• 123ADC

    damn near any up-and-coming rapper can lay claim to being a street hustler who moves so much weight....


    Rick Ross Hustling – Hustlin (2006)

    We never steal cars, but we deal hard
    Whip it real hard whip it whip it real hard
    I caught a charge, I caught a charge – – – - - - - - FIRST ARREST 2008
    Whip it real hard, whip it whip it real hard

    I know Pablo, Noriega, the real Noriega
    He owe me a hundred favors

    AllHipHop.com: What did you mean when you said “Noriega owes me favors”?

    “I don’t know Noriega personally, but I know n***as who have met Noriega.”

  • hardy

    Does Rick Ross really want the people to believe he's a real G? I dont think so.

  • http://tradvilla.tumblr.com/ Chuxilla

    A Grimm post with no mention of DOOM, impressive. I read the graphic novel a couple of years ago, and you could tell that he was on some real shit. You look at them dudes who get hit with big numbers and it would never be who you expect. Gucci and Nore both killed people and they just took little hiatuses, John Forte got 14 years for moving weight. Just goes to show you never know who's real

  • Pops

    "a real G is one who can turn a negative upbringing and lifestyle a full 360° and manifest positive out of negative."

    If you turn something negative a full 360, you end up right where you started.

  • http://www.yaboyrampz.deviantart.com/ rmpwolf

    "If you turn something negative a full 360, you end up right where you started."

    Hahahaha I had to laugh at that one.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Justice Equality Supreme

    Stop it 5. You know what I meant....

  • bonerBill

    180... duh!!!

  • http://thechillout.tumblr.com/ TheChillout

    The homie told me that MF Grimm ghost wrote for the chronic!

  • doc rovers

    hahah didnt jason kidd say that 360 thing once

  • BillyOcean

    Damn, JES, youre lucky you post some good music sometimes, because you say the dumbest fucking shit. Protons vs electrons? Protons always win? You are truly a stupid ass motherfucker.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Don_Demarco Don_Demarco

    I was wondering about the reason for this post. I was afraid he passed. I got onto Grimm after listening to DOOM

  • doc rovers

    how many times has wayne referenced "lifes a bitch" or "karmas a bitch"? cant even keep track

  • Edward Penishands

    You know why they call it the Xbox 360? Because when you see it you turn 360 degrees and walk away.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Justice Equality Supreme


    Theoretically, if you were to collide a proton with an electron, the proton will pretty much remain in it's original place due to it's mass, while the electron will bounce back from it's original state. "Theoretically," because electrons are difficult to locate due to them traveling at damn near the speed of light (186,000 m/s). I'm no professor, however I study a lot so I know what I'm speaking on. Stop taking everything at face value.

  • Tone Riggz

    I copped his graphic novel when it came out, interesting book...i didn't know he had all of that drama in his life...and the subtle shots at Doom in the book were hilarious

  • grimyteddy

    Grimm said in the interview he got shot multiple times and 'looked like a dalmation' - this soft spoken nigga is the truth. Thats fucking horrible to wake and realize your brother is dead.

  • Madvillian

    it's about time GRIMM got some shine on 2DBZ, he's a true living legend and inspiration. JES you should have mentioned how he recorderd "The DOwnfall of Ibyliss" in a 24 hour period the day before he went to jail, amazing album.

  • stockton

    good little compilation there, but it's missing the track "bottle rocket"

  • Cult Assassin

    You only live twice was the most slept on album of 2010.

  • JacksonC

    MF Grimm is so underrated. I own most of his LPs on CD & Vinyl and boy, Scars & Memories is one of the best albums. Raw lyrics, raw beats, crazy shit

  • http://nyc.com zany blunts

    since we're gunna nit pick:

    "Protons vs. electrons. Protons always win."

    ^^^^theyre not against each other so theres no winning... in fact they work together to form an atom =D

  • morgan freeman

    when being real goes wrong.

    "ever since i was a child people liked the sound of my voice."
    -morgan freeman.



    JES you a smart dumb nigga!

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Nice post! It's good to see you bring the positive aspects to this Hip Hop game that needs info seen through a different lens. Thanks, man, and keep up the great work. Peace and GOD BLESS

  • charra

    happy to see grimm getting some light, too many folks sleep on him.

  • LEX

    My favorite MF Grimm song of all time is Landslide (DJ Eli's remix). I think I'ma check that book out. Good lookin.

  • http://irakny.com Tigerstyle

    Scars & Memories>>>>>>>
    Downfall of Ibliys>>>>>>>
    American Hunger>>>>>>

    He deserves praise especially in light of his past.

    *what happened between him and DOOM? Doomsday wasn't bad

  • http://www.facebook.com/shadowsamuraithesupremeking shadowsamurai

    Justice...the zip is missing DJ Eclipse's 9th track :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/shadowsamuraithesupremeking shadowsamurai

    no it isn't....my bad :/ as always, I appreciate the knowledge you drop

  • http://www,themathhattan.com mathhattan

    I first heard about Grimm and that lead me to doom in like 2001 mad late and i am from the same hood in manhattan on the upper west side just like kurious and mike g are from