• lizard

    "sons & daughters" is my favorite song on the album! dope. talent.

  • LupeFaco

    must be the stupidest rant i ever heard
    rap isnt interesting if they dont talk abt violence money and guns and girls....
    then it would be like will smith rapping
    " im a hard worker!!"
    "the world is soo nice"
    "listen to ur parents yo"
    "yo i moved to a nice house in a nice hood and refinanced my mortage!!"

  • Ogman

    Love this. This is an incredible jam and the collaborations sound great. Ills has put together a great album. Hip hop needs more original voices like his

  • Lord Kel

    Hip Hop has so much more to offer than just violence and curses. I love hearing Illus, he always uses his powers for good. This my favorite track on the album.

  • http://www.globalcypher.com Phonjuan

    mainstream hiphop is a bit of an oxymoron. Outkast saved hiphop twice but where are they now? I find it a personal duty to spread the word about cats like Illus when there is so much ignorance and glorification of stupidity in so-called "hiphop" music. Feeling the beat and flow on this one as well.

  • Linda Sherwood

    Great Album. As always music and lyrics are an inspiration!

  • Jus

    LupeFaco-FUCK U dumb ass ignorant fuck, anyone that shits on this song is a dumbass hood wannabe, an

  • Jus

    will smith is a dope rapper he gets mad props for being who he is, not a fake gangster

  • benignsource

    Songs showing respect and love for parents are few and far between in HipHop. Each emcees story is unique, as are most peoples family situations - but it is still a song that is easy to relate to. Put it on and the music will stick in your memory for days.


    Illus is the beacon of creativity/positivity that hip hop needs right now! Mad props on another great song and video.

  • Matt L

    This is one of the hardest working independent hiphop artists.. support this amazing album. true hiphop. Illus is bringing it back to the realness of music

  • Rolo
  • Riley

    i first heard about Illus from facebook, when he sent me a friend request and a message to listen to some tracks he had up and give him feedback. i love his music as a whole. the beats flow and the lyrics are always good and uplifting. i give him mad props for creating his music and being fresh and original. its artists like Illus that keep hiphop alive, not mainstream rappers

  • http://www.publicenemy.com Johnny Juice

    Illus is a rarity in Hip-Hop, someone who actually CARES about something other than himself. Positive music in any genre is few and far between but in Hip-hop it is almost non-existent. Thank God for artists like Illus who continue to provide feel good music for the the next generation to have hope. DOPE Joint!!!! PEace

    Johnny "Juice" Rosado
    Emmy-Nominated Composer
    Public Enemy - X-Vandals
    Son of Bazerk - Leaders of the New School
    The Kings of Pressure

  • Peov

    Hey LupeFaco, you're an analphabet. So let me help you with your vocabulary. Rant: "to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way". The song "Sons & Daughters" isn't a rant, it's a praise: "to express warm approval or admiration of". And as far a praises go, they can't get any better than this!