• Brickadon

    ny niggas dirty as shit how u buy from somewhere that got a nasty ass cat running around hiding in boxes, pissing all over the place -____-

    yall some dirrrrrrtttttyyyy mofuckas

  • Tone Riggz

    Bodega cats are fearless...Went to a corner store once and it was laying down blocking the entrance...people had to walk over that cat, it wasn't moving for anybody...

  • davidattenborough

    "a richard attenborough type"? the dudes name is david attenborough

  • Tecboy

    WORD @Brickadon. My parents own a store in Jersey, but I'd b damned if moms would have allowed that in the store where customers got to get there foods. Nasty!

  • http://www.kalilkash.com Kalil Kash

    I'm from Jersey.. ive seen bodega cats here many times.