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Thr33zy McFly (of Language Artz) – Hey Boo (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 5, 2011

  • Pops

    Thumbs down to any McFly’s who aren’t Michael J. Fox.

  • Lazy Louie

    I fucks with Thr33zy hes been McFly for at least 3 years now Ive been following him since 08.

  • Secondbest21

    this. no.

  • the pres

    Thr33zy can do better than this…

  • SteveAriza

    This nigga is so incredibly wack. NEXT!

  • Kevin

    Link to D/L the mp3?

  • 562

    Drop a project already!

  • ummmreally

    I dont kno why all the hate.. Shits kinda dope

  • curiousnopause

    So the song gets 16 thumbs down, but the video gets 25 in like 6 hours? i’m not affiliated with thr33zy, but i honestly dont understand the hate.


    Fake Big Sean looking as Nigga,