Das Racist - Michael Jackson

This is... interesting. Here is the first single off Das Racist's debut LP Relax, dropping September 13th on Greedhead Music.

PURCHASE: Das Racist - Michael Jackson [via iTunes]

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  • mark

    heems is better than your favorite rapper

  • stockton

    dont hit us with that condescending-ass "this is....interesting" remark Meka. These dudes are the next big thing in rap. if you dont believe check out heems and kools rhymes and delivery in "rainbow in the dark"

  • Cameron


  • EddieMunster

    whack as fuck

  • sunlumi

    There making fun of rick ross. LOL

  • Show Me Ya TD’s

    Lil B > Das Racist

  • Shabba

    ^ cosign

  • ^co-sign the co-sign... this shit is shit gift-wrapped in shit topped with a shitty bow.

  • cya

    2 of the best under the radar; absolutely will purchase the album (but like a lot of people still refuse to purchase any single)


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