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THURZ – LA Riot (Album)

blame it on Meka August 9, 2011

Shortly after midnight Thurz dropped his long-awaited solo debut, featuring the likes of Black Thought, Strong Arm Steady and more. You can grab it down bottom.

1. Molotov Cocktail
2. Rodney King
3. F**k The Police
4. Colors f. Strong Arm Steady
5. Hell’s Angel f. BJ The Chicago Kid
6. Two Clips f. Kobe
7. Riot f. Black Thought
8. The Killers f. Jazzy
9. N****s
10. Big Ball
11. Prayer f. Cheryl Johnson
12. Manifest Outro
13. Los Angeles
14. Dope


  • Oak

    I copped this on itunes, it’s an amazing album.

    Does anyone know where I can find the production credits for each track?

  • KnuckleHead

    YES! been anticipating this album for a while.but… Anyone got the free link. We’re freeloaders im jus the first to admit it

  • Cameron

    Downloading this cold based entirely off Black Thought’s co-sign.
    ^Slept On

  • 12323

    lol i would buy if i had money. lookin’ for a link


    Thurz L.A. Riot via

  • TOrrent911

    beats are spectular didnt expect tis , really hot
    jus took a dl on randow whim glad i did nice flow 2

  • dddddsssss

    damn tis is hot , its on all the torrent sites now , i jus downloaded it, dunno who he is but the beats are freakin hot every single one

  • CK

    >Does anyone know where I can find the production credits for each track?
    I think 92 Crew produced everything.. right?
    Anyway this album is dope.. been feeling a lot of West Coast music these past few years..

  • infrared


    1. Molotov Cocktail [Aaron Harris]
    2. Rodney King [Ro Blvd]
    3. F**k The Police [Aaron Harris]
    4. Colors f. Strong Arm Steady [Ro Blvd]
    5. Hell’s Angel f. BJ The Chicago Kid [Aaron Harris]
    6. Two Clips f. Kobe [DJ Khalil]
    7. Riot f. Black Thought [DJ Khalil]
    8. The Killers f. Jazzy [THX]
    9. N****s [Aaron Harris]
    10. Big Ball [Aaron Harris]
    11. Prayer f. Cheryl Johnson [Aaron Harris]
    12. Manifest Outro [Ro Blvd]
    13. Los Angeles [Ro Blvd]
    14. Dope [THX]

  • click my name for the album

  • I did a track-by-track preview of the album last week with Thurz, and he talked about the production a bit there, as well as the concepts behind all the tracks and stuff.. check it out here..

  • red (slow down mothafucka)

    Where is THURZ from?

  • Pops

    I’ve got $68 in my checking right now, and I’m about to drop $9.99 on this shit. MUST SUPPORT REAL SHIT!


    @ oak: u’s a muthafuckin flunkie! there’s a digital booklet that comes w/ tha album so stop lyin, u didn’t buy shit u fag…

    @ red: he’s from inglewood.

  • Oak

    Um, yeah I did fuck boy. I delete the digital booklets.

    I’m not sure why I took the time to even put a pic up, but I hate people like you. So fuck off.


    Anybody know if this is digital only or has a physical release coming?

  • subjectbatter

    @red THURZ is from Inglewood. This album is amazing

  • dopefiend

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  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Lyrics and production puts Watch the Throne to shame.

    The Content is what you need instead of more glorifying of mindless activities those two posers were pushing.

  • undefeated

    wow this is incredible,production and rhymes…im diggin this..

  • Schuyler

    I’m copping just for the simple fact that whoever said the production puts watch the throne to shame.

  • fas3423

    amazing amzing beats and production us dled it

  • Jovell

    @Pops Same story here bruh. $650 in books and $2000 for tuition due next week, still coppin’.

  • GeeZuP

    The west is shuttin shit down this year with real beats real rhymes fuck WTT this dat real hip hop shit

  • 1

    are there hard copies?

  • T.A.-Schwarzenegger Ft. Max B (Johnny Juliano)

    MIIA Drops 8/23

  • Rezo

    The whole rebel hip hop fuck the cops thing is really played out, every song on this album sounds basically the same and this album has almost zero creativity as far as content goes. The whole album is very redundant, but I do like the beats. You would have to be a mental midget to even mention this in the same breath as WTT. This isn’t even on Section 80 level and I didn’t even like Section 80 all that much.

  • @rezo……both section 80 & this album had subject….music can be to entertain and inform,while i know i may not be the smartest person here or best to judge this album ii still relize that this is full of subject and has great lyrical talent as well as production. WTT had ehh production and lyrics werent even what a was hoping them to be with to much hype and was way overrated. you wanna talk about redundant? what does wtt bring that is new to the table? pretty much nothing. it wasnt a bad album but it wasnt great and if i had to chose between it and L.A. Riot then id chose la riot.
    and i dont see many rebel hip hop artist out right now so whats wrong with him do it?

  • “rebel music”>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    lil b is a good example (in a twisted sorta way, lol)

  • Detroit89

    @rezo how many times have u listened to this album? how much are you familiar with Thurz?

    but, honestly it annoys me that people after one day can say that any album is a classic, without even really listening to it. i say an album is a great if i am still having the same enjoyment of it after a couple months. LIke Section.80, i still bump a lot so that makes it in my opinion great.

  • FacoDD

    jus downloaded it
    now this is hip hop
    beats are out of this world
    dude has a unique flow like it
    next big thing rite here1

  • HOLL44


  • Son of S.A.M.

    I’ve never heard anything from THURZ before but this album is fire. The West is making some classic Hip-Hop this year.

  • @Kid_Napt Watch The Throne brought plenty of new concepts, new production styles, and fresh and thoughtful lyrics. The beats are sonically superior to today’s music and display where hip hop is headed. I could go in depth but I don’t care to ramble on in a message board.

  • jedi

    damn man, first Section 80, now this, Blu next = Cali is running this real Hip Hop shit

  • $$$

    Yeah, pretty sure that Ye and Jay are about to bring in a whole dubstep sample craze in hiphop, unfortunately.

  • kid_napt

    Watch the beats where different but it was nothing that new. and i have seen much better duos and lyrics are really arent above average. and the procution on wtt doesnt touch L.A. Riot( but this is all in my opinoin so ovibously none of it really means much) and i dont think ye personally has the same touch on his music anymoe and as all artist do there music has gotten less exciting as before but i dont think iyt was a bad album, just very overrated

  • asf11

    crazy month for hip hop !!!
    this cd is now on that list
    hot month!!
    i told u 2011 hip hop will be back hard !!!!

  • Adup

    Ya’ll know Thurz. He’s one half of UNI.

  • don russocerous

    Pay no mind to Rezo. Regulars to this site know he says unfounded nonsense and goes against the grain if people are digging an album/track/artist too much. I doubt he’s even listened to this album. And WTT has already been deleted from my iPod. It’s garbage. Definition of overhyped glossy egos.


  • Calcutta

    Come on now. why are people talking about Thurz like he’s brand new to the game… He’s From U-N-I!

  • Kennyis22

    The new thing is to put down WTT in order to promote another song or album. Why can’t people like more than one thing? You just trying to go against the grain if you’re saying the production on WTT wasn’t great. LA Riot is nice too, though, Thurz sounds and looks like Avery Johnson.

  • yugang

    One of the best albums of 2011 along w/ section 80 and return of 4eva imo

  • subjectbatter

    @Kennyis22 Avery Johnson? LOL, that’s absurd. This album is incredible. Easily the best of 2011

  • Ty

    Album is Dope.

  • FreshSup702

    Definitely, just add Jon Connor – Salvation & Skyzoo – Great Debater

  • This album is 2DOPE!!!!!!!!

    Just got around to it, and I am very impressed

  • Kingcomix

    THIS ALBUM! Cot damn! I just got to hear it, man, it’s amazing do yourself a favor and DL. I NEED a physical for this and section 80 ASAP!!!