A (2)Dope Contest: Dope Snapback/Locs Edition

blame it on Shake August 12, 2011

Why not start the weekend off right, with a (2)Dope contest with the good folks over at TheDopeGame. As you can see above, I’ve got a couple of their snapbacks, a pair of their new Locs and some stickers to give away. All you have to do is hit Twitter with the #2Dope hashtag and I’ll run through the search and select someone at random. Hit the jump for some more shots. UPDATE: Congrats to @TruJeanius on the win.

Good luck.

  • who cares

    Dope hate, but snapbacks are whack. Make ’em fitted! Snapbacks are for kids

  • who cares


  • Shy

    new 9fifty snapbacks are fucking trash.
    M&N Snaps>>>>>

  • streetwearglory

    this is sick. i’m def in.

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  • bobs1

    yo man fuck the haters, that snapback is nastayyyyyyyyyy! all i would need is some khaki dickies, a black button down flannel and black chucks and i would be straight cali loc hahah.

  • JaySpaceE

    Shit years dedicated here I ain’t win shit, kinda want this shit hope I win those glasses that’s #2dope

  • yeah, New Era does make dope snap-backs, you just have to know where to find them #2dope

  • smart

    lol M&N snaps are trash also, the only good thing about M&N is there fitted


    That’s dope I don’t wear Snapbacks by I would rock this

  • In

  • from da go-go

    This is the real Dope.

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    I guess you guys are going to bring rayon shirts back next hun.

    I guess next you will just keep the security lock on the hat hun.

    Nah. Don’t take off the security lock. I need that on my hat.

    Whenever I see a dude with a sticker still on his hat I think he’s special. Like a short yellow bus kid getting a sticker at school.

    Their is a reason people stop wearing snap backs.

    They were cheap.

    The only clasp you should have on your hat is if it’s a POLO hat with the leather strap.

    I guess next you’ll be wearing Capri’s.

    Damn. You already do that.

  • Naomi G.

    Nice! I’m in. Those glasses are doooope!

  • Djae

    #2dope gotta get some of this gear.

  • #2Dope

  • who cares

    ^ ya’ll know puttin #2Dope in the comment section won’t do shit right?
    “hit Twitter” learn to read

  • Jay

    the REAL dope –

  • doinyourho


  • Danny

    The only cool snapbacks are the college ones.

  • thom

    please be enlightened, people.

    trash is not a prize.

  • KTT

    Went on the site to buy the locs and it won’t let me.

  • dope as hell

  • Faraz Hemani

    ive enetered every single contest this site has had since i started following it, all of them so fucking dope, and i never win. shake and meka, make a little fanboy’s life complete, I WANT THIS SO BAD!

  • Rezo

    Shake is only gonna pick some wack ass Cali dude to win the contest since Shake dick sucks anything West Coast. If you’re from the East, South, or Midwest don’t even waste your time trying. Shake is by far the most BIASED music blogger on the internet.

  • Temera

    I love 2 dopeboyz

  • The collection of stuff is nice. Not too much a fan of New Era snapbacks, but these is nice and it’s free. I’m a fan of 2Dope so I can dig it.

  • anthony humphery

    i’m in

  • JaySole



    Locs? nah ray ban wayfarer knock off…that aint dope

  • jaime

    Sooo….. who won?

  • Leo

    those are dope shake swing that to mee #2dope

  • checking my twitter now to pick some randoms.

  • Ryan.T.

    Dope Couture is the only “DOPE” shit I wear.. Copped a couple of their MLB snapbacks last week

  • Fresh2Death4Eva

    these are dope, literally!

  • doooooooeeeeeee

    did someone win yet

  • GREYgoose

    these are exactly like the STAMP’d LA stuff



  • JacE

    I’ll buy the damn sticker.

  • Nick Folarin

    That Nigga Only Had 31 Tweets, Check The TL I Hands Down Should Have Won @NickFolarin

  • “That Nigga Only Had 31 Tweets”

    the contest wasnt who had the most tweets. i just scrolled through the folks that said #2Dope and picked on. dont be bitter.