Wale x Rick Ross x Jeremih - That Way BTS (Video)

Dopeness. I kept saying this song from Self-Made should have been made into a single, and when I heard it on the radio a few weeks ago I actually smiled briefly. Good decision for a change; we don't need any more "Romeo From The Steve Harvey Show Back" tracks.

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  • Trey Bones

    I'm glad Lex's sound is starting grow. Being from VA, I would like to see him become a real beatsmith.

  • wale ye wale its me

    So if I exude confidence on a Hip Hop record and I’m really good at exuding confidence on it, you’re gonna call me cocky? Well, what should I tell you? I woke up at 8 o’clock this morning, ate a bowl of cheerios, went to the studio, made a mediocre song, and went to sleep? Is that what people would prefer you think? Because I’m sure if I said I put on some $400 Jordans, a Moschino shirt, and some PRPS’s and I went to the studio and killed every nigga in Hip Hop on a song…motherfuckers would check for me. I’d get close to a million [Twitter] followers quickly."............................

  • MD

    Wale got em' one huh? Where does it say Luger on the track?

  • MD
  • Trek

    please tell me that picture of Wale isn't gonna be on the Ambition cover

  • D23

    Fuck with the Hook

  • http://www.twitter.com/EL_MACJETson Your mother’s dinner date

    RIP ROMEO FROM Stevie Harvey Show, insensitive Meka, not cool.

  • kidadonis

    Wow, Ricky really is slowly making Wale and company into mainstream successes. Even if he is on every track. People now know who Wale is. Which is an improvement, if I would have mentioned Wale last year, people would be like, "Who?" Now at least people say, "Dude from no hands and make it rain.?" Next we have to get him out of the strip club circuit....

  • cj

    this may b wale's best song that ever hit mainstream since its his song..thiis like arguably the best song on self made

  • Airborne


    You're absolutely right. People diss Ross but he's like the only artist I've ever seen who actually seems like he gives a fuck about his artists succeeding consistently at a mainstream level. He's really trying to make an empire. Yeah, 'Ye pushed Sean, but Sean been signed for like 6 years now. Sean is Def Jam first anyway.


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