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Apathy – Stop What Ya Doin’ f. Celph Titled (prod. DJ Premier)

blame it on Meka August 8, 2011

(2)Dope Premiere time. Ap and Premo link up for the latest offering from Apathy’s Honkey Kong, set to drop August 23rd.

DOWNLOAD: Apathy – Stop What Ya Doin’ f. Celph Titled (prod. DJ Premier) | Mediafire
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  • real talk

    you already know what this is…shit is RAW

  • rapgenius

    holy shit this shit bumps. Ap and Celph can hopefully get the recognition they deserve. raw

  • Mr Menace

    You fucking did it again! Thumps up for this shit! Peace out! keep it coming

  • IS34

    WTF is This …. GREAT

    Premo Legend

    Apathy killed it to

  • Nick Oz

    Lovin’ this. Ap and Celph go hard


  • ApisBack

    Fucking incredible!

  • Lloyd


  • rmacq112

    i feel like i just got 4 blow jobs. I LOVE THIS SHIT

  • french touch

    Heavy, Raw, Hardcore !!!!!!!

  • Rec


  • CupOfCoffee

    was expecting more of a BOOM BAP sound but this still bangs!

  • leutrim

    this shit was nice, def a song that will be remembered, all the verses kill, tight scratched chorus. the beat is good too, but a little repetitive, but thats the only bad thing i can say about the song

  • johnc860

    I heard him say ricky shabazz is doing the video on ustream. THAT IS GONNA BE NUTS!

  • TubDope

    This song is GREAT. Honestly though, I love Celph Titled but would have much, much preferred if there were 3 Ap verses instead. Sick track though.

  • HipHop

    One of the best Premo beats I’ve heard over the few years. Apathy is fucking incredible, rhymes and delivery are unreal. Dope track, album should be an underground classic.

  • bigwill

    This is crazy. It sounds more like an apathy beat than a primo beat tho. That’s definitely primo on the hook though with the scratches

  • This song is greatness. Also, the title “Honkey Kong” >>>>>


    APATHY = incredible…AP & CELPH = even better…HOWEVER, as excited as I initially was to see these two rockin’ a DJ PREMIER beat, I felt like it was a VERY simple/boring beat from PREMO, and that the (although classic) HUMPTY HUMP vocal sample was silly and didn’t mesh w/ the hardcore lyrical content…BIG letdown.

  • Troofroof

    ^^^ Disagree…the Humpty sample got flipped into sounding HARD. not everything needs to be “mister serious samson” in order to be super-cool.

  • Cleezy

    Yeah I agree completely with troofroof. I love this beat! The verses were sick and the sample and scratches kept me hyped. I literally nodded my head str8 through all 4 1/2 mins! I love this track. Honkey Kong.. Aug 23rd… Must buy… Fuck the Throne! Ap is the Underground king!

  • DirtyDollar

    This shit has been in my had ALL day. On some real shit, I’ve listened to this more today than the Jay & Kanye album. This one song shits on that album, and I like the album. Honkey Kong is taking the throne, just watch.

  • mk

    this is dope. apathy needs to just do an album with just rock samples. cause the white stripes sample he did was the shit.

  • Hittin hard like Ap & Celph always do, Big Ups Primo!

  • Big Poppa Pump

    “Baptism By Fire” mixtape was pretty much done with rock samples.

  • InsertNameHere

    Leave you dick heads covered in blood like period sex

    Celph gotta be the GOAT punchline rapper.. No it ain’t Big L and no it ain’t Chino XL… Celph just too good with the shit

  • dan

    this shit fucking kills! love it! cant wait until the 23rd!

  • Joe

    rap aint dead

  • thefactz

    whoever said this honkey kong will be better then wtt… kill yoself!… how many people will even have this? everybody is talking about wtt, and it will sell plenty copies 1st week… this shyt won’t even sell 1,000 copies lmao…if this is gonna be so much better then wtt, why the hell will more people be listening to wtt? shyt wtt is already considered a classic! jackassess smh

  • john

    thefactz dont know what your talking about, stop trolling and hating and just stick to your main stream crap

  • Joe

    thefactz who the fuck said anything about Jay and WTT? Fuck, listen to Ap’s music man, he’s mentioned being a fan of Jay before. Ain’t nobody saying shit about that. Respect quality music for quality music and save your fucking hate for a fucking Wiz Khalifa blog, pussy.

  • ApisBack

    thefactz, leave WTT out of this. That bullshit shouldn’t be mentioned. I don’t wanna read any comments about mainstream crap on here. Apathy just hit us with a fucking classic track, respect that and enjoy it. This shit is on a different level than that WTT shit. While Kanye is singin in autotune, Ap will be ripping fucking verses harder and way more lyrically than that faggot can do. Do your homework.

  • infamouzmarv

    apathy is a straight beast!!!

  • This is sick track!

  • DirtyDollar

    My reference of the other album was just to illustrate a point. I retract the reference, but the point remains, HK is gonna shit on a lot of MCs catalogs.

  • So, According to ‘thefactz’ the quality of an album is dependent on the number of people who listen to it. If that’s the case, doesn’t that make that stupid Rebecca Black song one of the greatest ever? So Honkey Kong won’t do Jay-Z numbers. Do you think anybody involved expects it to? Pizza Hut sells way more pizzas every day than Pepe’s in New Haven, or Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. But Pizza Hut doesn’t even come close to how good one of those other pies are. The point is quantity does not dictate quality. People are stupid. Best of luck to AP and all the people involved in this album.