Meka’s Justice’s Soul Mix Show: Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation

blame it on JES7 July 31, 2011


The classic cut off New Orleans’ legendary funky pianist Allen Toussaint’s highly sought-after Toussaint. Sampled by the likes of Biz Markie, Black Sheep and Gravediggaz.

DOWNLOAD: Louie | Mediafire

  • Bawse!

    Way to fuck up Meka’s Soul Mix Show JES. smh

  • ftw

    …Fuck outta here. You don’t really listen to this shit like you would a actual song and what I mean by that is like a Drake record.

  • chea

    this shit is fucking wack. stop letting this nigga post on this site godamn

  • Verdad

    Yall niggas are some Faggots.

  • James Brown

    JES has the best posts on this site. yall are garbage.

  • Cali Grown

    damn dudes have some serious anger running through their blood. it’s unhealthy.

    This is good music I could appreciate. I love pianos and also violins but lust hardcore Hip Hop beats.

  • Ddot

    ya’ll are some str8 up fucking retards hatin’ on this…without Mr. Toussaint and the shit he produced, a lot of the legendary hip-hop u know would never have existed. Go listen to another Waka Flocka Gucci collabo u fucking pussies…Allen Toussaint = Living Legend. More so than ANYONE in hip-hop today. get the fuck over yourselves.

  • Cross

    I’m just tryin to figure out why some of y’all are strugglin so hard with the whole concept of the soul mix show. They tryin to show y’all where the samples on some good beats come from, expand ur minds for once