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Prodigy Talks Illuminati w/ Alex Jones

blame it on JES7 August 4, 2011

Illuminati P sat down with Alex Jones of Info Wars to build on one of the most intriguing topics in Hip-Hop culture recently: The Illuminati. They also build about false-flag operations (9/11), false idols, Dr. Malachi Z York, the Federal Reserve, Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul and more. I tried to cut out as much commercials as I could. Dissect and discuss.

Part 1

Part 2

  • doc rovers

    if you actually believe in the illuminati then theres no hope for you…the same type of ppl who think 9/11 was a conspiracy

  • (l,k)

    alex jones is a disinformation agent, 90% accurate information, 10% bullshit to throw everyone off, how else could he be allowed to have such a large outreach with his radio show.

  • ^^^ that’s why the fake terrorist shills you believe in were living on military bases and being funded right before 9/11 riggghhhttttt !!

    & zionist isreal was behind 9/11 not half truth alex jones story

  • ^^^ that’s why the fake terrorist shills you believe in were living on military bases and being funded right before 9/11 riggghhhttttt !!

    & zionist isreal was behind 9/11 not half truth alex jones story


  • Swagmatic

    Fucking idiots…smh!

  • Swaggy

    Jesus Christ. WTF is wrong with people? Smh….

  • Pauly Dee

    The people that don’t even consider that “The Brotherhood” is real are idiots.

    Have you ever seen a billion dollars in your lifetime? Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean that its not real.

  • robertTHEallen

    the illuminati MIGHT be real, but the hold big buisness has on the government its apparent so whhy would the illuminati matter? these tycoons are doing their job and not even in secret.

  • dedxsad

    this shit and the illuminati is retarded. ain’t nosuch thing

  • timestretch

    yaw are fucking ignorant… why cant these people have an opinion with out u shitting all over it. they are saying shit other people dont talk about but goes on, reguarless of the teranology they use… did u fucking idiots even listen to this?????

  • risen357

    can’t wait hear the messages dropped in watch the throne

  • Cali Grown

    @(l,k) co-sign
    AJ is the one telling me there’s a monster under my bed. So what do I do? Pull the covers up and hide or get the broom and fight. It’s basically fear mongering that he does which doesn’t discredit ALL the info he or his site puts up. With that said, we should always be weary of disinfo which is why you need to study the facts and make your own conclusions.

    Thnx for posting this. Those who are still asleep need to wake up for you and your loved ones sake. It’s no coincidence many of the rappers you love share the believe of an organized agenda to depopulate and dumb down planet earth. Yes the Jewish zionists are a relevant part of the agenda but it’s not just them. Let’s not put focus on one group whereas a variety of races are
    part of this evil plan against humanity.

    Please fellow Hip Hop heads research, study and analyze before judging. Look up Prodigy’s letters he wrote while in prison. Roosevelt knew about the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor but did nothing to have America enter the war w/ Germany just as Bush did w/ 911 to start a war on “terrorism” or against these “terrorists” and pass UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts such as The Patriot Act. The infamous Presidential Executive Orders would soon be passed under the same cloak. H.R.1955 or S1959 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 now prevents us from the same rebellious actions our Founding Fathers executed to give us the freedom we have today or at least think we have today.

    We will end up like Rome. Total collapse. Why? NFL, MLB, NBA, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, XBOX, PS3, IPAD, IPHONE, PORN, COMIC CON, WWW, WWF, ATF, FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, SEC, IMF etc.

    But no when we try to wake people up we get labeled as crazy and they go CONSPIRACY! MY BRAIN SHUTS DOWN! YOU DON’T EXIST! NAH NAH NAH LA LA LA LA! We’re living in a false reality now and it’s disheartening. We love the easy lie and hate the truth because the truth means sacrifice and self-discipline. That’s what Hell On Earth is. We have devolved and we love the lie. We die for the lie now.

    But all is not doomed ladies and gentlemen. Study history and government and most importantly the Constitution. Obama is not who he appears to be. I too was fooled and it does hurt but we must persevere even after the last nail in the coffin of liberty has been set w/ this treasonous “Super Congress” or rather Obama’s Enabling Act (see Hitler’s Enabling Act. Bush & Obama are disturbingly following in his footsteps).

    This precious, organic, grass-root culture of ours, Hip Hop, has been constantly and excessively tarnished as well. Hip Hop enforces intellect and awareness by uniting all races while promoting intellect. Like KRS-One said “Hip is the knowledge, Hop is the movement…intelligent movement.”

    The 25th hour is upon us. Wake up and stock up. We already lost perhaps the greatest who understood this, 2Pac, to these evil doers. He was a vessel of truth to the public and they knew this. Nas’ Untitled album provides a good message. Listen to the spoken words at the end of We’re Not Alone.

  • Logical Thinker

    How many times did Prodigy say the phrase; “Yaknawhamean?” Since when did Prodigy the intellectual barometer and mouthpiece of the hip hop community? This reminds me of the Dave Chappelle skit when he said that TRL was on the air during 9/11 and Carson Daly was like; “I wonder what Ja Rule thinks about what’s going on?” Who the fuck cares what he thinks?! We’re scared & we want answers… answers that more than likely he can’t provide. That’s exactly how I feel about this. Alex Jones is another conservative/conspiracy theorist. He has the same agenda (scare tactics) and platform as Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly to blind people from seeing the facts, plain & simple.

  • Logical Thinker

    I meant to say; “Since when did Prodigy become the intellectual barometer and mouthpiece of the hip hop community?…”

  • Cali Grown

    *paragraph 7 line 3 cut out “while promoting intellect”

    Thnx again JES for this opportunity. My rspct for you has grown even more significantly.

  • Pauly Dee

    @Cali Grown

    Man, you have been posting some REAL SHIT as of late and, for that, you have become one of the few people on this site that I respect.

  • Logical Thinker

    This is the Dave Chappelle joke/comment that I was referring to, in my previous post. http://mytvmoments.com/view.php?v=11282

  • Fed Up

    Who the hell sites comic con as the downfall of society really are you serious. How about this instead of blaming a real or fake secret society for the problems in this world you could do your part to fix it. Go out out into the world and help out some place better your community, discuss politics and life with neighbors and friends, In stead of trying of just leaving stupid statements with no solutions and no facts. And dont give me this crap about an enabling act if you knew anything about history you would know that Germany was a one party state when Hitler was in power because he systematically destroyed every party that could have a chance against him. If your gonna talk about history link people to primary documents face value means nothing. Shut up, get off the internet, go help out your community if you want to wake people up do it by being a conduit for social change in the area closest to you. Help struggling people out instead of just acting like the knowledge you have is something to be amazed at get of your PC help someone anyone out. Its not a question of waking up its a question of helping out.

  • Cali Grown

    @Pauly Dee I’m just tired of all of the bullshit bro.

    @Logical Thinker
    P like Pac has his flaws as do you and me but if I’m not mistaken P has always spoke on the Illuminati or global elite. It’s only been recently he released his letters he wrote in prison that describe his awakening. He exposes Jay Z in them saying he’s aware of the elites existence but still chooses to promote all the wrong aspects of life. He even goes on to say when he awoke to these atrocious crimes against humanity he began to cry. For he was hurt of what is happening to civilization as we know it.

    The vastness of this topic cannot be discussed in a c section. It’s up to you to educate yourself.

  • timestretch


    yea man! exactly!

  • Man Who Seeks for Unity with the Alpha and Omega

    There is a little bit of truth in everything, seek the path of illuminated darkness with out fear, know yourself and know the creator, FREE YOUR MIND & FIND YOUR LOVES and live good. The Age of Aquarius is among us now. He who wish to wake up will be saved with sincerity and discipline in their heart. 2012 will be a historic year, just remember who you are and what you stand for when hell starts to break lose. For those who seek knowledge that deviates from the conventional seek the esoteric. From there use your intellect and intuition and emotions you will surely find fragments of the truth. To the one who is able to paint the whole picture, kudos. I shall be waiting on the coming of the savior for to pull us out of the hands Moloch

  • Pauly Dee

    That is the problem with most “Americans” (I’m using quotations, because these doubters can’t even be called that), they don’t want to educate themselves. They want the answers to fall into their laps and to be told to do this and that.

    I’m frustrated with this too, because I’ve been trying to get my mother and younger brother to awaken to these evils. And it just saddens me how they can just push all of the information I give them aside.

    People, don’t let the fact that we have a black president fool you. Nothing has changed and nothing WILL change until the “Knights” reveal themselves or we reveal THEM.

  • Man Who Seeks for Unity with the Alpha and Omega

    Love will set us all free, True Free love unbound by the trappings of the material world, of this world and yet not of it. Look past yourself and help anyone you can in anyway possible. Most of the things we focus on doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things. When you “die” nothing from this world will matter but your sins, your karma. Don’t fear God, love God, if you truly love him you’ll want to know him and join him in the highest heaven. Shalom, Wasallam Alaikum, Peace Love Bud Prosperity and Unity

  • marty mcfly

    ILLUMINATI is a bunch pussy ass old bitches who aint gonna do shit. They not hiding , just turn on fox news. Their all the white folks with stupid looks on the face every time the president comes with a suggestion to solution for something they have no clue how to fix. Get your money and say fuck em. Money >>> everything and God >>> those devils.

  • Fed Up

    ^ Thanks for explaining my point in a more calm manner I realize was a bit too harsh for such a civil discussion. God is love indeed.
    BTW UH any body else feel like all this talk about Illuminati makes them want to play Thief 2 yeah I think I’m gonna go do that.

  • Fed Up

    BTW that comment was meant @ man who seeks unity

  • What Willis Was Talkin ‘Bout

    Call it whatever you want, the Rich are powerful in this world because money IS God in this world and always has been. They will do what they have to to keep control by keeping the public dumb and walking in line. Keeping people buying like sheep and watching dumb tv shows with ads to reinforce it. Assassins Creed is some deep shit if you ever pay attention to whats really going on in the story. I know its a video game, but there’s some truths in it.

    Also let me note, there is no one entertainer or musician or figure head in the public for which you should place blame, its an institution to keep peoples pockets fat. The people you see on tv and elsewhere are just pawns. its not something you can fight, just something you can be aware of in society.

    There’s no Secret Society, just people with money who wanna get more money by any means necessary.

  • Cali Grown

    @Fed Up
    You have no idea what I do w/ my spare time except for the moments that I comment on this site so don’t tell me that I should be up and about waking people up.

    You would love for me to tell you all the answers and hold your hand. Wouldn’t you? That’s just how people are coaxed into disinfo. Think for yourself, do your own research. Don’t be lazy.

    “Acting like the knowledge I have is something to be amazed at.”
    I’m simply laying out info to open people’s eyes. That’s it. I’m no wizard of knowledge I’m a regular guy like you. What do you think waking people up is? Helping them out!

    Here you want a site. Try prisonplanet.com’s forum.

  • TheJacka

    Illuminati aint never held me at gunpoint at the ATM, or stole the rims off my car, or the speakers out my car, or not allowed me to feed my family and prosper in the society. But people in my community have. Taxes are apart of life, and in life shit happens, deal with it, keep moving, keep faith in God and know that illuminati aint shit.

    I gotta say tho, all this gay shit in the media is some evil shit. Stay away from that. It was written. Read your Bible.

  • Not So Fed Up

    @ cali grown dont want a site I want primary documents and I apoligize for last statement it wasnt directed at you I was simply saying community service is better than conspiracy. If that is indeed what you do in your spare time than all the power to you and I appreciate you for that work you do. But until you provide me with some kind of primary document I wont believe it. But I do respect the fact you believe so firmly in saving people. Once again my intent was not to offend I just have a tough time not sounding like a pretentious know it all sometimes haha. Plus I love comic con its really cool nerd are good peoples. just saying.


    whether you believe it or not, secret societies are real. we may never have hard evidence and whatnot to be shown to us – but that shit is 100% real.


    there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion. this is not an opinion, this is dangerous defamatory fear mongering.

  • PRO.X



    how can you say the illuminati & secret societies isnt real when your YOURSELF is not in the music business. You ignorant self-minded people are quick to judge. Ignorance is truly mafucking BLISS.

  • realist

    Its true people why do you think all the drugs funnel into the hood. Really some colombian is gonna know a dude uptowm to get some weight in the projects. That is a good movie that is not real life. The US goverment has been bringing drugs into the mainland from the 60’s in caskets for dead soilders. How did this country get so many adicts exposing the soilders to cheap pure dope and bring them back to society. How did crack get mixed in la. Some cokehead figured out how to mix cocaine with a kitchen ingredient and tada super drUgs for cheap in your own kitchen. How about AIDS started in the late 60’s in nyc with gay men mostly black and latino from the ghetto. They were given free vacinations for hepatitus c I believe and they end up with hiv from monkeys in africa. Now I know black people are from africa but my question is how did it skip from the the beggining of slavery and we have a cival war have a 14 amendment made in the constitution of the united states of america atleast look this up its real easy. That gave the right of slaves and immigrants to be citizens indians also. And only gays from the nyc los angeles then san francisco miami chicago and dallas get the same vaccinations tainted with hiv. That’s just two things that affect our communities look up how welFare is the new digital soup and bread line. Wake up. A latino from the east. Infowars.com and google nwosurvivalist.blogspot.com god bless

  • Cali Grown
  • Cali Grown

    @realist Excellent. The Iran Contra Affair is well documented people look that up.

  • Not So Fed Up
  • T-nasty

    Is this Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross b4 they were famous??????


  • Rasan

    Well, I think alot of these things just fall on deaf ears. People now more than ever claiming “Thisthatreal” all this other foolishness, doubt people understand the moral value of Society is gone. Everything is not about a good time or money for the sake of buying things. We as a society don’t care and don’t seem to care to care. It’s all about bullshit now.

  • i won’t even get started on this and for the doubters of actual fucked up occult weird shit consider this: the skull & bones society in yale university which many presidents and people of power are a part of.. their initiation ceremony is to lay naked in a dug up grave, jerk off till finish, while yelling out their sexual adventures to a bunch of senior members…. and in bohemian grove they pray and chant in white robes to a giant owl statue and sacrifice a new born baby in fire… thats what our “leaders” and the elite do..

  • realist


    Can you please take your goverment troll ass out this topic go mess something else up blocking our disscusion I wonder how you will survive in the fema camps, oh hope you don’t live by chicago that’s the next flase flag event coming up we are going to war with liberia in september or october just in time for football and world series baseball go phillies and eagles aside from that ask why the dow is down dollar up and gold is on a rocket. Breaking records everyday not even jordan and nwo ass lebron james. Tim perry wiLl be presidemt if we don’t support ron paul our only real chance at makeing america servive end the fed get of the grid do research question everything santa claus who killed jfk our last real true american president. 9-11 was an inside job 2 planes 3 buildings look up the explosives that were used to demolish the buildings. Where is all the gold from the vaults in the bottom floors?????? Why there is a cure for cancer aids and many diseases and why marijuana should be legal hemp can be paper no more cutting trees we won there alone with that

  • marty mcfly

    I just wanna know how do you plan to fight problems that began before you were born? How do you claim something exists with no authentic proof and how do you say people are worshipping the devil if you never seen it or have evidence of it? Now im not saying that stuff like that is not true , what im saying is how much weight do you want to mentality put on things that you have limited information on? Are you honestly gonna live your life based on what Prodigy and Alex Jones say when even they contribute to the mental enslavement of people in their own fanbase? I got love for Prodigy but once he starts talking all this peace and love shit , I start thinking of Mobb Deep and their music doesnt really promote peace and love. Alex jones looks and sounds like a demon himself so cut the bullshit. These people talking all this shit about the government have limited access to the information or actions and decisions being made in the white house. All this conspiracy shit you people are talking need to think about it. What would make a secret society do evil shit to innocent people? To worship the devil are to get money? Im betting on money being the root of all evil in this realm on planet earth. So if your gonna blame something or somebody you have to blame money as the motivating force behind wars and the drug business and other evil shit. Now It sounds like these two are implying that trying to gain money and success is a bad idea so my question is if you plan on helping your community arent you gonna need money? Ok then cause you cant help poor communities by being poor yourself. Now if you do gain money and success but if you choose not to try to rebuild poor places then people like Prodigy and Alex will say you yourself are apart of illuminati but is that true? NO now who do you think has donated more money to poor places around the world? Prodigy or Jayz Cmonson thats easy so again before you blame the devil or a secret society for something first ask yourself if money was involved cause if it was then thats whats probably at the root of what ever the conspiracy was. All this shit about human sacrifice and shit I dont know about because if it is true its probably because those people are just wicked themselves not because its part of their plan to rule the world. Cause killing babies and worshipping the devil does not make billions of dollars. Stop worrying about the evil in the world and in america because thats a problem that you cant fix. Just worry about yourselves and your loved ones and if you see a member of illuminati or the devil take a picture or kick their ass if you that mad.

  • byahbyah

    Unfortunately, like Prodigy and Alex Jones said, people must WANT to make that change in their life and come to the realization that this corruption is indeed real. Many are unwilling because they are very very comfortable living with the mind state that they currently have.

    Those people WILL eventually come to that realization though. It is inevitable. Like Prodigy said, good will always win. An event will happen that will cause people to accept the truth. Sooner rather than later.

  • $$$

    Keep naming all this conspiracy shit. I care that it’s happening, but what up.. i’m an optimist, I don’t dwell on this shit and live my life. Many people are also well aware and do the same as myself and focus on the positive and don’t read into music and politics for a meaning that isn’t always (or ever was) there.

  • unique_osmosis

    Nazi’s ,Rome, Do your research it’s a cycle I’m telling you quit being stupid before it’s to late.

  • Cali Grown

    most of what you’re asking can be answered in the posts above if you were to read them.

  • T•T

    really though, THIS WORLD IS FUCKED UP…

  • xyz123

    I’m an artist.. and by doing so I have met alot of, and know alot of well known artists… and the illuminati thing cannot be further from true.. I do believe it is in the government.. I mean think about it.. Hip-Hop and Rock and Roll have always been rebel music.. and Hip-Hop is largely dominated my either minorities, or outcasts.. It is all jealousy.. People can’t stand to see someone who is not the typical rich man succeed, so they make up stories on how they got there.. They blind u by saying the illuminati exists in a musician, when it shouldnt even matter because there are people starving, killing one another, dying, and homeless everywhere.. They dont want you to see the true evils on this world… the people

  • Shake

    Ignore marty mcfly he’s an illogical idiot with flawed opinions and Jay-Z’s his hero

  • Can I get a word people? The rich and the powerful DO NOT need to form some sort of society to act as if they were one, cause they have the same interests, go to the same clubs, fuck the same women/men, represent the same interests of the big capital.

    If they would ever form a secet society, it would be called MASONS not fucking ILLUMINATI. Illuminati was formed by a group of young scientists, who wanted to oppose church and religion, becuase church and religion was very eager to preserve in everyone’s mind that the earth was the center of the universe etc dumb shit. They called themselves “satanists” because “satan” means “the opposer”. Think about it.

    And to all you ignorant fucks who account white people as “white devils”, I see your unhealthy love to Bible, cause there is nothing else you have ever read in your entire life (you most probbly never read the bible either, but since it is so mythologic, it allows for free interpretations and one could never expose your arrogant ignorance). Here is a passage from Bakunin (the man who invented anarchism) for you:

    “The Bible, which is a very interesting and here and there very profound book when considered as one of the oldest surviving manifestations of human wisdom and fancy, expresses this truth very naively in its myth of original sin. Jehovah, who of all the good gods adored by men was certainly the most jealous, the most vain, the most ferocious, the most unjust, the most bloodthirsty, the most despotic, and the most hostile to human dignity and liberty-Jehovah had just created Adam and Eve, to satisfy we know not what caprice; no doubt to while away his time, which must weigh heavy on his hands in his eternal egoistic solitude, or that he might have some new slaves.

    He generously placed at their disposal the whole earth, with all its fruits and animals, and set but a single limit to this complete enjoyment. He expressly forbade them from touching the fruit of the tree of knowledge. He wished, therefore, that man, destitute of all understanding of himself, should remain an eternal beast, ever on all-fours before the eternal God, his creator and his master. But here steps in Satan, the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds. He makes man ashamed of his bestial ignorance and obedience; he emancipates him, stamps upon his brow the seal of liberty and humanity, in urging him to disobey and eat of the fruit of knowledge.”

  • And “Lucifer” means “Enlightened”

  • \¥/


  • marty mcfly

    @shake im just keeping it real cause the rest of ya’ll probably still think wrestling is real. The truth is none of you have read enough of these secret society books to piece together any kind of even almost accurate hypothesis of illuminati , big foot , the boogie man or the blair witch. None of you have lived 100 years so your just guesstimating about shit that doesnt make a difference anyway. Every generation before you has believed in secret societies so at this point I just say focus on other shit. Prodigy has been linking Jayz to illuminati for almost ten years now so its like ok dunny or kicko or dogshit , whatever niggas is calling P these days? Let it go cause that aint helping Mobb Deep sells at [email protected] shut your scary ass up with all that shit you talking cause you aint read the bible you just skimmed through it and some people call white people devils for reasons that dont have nothing to do with the bible. You people need to watch out for the cops before you worry about some secret group you aint never seen in your life.

  • Hermes Trismegistus

    @ Caligrown and all 2dopeboyz and girlz… it’s funny when i see people on various forums posting about and pushing for people to “awaken”… Becoming knowledgeable about the true reality of the ego games being played out on the planet by the illuminati or whoever-the-fuck people think or “running” planet Earth is not genuine awareness… Focusing ones efforts on retrieving information pertaining to secret organizations and such, conspiracy theories etc. leads to the acquiring of unnecessary fear, negative energy and in some cases (ironically) strengthening of the ego… The reality is that we are in the process of a massive shift of consciousness. Motioning towards non-duality and the discarding of entrenched programming, brainwashing and conditioning is what we should be striving towards… Hip-hop in my honest opinion is the most aesthetically advanced genre of music in existence today… And as a community it would only be beneficial to the art and for this world in fact to collectively move away from egotistical mindsets and this ridiculous “hate” culture that’s been evident since forever. As a being who is truly awake/enlightened and living exclusively in the present moment, being connected essentially to the whole/source/God ima take this opportunity to tell all you motherfuckers… money in all honesty is utterly worth shit…. the bliss u experience from being connected to ultimate potential and creativity transcends the high of purchasing a new Range or the feeling of a two ton Horus chain over your neck any day… The high of ego is the antithesis to the high of source… and the latter is where you’ll find who you truly truly are…. This rant was necessary… Take what u will from it.. Swag.

  • 1. interesting c section convos going on.

    2. look. PRODIGY? even if hes right..he has to realise coming out of jail and writing a book snitching on half his old friends…makes him seem like an ignorant, celebrity hungry, money driven media cockroach. so hes not a great spokesmen for a topic like this which is supposed to be “serious”. doesnt help the cause. true or not.

    3. yes there are secret societies. which ones exist. i dont know. which ones dont, i dont knowl

  • As a being who is truly awake/enlightened and living exclusively in the present moment, being connected essentially to the whole/source/God

  • Hermes Trismegistus<<< u THINK ur enlightened….
    but either way i digress…
    ppl who are so worried about this. actually DO something about it. Other wise its just TALK isnt it. peace.

  • Reset

    Don’t believe all those Disinformation fags, the Illuminati (or however you want to call them) isn’t fake. DEATH TO THE NEW AKA ONE WORLD ORDER! Props to Prodigy he got a strong spirit to resist against them.

  • Hermes Trismegistus

    i don’t think anything… thought structures/filters have been transcended.. I live from a state of pure awareness. So i literally don’t think that I’m enlightened lol.. enlightenment is no super human accomplishment that’s why i hesitate to use the term…

  • HermesArtificerGod

    coz it brings about the sense of one gaining some sort of higher knowledge…

  • Pauly Dee

    marty mcfly, so you saying that we should just wait for it to happen? The Founding Fathers didn’t wait to fight for their independence. Martin Luther and MX didn’t wait for the whites to kill them.

    Keep waiting for this shit to happen, and you’ll be watching EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR LOVED ONES BEING DRAGGED AWAY FROM YOU INTO THE FEMA CAMPS.

  • Pauly Dee


    You seem like you have some kind of beef with white people. Racist bastard.

  • Pauly Dee

    Flooding yeah, I know.

    @Seth Gecko

    So you’re pretty much a satanist? Cool. Now get the hell out.

  • @marty mcfly

    I dont need no fucking bible to teach me whats right and whats wrong, I dont need a bible to tell me that I live in a society and should act accordingly. You on the other hand, mr marty mcfly, seems to me need some eternal authority to tell you whats right and whats wrong. You need people who thought the earth was flat to teach you on how to live your life. Thats some slave mentality, and although all today’s biologists reject lamarkism, you are surely an example of a nigga getting hit so hard by a whip that the mentality got passed on to his children. The best way you can handle your gene pool, or, in simplier terms, life is to kill yourself, to prevent the spreading of your poisonus genes. For the moment you can just shut the fuck up with your weak responses, because if you continue proving to me that you only understand the language of force, i will have to send you a picture of a whip and a water melon, and you will have a seizure. So keep it on the low, and start licking your local bishop’s anus before he crossed you out of the “destanation – heaven” lists after you failed to split your welfare check with him.

  • @Pauly Dee

    oblige me and show me a quote where I said I was a satanist. Oblige me and show me “modus ponens” between being a satanist and my statements being false. Thats a double fail, my dear friend, not double entendre

  • Pauly Dee

    If they would ever form a secet society, it would be called MASONS not fucking ILLUMINATI. Illuminati was formed by a group of young scientists, who wanted to oppose church and religion, becuase church and religion was very eager to preserve in everyone’s mind that the earth was the center of the universe etc dumb shit. They called themselves “satanists” because “satan” means “the opposer”. Think about it.


  • @Pauly Dee

    Evidence of what, excuse me?

  • If anything, that quote may give an insight of my disregard for religion. Today’s satanists are pathetic, they are the same religious fanatics, just worshipping a different entity. So fuck them. I was talking about the origin of the illuminati

  • Reset

    @Pauly Dee
    You can call ’em how you want. Illuminati is just a name given by us to summarize this whole evil system.

  • X

    its all a chess game choose sides the best remains

  • 8dubees2thefacefuckthought

    @Reset you really think we gave them the name illuminati ? yyou guys really needa get your heads outta fuckin dreamland. Illuminati is very real. im not going to waste my time telling you why i beleive so, ive done my research on a whole lot of shit. Everything from freemasons to the hollow earth theory. the government conspiacy shit is very real , its so much deeper than just about hiphop and people selling theyre soul. just listen to p , do some research of your own & wake up.

  • iLL

    btw seth gecko is the worst french emcee


  • marty mcfly

    @Seth Gecko , just the fact that my comment got you so mad in the first place is a sign to me that your opinion is full of shit. Your assuming things about me and my opinion that I can tell you draw influence from sources like stereotypes and social upper class opinion about poor people. Even if I just give you a small piece of my mentality you should be able to figure out that your not dealing with somebody who is unaware. Now @Pauly Dee , you must still believe that monsters are real and I heard Prodigy talking about good will always win. Let me give you this about good and evil forces in this world. Neither side will win ultimately because both sides need each other to exist because of things like natural order and balance in the universe. You cant have one without the other now lets say your interpretation of illuminati is real? In my comment I suggested that people worry about themselves and their own loved ones so im implying that is the best solution in my eyes. Your saying some secret society is planning to come drag my family off into government camps , well I highly doubt that and even if that was true I would deal with that situation accordingly because then I would have to go by what I just said: Worry about yourselves and you own loved ones , your talking about fighting what? What part of illuminati do you plan to fight because if your concept of illuminati is real then you are in no position to fight against what you believe to be that powerful. You have little understanding of time and history because the chances of some secret society coming out of what protects them in the first place , which is secrecy itself , is small. You sound like your trying to wake up other people instead of just worrying about yourself. Well if you were able to awaken everybody to the existence and knowledge of illuminati , then what? Where would you go from there? Cause you dont know anybody in illuminati so you cant even point a finger at nobody. Me on the other hand never depended on any form of government to give me nothing. I also have no fear of any enemy I cant see and that is not hurting me. Yes I see other parts of society that have problems but those problems were around in every generation that has ever existed so is it my job to enlighten the world? NO because even after you enlighten someone , then what? You cant waste time blaming somebody else or especially a secret society that you’ve never seen because honestly they have never even fucked with you. Now you say I sound racist which is fine with me because im not racist against anybody but I keep my guard up because any white person that calls me a racist , that just lets me know what kind of person im dealing with. You still have much to learn yourself so stop worrying about illuminati and focus on yourself being successful. Focus on enemies you can identify because the ones you cant see , the only offense against that is a good defense and that means worrying about yourself not things that go bump in the night.

  • i don’t think anything… thought structures/filters have been transcended..
    Hermes Trismegistus

  • chronwell

    We love the easy lie and hate the truth because the truth means sacrifice and self-discipline. @ Cali Grown, So true, brother!


    the truth is a majority of people, people like you, believe that you are SUPPOSED to be sheep, and that things are just this way by a coincidence. The amount of followers and idiots in this country is what we really need to be afraid of. Same cats who think they are supposed to be niggas and bitches and supposed to be locked in cages.

  • meddymed

    Prodigy was def right about people or “sheeple” being blinded and not caring about anything but nonsense. Its plain 2 see for those whom have eyes & a mind..that this is a grand plan..with no shortage of evidence

  • YoungCosby

    Fraternal orders have always existed. Whether it’s Illuminatism or Free Masonry or Knights Templar or O.T.O or Skull & Bones, or the Bilderberg Group, there are organizations out there that have being using their influence to manipulate political, financial and other systems that work for their benefit. They do these dealings using covert methods (the real deals) and by overt methods (the distractions). Mans struggle for power has always existed and will never cease to exist. Colonialism will always exist. That is something you cannot deny regardless if you believe in the Illuminati or not.

    For materials on different secret societies, and other occult groups, check out http://knowledgefiles.com/. They have all the books you want to read for the sources themselves.

  • Pauly Dee

    Another thing: a lot of us have good proof and evidence that The Knights are around. None of you naysayers can say you have evidence that proves otherwise.

    And, it’s like I said before, just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean that its not real.

    @marty mcfly

    Contradictive idiot. You were telling people to read the Bible before but you saying that Evil will always exist, though the Bible and Jesus both say that Satan and his evils will be cast into the Pit. GTFOH you false prophet.

  • Pauly Dee

    And fucking L O L at you placing Money before God.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Dee , I doubt I was telling people to go read the bible Lmao , and you let me know when good takes out evil completely and evil doesnt exist anymore ok. Dont worry ill wait

  • marty mcfly

    and I didnt put money before God , I put money >>> everything AND God >>> those devils. The money part of that comment doesnt connect with God fool , there two different statements.

  • Beanie Sigel

    @ everyone. Whether or not “ILLUMINATI” is real, yall are feeding into the hype. If you think it’s real, STOP talking about it and quit spreading it’s message by trying to enlighten others. If you don’t believe in it, good for you, but don’t completely discount it just because you’ve never seen the local chapter of “Illuminati” in your neighborhood. Finally, some balance. Love the Almighty Supreme, strive to be good people and nothing will harm your soul. We all livin in the same world. Be happy, don’t let anything or anyone get you down. And as one person above said, love before anything. Love never fails.

  • Pauly Dee


    So by your logic, when we go to Heaven, there will be evil there?

    And yes, you put Money >>>> everything and God >>>>> Those devils.

    Which implies that Money is greater than God.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly we aint talking about heaven we talking about earth and dont go off what I imply go off what I mean and what it looks like I probably mean cause the word AND is clearly in the middle. Twisting the intend of your words , exactly what “those devils” love to do just to TRY to win a small piece of the overall context of the meaning behind a statement.

  • Pauly Dee

    If we’re talking about Earth, then there still won’t be evil here forever. Because this Earth will supposedly be destroyed and the Heavens will give birth to a New Earth.

    I understand what you were trying to say about Faux News (I share that ideal), but when you put the “>>>>>>” it made it seem like money is all that matters to you. and that seemed very shallow!

  • marty mcfly

    Ok Pauly well good luck in your fight against evil and the illuminati cause I doubt you’ll be here longer then either one of those forces. You cant have the light without the dark because if one side ever did win over the other then the other would create itself again.

  • gubu

    If anyone here thats shitting on P or Alex has done 25mins worth of research on the topic at hand, please stand up

  • G.S. the God

    The Illuminati is real as well as the Skull & Bones, but where yall fuckin up at is giving them your energy. They feed off shit like that so once people stop cowering in fear of them, you won’t have shit to worry about.

    Another thing for MY people: read up on your history, cuz we DEFINITELY didn’t start with slavery and the Civil Rights movement. We are a global people and once you really get into your studies, you’ll find that we are a universal people as well. Wake up, you have black/brown/light skin for a reason.

  • drake


  • Nigga Please

    “Free your mind, and the rest will follow” — En Vogue