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Lil B – R.I.P. The Rap Game (Video)

blame it on Meka August 9, 2011

Now why can’t he do more of these type songs.

  • J.HernandezBeats

    niggas like this shouldn’t be in the music industry!!!! get the fuck outta here!!!! i don’t think this “artist” should be on 2dopeboyz….just saying!

  • stealthbomber

    ima big lil b hater but dam i gotta admit this is pretty good, he should stick to this and less of the gay shit

  • Sky

    I kinda might like this..

  • jay

    i always think this dude is retarded but then he drops a track thats actually good every once in awhile

  • gsgss

    does the title mean his going to fuck up hiphop
    metaphorically cause his a shit ass rapper fo real .

  • NY

    Sounds like pure 90’s spitting, too bad his voice is hard to listen to. 7.5/10

    Wish more rappers would try this approach.

  • b green

    i really dislike Lil B, but this is actually kinda dope

  • Don’t underestimate this guy. He’s on to something.

  • Cameron

    I clicked dope on this shit. This track honestly made me think twice. Relative to most rap this is above average. Relative to most Lil B track this is outstanding. Keep doing this right here Lil B and I’ll eat my words.

    PS anyone who posts SWAG should have their opinion disregarded.

  • Let that boy cook!

  • braindead

    why cant my t-shirts fit like that.

  • i mean this is decent, i guess. his flow was totally off the beat lol.

    PS anyone who posts SWAG should have their opinion disregarded.

  • marty mcfly

    This nigga named his first solo album Im Gay end of story.

  • DayO

    9th Wonder answered that “why doesnt he make songs like this?” question a long time ago.


    somebody play KRS and throw this PM DAWN nigga off the stage.


  • Yeah

    Haters gonna hate. Based God

  • omfgtom

    he isn’t really off beat. maybe a little in a couple parts, but that’s because he isn’t a perfectionist. he prolly spit this in one take. respectable.

  • T

    No, this is terrible too. It’s clearly his existing fans making those “LOL I HATED AT FIRST BUT THIS IS DOPE” comments. Fuck this guy’s entire existence.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Swag!!! Thank you, Based God!!!

  • OLD


  • @martymcfly

    No. His first solo album was Angels Exodus.


    If I met Lil B I would let him park his my car, then fuck my bitch. THANK YOU BASE GOD! Sobs

  • Cameron

    @T I honestly hate everything else he has done, and you are giving Lil B fans too much credit.
    @JonesyStark You don’t count
    @NYC/BK Your inability to make a coherent comment speaks volumes of Lil B’s target audience.

  • Morrissey

    I’m a born again Based follower! Thank you Based God my savior…this dude can actually spit when he applies himself…

  • JersonP

    all i know is his beats are always on point, u cant deny that

  • Joz

    i dont know. but everytime i hear bout this guy (gay?) i remember Lil Wayne. they’re similar lames imo. it could be amazin if police cage him. little big gay

  • fuckin lame

    Lil B Sucks

  • GooG

    wtf lil b hater here like the rest of em
    hot beat
    keep ur ears open , yea i gotta admit tis is fuckin bangin

  • ploveskicks

    all i know is his beats are always on point, u cant deny that


    Well, as a matter of fact, this beat belongs to Freeway, and was produced by Just Blaze…

  • dddddsssss

    wtf is this really lil b

  • inside information

    i’m just impressed that he stayed on beat for most of it, that in and of itself is a major improvement

    next time maybe he can mix it properly. baby steps.

  • fondleme

    so what mixtape is this from???
    yea shake u finally convinced us

  • JersonP

    i was very specific with my wording, when i say “his beats” i mean the beats he decides to go over

  • TOrrent911

    lol he makes one good gimmick track like this yea its good but his rest of his carrer is stuff like this..
    Soulja Boy Feat Lil B – Swag OD(VIDEO)


    How ppl call him god and how hes on this hip hop blog rite now ill never understand


    ehh its same wit ppl like odd future/ tyler the creator, dude makes one viral diff sounding track a year, and they come wit fruity sayings for him too like odd future or to the moon or w.e i forget , ppl got short attention spans i guess

  • malcymalcful

    ugh,theres its still way too easy to count the things right with this song than the things thatre wrong,ill admit its alot better than his other songs,somehow it still remains to be garbage as hell

  • Coolin

    This is the first time I’ve actually heard him flow with a beat, and not be all over the fuckin place. I’m stunned…either he learned how to, or everything prior was just a big prank to exploit shit in order to get put on.

  • LupeFaco

    i bet if this was some underground name and not lil b
    yall would actually see the talent in thiss song
    tis is tyte i really hated lil b , but dude got a underground tangent changing free style , goes on different subjects , flows effortelsly , damn i got new respect for this dude 1
    look up tis one really liked it too
    Lil B – Pretty Boy Muzik

  • j j

    shit was hot


    @rUANHOLL Tyler/Odd Future > Lil B

    I’ll admit though, this track wasn’t the WORST he’s ever done.

  • Coroner


  • That One Guy

    This man mentoned Kool Keith in a rhyme. He will forever get a pass from me. I don’t know why cats hate him so fervently. He’s not doing anything that impedes anybody else, so let him wear his tiny jeans and shit. This shit wasn’t good, but it’s at least equal, if not better, to most of the shit Wayne puts out. But since I’m the guy who thinks J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar aren’t that ill (I know, I know, I’m the biggest hater on earth)I’ll probably be bombarded with taunts.

  • its weird that lil b is kinda nice…

    charles hamilton is the only one similiar to him IMO… they both could be weird, could be great, could be terrible, could go in, could sound annoying, could sound smart, could sound dumb, could be real, could be gay, etc… the inconsistency seems to be a blessing and a curse

  • “I don’t know why cats hate him so fervently.”

    ^^^^^^^ferreal… people like to hate him… but its prolly due to his bugged out cult following

  • “theres its still way too easy to count the things right with this song than the things thatre wrong”

    ^^^^^^^^LOL, eminem

  • BasedBoyJay

    “Yeah I do my thang bitch wasup,young basedgod came in wit the ballers,iced out chain,bitch im rich on that same shit(on that same shit),see 5 ho’s on my dick,bitch its christmas,straight west-side,bay-area bitch i’ll grave’em,pretty boy shit,basedgod from the angle,on like a cradle & you niggas cant stop me,shouts out to mack maine getting rich & cocky,bitch its still west-side ,shouts out to weezy,young basedgod wit that 55 heater,187 bitch,i’ll pulla 211 bitch,wit that tiny shirt mane …..& that tiny pants mane,im on that basedworld & i fuck wit cash money, niggas dont understand mane the game like a chain mane,that woo woo swag bitch barrangthang thang thang mane,bruh off top im a wolf-pack hitter,mane my life just a painting & i’ll paint you a picture,mane thank about it a young paid ass nigga,this that stunt music(stunt music),bitch i just do’s it,its lil -b & i’ll motherfucking prove it,we runnin”

    Lil b Verse off grove st party


  • mrwatcher

    it’s better than all the other shit I heard from him but it ‘s still Garbage!!!!

  • feef

    damn this is fuckin hot
    never thought i would say that abt lil b
    dude got a raw streeet flow
    flowing lyrics matchin the beat

  • trueff

    “Now why can’t he do more of these type songs.” You don’t understand the basedgod then… RARE BASED SWAG. TYBG

  • victorxinhere

    You guys don’t realize Lil B is a walking troll. This is the kinda shit he had on his album, real ass music. All that swag cook shit is him trolling the rap game. He got you haters fooled.



    his deliveriy is horrible..like how can you be a rapper and have no flow whatsoever?

    parody or not..Weird Al>>>>Lil B


    and wtf is he saying? he’s not making sense whatsoever..

    nonsensical shit<<<

    he's got yall fooled lol..he still sucks.


    Yall sleep on the Based God, LET THAT BOY COOK!

    TYBG! Woooooooooooooooooooooop!

  • EC

    yay for being a week late

  • C’Mon 2DopeBoyz

    it is pitiful how many 2dopeboyz groupies there are…seriously look at any of the posts that Shake or Meka recommend and they immediately get so many more likes than dislikes…then when they dislike something everyone is happy to shit on it…I’m sorry but there is no goddamn way that this Lil B trash deserves more praise than The Game’s recent mixtape…

  • 2dopeUndergound

    Cornmuffins like this shit. lol @ this shit.

    Do yourselves a favor : http://shop.digicrates.com/2011/05/little-boy-blue.html

  • Jaffae

    I can’t take this guy serious. He’s terrible lol. He can’t even rhyme on beat, but at the same time he’s hilarious to me. I watch just to get a laugh. I put him in the same bracket as 50 tyson

  • Cameo

    What!? He can rap?

  • based


    hes based…dont you get it? when he gets on songs saying hes gay and hes gonna kill you with his tiny pants on hes being based.

  • for all the fucking idiots calling out lil b for being bad, why has it taken this long to figure he’s just trolling the hip hop industry? nigga loves hip hop and can rap but there’s too much seriousness in the rap game and niggas getting butthurt over stupid shit he’s just tryna fuck around and have fun. #based

  • valence

    No, it’s becuase it’s lil B that people are praising it so much. If this were some unknown ungerground rapper, people would appreciate the lyrics for what they are but also see how off-beat his flow is.

  • 206FRE$H


  • asdfghjkl

    I want a download link to this track

  • Secondbest21

    I understand that the game has been saturated with so much bullshit that people feel this (at the most) tolerable verse is dope, so yeah…

  • Ohhh I get it! He set the bar so low for himself, that when he puts out something that isn’t full-blown retard music, it gets praised as being good or “OK”… What a smart approach to making music. Now if only more artists could do this, we could all train our ears and minds to enjoy absolute shit music. Thank you based kid.

  • Jay

    he reminds me of 50 tyson

  • Bp

    wow yall are some delusional fucks…


  • Tyrant

    @J.HernandezBeats nah dont say he an artist, saying he’s an artist is disrespectful to other REAL artist. how can anyone like this shit when we had The Wu, Rakim, man its not even worth naming all the “Artist” who really made music. guys like this just make noise and get attention. To all the people who say people like me are delusional for not liking this, maybe you need to listen to the music i grew up on and understand why this is shit to my ears. “I have no faith in my generation.” – Me

  • this is definitely still trash.. and on top of it being garbage, it’s garbage over a classic instrumental


    I don’t like or dislike Lil B the dude can make laugh and everything, but I think that most of his catalog is garbage but I will admit that if he did more songs like this he would definitely be on my iPod.

  • vince

    this just proves my idea that Lil B was just playing an idiot when he was actually a pretty good mc

  • ShawnyBoy

    Lil B has alot of songs like this its just that most of the bullshit songs he has got more views so if you look him up on youtube you see those first

  • TheFalconCity

    wow, its bullshit that he can make a song that would be shit for any other rapper, bu since its better than his usually trash, its considered good. fuck rap.

  • BasedSuicide

    what the fuck is this

  • NYdreams

    let the lil b hate begin…. if wayne could make songs like “lollipop” and niggas is still fans so why the fuck cant lil b make real songs and have fun at the same time gtfoh

  • He cant do more of these songs, because he is not a good rapper. It sounds forced, unoriginal (he wouldnt have wrote it because its in time) and uncomfortable.

  • bebe zeva

    it’s pretty hilarious that people STILL won’t give lil b props when he drops gems like this.

    yalls homophobia is showing

  • bebe zeva

    and lil b isnt even gay, that’s what makes it even funnier lol