even compete on any NUMBER scale with Drake. Dont get it twisted I respect lyrics to the fullest but there is so much more to being a MC then just lyrics. What about business moves? They mean nothing? Cmonson

  • the realest

    @ airyeezy and mofos that hop and say shit like that then hop out like little bitches, foo this is what music is about. debates. this just so happen to a topic that has very different opinions. on.

    and little do you know a&r AND artists to come here and read up on their music. how else are they gonna know the opinions of the masses. they say “oh idont care about internet blogs or idont feed into it”. u can not feed into, doesnt mean they dont take a few mins out the day while they’re on a plane, or in the studio or being driven around to see what ppl think of their music. they’re only human.

    they could see niggaz hating, then go straight into the booth and be like “the internet bloggers and the critics” type shit. it all goes with the territory.

  • ThaTruh

    I believe their need to be a different genres of rap and Hip hop like they do with different styles of Rock. It clearly to see that Kendrick cant touch Drake’s level when it come to the Females and Drake cant touch Kendrick when it come down to Politics. There really no argument but accept for who effected the game more ? I also feel Artists but themselves in a box when they don’t switch up the subjects matters and sticking to one flow and the same also apply to producers like lex luger.

  • Verdad

    You wanna figure out why but you cant accept the fact that not everybody see eye to eye with all this Drake love. And thats the same sentiment recieved from the majority of stans….scroll up & down this page and look at how many times you posted suckin this nigga off! Nigga pleez, youre a successful failure.

  • Shake

    @marty yea if songs like Ignorance is Bliss, The Heart Pt. 2, ROTC, Poe Mans Dreams, and Rigamortus dont prove to you that he can rap circles around Drake then you seriously have no knowledge of MC/technical/lyrical skills, only 1 of those songs does he rap fast (Drake can rap fast too, so what?) but if you read the lyrics to that song you’ll see that its lyrically better than anything Drake has spit in 2-3 years…Drake had popularity and a fanbase and connections from Day 1(who else has famous pop artists on their 2nd mixtape??)..Kendrick had to earn everything..and Thank Me Later is a major label album release, Section 80 isnt, but like I said earlier..creativity and lyricism (which Kendrick has) isnt necessary when it comes to impact on a culture, Rick Ross had a bigger impact on hip hop as a culture with his Teflon Don album and Waka Flocka had a bigger impact than Kendrick (everybody wants to spit on Lex Luger beats now) does that mean he’s better than Kendrick too??? Souljaboy had a bigger impact, because of him all aspiring rappers were trying to come up with dance songs for a while, does that mean Kendrick cant rap.circles around him either?? I’m done going back and forth with you, soend more time worrying about the music and what YOUR OPINION is and less time about game, impact, success, and popular beliefs smh “A wise man told me dont argue with fools, cause people from a distance cant tell who is who”

  • marty mcfly

    What about impact on the mainstream and underground? Cause Drake was respected by the underground for his mixtape. Drake also writes for other huge artists in R&B so to be better you have to do at least half of what he can do and on a higher level. Thats only fair

  • marty mcfly

    @Shake ok thats fine cause thats YOUR OPINION but for that to be more credible then mine it would have to be proven. More people would agree with me that Drake is a better artist and I con PROVE my claims with facts. You are only going off you own musical taste while im using reality. Thats not me being on Drakes nuts , thats me observing what he is showing people who are fans of hip hop.

  • the realest

    @the realest, well its only been one album so far. he does have cretive control, of all people hes shown it in his mixtapes, so far gone, and showed part of it on TML. and if you think other wise, this album will prove it. he has production from 9th wonder, q-tip, dj priemer, dj khalil, 40, the xx, and couple more but unknown producers. its all bout good music at the end of the day and drake will time he will be one of the best.

    domican said this on July 31st, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    ^ i hope so. i really do. like i said he killed it on that barry bonds and he needs shit like that. on production like that. THATS the real. when niggaz bring out the competition in rap music. thats what makes it different from other genres. the competition. he can still have his boi-1das and noahs and emotional shit. thats what makes him Drake. if your gonna live up to the hype we’re giving him, he gotta prove that he can go toe to toe with anybody. and thats hard when these rappers choose not to beef or battle anymore. they think they got the privilage of ignoring it like jay-z. jay-z went toe to toe with nas and been on a track with em. not to mention he kills songs when hes featured. hes EARNED the right. and we loose focus that this is not just any kind of music, this is RAP music.

  • Shawn

    @ Marty

    Okay. Let’s talk.

    You are measuring success on all levels then you can put Soulja Boy into the conversation with Drake, not on the lyrics alone but as an all-around deal, as you state. Because, honestly, I do not consider Drake a great lyricist when compared to what else is out there. I can name a boat load of artists that are much, MUCH better than Drake. There are no business moves that put Drake apart from many other artists in the Hip Hop community. Drake just had a different platform along with being an artist. That doesn’t mean shit with what I’m talking about.

    With the technology the way it is today, you can discover and listen to artists without dropping a shit load of change out there to get your hands on their material. With that being said, all I, and a lot of other people out there, care about is the quality of the music. I can give two shits about Drake’s business moves and what not. Hell, if we’re going down that road, we’d have to mention a bunch of other artists, who frankly, are hot garbage with all things considered.

  • Shawn

    What it all boils down to is the quality of what is coming through my headphones. Hell, I’d take Cudi and Cole over Drake any day. I only mention those two because they are considered in the “new” era of Hip Hop artists.

    When taking this song for what it is, the beat is sub par and Drake isn’t really saying a whole lot that gravitates me to listening it again. He is going for catchy, as many people out there have already said. I as a listener of this music, see through that and grade this song for what it is, mediocore. I’m not telling others not to listen to it. Hell, even Drake has put out better material than this song right here.

  • marty mcfly

    @Shawn , if you sold ten times more records then me and your impact was ten times as strong as mine but I just had better lyrics then you. Would it be fair to compare us? No because you’ve gone way to far and im not even close. To be better then somebody else you have to be able to do at least half of what they can do and better. No excuses , to be better then Drake most of your beats and lyrics and hooks and impact and fanbase and projects and sales etc… have to be better then Drakes or at least be close.

  • the realest

    @ nah. idont think so bro. cuz drake was wats hots. ppl dont wanna hear no gangsta shit. and their excuse is they cant relate to it. ppl wanna hear that over-emotional. keyword OVER-emotional. this is too much. everysong is about hearbreak. thats just not masculine as a rapper.


    ^shit like this just goes completly un-noticed. and thats cuz of the time we’re in.

  • the realest

    ^@ marty

  • shake

    @marty so since more people would agree with you means you’re opinion is more credible and has a higher chance of being correct, right? ok well if I call you a faggot right now and more people agree with my opinion then that means most likely you are indeed a faggot..right? smh at your logic…my musical taste is wider than yours..I can listen to Kendrick Lamar 1 moment, next moment listen to The Strokes, next moment listen to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, then be listening to Beach House, and then listen to Grove St. Party by Waka Flocka..and you can not prove that Drake has better lyrical/technical skills than Kendrick or a wider range of concepts and creativity

  • Shake

    Drake fans look down on Kendrick because he’s not as popular, hasnt made a big impact or straight up think he’s wack because his music is different and doesnt stick on the usual repetitive topics they hear so much that they’ve been brainwashed into thinking its great music smh, ignorance affects how they judge music…Kendrick fans look down on Drake because they are used to listening to hip hop at a higher level of skill, creativity, talent, versatility, and lyricism (notice I said lyricism last) so when they listen to Drake they notice how weak and repetitive it is and how its nothing special and is on a dumbed-down level below the level that Kendrick makes musicc

  • marty mcfly

    @Shake , I dont have to prove Drake is lyrically better the Kendrick but if you’ve been following hip hop for the last three years then what does it look like? Are you saying reality isnt proof enough and that musical taste is more credible. Your logic aint to good either cause I can name songs that have done better for the past three years straight is that not true bitch? Its facts its more then just opinion and maybe if it was just one year we were talking id consider your foolishness but its been 3 years straight of big songs. Idiot stop talkin

  • domican

    @shake cmon man, now your just losing credibility and acting like a complete dick. wide range of musical taste? i mean anyone can name a whole bunch of musicians and artists and saya nything that they want but your taste of music isn’t anything much than than what you had for dinner. you can throw the word faggot around, but it will only make you look like a complete prick, dick etc.

  • LupeFaco

    LMAO i already knew this song was hot just by the amount of upvotes and comments
    CASE CLOSED shawty

  • the realest

    ^ see that shit! niggaz see the likes and be like “oh yeah, this a banger” -_____-. thats this shit got 1392. probley the only real ears are the ones who disliked it

  • shake

    @marty music has been downhill for atleast 10 years, lyricism is only the obvious category that Kendrick is better in, thats if you have any knowledge of things like metaphors, concepts, and wordplay etc. things that Drake lacks in and Kendrick excels in…the only reality is that people’s standards when it comes to music have dropped, thanks to record labels pushing the Wacka Flockas, Lil Waynes, Gucci Manes, Soulja Boys, Kraeyshawns of this world (THIS IS SOMETHING THAT LIL B HAS EXPOSED, HE KNOWS IGNORANCE SELLS) if the radio decided to strictly play lyrical hip hop on the radio, people would eventually start looking at that as good music and the ignorant music that Young Money makes as wack..its easy to brainwash people, all you have to do is force-feed them the same meal over and over again and they’ll eventually resist anything different than what they’re used to or anything that doesnt fit the mold that they are used to..try some other foods you fool, broaden your horizons..the things that you say Drake is better than Kendrick in lack substance

  • Shawn


    The problem is what the two of us are using to measure Drake by. You are taking into the account his sales, popularity, etc. I am comparing him on what makes him a quality artist, which I think he isn’t, by a long shot, hasn’t been for a while. I think he is the beneficiary of marketability, platform, and production for the most part. The fact of the matter is, the essence of hip hop always comes down to the lyrics at the core. Yes, it is important what you’re trying to convey in the music. Although, if what you’re saying on your track isn’t lyrical, then what’s the point of listening to it? I can understand the nature of hip hop has a lot of topics that are discussed on tracks. The content spectrum is rather wide. I’m not saying everything else isn’t important, such as beats and the flow. It is always good to listen to a lyrical song with a great beat backing it. Although, it is easier to push a song with sub par lyrics and a catchy beat/hook. I will be one to listen to a song based on the content of the song, not just the beat. This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone out there who listens to music. I can let the beat slide some if the overall content of the track is good.

    The fact of the matter is, if you ask the average person out there what they really like an artist for, they aren’t going to respond by saying.. “Oh, I like the fact that they sell a lot of records and make business moves. This is why I listen to them.” Most records are sold by how much you can flood the radio with. Get something “catchy” on there, with a hook and marketability and there you have a hit song. The artist gets a million downloads from listeners out there. It is what they are fed and people tend to eat it up without thinking twice. This has no relevance on the fact if whether its actually quality music. Now, that isn’t to say that there aren’t quality musicians on the radio. The problem is that when you are trying to appeal to the radio crowd, it is a well-known fact, that you don’t always put out the best quality. There is a formula to the game and there are artists out there who want to achieve success based on that formula.

    Where we luck out is that there are still artists out there who don’t compromise the quality and put out great music. This is one of benefits of having the Internet. I don’t have to resort to the radio anymore and can actually find good music without it. I also don’t want you to get me wrong. I’m not saying that Drake is complete trash or anything of the sort. I obviously still give him a listen if he puts something out, hoping it would touch on what he has the caliber of doing, but it hasn’t happened. He has potential to put out quality tracks but he honestly hasn’t done so in a long while, for various reasons. This is my entire point. Most of what I listen to from Drake is usually running parallel to what he says most of the time. Now if you ask me to listen to Drake or Kendrick, that choice isn’t even hard at all for me. When I take the body of work the two have put out, even with Kendrick doing things for a less amount of time, the quality is better to me. You can say this is my opinion, so be it, you have your own opinion as well.

  • marty mcfly

    How many times do I have to say I respect lyrics? So im not just judging Drake because of hype cause I actually think Drake is a good song writer and that means lyrics , you know what just forget it. It dont matter

  • Shake

    shake cmon man, now your just losing credibility and acting like a complete dick. wide range of musical taste? i mean anyone can name a whole bunch of musicians and artists and saya nything that they want but your taste of music isn’t anything much than than what you had for dinner. you can throw the word faggot around, but it will only make you look like a complete prick, dick etc.

    domican said this on July 31st, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    ^^^^^^^ actually your taste in music and what music you listen to has a bigger impact on your personality and a better measure of what kind of person you are than what food you eat…if I eat chicken and cornbread all day, that isnt going to unconsciously influence me to start calling all women hoes and start valueing money and “swag” over wisdom and self esteem…but if I listen to Lil Wayne and Waka Flocka all day long then I will…if some1 listens to a wide range of music, its a sign that they have an open-mind and are strong minded..and I threw in the word faggot as an example to disprove marty’s flawed logic, I wasnt necessarily calling him a faggot

  • domican

    @shake i made the music and food statement on an unstable analogy not to be taken literary, but all blogs are all literal. and why are you bringing in the word “swag” taking an anology too far, why build on it? and like you said, you say you cant prove certain things about a person so how are you so sure that marty’s logic is flawed? because it isnt like yours? or because your ego tells you you have a better musical taste than he does? well from someone using the word faggot as rebbutle, you seem to be pretty flawed yourself. like a bitch, pretty, and flawed. a female dog, who is color blind “flawed”. an analogy taken far. and you dont necceraliy know that, people might listin to lil wayne just for fun and not specifically for the overall artist he is. i dont believe in bragging about who i listen to and say im better than that person, i believe that anyone can listen to this song and be just as open minded as you “claim” you are. then again, it is impossible to prove such things, so ill leave you with my opinion drake is a good artist, songwriter. that’s it.

  • the realest shit in rap comes from my voice box

    ^true. but this song is wack. which is what we came here for.

  • vagrant99

    Seems like people keep forgetting that it’s all about perspective. Someone may listen to this song and hate and someone else might love it, neither of them are wrong, it’s just what they feel. Different people get different things out of songs. Its the one thing no artist cam predict: how each and every person will react to the song. They can dress it up and make it more appealing by adding a catchy hook or a banging beat, but it’s still not going to guarantee everyone will like it. Every listener is entitled to their own opinion of a song. Doesn’t make them a dumbass or inferior because they like or dislike it. When it comes to Drake songs sometimes i’m feeling it, sometimes im not. I like his “get it off my chest” lyrical content because usually its relatable to me. “RELATABLE TO ME” That’s the key phrase. I really don’t give a fuck about anyone else cause nonone else usually effects my music experience. I like what i like. Everyone has different taste in music and everyone has different taste in the type of hip hop they like. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, OFWGKTA, Childish Gambino, even Lil Bs dumbass. They all bring something different to the table and add diversity to the genre. I think we’re lucky we have so many styles of rap to choose from.

  • 7


  • Shake

    @domican a flawed logic has nothing to do with a person or their personality..I’m sure Albert Einstein has even come up with flawed logics…according to marty mcfly, if most people agree with him then that means his opinion is true…there are flaws in that logic, proof that the logic is flawed is if I called him a faggot and most people agreed with me, but in reality he is not a faggot..so in other words, I can care less if most people agree with him, that doesn’t prove that he is right and it doesn’t prove that I am wrong…I never made an opinion on marty as a person based off of his comments, I made an opinion about his knowledge of music based off of his comments…you on the other hand are making an opnion about my personality based off of my comments which is foolish since you would have to actually get to know me in order to know me or anything about my personality since comments in a c-section can be easily misinterpreted…and yes I do know that lol study the subconscious and how the brain works, you can listen to Lil Wayne for certain reasons but that doesnt take away the fact that if you listen to him enough his music will affect you in some type of way…if every1 of your hip hop artist uses the word “nigga” and you listen to them enough, there’s a extremely high chance that word will subconsciously be added into your vocabulary, whether you like it or not…what I said about swag and using the word hoe was just an example that you took to literally..and I think Drake is predictable, I used to think he was great..until I started studying every single genre and sub-genre of music known to man

  • marty mcfly

    @Shake , the fact is millions of people say Drake is dope would say he is above Kendrick on the musical and lyrical food chain. So the chance of millions being wrong is possible but not likely. Your saying Kendrick is lyrically better then Drake and im just pointing out what reality is showing you for the past three years.

  • G.O.O.D music > ymcmb

  • domican

    @shake it doesnt prove that you are right either . so we are back int he cycle of circles which is called a “blog” where nothing is ever really proven, and opinions are treated like facts. so you didn’t make an opinion or you did? you made a general opinion about marty, and basically anyone who doesn’t agree with you. and yes i know comments can be misinterpreted but thats all we have, all we have is comments to make judgement, i’d say that’s a pretty fair judgement. and comparing hip hop to other generes and sub genres is a very unorganized way to judge an artist. that is why genres are made, to divide such music/genres that cannot be comparable. and well Obama has lil wayne on his ipod, doesn’t specifically say it make him stupid, or that it has affected his brain. he probably listened to him enough to have him on his iPod so your claim wouldn’t really make sense would it, im not brining politics into this but im being rather more literal. all hip hop artist these days are predictable wouldnt you say, like the new school, “its just another black guy with a mix tape”. thats how it is, not an artist who now founded a new type of dimension but its rather hip hop, hip hop doesn’t change, more so it adapts. artists change, and i think drake has time to do that for the better, for what he wants. not for “critics”.

  • Shake

    @marty I can care less if more people co-sign Drake than Kendrick, more than half of those people only listen to the music record labels/radio feeds them and are females anyway who listen to music with their eyes and just listen to whatever is hot on the radio or the clubs lol more people would say that Trey Songz is better than John Legend, Raphaael Saadiq and Maxwell too, I strongly disagree on that too..and I’m saying Kendrick is better conceptually, creatively, technically, and then lyrically..I thought the lyrics aspect was common knowledge for anybody that has heard both of them before and knows what lyricism is..how you view lyricism can be subjective but some aspects are factual

  • Shake

    @dominican I just said that it doesnt prove that he is right, doesnt prove that I am right, doesnt prove that he is wrong, doesnt prove that I am wrong, so at the end of the day that logic he used is flawed and shouldn’t have even been used when defending an artist and trying to prove your point…and yes everybody is making opinions about music, you took it further when you made an unecessary opinion about my personality..I can care less about anybody’s personalities in here..and studying all genres was to expand my knowledge of music, not to compare Drake to other genres or hip hop to other genres, no matter what genre it is, there is no excuse for being repetitive and predictable other than you just aren’t a creative artis and don’t think outside the box…the more predictable artists there are being promoted, the more accepted it will be by the masses….not once did I say Lil Wayne makes you stupid lol but yea I bet if Obama can recite a Lil Wayne verse with no problem then that just goes to show how music can easily get into your subconscious, it wont affect the strong-minded ones like Obama but it will affect the plethora of weak-minded people (youth is the best target) that live on this Earth..and no not all hip hop artists are predictable, there’s nothing the brain can not do and can not come up with but it seems like hip hop and pop are the 2 genre where being repetitive and predictable are promoted and accepted

  • I Award You No Points, and May God Have Mercy On Your Soul

    marty mcfly, you are a babbling idiot. You’re trying to contrast an up and coming artist against an established artist, and your measuring stick is the number of fans? Fool, when Drake was on the come up, Flo Rida was a superstar. Soulja Boy had millions of loyal fans. Plies was the hottest rapper out. Does that make them “above Drake on the musical and lyrical food chain”? No, of course not. All it shows is that you’re too stupid to make a decent point.

  • marty mcfly

    @Shake being lyrical means you can compete lyrically in both commercial and non -commercial hip hop. Being lyrical means that you know WHEN to keep it simple , being lyrical means you write big songs that have impact on the culture. Being lyrical is more then wordplay and concepts. Being lyrical means writing big hooks , good stories , songs for all types of listeners , RADIO and underground. Only reaching people with one form of wordplay is not being better lyrically.

  • marty mcfly

    @I Award…. NO actually my argument is that you should NOT compare the two.

  • marty mcfly

    Jayz – “The idea some people have of dumbing down is based on a misconception of what a great song can do. “Empire State is the biggest song of Jayz career because its LYRICAL , why? The song is about loving the city where your from. 2nd its also about the ugly side of the cities drug game. 3rd Jay leaves a trail for you to follow from where he used to “Cop in Harlem to his “Stash spot in BK” 4th the song is a anthem song that ends about a girl who came to the city but let the city change her for the worst. 5th the verses give a back story to the hook. 6th the word play like – ” And in the winter gets cold in vogue with your skin out” Which also can sound like “Anna Wintour in Vogue with your skin out” – the editor of the magazine which makes people think of glossy imagery. Words like “melting Pot” can mean a drug reference or a cultural mixture of people in the city. Then using words more then once in different ways – “bus trip” , ‘bust out- bus route” Then philosophical punchlines like “Jesus cant save you , life starts when the church ends” Then regular lines thats just dope “I be Spiked out , I could trip a referee. This is being lyrical people cause the song is filled with gems all over it like a masterpiece of substance. Im done good night

  • Shake

    @marty..Kendrick can compete on both levels, he would easily be in the top lyricist level of commercial hip hop along with Lupe and Nas..he knows when to keep it simple with songs such as Michael Jordan and Cut You Off, though I wouldn’t say that’s being lyrical, thats called being an artist…impact on a culture depends more on the listeners and how its promoted than the artist himself, I’m sure if “Hiii Power” by Kendrick was played on mainstream radio as much as record labels/radio stations plays Young Money songs it would make a HUGE impact and open up some eyes..but Kendrick isnt a major label artist so I’m a dismiss that opinion of yours…of course being lyrical is more than wordplay and concepts, wordplay is a just technical aspect of hip hop but concepts is where you see just how creative lyrically the artist is, that goes for any artist of any genre…that last part is basically a repeat of the first statement you made, I KNOW, commercial and non-commercial, underground and radio, but thats not really fair to say when comparing Kendrick and Drake since Kendrick hasn’t decided to sign with a major label yet..but yea, hooks is the only thing I would say Drake has the upperhand on when comparing him to Kendrick..Kendrick has about 15 forms of wordplay all on Section 80..even Drake’s flow is repetitive, Kendrick has a different flow every song

  • marty mcfly says he’s done…BUT HE’S NEVER REALLY DONE!

  • marty mcfly

    @shake , you keep saying all the things Kendrick is NOT and what he DOESNT have and what he HASNT done. So when you can talk about what he has done then you can argue whos better but all this “woulda – coulda” and maybe if this and that or IF he had a deal then this and that mite happen. Only makes it sound like Kendrick is not the better artist out of the two. I got respect for Kendrick and all that shit but dont claim he’s better but then say its not fair to compare them when thats what I been telling you the whole time.

  • Nobody

    I think comparing in hip hop is played out and idiotic.. In general, you dont see or hear Lincoln Park fans going “fuck System of a Down” because they’re not commercial enough… I will say Drake writes in a more relatable tone for the world and that he does it on purpose.. So he has more of a universal appeal and that’s intentional.. Kendrick is more localized.. He has stated over and over he’s not writing for the globe.. He’s writing for the West Coast and Compton, so his influence is there.. It really is as simple as that and should be left at that.. Kendrick’s career is also not at Drake’s when it comes to looking at their peaks or amount of material to judge off.. Give Kendrick a couple years and maybe he’ll seem reptitive, maybe not.. Stop bitching and just enjoy it.. I liked So Far Gone and OD and thought TML was a bit disappointing and am still digesting Section 80.. I like Drake’s newer shti too.. Pointless to compare, just keep em both on your ipod.. and I do like this song, regardless of how ‘simple’ it may seem to some.. BTW, musical taste is not only based off the range of what you listen to though that is a good indicator of good taste.. but with how different hip hop is now, if you listened to the 20+ different types of hip hop, and you may have a good “musical hip hop taste”

  • Nobody

    ALSO – .. the more I listen to Big Sean, the more I notice similarities in Drake’s delivery to his.. And I think it started at Sean but who knows.. I still like em both.. Even Jay-Z “new watch alert, Hublots” .. that’s Sean Supa Dupa flow.. and who was one of the first to start rockin snap backs? Sean.. And Jay also said in OTIS “snap back, see my cut through the holes” and he’s been wearin em since Sean blew up.. Just sayin.. I respect Sean’s originality even if he is also a little reptitive

  • D

    And meanwhile, Drake sits on the throne.

  • domican

    @nobody nah drake came first. but wtf is a supa dupa flow? acting like you invented something thats not originality, cam’ron did it first acually way back. so fuck big sean. hes tooooooo wack.

  • Nobody

    It mighta been Cam’Ron.. though the first time I remember that rhymestyle was Eminem on Lose Yourself “Vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti” .. but that was more 1 line and not a style he repeated..

  • agraysocialite

    Before I comment, can you guys chill out on the fucking comparisons and name dropping. You all sound like a bunch of bitches. Drake sings his hooks and J. Cole produces his own shit so stop trying to say one is better than the other. They’re working with what the fuck they got just like any other artist. We will know who the fuck is better when J.Cole & Drake drop their respective albums. So just wait for the shit. I want a nice ass album from both of them but, arguing about the motherfuckers isn’t going to make them come faster obviously…

    Comment: Honestly, this isn’t a bad [commercial] song, but this is typical for a drake song and I wouldn’t have chose it as a single. Maybe he didn’t know what to do with the song so the only play he was probably going to get from it was making it a single. *shrugs* So I agree with whoever said this might end up being a Thank Me Later II.

  • Shake

    @marty thats because the things that you say make a artist better dont necessarily make them better, all they require is to be signed to a major deal which = access to a wider audience..so in other words you’re either being biased towards Drake and mainstream artists or you need to change your standards with this whole “impact on hip hop”/commercial & non-commercial nonsense, its been proven you dont need much talent to make a impact in hip hop..I dont care if Kendrick has a deal or not, he can still rap circles around Drake’s repetitive uncreative self with his mouth closed..PEACE

  • domican

    damn this song is growing on me… especcialy the ending and that smooth sound. its good thought, appreciate it, i see why he picked it, like transition from tml to take care. its resonable.

  • The better artist isn’t the man with more lyricism… the better artist is the man that sells more & has the larger audience.

    Drake > J.Cole

    Just saiyan…

  • kd

    this is ok

  • Behind the scenes of Drakes “Hidelines” Music Video
    –> http://youtu.be/bBtUn0GC4hs

  • Behind the scenes of Drakes “Headlines” Music Video
    –> http://youtu.be/bBtUn0GC4hs

  • Pauly Dee

    Can we all just agree that Marty Mcfly sounds like that Leave Brittany alone Guy?

  • domican

    @pauly dee, your such a hypocrite lol you were just complainging about someone going on the same artists post, posting their opinion, but your doing the same thing? hypocrite you are. im both j cole and drake fan but you dont have to be a hypocrite you dick, to be honest work out is just horrible.

  • Pauly Dee

    First, I didn’t “complainging” about anything. I don’t even think “complainging” is a word.

    Second, how am I a hypocrite? On this post, I said it was a good song. Get off of Marty’s dick and stop assuming shit. (And I said NEGATIVE opinions on that Cole post)

  • Umpire

    “Can we all just agree that Marty Mcfly sounds like that Leave Brittany alone Guy?”

    lmao ALWAYS

  • domican

    @pauly dee oh gee big deal. thats called a typo. idk if you ever heard of it. but the thing is your following the same guy on a cole post and drake post just so you can be a dick?

  • Pauly Dee

    Well, that’s the point. To be a dick. In these days and times, I gotta get money somehow.

  • KOMBE971


  • shits ok, but tooo much hype. DMCB> Trust issues>This bullshit
    TML not a classic

    WTT>C4,Take care

  • Schism

    This dude is wack as fuck!!! Sounds Like keith sweat trying to rap. This proves to me that nobody cares about artistry anymore. Just riding the radio artists dick. Drake can make fart and shitting noises on a whole entire song and you dumbasses would probably think it’s the hottest song on the planet! I can understand kids listening to this garbage but adults? People that grew up in the 90’s listening to this shit? Why are we backwards? Why does music in the past sound a million times better than music in the present and the future. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Dumb Adults!!!

  • Cynkakarelle

    You guys should listen to this track: Nujabes – Feather (Feat. Cise Starr & Akin From Cyne) Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80m8UkDQZY4 …. Beautiful Music!!!! Drake is a great lyricist in my opinion, but I do agree that he shouldn’t make Headlines the first single, it does lack punch.. Drake <3 Forever!!