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Celeb Forever – Lights (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka August 3, 2011

Styles P, XV, Emilio Rojas, Donnis, Laws and more make appearances on the DJ Drama-hosted mixtape. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Celeb Forever – Lights (Mixtape)

  • I’m gonna try this. We’ll see what it’s about. I’m trying to be open to new music.

  • Mr. Andre

    That’s dudes name?

  • dj khaled is a arab

    Celeb Forever – what a stupid name……gave the tape a listen and didn’t like it.

  • kd

    wtf is this bullshit…good features, but still trash

  • Drama better be getting paid for co-signing this weak ass shit… this shit is ridiculous, son. I’d sooner lop off both my hairy balls than lend my ear to this shitty whack ass shit again.

    Mr. Thanksgivin’ my ass… more like Mr. ShoveItMyRearEnd, this faggot ass shit, shit!

  • mike

    this nigga wack as hell. he probly recorded this in some white kids basement in ohio. loser ass nigga.

  • Ben

    Tryna jack Ye’ style …wack

  • ugh

    this dude sounds like he’s trying to be kanye

  • Shit is cool. I’ll fuck with it. I heard a song or two from dude a while ago (don’t remember which ones), I didn’t like them. But, overall, I like the tape. Good beats & features. His verses aren’t bad. I think people expecting a miracle from FREE music. So, when they hear a lot of punchlines and bragging, it’s wack. Everyone has their own opinion, though,

  • HermesThiefGod

    some of the best vector cover art I’ve seen in a while… Typogtraphy sucks ass though

  • S_Miller_

    LOL….CELEB FOREVER??? WTF KIND OF NAME IS THAT?….. by the way… everybodys shocked at the features and co signs…DEAR ASPIRING RAPPERS… PUT YOUR MONEY UP…AND YOU’LL GET FEATURES AND COSIGNS!!!! Drama got paid to host… that’s what his booking email is for. So did every other feature on this piece of shit mixtape! Beats,Features,Hosting,Mixing….anything can be bought..all you need is money!

  • ello76


    Trying to get into the game by sounding like someone else is NOT going to work! Studying famous artists rhyme patterns, or writing styles, and then trying to duplicate them, is a waste of time and money. Biting will ALWAYS be around in the industry, and it happens every day, just turn on the radio. However, a label who wants a hit like the current sound that’s popular, is NOT… I repeat, is NOOOOT going to look for a brand new copy-cat artist (like a “Forever Celeb”) to give that to them. All they have to do is contact the “IN” producer (like a Lex Luger) ..and give their cookie-cutter-ass song to one of their ALREADY famous artists! 50 Cent, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake……they all came into the game with their own SOUND, STYLE, and ORIGINALITY!

    Smarten the F*ck Up!

  • after mostly everyone on this site talks trash and says dude is terrible… 2DB still posts this?!

    I’d expect lame shit from Shake but damn Meka…

    well we know how the rap game works. Be wack and just have enough money to pay features and 2dopeboyz to post you.

    PAY FOR POST – fuck this shit 2BD, Meka knows damn well this is some fuckshit

  • the difference between him and Drake paying for features was that Drake actually has talent… fuck this dude

  • BG

    Celeb’s dope, but goddamn if he isn’t a Drake replica. Same voice, same style, same wordplay. At least he doesn’t sing.

  • drewski

    curren$y’s verse on that track is just recycled …what the FUCK is this SHIT.

  • The Count

    typo on artwork: Sytles P

  • djmuzika23

    While the features and beats were pretty good, this dude can’t rap at all. Got shown up by every feature in his own mixtape. Thumbs down.

  • “I Don’t Believe You” is crazyyyyyyyyyyy, nigguhs!