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Young Guru Speaks On Roc-A-Fella, J Dilla & More (Video)

blame it on Meka August 11, 2011

Last week the acclaimed engineer for the Roc speaks on his times with Jay Dee, why it’s more than music to him and much more.

  • dj khaled is a arab

    on those Roc-A-Fella albums i would always hear them say something about Young Guru in hear or something and i was always like who the fuck is this guy then i got older i found out. good to see him still doing his thing.

  • james

    i’ve always had alot of respect for guru. dude is thorough


  • Benny Dub

    No disrespect to homie – he has clearly been doing his thing for a long time. Jay has been shouting him out on tracks forever.

    BUT – he needs to change his name. When I see Guru in any headline, I don’t think of this cat. What would somebody say if a new rapper or producer came out calling himself Young Nas or Young Drake or Young Rakim or Young Snoop?

    Biting is Biting. Dickriding is Dickriding. Respect the greats.

    RIP Keith Elam!

  • smelly bum

    @Benny Dub… why would he change his name he aint new he being called that for years

  • Billy

    ^erm judging, by ur comment u havent listened to any of jay zs old albums. young guru has literally been around for AAAAGEEES dude. for u 2 even say tht shows ur a fake uppity hiphop head lol tryna prove u love guru or sumthing ha.

  • Billy

    @benny dub

  • White Mike

    Young Guru has been Young Guru since the 80’s man.

  • Benny Dub

    Ummm…NO. Any of u dudes have Step In the Arena on original cassette? I have all of Jay’s albums right up to the Black Album. Who the [email protected] cares after that…

    Yes, I am a Guru & Gangstarr fan. And if u are real hip hop heads, u would be too. Dude dropped knowledge all day long.
    Oh, and by the way – Gangstarr dropped their first album in 1989. Jay’s first album wasn’t until 1996. Can one of you nut-huggers tell me when Jay first shouted him out on a track? I can’t, but I’m sure one of you clowns will let me know. And Lil’ Young looks like he’s about 17 in the video – was he even born in the 80s?

    Learn ur history – do the knowledge. Get ur [email protected] straight before u come on here poppin’ off. I started off with a compliment and y’all had to go and get sensitive. Dickriding is still dickriding – even in the c-section…

  • i think Young Guru first started fuckin wit Jigga around Vol. 3 and i dont think he is Young Guru solely to pay homage to Guru from GangStarr i think he is Young Guru because guru means “remover of darkness” in other words he brings forth knowledge which if u have watched any of his videos or follow his twitter thats exactly wat he does, but thats just my 2 cents

  • Bigwill

    I loved the analogies he used to describe Dilla he is super humble

  • Infinite

    Benny Dub, eat a dick u ridin ass DumbAss!! My homie was a dj at howard wit that name (young guru) way b4 he was doing any roc shyt!! he didnt choose the name, it was given 2 him & the rest is history! Know ur facts b4 sounding like a gangstarr dickrider!!