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Omar Aura – 1,000 Palm Trees f. Fashawn

blame it on Shake August 8, 2011

First single off the Grizzly City Boy affiliate’s upcoming mixtape, Auradon Sessions, which is looking at a late September release. Features to include Fashawn (obviously), [email protected]!n$, Planet Asia and more.

DOWNLOAD: Omar Aura – 1,000 Palm Trees f. Fashawn

  • kingg

    sample of wiz khalifa song name on the clouds

  • kingg

    ink my whole body my bad **

  • jb

    good shit. I was wondering what sample/beat it was from

  • olliekid

    dope record. fashawn killed it. looking forward to hearing more from his camp.

  • gasface

    Get ya damn history up little kids….Wiz jacked that sample from Kurious….shame shame shame


  • dro

    Ha this guy Gasface! too bad the sample is ff of blackbyrds’ mysterious vibes! fail fail fail!

  • gasface

    @dro…I was simply pointing out which hip-hop song the sample was first used for…do you really think ANYONE (including yourself) would remember what artist the ORIGINAL music was performed by…I know there are heads out there that do know but come on man…the casual listener prob thinks that the producer who produced the WIZ track created that music originally…: )

  • gasface

    on a side note….DJ Funktual is super super knowledgeable and entertaining at matching the ORIGINAL artist/artists with the sample….check him out on youtube

  • Omar Aura also goes by the name Grafik Ruffin, he’s another cat from Fresno, CA. He will definately blow up!!

  • E

    Dope Track! Grizzly City Stand Up! When’s the video coming out?