David Banner – Swag (prod. Swiff D)

blame it on Meka August 11, 2011

You should know by now that whenever David Banner drops something, the title has little to do with the actual song content. Check out this track co-produced by Pac Div’s go-to beatsmith, and bee sure to check out David’s new project The Make Believe Album coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: David Banner – Swag (prod. Swiff D) | Mediafire

  • Let’s go Dave!

  • officer ray

    bout time an older person said something. but we really need someone like jay z nas common or someone. cause its a joke what hip hop is becoming, and you wonder why the outside world laugh at hip hop and hate on it.

  • Mellow

    Shot at V-Nasty??

  • ThaTruth

    Definition of Swag is being cool in your own way, Style, Having confident, Self esteem . Same as Saying I have Mojo .Many young people misinterpret the word and use it for nonsense. I’m very Happy the Big Homie made this song.

  • Deucez


  • bei you

    odd future fans gon go crazy he took a shoot at em…at the 2:21 mark…and dont spaz on me…im jst puttin it out there

  • all day end day

    There’s nothing “swag” about talking about swag.

    If you’re trying to act like you have swagger, you’re a clown.

    You either have it or you don’t.

  • kidadonis

    Go David Banner!!

  • hmmm

    old nigga thought process…get your mind off other people!!!

  • Finally… Banner has caught my attention again since waaaay back when. I’ve been sleeping on this nigga for the longest (since after he Mississippi: The Album), but this shit right here, nigga, This Shit Right Here… RIGHT HERE NIGGA?!?!!! This shit goes!

    Also… the shot at Tyler was nice, but God is still a joke though, Banner. And I don’t care who calls me a nigger, the shit is old… nowadays, the word SHOULD be used for comedic purposes. I say let the little white bitches say “nigga” all they want, because at the end of the day… they’ll more than likely be sucking a black dick to clean their prissy potty mouths out. LOL


  • Oak

    STEEZ > “swag”

  • This is fucking ill. Lately I’ve been really impressed with David Banner’s shit, especially his verse on Sookie Now with KRIT.

  • @rmpwolf: True that… he did have a nice ass verse on there. Hopefully him and K.R.I.T. collab more often… I wonder what a Banner and Tito Lopez collab would sound like though.

    Skipp Coon, David Banner & Luca Brazi
    Questlove co-signed this being one of the dopest Hip-Hop songs he’s heard in a minute!
    Mississippi Hip-Hop on the rise! ZeeDubb, Skipp Coon & Mr Nick, 5th Child, Ulogy, etc…

  • dunk

    he flipped the fuck outta that word i despise. dope.


    This that real hip hop… white/pale people getting out of pocket wit dis Nigger/Nigga talk.

  • DamnYoToesTasteGoodAsFuck!

    shots at tyler the creator

  • Ahh he’s on it..Goin in

  • E-Fresh

    He’s saying this now but I bet his album won’t…He always says shit like this then when his album comes out, it sounds like the same shit he’s dissin

  • @E-Fresh have you listened to Death of A Popstar? He’s been on some real shit lately now that he’s on his independent label.

  • K.

    fuck swag

  • Angus

    For all who want to call Banner a hypocrite: Yes Banner talks about pimping a lot, but he sprinkles in songs with messages too. He is actually what I like to call Big KRIT Version 1.0, because both artists do the same things (produce, rap, represent Mississippi). KRIT isn’t catching as many hypocrite comments because he’s new. All in all, they speak on their own realities, so leave them be.