Internets Celebrities (Dallas Penn x Rafi Kam) – Bodega Cats (Video)

blame it on Meka August 3, 2011

If you don’t live in New York (and , sometimes, even if you do), the seemingly weird trend of mangy house cats solemnly patrolling your local corner store won’t make any sense. But if you let Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam tell it

I.C. NYC Episode 5 is our homage to all the nature shows I’ve watched on PBS. I knew I wanted to hear a British voice as the narrator. A Richard Attenborough type. This is where my buddy Ash stepped in. He even read the script without seeing any of the images beforehand.

Big shouts to Robbie from UnKut who I asked to read the script prior to Ash. Robbie’s Aussie British accent and incredible speed at speaking (easily 100 words per minute) means we’ll need to use him for a different I.C. nature doc. Maybe the ghetto hummingbird?

‘Bodega Cats’ was inspired by a Flickr group of the same name which posts pictures of bodega cats throughout NYC. Our intrepid intern Donna Ostrowsky did most of the shooting and sundry legwork to capture these images. The film is a slight departure from typical I.C.s movies but I still think you will enjoy it.

They still bug me out when you try to reach for a bag of chips and one is chilling in the rack, though.

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  • Brickadon

    ny niggas dirty as shit how u buy from somewhere that got a nasty ass cat running around hiding in boxes, pissing all over the place -____-

    yall some dirrrrrrtttttyyyy mofuckas

  • Tone Riggz

    Bodega cats are fearless…Went to a corner store once and it was laying down blocking the entrance…people had to walk over that cat, it wasn’t moving for anybody…

  • davidattenborough

    “a richard attenborough type”? the dudes name is david attenborough

  • Tecboy

    WORD @Brickadon. My parents own a store in Jersey, but I’d b damned if moms would have allowed that in the store where customers got to get there foods. Nasty!

  • I’m from Jersey.. ive seen bodega cats here many times.