Lauryn Hill - Ready or Not Live (Video)

L Boogie took to the stage at LA Rising today to perform Ready or Not (up top) and Doo Wop (down bottom). Everytime I hear anything new about Ms. Hill, I reflect back on that epic scene in Dave Chappelle's Block Party flick. The closest we've gotten to a full fledged Fugees reunion? *cues up Talib's Ms. Hill Spotted YK2.

Doo-Wop (That Thing)

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  • tyler

    nicki > lauryn

  • Jesse

    what the hell is up with the crowd?

  • aggzworff

    the performance was not on point at all...

  • ^^^^^
    true That CheckOut This Performance Its Dedicated To ANy Body That Works Hard

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    Why does she sound like a dude now? She on steroids? She use to be very talented and had a classic album. Key words USE TO BE, sometimes people need to know when to walk away....

  • Sike

    Why hasn't "Watch the Throne" leaked yet? I know that it comes out digitally tomorrow, but, usually albums drop at least a couple of weeks in advance online. They must have all of the masters locked away in Fort Knox or something.

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    ^^ it doesn't come out tomorrow, iTunes says the 8th. The album won't leak until the end of the week.

  • Sike

    ^^ Good lookin' out!

  • Cali760

    Rage Against The Machine ripped it. Real talk.

  • thekrizzo

    The real music heads couldn't afford the tickets.

  • Bawse


  • sjm26b

    she sounds like Sizzla in the Doo Wop video

  • planetrain

    Great show. Here's footage from later in the show during the Rage set of fans starting a fire.


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"Baby girl, you look just like a summer night."

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