A (2)Dope Contest: Win a Free K-Def 7″ Record

blame it on JES7 August 9, 2011

Obviously this applies to anyone with a set (or one) of turntables, but anyone is welcome to enter. Here’s your chance to win a free, rare 7″ record, courtesy of Redef and Fat Beats which features three exclusive, new cuts by Jersey producer K-Def. Mp3 heads, you can cop on iTunes now.

K-Def is a legendary music producer from New Jersey who has worked with artists such as LL Cool J, Marley Marl, Ghostface Killah, Real Live, P Diddy, Lords Of The Underground, Ol Dirty Bastard, Heavy D & more. In addition to his talents as a producer, K Def is an skilled DJ and composer who has created & scored original music for video game companies such as Rockstar Games and TV series including HBO’s Entourage.

To hear snippets, head over to Fat Beats now. Also, down bottom you will find a BTS video showcasing how K-Def flipped his own version of For Pete’s Sake. What do you have to do to win? Simple: enter your full name and legit email in the c-section down below where applicable (not in the comment itself, unless you want some random spam bot flooding your inbox for the next 50-11 years). I’ll then pick the person out of the mix as the winner. It’s not that hard, right? Good luck.



  • dope

  • Chad Rukrigl

    whats gucci?

  • LOng live Redef!

  • Uh huh Uh huh, K-Def for that Real Live ish!

  • Rudolf Geisler

    K-Def and Redefinition are so dope! Real Hip Hop!

  • Donatas Ruocas

    I need this for my collection! World Renown

  • Rudy Lopez

    Aw man, this would be so dope!

  • Jack Freifelder


  • Shawn Riley

    Pick me or Ill kill you.

  • K-Def you inspired me!

  • jaY


  • Thomas Visee

    k-def !!

  • Viet P.

    Saw the vinyl up for a while on Fat Beats, you should definitely work with Apollo Brown, it would be totally dope. It was nice that you use a short nujabes sample.

  • Isaac Rodriguez

    k-def is my favorite producer out right now

  • Marcus Miranda

    Please pick me!

  • timothy gonzales

    Must have!

  • Micah VanVoorst


  • Thanks for the opportunity

  • William Morris


  • Tony Sepulveda

    Pick me it’s my 21st birthday!

  • Will Watkins

    Dope track, would gladly add this to the collection.

  • Théophile Haumesser

    Pop the Trunk !!!!!!!!!

  • Ian King

  • Matt Collier

    def for def’s sake

  • K Def!

  • Oscar Garcia


  • Jaime Dominguez


  • Ever since “getting hot” I’ve been a fan. For defs sake takes it up a notch. cheers

  • hmmm actually…for defs sake takes it up a notch..but after hearing “times change”…this is the real diamond on the single. damnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Tobias Lindquist

    For Pete’s sake!

  • Kyle Williams

    This would be dope to help start my collection!

  • bobs1


  • Kevin Phaimany

    For Def’s Sake sounds too fresh! Skull Snaps drum break and vibes? What an ill combo! Redefintion Records always on top!

  • Will Trimble


  • rougeot

    fresh !

  • Redefinition!!

  • Alex C.

    Long live vinyl!

  • Richy Tirado

    # 90sswag

  • sup3rrrman

    canada represent! would be unbelievable to win that record

  • Joonas Utriainen

    K-DEF! Greets from Finland!

  • J.T. Magee


  • Tam Duong Jr.


  • Laura Q.

    I would love that vinyl. I’ve been listening to him for a long time now.

  • skot free

    real live sh*t


    Gotta Love Real Shit Right..?

  • Gerard Lelionis


  • Sergio Martinez


  • Bert Pole

    Thanks for the chance to win this 7″ Cheers Bert Pole

  • Matt Peitsmeyer

    Gimme that

  • Alex Gordon


  • german peregrine

    Redef is the illest

  • jackson

    This is too good.

  • Kevin Phaimany

    I won! Thanks so much 2dopeboyz!! I love you guys, haha!