• MD

    Vids koo. I can dig it. Wheres the lambos, hoes, champagne? Just saying. http://www.swagacidal.com

  • Cali Grown

    "I'm the type to kill a devil when I see that mothafucka!"

    Leftside is also a favorite of mine. Reks, Self Scientific, Malcolm & Martin, modern day revolutionarys.

  • Soul King

    Powerful Gods language is Supreme mathematics & Alphabets...Love Allah

  • Daveg

    Self Scientific is always dope. It's too bad they're just now getting some recognition. That's what happens when Em hooks up with Khalil. It's only gonna get bigger. Keep goin Chace n Khalil...y'all got classics

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  • idris

    im sorry but..

    > Nas