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J. Cole – Any Given Sunday v. 1 (FreEP)

blame it on Miss_Peas July 31, 2011

Art Direction and Design by Alex Haldi

While putting the finishing touches on his debut album, J. Cole decided to let loose his first installment of his “Any Given Sunday” series with a 5-track EP. Cole World: The Sideline Story due out Sept. 27. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Like A Star: “Was saving this for the 2nd album. Due to some other shit beyond my control, I’ma let this out now.”
2. Knock On Wood: “One of my fav. freestyles. OG Dreamvillains gotta be reminded, new fans gotta get put on.”
3. Pity: “Brand new J. Cole, Omen, Voli. Produced by Voli @volitheentity”
4. How High: “at one point this was guaranteed to go on The Sideline Story.”
5. Unabomber: “Just heard this today for the first time in a longgg time. Love these raps.”

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Any Given Sunday v. 1 (FreEP)

  • Rafae Sheikh


  • fffff


  • franklindon12


  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    Cole said “all new material”, well I have heard 3 of these songs already. Why do rappers always do that shit? This dude claims he has over 50 songs that didn’t make the album, yet he releases 3 previous released songs/freestyles? OK then…….

  • Real Hip-Hop

    now watch all the little girlies go wild

  • DRE


  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    Btw Headlines >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Work Out.

    I’m a Cole fan btw…..

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Why have I already heard these tracks before though?

  • jrt123

    Like the two new songs. Can’t wait for everyone in here to start making their Drake comparisons & NYC Brooklyn to do his usual ripping of Cole.

  • Chris_Zurcher

    that pity track is sooo nicee. always love cole and omen together. and unabomber is a classic j cole joint. and it isnt his fault shits leaking

  • LawdyDawdy

    Lawd! How High should have been a single for the album.

    Artists think about leaks way too much imo. If it leaks it’s immediately vetoed for the album. It shouldn’t be that simple.

  • kidadonis

    People always gotta complain…

  • undefeated

    too bad only 2 of these are new…o well its free

  • smh

    amen @kidadonis

  • Niceeeeeee!!

    Hoffa @ Me

  • FuckStupidBitches


    Cole said all new material when he was talking about the mixtape. & even then he still said it will have like 2-3 old songs.

    Like A Star = New ( Only released it because it was going to leak )
    Pity = New
    How High = New ( Its old because it leaked )

    Knock On Wood & Unabomber are old but very good songs.

  • derrty

    this is such a creative idea Any Given Sunday Volumes til the album… this is what cole needs while dropping new songs and old songs at once hes maintaing and making new fans… this is awesome!! COLE WORLD!!

  • sixbluntsdeep

    hype tape

  • Get Familiar

    I’m not tripping cause its only volume 1 and I was very pleased with both new traks. frankly I’m also pleased for joints such as Unabomber and How High to have an official spot on an EP rather than be loose tracks in my itunes, in my mind they deserve that.

  • Chris_Zurcher

    @get familar. cosign. happy tracks arent floating anymore

  • Yo


    “this is such a creative idea Any Given Sunday Volumes til the album”

    Creative? See West, Kanye.

  • TOrrf

    Headlines >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Work Out.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    112 likes, 5 dislikes

    Fuck yeah

  • tez fly

    The sample on Like A Star is dope.

    Pity is a problem. J. Cole + Omen = good combo. Can’t wait to hear more new tracks. PS when is Watch The Throne leaking? Once I get that, I’m gonna be set for music for a while… and im still bumpin section 80 boi!

    LA in the buildin

  • LawdyDawdy

    @Yo See I, Crooked.

  • JOSH

    How can anyone complain about this?

  • derrty

    @ Yo I mostly ment the phrase “Any Given Sunday” but also this is kinda bigger than Kanye’s cause Cole putting new & old songs out

  • Yo

    @lawdydawdy For christ sakes, see Beatz, Swizz lol

  • LawdyDawdy

    @yo ha, no one checked Beatz on that one

  • ColeAboutToBlowUp

    Best songs were already old. You have to come harder Cole! He’s losing his hunger, I don’t know how I can like the orginal “Like a Star” better when it’s by Cole. We need that “Warm Up” “FNL” music!

  • Yo


    Bigger than Kanye? Kanye was fucking mixing songs on the Friday he released them. Love Cole and happy for the new music, but GOOD Fridays were on another level. These are his scraps, GOOD Fridays could have been an album and a million-plus would’ve copped.

  • 36Chambers

    All dope songs even though some arent new.

  • Shawn

    Always good to hear some new Cole. This goes.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    People will ALWAYS complain about something. It’s a never ending cycle. Smh.

  • marty mcfly

    what is ya’ll honest opinion of this shit cause mine is on some NYC/BK shit about this but seriously is this whats really dope now? Subject matter is great but does delivery and beats not even matter anymore?

  • Zero Kool

    “Serenade” is the best J Cole song EVER!!! or maybe “Good Game” but hey I havent heard that sound on any of his new joints and I can only hope the album is filled with joints like those.

  • Caveman

    @ derrty. how is this “creative”? were you born today? rappers have been droppin mixtapes/ep’s/singles up to and between their albums for fuckin years man..

  • A chick

    Lovin the new tracks!

  • A chick

    @Zero Koot

    I agree “Good Game” is dope!! Hope he re-releases it on “any given sunday” lol

  • sayWORD

    You can’t be serious? A new EP every Sunday? Damn, this is better than GOOD Fridays.

  • Frank

    “this is such a creative idea Any Given Sunday Volumes til the album”

    are you retarded? or just another delusional j.cole dickrider?



  • Rafae Sheikh

    Cole stay winnin’

  • Gre Pantagoli

    derrty is officially the clown of 2DB

  • What Willis Was Talkin ‘Bout

    Lovin the new tracks

  • jayz


  • kidadonis

    LOL @ Marty McFly “Subject matter is great but does delivery and beats not even matter anymore? ”

    And that’s the issue. People ignore subject matter and just focus on the other two. It’s decent, free and now that he is releasing more music and coming out of secrecy, people complain because they aren’t what they want it to be.

  • Nikki Rowe Swag!

    Can some put the files of each song by itself cuz I can’t download a .zip flies on phone.

  • derrty

    @ all the ones who said @ derrty AGAIN I LIKE THE FUCKING TITLE “ANY GIVEN SUNDAY” UGH!!! lol now… @ YO now i beleive he used a good amount of those songs for albums and kanye’s only 1.5 platinum or so… @ Caveman i like the title hes using. @ frank no im not a dick rider i like good music im very critical of the ppl i like but i also just like getting new music… that is all thanx for the special treatment hahaha but seriously COLE WORLD, stop hating SEPT 27th

  • domican

    knock on wood is the best out of all of them. even though its old. you guys think these are the leaks, he has alot more leaks lol.

  • DJ Salad (WE ARE FRESH FOREVER!!!!!!!)

    Damn derrty…… just got shitted on lol

  • ladifuckingda

    everything cole makes leaks, his camp has more holes than a fucking strainer haha. glad to see new music from him tho.

  • Chisr

    probably wont listen to these songs again to be honest. like cole though. just very bland

  • sayWORD

    BTW, why the fuck do you guys always put that retarded, ugly, redundant yellow border on every image/cover. At least have the decency to link to the full size cover.

  • derrty

    @ Dj Salad How did I get shitted on????? Instead of sayin idea I shoulda said title just never realized ppl in the c-section were that sensitive

  • Prof. Oak

    You gotta love how people jump back on his dick after all that hate after work out Lmao.

    I’ve been on board to cop the album for a long time now, but this was a pleasant surprise.

  • Tim
  • Csss

    nobody jumping back on his dick brah. they didnt like work out so they said they didnt like it. that’s not hating… that’s just their opinion. i know that probably hurt your feelings but not everybody has to like everything cole does. if its mediocre it mediocre get over it. nobody is “back on” anybody’s dick. this sounds like a ep of old throwaways to me. does that make me a hater?

  • marty mcfly

    @kidadonis , yeah it sounds good but my listening skills are fine and as for subject matter , its all good to rap about other peoples lives but what is this niggas story? Subject matter is good but the word music implies melody not just words about the struggle of somebody else.

  • nice. google LAH-KID

  • ColeWorld

    man… cole fucking world thats all i gotta say

  • the realest

    “this aint spittin hoe, im sneezing”

    yeah im looking out for that coleworld. and this is a breath of fresh air coming out of that drake song which was terrible.

  • BenoitFlow

    You motherfuckers complaining need to shut up. Regardless of how many new songs he put out today, I guarantee he released more new music today than your other favourite artists.

    Be grateful.

  • Van City

    j cole……..wins? willow smith is crying somewhere

  • Rafae Sheikh



  • Busy

    smh @ all you ppl bitching over this man giving out FREE music… the fuck up!!!!! I assume he will be doing this every Sunday until the albums release?

  • Rafae Sheikh



  • Jay Cole

    Its just the beginning haters!!! COLE WORLD 9/27

  • Dorian

    Hopefully he doesn’t go the Kanye West route and end it when his album inevitably leaks.

  • 2

    sucks for you guys. i didn’t listen to any of those leaks so this was a nice surprise.
    in my opinion cole isn’t going to get the shine he deserves because he doesn’t appeal mainstream listeners. he’s never put out music that belongs on the radio and now he’s getting a shitload of pressure to put out a radio single and it’s just not his style. in the end it should just be about the music and not popularity/success.

  • Grimzz

    Why people complaining about subject matter of a 20 something year old from NC?….really…

  • dmdpro5

    face it j.cole fans thumbs up this before they even heard it they like it no matter what but in the long run hes never going to get bigger hes not gainging new fans hes only loosing them anybody whos ever going to like j.cole has already heard him same with kendrick laaamar but unlike j.cole i dont think kendrick cares he like the undergoound buzz j.cole wants to be big as jay-z

  • twocents

    And him being 20 years old and from NC is an excuse? really? Michael Jackson sang about all kinda shit and he was from Indiana.. stop it.

  • I Love MILFS

    My nigga Cole good looking, would have been better though if the cover was of Jordan at UNC. None the less it’s free.

  • Great timing. Cole world. At least there’s nothing that sound like his music.

  • Grimzz

    you really just compared MJ and j. cole?….ok kill yourself lol

    i don’t get why complain about it when every mixtape goes in and his album isn’t out yet…these are throw aways for a reason…

  • Rafae Sheikh

    501 likes, 21 dislikes


  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeMyFather

    SMH, I knew soon as I came on here I’d see the J. Cole dickriding team. This shit already has 500 thumbs ups?
    *waits for a J. Cole dickrider to say I’m hating or that I’m broke or that I know nothing about hip-hop while shouting out “Cole World”

  • Rafae Sheikh

    You hatin’ ass prune

  • YOUNGsimba

    Yea he released Old Shit too you dumb fukks so that he can let the new listeners hear some of his old classics. Cole know what he doing he released something for everybody wit only 5 tracks, the new fans, old fans, and niggas who dont know cole at all. COLE FUCKIN WORLD yall cowards bout to witness GREATNESS!!

  • ThaTruth

    J Cole music started to sound the same and I feel that the album is not going to be all that he say it is. Its too much shit going on behind close doors. Kanye and Jay Z just dropped a single last week and the album coming out right around corner. It taking Cole forever to drop an album and giving other rapper the better half of his production. I’m not hating just aggravated that he could of plan this shit out better than what he is doing. Jay Z not talking about him or showing his face to support his artist and focusing more on Rihanna, Kanye and Beyonce smh. This shit just sad. I’m also not impress with this mini mixtape cause it sound old and like I heard it all before. I’m a fan of J cole but I gotta keep it real. J cole might not survive this year compare to Carter 4, Watch The Throne, Take Care, God Forgive I dont and even Meek Millz might out shine this nigga with his mixtape lol. IT REALLY IS A VERY COLD WORLD !!! GOODNIGHT

  • this shit is tight.

    i make music as well, im in a group now as R4U inc. 3 kids from Houston just trying to rap. You can search us on YouTube, or check out our music on revernation(.)com/r4uinc

  • AC

    Like the gangstarr sample on just like a star

  • T-Luv

    Headlines > Any given sunday


  • truth

    j cole cole world three below zero

  • HouseofStark

    I like the artwork and the Ep all of the songs are quality. These aren’t album quality though. I’m excited for 9/27 Cole World !


    Why must we compare an artist that doesn’t even have one album out, to artists that have 15, Watch the Throne most likely 16, number 1 albums! Can we give the nigga some sodding time?!! This is all a byproduct of fucking instant this, and instant that, nobody has time to let shit progress anymore. A fucking Microwave Society. Imagine if your family cooked Christmas dinner in a fucking microwave, lol. You’d be like, *Chris Rock voice*, “What the fuck is this shit!” Just give Cole some bloody time in the “oven.” Drake had a following due to acting, Wayne would have never heard of him as soon as he did, had Drake not been on fucking Degrassi, lol. Jay-Z had to grow up in the game. His best album (Reasonable Doubt) only went to 23 on the charts. You know why? It was his fucking 1st! (Okay, so maybe The Blueprint was his best album, another debate to be had, calm down!) This is a good marketing tool. Just like how Kanye did the Freshman Adjustment Volumes before Late Registration. Cole’s people know what their doing. He’s a commodity, not a fucking Papoose or Cassidy, they’ll want to make money off of his talent, so just be bloody patient!

  • trayday(M3)

    ^^^co-sign. *Imagine if slim shady came out wit all these media forums. Smdh.*


    the only real thing god made in this world to do is love, money is man made, they teach u to make money but they dont teach u how to love..the only thing u can control in this world is who u love and how u love them , love was like a drug , the first was the best and u run ur whole life trying to get that thrill again, true test in life. when i was layin next to her nothing mattered, no one could touch me , the best feeling i ever felt no drug could come close, ive tried them all ,in the end i never remebered where that first dollar came from but i couldnt forget the 1st love/ they say u move on but u never do

  • FuckStupidBitches

    “I smoke two L’s with your girl, this is Cool J.” – How High

  • E

    Older joints are way better

  • john
  • more jay, less war.

    Thank you, J. Cole.

  • J

    LMAO. J cole is gay as fuck for re-releasing 3 songs on a 5 track EP. Sad ass nigga. Work Out is garbage, Disgusting is garbarge.

  • Pugz

    Thanks Cole, i love you.

  • TheLocal

    i swear to god half of yall are straight fuckin retarded in one. 1. hes releasing FREE fuckin music and people are really gonna complain about it? like you click one button and have a folder with free music in it and your really gonna get on and complain youve heard some songs?

    [email protected] the people thinking that hes releasing an ep every sunday, please do yourself a favor and start taking the 10 seconds to read about what your about to comment on so you dont look like a fuckin idiot. it says right up there that he might release one song a video a bathc of songs, it just depends on what hes feelin

  • Goose

    Unabomber was the track that made me a Cole believer.

  • Hobo Ken

    I love J. Cole. But damn! Who’s Voli?


    *face palm* *SMH* WTF is this? somebody please tell why this nigga A. Hole has Michael Jordan on his freEP cover printed with the football term “Any Given Sunday”. that’s a major FAIL already and I haven’t gotten even to listen to this shit yet. **30 mins later**… GTFOH about you were saving “like a star” for your second album. how can you be that far ahead of yourself when you’re so fucking left behind without a first album. A. Hole please nigga, stop smoking them krispy kreme donuts. WTF are you saying in the last part of that “like a star” song? from the 3:18 to the 4:00 mark it sounds like you were either underwater drowning or had a mouthful of nickels. LMFAO!!! no fucking way that song was making any album. that’s the worst harmonizing I ever fuckin’ heard in my life. the rest of the freEP is…oh boy,,,I hate doin’ this shit because niggaz gonna be like I was hatin’ from the jump…but I gotta give my honest opinion…ok, here it is…I’m sorry dude, this whole shit is a MESS! honestly dude, are you fuckin’ serious with this shit? you should fuckin’ be embarrassed for even suggesting this freEP. it’s a lackluster dead end falling on deaf ear release of music. this is like them free government cheese bricks from the 80’s. niggaz used to line up for the free government cheese for hours to later go home and not find one thing to do with the fuckin’ free cheese. no fuckin’ lie dude, word on your momma. til this day, I have family members who still got some of that cheese somewhere in their fridge. that government cheese took hours to melt, them shits held up like cement bricks. niggaz had heart trying to cut through that cheese with butterknives and puerto rican machetes, just to be lucky to spread some cheese on a saltine cracker. this is how I feel about this freEP. you could of came correct,laid out a perfect plan for this project, executed some anticipation for your first Lp but you FAILED again my nigga. you must be surrounded by a bunch of dickriding yes men. does anybody in your camp have the balls to tell you these joints are wack and stop you from embarrassing yourself over and over again? this isn’t fun dude, I wish I could come out here and be optimistic about your project releases. you have gone to the shits my brother. the same type of shits them government cheese did to my Brooklyn peoples of the 80’s. A. HOLE YOU HAVE PAPOOSED YOURSELF!!!

  • Stannery at its Finest

    WE NEED CAN’T GET ENOUGH FEAT. TREY SONGZ OFFICIAL VERSION AND MOTHERFUCKING VIDEO RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING COLE NEEDS VIRALS LIKE KATHY LEE NEEDED REGIS!!!!! lol that song is fire, yes i listened to the leak, fuck you guys over here hating on this kid, and fuck that cole summer series. Those shits are LAME AS FUCK. SHOTT VIDEOS MAN! WORK OUT NEEDS A VIDEO!

  • will

    801 to 35, pretty damn good ratio lol

  • jay

    im tellin you if cole would just trash work out as a single and make i cant get enough the feat trey the single he gonna have a hit that beat sounds like something timbaland would make ep was tight too hope he keeps droppin joints on sundays

  • CK

    This dude NYC/BROOKLYN follows Cole everywhere to see what he’s doing so he can hate on it extra hard.

    Stop fucking complaining about this free shit.. he could’ve thrown out one new track this sunday, he just chose to do something different with this EP, maybe get some new people familiar with his music.. you can’t knock artists for using leaked songs, what else are they supposed to with them? Rather see them on a meaningless EP like this than on an album I’ll most likely will end up buying..

  • T’Challa

    LMFAO @NYC Brooklyn… I was waiting and you didn’t disappoint my dude.. these comments on J.Cole posts are more entertaining than his actual music..

  • marty mcfly

    @ jay did you just say J Cole and hit record in the same sentence? Cmonson you been waiting years to see that so Cole needs to pull Blow Up back out the stash and do a remix for it with Just Blaze and put Jay Electronica on it and fast. Your welcome Cole now follow through. @NYC/BK that shit had me rollin. LOL

  • prk

    im starting to view this dude as a hiphop troll, whos only goal is to prove you can rap like shit and still convince everyone your lyrical.

  • Fred

    dopeness. 9/27

  • NYC/BrooklynsMother

    NYC/Brooklyn is a post on every j.Cole post and it is something negative…obseessed much ? Lmao..Cole is making gwap rite now while your broke ass is is hating on his success haha! If you don’t like Coles shit..why bother to click on his post? Lmao makes me think NYC/Brooklyn is really a Cole fan just talking shit just to be a troll lol.. Cole World September. 27th bitch!

  • LupeFaco

    NYC /broklyn didnt dissapoint lol laughed again
    his funniest one ever done:
    “”I was gonna avoid 2DBZ on this glorious holiday weekend. I figured let the children go outside. breathe God’s winds and absorb God’s light. I had bible studies earlier this afternoon, yes the nigga NYC/BROOKLYN has a pair of church shoes. I’m not gonna go in depth of what passages of the bible the Rev was giving knowledge on, but one example was about a brother name Simon that was chosen to help Jesus carry the cross. it’s kind of ironic that another live video performance of the song “work out” shows up again on 2DBZ. is this a force feeding frenzy that’s going on? the song gets worse after every listen. to that knuckle saying “give this song a month and i promise it will on the Hot 100″. really? who are you? A. Hole’s conscience? give the song one more month and A. Hole’s career is gonna be hanging in the balance. just look at this nigga performing the song, he looks uncomfortable and hesitant to even finish the BS song. the expression on the keyboard guy in the beginning is priceless. this nigga arms are on his side looking at A. Hole like don’t do it nigga, don’t…awww fuck, not this work out shit again! the crowd is reacting like my bible study crew this afternoon. Rev was kickin’ wisdom and throwing in his personal problems in the mix and we like, nah Rev we was told this was some free community service class, get that money basket out of my face and keep it moving. this “work out” BS is embarrassing like them hillbilly jim vests this nigga is rockin’. just look at the body language of the keyboard guy throughout the performance. reminds what I said earlier about the bible study subject on Simon. the keyboard guy could of helped out, but he’s gonna stay in the sideline and be a witness to a crucifixion. A. HOLE YOU PAPOOSED YOURSELF!”

  • TOrrent911

    ” making gwap rite now “….umm not really , hes still in the underground circuit , u can tell how bad he dresses too
    whats his last mixtape called?? who knows
    like i said ALOT of buzz towards the release then week later everyone forgets abt it, dude has no long term talent,
    u tink ppl gonna be listenin to this in 10 years??
    get real ….nyc broklyn makes a point and hes the only rant thats actually funny /

  • fondleme

    niggaz used to line up for the free government cheese for hours to later go home and not find one thing to do with the fuckin’ free cheese. no fuckin’ lie dude, word on your momma. til this day, I have family members who still got some of that cheese somewhere in their fridge. that government cheese took hours to melt, them shits held up like cement bricks. niggaz had heart trying to cut through that cheese with butterknives and puerto rican machetes, just to be lucky to spread some cheese on a saltine cracker. this is how I feel about this freEP.
    just look at this nigga performing the song, he looks uncomfortable and hesitant to even finish the BS song. the expression on the keyboard guy in the beginning is priceless. this nigga arms are on his side looking at A. Hole like don’t do it nigga, don’t…awww fuck, not this work out shit again! the crowd is reacting like my bible study crew this afternoon. Rev was kickin’ wisdom and throwing in his personal problems in the mix and we like, nah Rev we was told this was some free community service class, get that money basket out of my face and keep it moving.
    LMAO!!!!!!! its 3 am and im on the floor

  • NYC/BrooklynsMother

    Also wtf is up with niggas becoming “hip hop gurus” all of a sudden ? Acting like y’all been in the game telling Cole wat he should do..STFU he can do wat the fuck he want. Half y’all don’t know shit considering the fact yall listen to Drake.

  • Mr.November

    It IS a creative idea. He’s not only releasing songs, he said he may be releasing a few songs on a Sunday, one song, video, etc. Its better than nothing at all, and if you dont like it, dont check for it.

  • casper wordsmith


    It’s hard watching you tryin to diss Jermaine in a real creative way … Where the fuck is BIG GHOSTFACE at? He was REALLY funny … Thanks, J. Cole btw!

  • Chea

    This ep was ass, love to say it cole fell off lyrically. He had to throw those old 2 old tracks on there. Other tracks were ass, he doesnt have that hunger anymore. Cole World: No Album Sales

  • Ayej

    Look at the like to dislike ratio. Now hate.

  • lol @ nyc/brooklyn

    west coast loves nyc/brooklyn posts on j. cole. lol.


    This site is great, but It’s the five-percenters that fuck the Comment Section up. Five-percenters are the 5 percent of people that love nothing more than to give you their opinion no matter the topic, time or completely illogical stance on a particular topic. I tend not to comment on shit, but the J. Cole “hate” has gotten out of hand. According to the vote right now, 900 out of 938 people appreciate this EP, so why in the comments is there so much hate? To all the DUMB ASS MUTHAFUCKERS in attendence I have the answer.
    ****If you don’t like J. Cole, don’t click on shit that has his moniker on it you fucking idiots!**** Now I realize that you shouldn’t get mad at and idiot for doing idiot type shit, but unless Cole’s at your house with a gun in one hand and a speaker in the other, you have a bloody choice! Obviously your hating opinion is in the overwhelming minority, so either move on or get with the program at this point!

    Update 930/38



  • 360

    wake up in the morning check 2dbz and find a new J. Cole EP. What a pleasant surprise.

  • 1102raeY

    Like a star would’ve been a better single than work out IMO.
    This Sunday series are genius, ain’t much to do on a Sunday until football starts up

  • mR

    992/42. cole world.

  • Mike C

    yeah MJ & J. Cole the best!

  • Dmdpro

    Lets be honest big sean drake meek mill wiz khalifa kendrick laamar are all stealinghis shine In the new arttist area j.cole was signed and came out before all them n they released albums first and meek mill got a jayz verse for a mixtape song before j.cole got one for a album

  • chuck

    How High should’ve had Wiz singin’ that hook & made that the single, would’ve been an absolute smash. Reminded me of The Breeze with Wale & Wiz.

  • The day I fell in love with hip hop

    @marty mcfly you’re such a hyprocrite. On Drake Headlines post you were trippin cause people were worrying about the hook and the beat and not listening to the lyrics.

    So what are you doing sir?

    Like A Star was a nice ass sample by the way.

    Outside of this 2dopeboyz C-Section J. Cole got fans. Fans that go hard for him. That Can’t Get Enough had people at my job going bananas. Andd I had to remind the new listeners that he aint even going lyrically. Man ya’ll tweaking. look at The Come Up, The Warm Up, and FNL. Look how he has grown and also the consistency. So now he following off? How about yal fall off his dick and sit back and watch Cole World take over.

    btw. To all of you that said Headlines > Any Given Sunday should take another listen to all 5 tracks. Cause no way they compare. IMO

  • marty mcfly

    “So what are you doing sir?”

    Hating on J. Cole, what do u think? It’s kinda what I do.

  • Pauly Dee

    Cosign @ LISTEN

    I don’t understand why people like Black Snow, NYC/BK or Marty Mcfly come here if all they’re gonna do is post negativity. I understand that everyone has an opinion, but when you go to EVERY POST BY THE ARTIST…just to post your “opinion”, it’s stupid.

  • merlin24

    Complaining about getting two new Cole songs??? I’m pretty happy about that. Not to mention Like a Star is really dope. So stop hating and enjoy a great young mc.

  • Pauly Dee

    Cosign @ LISTEN. Wisdom

    I don’t understand why people like Black Snow, NYC/BK or Marty Mcfly come here if all they’re gonna do is post negativity. I understand that everyone has an opinion, but when you go to EVERY POST BY THE ARTIST…just to post your “opinion”, it’s stupid.

  • kidadonis

    @Marty McFly – The word music doesn’t imply melody. It implies sound and lack there of. If you go to certain parts of the world, the music doesn’t necessarily have melody. Ever heard a song primarily composed of drums. Drums are the rhythm, which is completely different than melody.

    Subject matter is important because it gives the listener something to connect to. If you don’t connect to the subject matter he chooses it just didn’t work for you. I don’t related to Yo Gotti, so I don’t listen to him. Cole makes good music for what he is going for, if you don’t like it, delete the track off your computer that you took the CHOICE to download and proceed with your day.

    The tracks that everyone said were old, leaked, so they were not officially released. How can you complain about them being old when you weren’t supposed to have to have them to begin with?
    The digital age has ruined people’s view of songs. Sometimes songs are still supposed to be looked at in chronological order on an album. Monster was good by itself but even better between all of the lights and So Appalled.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    1,150+ likes, 50 dislikes

    Cole stay winnin’

  • COleworlddawg

    Its pretty clear rite now that people who hate on anything Cole puts out ie:NYC/Brooklyn,are gay ass Drake fans who hate on Cole because lyrically he’s 10x better than Jew emo singing bitch Drake.,.facts are facts

  • LawdyDawdy

    Anyone notice the instrumental added to the end of How High. When that first leaked it finished abruptly. Sounds even better with the finishing touch.

    In the morning, How High (an absolute smash), Like a Star etc etc would have all been a better single the Work Out imo.

  • marty mcfly

    @kidadonis , I did delete this shit off my computer and with the quickness cause its sucks. As for Yo gotti , yeah Cole is a better rapper then Yo gotti any day of the week but at least Gotti has HIS own perspective. Coles is somebody else perspective and I get it , the subject matter he speaks on is new to most of you so I understand but Cole just aint my thing. @Pauly , you talking about me hating on Cole when I wasnt even on his last few sections. Everything you say is marty this and marty that fool your just a stan for me now. Go listen to Em or some other shit you claim to know about that came out when you were 5 years old.

  • T’Challa

    I agree he should put out “Can’t Get Enough” ASAP. It’s one of the few tracks he’s put out recently that I’m feeling, it’s catchy and has good replay value. That sample is crazy..

  • dreel

    I like it straight fire.

    Update: Just heard trey songz said him and Cole are making a video for can’t get enough

  • wafflez

    Wow this is DOPE! I love all the tracks even though three of them are old. Can’t complain about free music.

  • Pauly Dee


    I just call it like I see it. If you don’t like him, don’t comment. Period. And I was 9 years in 02 sooo…I did listen to those types of albums.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Dee I can comment on this fake ass donut eatin nigga just like I can comment on you square. You was 9 in 02 soooo…. What can you tell me about hip hop? nothing cause if I told you what I had already accomplished by 02 its no way you would believe me , not braggin just sayin. Cole is ok but to me dude is not what you make him out to be , he’s very average lyrically and below average musically.

  • John

    ^you can absolutely go ahead and comment on every single J. Cole post, but then you can’t turn around and try to claim that you’re not just a miserable hater

  • Pauly Dee

    lol U MAD BRO?

    If you don’t like him, what’s the point of coming to his post PERIOD? I don’t like Gucci Mane, but you don’t see me commenting “Dis dude suck!!!11!!” on his posts. No, I vote it down and move my ass on.

    It’s also very funny how you say Cole is an average lyricist, but you praise Drake’s “lyricism”.

  • marty mcfly

    Im not on every J cole post and the last few I was on I said something about somebody else and said “no comment ” about Cole. He can go sell ten million copies and thats all good with me but alot of that shit NYC/BK be saying is true then a mothafucka.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly thats my opinion cause its obvious Drake already proved his lyrical ability for years now. Go listen to the Game songs I listed in his post and hear what I consider as being lyrical. I know people think Cole is super lyrical and that is also fine with me.

  • Cali Grown

    I saw @Pauly Dee and @marty mcfly on the recent comments on the same post and had to tune in lol.

  • Pauly Dee

    lol @ Cali Grown

    But yeah, Marty, I understand that your opinion is that Drake is lyrical and whatnot. But the point I’m making is that its not right to keep posting negative messages on an artists post. I know you weren’t on the few Cole posts, but you were on the lot of them pre and post “Krispy Kreme”.

    Point is you do this for the majority of Cole’s posts and this grants others the right to call you a troll.

  • tez fly

    That song needs to come out ASAP so it can help jumpstart Work Out. That song has a great summer feel to it. Kinda reminded me of Losing My Balance.

  • kingkicks23

    Like a star has been on replay all day long

  • IIAI

    Can we get a new dl-link. Hulkshare doesn’t work..

  • click my name for royce – success is certain (album)

  • STL stand up!

    pauly, marty, nyc, and all other frequent commenters are the biggest failures at life i’ve ever seen! hahahahahha go do something except for commenting on not only j.cole posts but EVERY fairly popular artist’s posts and hating! be somehing with ur lives, cuz u surely aren’t now! hahahah PUSSYS!!!!!!!!!

  • KOMBE971


  • HELP!


  • YeahI’mWhiteButIHaveADreamToo



    This shit need a re-up