• Nigel

    Fucking dope

  • conratron

    shad spits. doy

  • Scallion

    Flawless indeed.

  • kayo

    this is incredible

  • tunechi

    basedgod greatest hits...extremely rare golden collectible mixtape


  • http://www.thecomeupfoundation.com doublex


  • nukid

    yikes...this is just...sick...

    haha imo very few artists actually deserve comments...shad is one of them...whenever its like drake or jcole...ppl are arguing over whose a dickrider or hater...none of that here...just straight musical nutritional dopeness

  • King Tyrone

    frank dukes goes hard

  • Coop_Sauce

    Shad > your favorite rapper

  • vinny
  • http://www.youtube.com/johnkerrhiphop John Kerr

    London, Canada. Mudda sucka.

  • CYPH

    sick tune, horrible scratches tho..