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ILLUS – Sons & Daughters f. Eternia, Wordsworth & Erin Barra (prod. J. J. Brown)

blame it on Shake August 1, 2011

I’m tired of emcees rapping about how their neighborhoods are terrible and yet they love living in these conditions and making it seem as if everyone that lives there is only a drug dealer, an addict or a criminal. That’s nonsense that racist corporate America and the media want to continually perpetuate and that’s why they spend a lot more money selling us negative imagery rather than investing in the positive. Even in the poorest and most downtrodden neighborhoods, there are good people, hard working parents and families who do everything possible to provide for their children and be positive role models without submitting to crime or illegal acts. This song celebrates those mothers and fathers that do just that, work hard and provide for their families and set positive examples for their sons and daughters so they can grow into adults themselves and pass along those values, ethics, traditions and positive vibes. There is a lot of negative imagery in HIPHOP but the reality is it is a positive culture with a lot of love, passion, heart and soul, and we need to portray that more.

Want an .mp3? Head on over to iTunes to download the For Adam LP. Also, after the jump is a video for Born Criminal.

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  • lizard

    “sons & daughters” is my favorite song on the album! dope. talent.

  • LupeFaco

    must be the stupidest rant i ever heard
    rap isnt interesting if they dont talk abt violence money and guns and girls….
    then it would be like will smith rapping
    ” im a hard worker!!”
    “the world is soo nice”
    “listen to ur parents yo”
    “yo i moved to a nice house in a nice hood and refinanced my mortage!!”

  • Ogman

    Love this. This is an incredible jam and the collaborations sound great. Ills has put together a great album. Hip hop needs more original voices like his

  • Lord Kel

    Hip Hop has so much more to offer than just violence and curses. I love hearing Illus, he always uses his powers for good. This my favorite track on the album.

  • mainstream hiphop is a bit of an oxymoron. Outkast saved hiphop twice but where are they now? I find it a personal duty to spread the word about cats like Illus when there is so much ignorance and glorification of stupidity in so-called “hiphop” music. Feeling the beat and flow on this one as well.

  • Linda Sherwood

    Great Album. As always music and lyrics are an inspiration!

  • Jus

    LupeFaco-FUCK U dumb ass ignorant fuck, anyone that shits on this song is a dumbass hood wannabe, an

  • Jus

    will smith is a dope rapper he gets mad props for being who he is, not a fake gangster

  • benignsource

    Songs showing respect and love for parents are few and far between in HipHop. Each emcees story is unique, as are most peoples family situations – but it is still a song that is easy to relate to. Put it on and the music will stick in your memory for days.


    Illus is the beacon of creativity/positivity that hip hop needs right now! Mad props on another great song and video.

  • Matt L

    This is one of the hardest working independent hiphop artists.. support this amazing album. true hiphop. Illus is bringing it back to the realness of music

  • Rolo
  • Riley

    i first heard about Illus from facebook, when he sent me a friend request and a message to listen to some tracks he had up and give him feedback. i love his music as a whole. the beats flow and the lyrics are always good and uplifting. i give him mad props for creating his music and being fresh and original. its artists like Illus that keep hiphop alive, not mainstream rappers

  • Illus is a rarity in Hip-Hop, someone who actually CARES about something other than himself. Positive music in any genre is few and far between but in Hip-hop it is almost non-existent. Thank God for artists like Illus who continue to provide feel good music for the the next generation to have hope. DOPE Joint!!!! PEace

    Johnny “Juice” Rosado
    Emmy-Nominated Composer
    Public Enemy – X-Vandals
    Son of Bazerk – Leaders of the New School
    The Kings of Pressure

  • Peov

    Hey LupeFaco, you’re an analphabet. So let me help you with your vocabulary. Rant: “to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way”. The song “Sons & Daughters” isn’t a rant, it’s a praise: “to express warm approval or admiration of”. And as far a praises go, they can’t get any better than this!