Vado x Maino x Ron Browz x Jim Jones x Juelz Santana x Master P

Couple of one off joints I didn't feel like giving their own post at the moment.

DOWNLOAD: Shad Black - Not 4 Children f. Vado

DOWNLOAD: Ron Browz - Bedroom Swag f. Maino

DOWNLOAD: DJ Haze - Time Is Up f. Jim Jones, Juelz Santana & Fred the Godson

DOWNLOAD: St. Laz - Party Out in Brooklyn f. Papoose

DOWNLOAD: Master P - Reloaded f. Bengie, TBO & Miss Chee

DOWNLOAD: (Rapping) Ne-Yo - Otis Freestyle

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  • G Checker Hood Nerd

    Is Vado a Blood? Just wonderin

  • Juice101

    that one in the middle tho

  • DK

    "can I take the place of the broad with the ugly ass american shoes?" lol

  • DJ Arab

    Yo i know alot of people are gonna hate on that master p track but that is pure fire classic master p the ghetto bill

  • none of these deserve their own post

  • CB24

    Damn, Ne-Yo be killing these pop up out of nowhwere flows. He's doin what Trey & Chris should be doing as R&B artist...rhyme at the right time, not all the time.

  • Swagmatic

    @CB24 wrong. the reason ne-yo is rapping on this is because nobody wanted to buy the verse.

  • @ganga
    my thoughts exactly

    ps. wtf's good wit boss of all bosses 3?

  • master p went> on this.

    neyo rapping> lil really none of u can really complain...
    neyo rapping =/= to literally 80% of rappers posted on this site, 99% posted on world star...need i say more.

  • blabla

    can we get sum namez on these fine women in the picture?

  • B1Z

    from left to right, Cassie, some bitch, Christina milian...

  • JG

    @DJ Arab that's some throwback "ghetto d" master p. like you said, people are gonna hate just because it's P, but i like it.

  • Naythen

    what photo shoot was this???!!!

  • ron browz. -__-

    that new master p joint was dope though. lol

  • Swelllay

    DJ K Marie in the middle thats Rich Hil's girl hahah swag

  • Semi in the pants

    Thumbs up to the picture of the 3 whores!

    Thumbs down to this track!

  • Tough Call

    Marry one, kill one, fuck one:

    It's very, VERY tough to kill Cassie... but I'd rather fuck Christina Milian... and I'd marry the bitch in the middle simply cuz I don't know who she is and therefore am unaware of her past... lol. (Milian's got kids wit that chubbster The Dream, and Cassie may still have the stench of Diddy on her... lol)


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